Chapter 2085: Success

He immediately made a hand seal, and a golden projection with three heads and six arms appeared behind him amid a burst of black Qi.

The devilish projection swung four of its arms through the air, and a giant golden blade appeared in each of its four hands before being slashed through the air like lightning, unleashing four huge blade projections that were around 100 feet in length each.

Despite the best efforts of the devilish beings and devilish beasts to keep the attacks at bay, they were still forced back by the impact, and Han Li took advantage of this opportunity to withdraw his golden projection and silver Fire Raven before flying out of the hall as a streak of azure light.

As for the Leopard Kirin Beast, it also followed him out of the hall as a streak of golden light.

The devilish man and devilish woman's hearts sank upon seeing this, and they quickly conversed with one another through voice transmission before the devilish man and white falcon rushed out in pursuit, while the woman hurriedly flew toward the living quarters of the core disciples.

Moments later, the woman appeared at a side hall, and her expression instantly darkened significantly.

Not only had the door of the side hall been completely destroyed, the restrictions set up nearby had also been entirely eradicated, and there were several green-armored guards lying slumped on the ground.

The woman immediately let loose a shrill cry that erupted straight into the heavens, and the entire Incense Village was instantly stirred up into a frenzy.

The ordinary Azure Wing beings all locked their doors and closed their windows, while the more powerful Azure Wing beings hurriedly emerged from their abodes before flying toward the side hall that the woman was situated at.

Meanwhile, Han Li was flying toward a secluded corner of the village, and the devilish man was giving chase with all his might atop his devilish falcon steed.

Han Li's brows furrowed slightly as he heard the shrill cry released by the woman, and the devilish man's expression changed slightly as he took a deep breath, preparing to let loose a long cry of his own.

However, right at this moment, Han Li suddenly tossed several hundred golden and silver talismans up into the air, all of which vanished into thin air in a flash.

A resounding boom rang out, and the world's origin Qi tremored violently, following which a grandiose palatial projection appeared before crashing down from above.

The devilish man's heart jolted upon seeing this, and he frantically swept his white fan through the air, sending gusts of fierce winds sweeping directly toward the palatial projection, temporarily stopping it in its tracks.

However, Han Li merely chuckled coldly as he pointed a finger toward the palatial projection, and it began to glow with scintillating light as all of the fierce winds were completely nullified.

The palatial projection then fell upon the hapless devilish man, and he suddenly found himself in a murky grey space with projections of pavilions and palaces all around him.

His expression changed slightly as he immediately tossed his fan up into the air, and it transformed into around a dozen grey wind wyrms that pounced toward the projections.

However, he knew that even if he could escape from this strange space, there was no way that he would be able to chase down Han Li, and that was indeed the case.

As soon as the devilish man was trapped by his talismans, Han Li made a hand seal, and a pair of azure and white wings appeared on his back amid a loud thunderclap.

His body then shot forth as an azure and white thread of light, and he quickly disappeared into the darkness.

A short while later, an earth-shattering boom suddenly erupted from within the mist between the three mountains, and a massive sword projection sliced through the sea of mist.

The mist was dispersed in a frenzy, and all of the restrictions set up around the Incense Village seemed to have been destroyed by this sword projection.

Immediately thereafter, two streaks of light shot forth out of the dispersed sea of mist, then flew away into the distance.

Moments later, several enraged roars rang out, and a few streaks of light of different colors emerged, hurtling toward the first two streaks of light in hot pursuit.

Within one of the first two streaks of light was the woman from the Ye Family, and she was naturally accompanied by none other than Han Li.

The woman looked back at the pursuing Azure Wing Race devilish lords and smiled as she said, "Brother Han, let's shake them off now."

"Alright, let's begin then." Han Li nodded in response before stopping in his tracks, following which countless arcs of silver lightning erupted out of his body as he transformed into a silver bird that was around 10 feet in size.

The bird then flapped its wings and swelled drastically to roughly 100 feet in size amid a rumbling thunderclap. With another flap of its wings, it shot forth as an arc of silver lightning, which vanished into the distant sky in the blink of an eye.

As for the woman from the Ye Family, she also transformed into a five-colored phoenix and disappeared into thin air amid a flash of five-colored light.

The streaks of light that were pursuing them all drew to a halt, and one of them was revealed to be none other than the devilish woman in the green dress.

All of them naturally wore infuriated expressions, and a crimson-haired elderly man thumped his cane onto the ground in fury. "Those bastards got away! Both of them transformed into some type of beast; could it be that they're from the Beast Lord Palace?"

"Not necessarily. The question is why did they infiltrate our village in the first place? Elder Qing, you were the first one to raise the alarm; did you discover anything?" an inky-black devilish lord with his facial features completely concealed asked in a cold voice.

"The woman in the green dress hesitated momentarily before replying in a shameful manner, "One of the true blood disciples in the Azure Spirit Hall was abducted."

"So they really were after the Azure Luan True Blood! Are the other disciples alright?" the inky-black devilish lord asked.

"They're all fine; they were only knocked unconscious, but the disciple who was taken was one of the true blood disciples with the greatest latent potential," the woman replied.

"I see. In that case, we can't just ignore this matter. Contact the Sacred Ancestor as soon as we get back; those two are considerably more powerful than us, so only the Sacred Ancestor himself will be able to stop them," the inky-black devilish lord said with a dark expression.

"It seems we have no other alternative. If we don't capture those two, the reputation of our race will be swept to the ground. The last time a true blood disciple of ours was taken was tens of thousands of years ago; it seems that some people need a reminder that Master Ling Yuan is situated in our race," the crimson-haired elderly man said.

Thus, after conversing for a short while longer, the devilish lords finally turned back.

Meanwhile, Han Li and the woman from the Ye Family flew for over half a day before hiding into a secluded cave.

"There could be tracking marks planted on this core disciple, so let's leave him behind as soon as we extract his true spirit blood," Han Li said as soon as they entered the cave.

"Of course. Give me half an hour and I'll be able to extract the true spirit blood," the woman replied with a smile before sweeping a sleeve downward, and a blue silk handkerchief flew out before tipping itself over to release an unconscious Azure Wing being onto the ground.

"Alright, I'll keep a lookout for you, Fairy Ye," Han Li said as he strode out of the cave.

The woman from the Ye Family naturally had no objections to this, and she flipped a hand over to produce a stack of formation flags and formation plates, with which she began to set up a profound formation.

Around an hour later, Han Li heard a spring of spritely footsteps approach him from behind, and his expression changed slightly as he immediately turned around, upon which he was greeted by the sight of the elated woman from the Ye Family.

"Looks like you've successfully extracted the true spirit blood, Fairy Ye," Han Li said with a smile.

"Indeed. On top of that, the purity of this true spirit blood is far superior to what I had expected; it seems that this is quite an exceptional being even among the core disciples. Now that the true spirit blood has been extracted, let's get out of here right away. Brother Han, this is your portion of the true spirit blood," the woman from the Ye Family replied with a smile before tossing a small jade vial toward Han Li.

Han Li's eyes lit up as he drew the small vial into his own grasp, then removed the lid and swept his spiritual sense through its contents.

"This is indeed Azure Luan True Blood. Very good, let's leave the Iron Sand Ridge now," Han Li said with an elated expression as he stowed the small vial away.

Thus, the two of them immediately rose up and flew away as two streaks of light.

Two days later, a group of Azure Wing beings discovered the unconscious young core disciple in the cave.

He was still alive, but the true spirit blood within his body had been completely extracted.

This naturally created quite a stir throughout all of the villages of the Azure Wing Race, but shortly thereafter, an even more astonishing piece of news arose.

It turned out that the clone of Sacred Ancestor Ling Yuan, whom the entire race had viewed as a backer, had recently returned from a long journey. However, he had returned with severe wounds and had immediately gone into seclusion, refusing to see anyone during this time.

Some of the devilish lords who knew of the circumstances surrounding this matter were extremely stunned, and all of them made an agreement to never speak of this, as well as to strictly prohibit their brethren from discussing this matter.

Thus, something that was supposed to have attracted a lot of attention from many devilish powers was forcibly repressed, and no information regarding the matter was leaked out of the Azure Wing Race.

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