Chapter 208: Joyous Meeting

Han Li felt that he was having an incredibly marvelous, erotic dream; the person with him in the dream had a burning passion, but he could never clearly see the face of the peerless beauty

But even if the erotic dream were better, there would always be a time when he would wake up. After an unknown amount of time had passed, Han Li finally awoke from his glamorous dream.

But as soon as he opened his eyes, what he saw was a gorgeous, peerless face and a pair of snow-like cold pupils. This beautiful face was both unfamiliar yet familiar at the same time, causing Han Li’s heart to thump once.

“You woke up!” The young woman said indifferently with a voice no trace of emotion. This caused a slight chill to rise from Han Li’s back when he heard it.

Speaking of a chill, Han Li discovered that his entire naked body was tightly embracing a similarly naked beautiful woman. The woman’s face was first crimson, but immediately her sleek eyebrows rose vertically, and her jade-like face frosted over. She coldly spat out:

“Have you had enough! Take your dog paws off me and let me go!”

Started, Han Li instinctively...

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