Chapter 207: Slaughtering a Flood Dragon and Victory Spoils

Under Han Li’s control, the Golden Light Brick treasure talisman manifested the magic treasure’s material existence after a brief moment; a golden, foot-long brick floated into midair, light shining in all directions.

The spiritual power inside of Han Li, like flooding river water, poured unstoppably into this brick. Not long after, one third of his magic power had been sucked away. This caused the gold light above his head to become even more dazzling; one simply would not dare to look at it directly!

While the young woman was using all her energy to enclose the Inky Flood Dragon, she was closely watching Han Li’s every movement. When she saw that gold brick emerge, she finally let go of her originally somewhat perturbed state of mind. She knew that Han Li did not lie and that this treasure talisman really could break through the demonic beast’s defenses.

It seemed as if the Inky Flood Dragon could also detect the discouraging turn of events. Its two claws tenaciously grabbed the two sides of the band, and its attempts to escape became even more violent. It actually caused the young woman’s Vermillion Bird Band to begin to tremble! This caused the young woman’s expression to change, and she hastily shouted at Han...

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