Chapter 2066: Fierce Mine Battle (2)

The burly man's heart jolted upon hearing this, and he hurriedly swept his spiritual sense toward the black Qi down below.

That cry had come from one of the Bai Family disciples, and under normal circumstances, he would be able to instantly glean the situation within the formation, but his powers were currently severely restricted, and the power of the formation was obstructing him as well, so he was unable to see what was happening within the black Qi.

However, he could sense that one of the auras of the six disciples had already disappeared.

This was naturally very alarming to him, yet before he could do anything, two more bloodcurling cries rang out in succession within the black Qi.

Immediately thereafter, the auras of two more Bai Family disciples were snuffed out.

"Save me, Senior!"

A Bai Family disciple rushed out of the black Qi before frantically fleeing toward Heavenly Lord Luan Dragon, who was the devilish lord that was situated closest to him.

However, in this sea of flames, the disciple's speed was greatly hampered, and Heavenly Lord Luan Dragon remained on the spot, displaying no intention to help him.

The Bai Family disciple was plunged into complete despair upon seeing this, yet before he could do anything, a streak of black light suddenly shot forth out of the black Qi, striking the disciple in a flash, completely unimpeded by the sea of fire.

A howl of anguish rang out as the protective devilish Qi around the disciple's body was scattered, and his head rolled down from his body. Another murky white head then emerged out of the wound on his neck, and it cast a cold glance toward Heavenly Lord Luan Dragon with its crimson eyes.

As soon as their eyes met, Heavenly Lord Luan Dragon was instantly struck by a bone-chilling sensation, as if all of the blood in his entire body had frozen solid.

This was naturally quite alarming to him, and he swept a sleeve through the air to summon a bone shield that situated itself in front of him.

At this moment, Bai Yunxin and another Bai Family disciple flew out of the black Qi with horrified expressions, and one of them flew toward Han Li, while the other flew toward Han Qizi.

The head that had emerged from the neck of the decapitated Bai Family disciple cast its gaze toward the pair, then suddenly flew out of the disciple's body. It shot forth as a streak of white light, then split up into two and flew toward both Bai Yunxin and the other disciple.

After just a single flash, it had already reached its two targets.

"Save me, Senior!"

"Senior Han..."

Both of the disciples were naturally horrified to see this, and they each summoned several protective devilish treasures to try and save themselves.

However, the white light was able to pass through the treasures as if it had no substantial form, and it plunged into their bodies in a flash.

In the next instant, both of their heads were also decapitated amid bloodcurdling cries, only to be replaced by two other white heads.

The white light had moved so quickly that it had afforded Han Li and Han Qizi no opportunity to step in.

Both of their expressions changed slightly upon seeing this.

If it weren't for the fact that they were unable to use movement techniques and restricted by this sea of flames, it would've been a simple task for them to rescue the two Bai Family disciples, but in these circumstances, they could only look on as the disciples were killed.

Han Li cast his gaze toward the first disciple who had been decapitated to find that his body had completely shriveled up. His blood and flesh had vanished, and his remains mirrored the headless bodies that they had discovered in the mine tunnel earlier.

It seemed that the other Bai Family disciples had also fallen in the same manner.

However, the monsters who had attacked the Bai Family disciples seemed to be aware that the devilish lords wouldn't be so easy to defeat, and they merely appraised Han Li and the others with their cold crimson eyes. 

This indicated that these beings had a high level of intelligence, which made the devilish lords present even more wary of them.

The burly man and purple-haired woman exchanged a glance to see their own shock and fury mirrored in one another's eyes, and they shared a quick conversation through voice transmission before the burly man turned to Han Li.

"Fellow Daoist Han, please face these monsters for now with my sister; I'll take care of this devilish beast with the other fellow daoists. After we defeat that devilish beast, we'll come to assist the two of you."

As soon as his voice trailed off, bright white light abruptly erupted out of the purple-haired woman's suit of armor, forcing back the surrounding crimson flames and allowing her to fly directly toward Han Li.

Han Qizi also quickly flew toward Heavenly Lord Luan Dragon and the burly man upon hearing this arrangement, using the balls of glacial light around him to part the sea of flames.

In the face of these powerful enemies, there was no time for debate, so he immediately decided to comply with the burly man's suggestion.

Han Li had no objections, either, and once the purple-haired woman was less than 200 feet away from him, he immediately transmitted his voice toward her. "Fellow Daoist Futian, do you know what these beings are?" 

The woman hesitated momentarily before replying, "This is the first time I've seen these things as well, but I recall reading about a similar type of entity known as devilish spirits that seem to be quite similar to these things. However, I can't confirm if these are indeed devilish spirits."

"Devilish spirits?" Han Li's expression changed slightly upon hearing this.

The woman hadn't elaborated on what they were, but these devilish spirits were clearly supposed to be quite troublesome to deal with.

"Indeed. I suspect that this thing may be a devilish spirit formed by the spiritual Qi within this mine. If that's the case, then not only will its attacks be completely insubstantial and formless, it'll be immune to virtually all physical attacks, and even its movement techniques may not be hampered much here. I don't know why it's decided to join forces with this devilish beast, but we have to be careful," the purple-haired woman replied.

"I see. Let me find out if it really is immune to physical attacks!" Han Li turned toward Bai Yunxin's possessed body with a cold light in his eyes, then cast his gaze toward the three other devilish lords.

Those three had already begun attacking the molten giant formed by the devilish beast, and aside from his Vast Yin Treasured Mirror, the burly man had summoned a pair of metal hooks that were revolving around the molten giant's body, inflicting a large hole upon it with each attack.

Meanwhile, Heavenly Lord Luan Dragon's body had swelled to several times its original size, and he was releasing gusts of purple winds out of his mouth to force back the crimson sea of flames.

As for Han Qizi, his body had become as translucent as an ice sculpture, and he was unleashing a series of extremely powerful glacial abilities.

The devilish beast was indeed very formidable, but in the face of the three devilish lords, all of whom were attacking it with powers that held an advantage against it, it had been forced onto the back foot.

Even though the lava enveloping its body was being heavily damaged, it was able to endlessly regenerate by drawing upon the lava in the lake, so the three devilish lords were unable to truly harm the beast.

Han Li's expression remained unchanged upon seeing this, but he abruptly made a grabbing motion, and an azure longsword that was around three feet long appeared in his grasp. He slashed the sword toward Bai Yunxin's body, and it instantly vanished from his grasp.

However, in the next instant, spatial fluctuations erupted from Bai Yunxin's headless body, and a translucent azure thread appeared before drifting down like a gentle breeze, slicing the white head on her body in half right down the center.

After reaching the late-Body Integration Stage, Han Li's sword thread had become incredibly powerful and unpredictable, allowing him to slice through that head with ease.

An extremely disorienting shriek rang out from the two halves of the white head, following which Bai Yunxin's headless body instantly completely shriveled upon. In the next instant, the two halves of the head flew out of her body before combining as one to form a streak of white light that shot forth directly toward Han Li.

With Han Li's immense spiritual sense, he was naturally completely unaffected by the soundwave attack. All of a sudden, he swept a sleeve through the air, and several tens of small azure swords shot forth, transforming into several tens of azure sword threads that flew directly toward the oncoming streak of light.

The streak of light drew to an abrupt halt as several tens of faint azure marks appeared all over it, following which it was split up into several tens of pieces.

However, these fragments then immediately fused back together before hurtling toward Han Li again, maintaining its original speed in the process.

"It really is virtually immune to physical attacks; looks like this is indeed a devilish spirit," Han Li murmured to himself as he swept his other sleeve through the air to release a ball of silver flames, which struck the streak of white light with unerring accuracy.

The silver flames then reared up to several feet tall and instantly inundated the oncoming streak of white light.

While keeping an eye on the other devilish spirit, the purple-haired woman was naturally also watching what Han Li was doing, and just when she thought that the silver flames would be unable to harm the devilish spirit, she was given quite a surprise.

As soon as the streak of white light was enshrouded within the silver flames, it let loose a bloodcurdling shriek before frantically rolling around on the ground, seemingly in an attempt to snuff out the flames.

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