Chapter 206: Accident

The young woman’s words startled the Masked Moon Disciples. From their experiences in the past two days, so long as the top grade demonic beasts had been bound by their Martial Ancestor, they would be bound for quite a while. How was this demonic beast able to escape so quickly?

Although their hearts were filled with doubt, they did not dare to ignore the young woman’s warning, and they immediately became extremely cautious; of course, the attack of the red and blue columns of light from their hands became even more fierce. In the time it takes to roll one’s eyes, ten or so more bloody holes appeared on the Inky Flood Dragon’s body. The fresh, red flood dragon blood stained a large part of the swamp below it red.

Of course, this enraged the flood dragon even more; it opened its mouth and let out a piercing, endless howl, causing the entire underground area to quake and drone. This caused all of the people there to be hit by a sudden bout of dizziness as everything seemed to spin.

With a “rip”, a strange tearing sound rang out in midair! When everybody regained consciousness and focused on taking a look, their expressions drastically changed.

The band was still floating in midair unmoving; however, the Inky Flood Dragon demonic beast within it had disappeared into thin air, leaving behind its tattered skin which hung on top of the band and fluttered incessantly. This demonic beast had actually shed its skin and escaped!

Not only were the Masked Moon Sect disciples surprised, but even the young woman, when she saw the scene in front of her, was extremely stunned!

When she had yelled at her sect’s disciples to be careful, it wasn’t because she had expected this flood dragon to shed its skin.

The Inky Flood Dragon’s escaping power was too great; her magic strength truly was not enough to continue to contain it. Having experienced the restrictive power of the Vermillion Bird Band, the demonic beast should have also known this. So why would it make a move that hurt so much of its vitality? Could it be……!

The young woman’s heart moved, and she thought of a frightening reason. Her face was painted completely white, and she hurriedly searched everywhere for the Inky Flood Dragon, wanting to verify her own extremely terrible guess!

“It’s over there!”

A sharp-eyed Masked Moon Sect disciple was the first to discover the demonic beast incessantly swimming around near the topmost part of the underground area; at this time, it had a completely new...

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