Chapter 205: Watching the battle

After giving orders to all of the disciples, the young woman turned around and looked at the swamp in front of her, using a faint voice to murmur to herself: “It seems like that object should be inside of this chest! The previous few locations were all a waste; all I got was some trash!”

The young woman’s voice was inaudible; apart from herself, the other disciples could not hear anything at all. They were all extremely excited for the imminent, upcoming big battle.

After the young woman’s orders had been passed down, the male and female disciples from the Masked Moon Sect immediately stood side-by-side with their Dao companions. They actually both reached out a hand very skillfully and held them together.

Suddenly, the two overlapping hands individually emitted a blue and red strange brilliance; then, following down their arms, it spread to these disciples’ entire bodies, causing the six pairs of Masked Moon Sect disciples to be covered with light, red light shrouding the males’ bodies, blue light shooting off of the females, forming a strange blue-red criss-cross shape. Only three disciples remained, one male and two female, having already...

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