Chapter 2039: Midnight Devilish Shadow

"Blood Crow City isn't a large city, but it's the only nearby city, so it's not uncommon to see devilish lords pass through here. Besides, even if someone were plotting something here, they wouldn't dare to plot against us in fear of retaliation from our Hai Family. The true spirit bone that we discovered here is one of the vital materials for the prized treasure that our Hai Family is currently refining, so if we can bring it back with us, we'll be rewarded handsomely for sure. As such, we have to secure that bone no matter what!" the devilish woman said with a dark expression after a brief pause for contemplation.

"But Mistress, if that man really is a devilish lord, how are we supposed to take the spirit bone from him?" the other devilish man asked.

"If he really is a devilish lord, then things will be quite troublesome. He must be a vagrant cultivator, seeing as he has no qualms about offending our Hai Family. However, just because he doesn't see us as a threat doesn't mean that there isn't anyone else in the city that he's fearful of," the devilish woman chuckled coldly.

The two devilish men exchanged a glance upon hearing this. "What would you like us to do, Mistress?"

"Go and track down the three brothers of the Nan Family. In the meantime, I'll pay a visit to the Blood Crow City Lord. The Nan Family still owes our Hai Family a favor, and if I recall correctly, Bing Qianren is from the Heavenly Awn Valley, so they'll all most likely heed our request. If we can recruit their assistance, then there's a very good chance that we'll be able to secure the spirit bone," the devilish woman decided.

"That's a great idea! If the three brothers of the Nan Family and Bing Qianren confront him together, he'll have no choice but to hand over the spirit bone. Besides, we're not asking him to hand over the spirit bone for zero compensation," one of the devilish men said in an elated manner.

The other devilish man also nodded in agreement.

"Alright, then let's begin right away. With the beast tide that's currently taking place, I'm sure that man won't be leaving Blood Crow City anytime soon," the devilish woman said as her expression eased slightly.

"Yes, Mistress!" the two devilish men replied with respectful bows.

Meanwhile, Han Li had already arrived in a large shop that was around an acre in area, and he was currently carefully examining several pieces of gleaming metallic ore offered to him by the shopkeeper.

However, a disappointed look soon appeared on his face, and he shook his head before returning to the pieces of ore to the shopkeeper, then departed from the shop.

As he had expected, these pieces of Foreign Devilish Metal were all empty. It seemed that it was going to be purely a matter of luck for him to track down more of those crystalline beads.

At this point, Han Li had visited all of the shops in the entire Blood Crow City, and he returned to the inn without any intention of continuing to linger on the street.

The incident where he had just been intercepted seemed to have already been forgotten by him.

Half a day passed by in the blink of an eye, and night gradually settled over Blood Crow City.

Aside from some of the devilish guards who were returning from patrol duty, there was not a single person to be seen on the streets.

Blood Crow City had entered a state of lockdown again.

Several hours later, Han Li was meditating in his room when a hint of surprise suddenly flashed over his face. He then immediately made a hand seal and disappeared amid a flash of azure light.

Moments later, faint spatial fluctuations erupted several thousand feet above the inn that Han Li was staying in, and a barely visible streak of green light appeared in a wraith-like manner before flying into the distance after just a few flashes, completely disregarding the flight restriction in the city.

Shortly after that, another streak of grey light flew over virtually the exact same spot, and it was traveling slightly faster than the streak of green light.

Both streaks of light were completely silent and barely visible, clearly indicating that both sides had unleashed concealment secret techniques.

In the blink of an eye, the two streaks of light disappeared in the distance, one after the other.

Only then did a third humanoid figure emerge amid another burst of spatial fluctuations, then cast a cold gaze toward the direction the two streaks of light had disappeared in.

This was none other than Han Li.

With his immensely powerful spiritual sense, even without actively releasing his spiritual sense, he could still sense everything within a radius of several kilometers.

The two streaks of light had managed to avoid being noticed by the patrolling devilish guards, but they certainly weren't going to fool him.

With his current level of power, he didn't have anything to fear unless he was confronted by a Sacred Ancestor. The two streaks of light were flying through the air in an extremely stealthy manner in the dead of night, so it was clear that they were up to something, and that was rather intriguing to him.

"I've got nothing better to do anyway; I may as well take a look," Han Li murmured to himself as he also shot forth as a faint streak of azure light.

He had already locked onto the two people up ahead with his spiritual sense, and even though he could instantly teleport over to them, he intentionally followed along in the distance at a leisurely pace.

He wanted to see exactly where these two were going.

The two streaks of light up ahead were naturally completely unaware that they were being tailed by a third person, and it didn't take them long to reach the city wall.

However, there just so happened to be a small group of devilish guards who were patrolling through this area. This group of devilish guards were all wearing suits of black armor and wielding red halberds that were several tens of feet in length. The leader of the group of guards was seated atop a two-headed goat-like devilish steed.

The streak of green light faltered slightly upon seeing this, but it then immediately continued onward, giving the group of guards a slight berth and attempting to sneak around them.

The pursuer also followed suit in fear of losing the streak of green light.

Both of them had turned completely transparent from the effects of their concealment secret technique, and they would be able to easily sneak past a group of normal guards.

However, right as the streak of green light was passing by the group of patrolling guards, a sharp ringing sound suddenly erupted from the body of the leader of the guards, following which a silver thread shot forth to strike the transparent streak of green light with unerring accuracy.

The guard was carrying a top-grade sensory devilish treasure!

The streak of green light was forced to reveal itself, much to the surprise of the devilish guards. However, they were able to quickly return to their senses before slashing their halberds through the air, unleashing a dozen or so saber projections that were each around 10 feet in length.

At the same time, the leader of the guards raised a hand to the heavens to release a streak of black light, which screeched sharply as it rose up into the sky.

A cry of rage and frustration rang out from within the streak of green light, following which the humanoid figure within suddenly swayed slightly.

The blade projections flashed past, and the green streak of light was instantly torn apart, but the humanoid figure was nowhere to be seen.

The leader of the devilish guards immediately reacted and swiveled around on his devilish steed, just in time to see the streak of green light re-emerge around 300 feet away amid a burst of spatial fluctuations, then continued toward the city wall up ahead.

"Stop him!" the leader of the guards yelled in an enraged voice while laying a hand onto one of his devilish steed's two heads.

The devilish beast raised its two heads and blasted forth two bolts of blue lightning at once, both of which surged viciously toward the back of the green humanoid figure in the distance.

The green figure made a reverse grabbing motion, and a ball of green light shot forth.

The two bolts of blue lightning vanished into the ball of light without a sound, seemingly having been completely nullified.

The green figure then immediately vanished into the distance, leaving all of the devilish guards who were about to surround him looking on in a dumbstruck manner.

The leader of the guards was just about to set off in pursuit in a fit of fury when all of a sudden, the same ringing sound erupted once again, followed which another silver thread shot forth.

However, on this occasion, a cold harrumph rang out, and a burst of crimson light emerged out of thin air.

The silver thread was instantly repelled by the crimson light, following which the latter vanished yet again.

A thought immediately occurred to the leader of the devilish guards upon seeing this, and his face instantly paled.

At the same time, his devilish steed, which had been poised to pounce, had also settled down.

The other devilish guards were at a complete loss for what to do, and after a brief hesitation, one of them asked in a careful manner, "Should we give chase, Captain? The guards up ahead most likely won't be to stop them."

The leader of the guards forced a smile onto his face, and replied, "Let them go; those two are far too powerful for us to mess with."

The other devilish guards were all stunned to see this.

They were well aware of how proud their captain was, yet he was conceding his inferiority to a pair of mysterious figures after only such a fleeting encounter; this was the first time they had seen something like this.

Meanwhile, the two streaks of light had already flown out of Blood Crow City one after the other, passing through the restrictions set up on the city walls as if they didn't even exist.

Han Li also passed by the group of devilish guards in his hidden state, but the silver thread that had managed to detect the two people who had come before him displayed no reaction to Han Li.

After just a few flashes, Han Li also flew through the restrictions on the city wall.

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