Chapter 2032: Foreign Devilish Metal

The scene unfolding before his eyes made him recall the markets he had visited in the human world and Spirit Realm. 

Most of the wares being sold by the stalls were only low-grade materials and treasures, but there were some precious items among them. The more precious items were obviously quite rare as not all devilish beings were willing to sell their items to these streetside vendors at low prices.

However, this was a special period of time during which many devilish beings were forced to remain in Blood Crow City, so there definitely had to be many of them who were looking to take advantage of this opportunity to sell some of the precious items in their collection.

Han Li strolled along the street while rapidly sweeping his spiritual sense over the stalls on either side of him.

Many of the wares being sold were similar to items that could be found in the Spirit Realm, except they contained devilish Qi as opposed to spiritual Qi. Of course, there were some materials that were imbued with spiritual Qi as well, but there were clearly far less of those than the ones that contained devilish Qi.

Han Li didn't pay any heed to these materials, choosing to focus most of his attention on the peculiar items that he had never seen before instead. Those were most likely things that could only be found in the Elder Devil Realm.

As for the treasures being sold, those were quickly glossed over by his spiritual sense as well. With his current wealth of treasures, the average top-grade treasure was simply no longer attractive to him.

As for spirit treasures, the chances of finding such treasures in a place like this was virtually negligible, so Han Li certainly wasn't going to be holding his breath.

The street wasn't very long, and there were only around 200 to 300 stalls on either side of it.

After just a short while, he had scanned his spiritual sense over most of the stalls, and barely anything had caught his attention. There were a few items that he examined in person, but he merely set them back down with a shake of his head in the end.

The devilish beings standing behind the stalls were all extremely menacing in appearance, but they immediately offered respectful smiles upon sensing Han Li's Spatial Tempering Stage cultivation base, not daring to display any sign of discontent.

Han Li slowly walked onward, and he was becoming more and more disappointed.

He had discovered several types of materials that didn't exist in the Spirit Realm, but for a being of his caliber, none of them were all that useful. Just as he was contemplating whether he should leave this street and visit the large shops nearby, a powerful aura suddenly erupted from a certain stall, and an enraged roar rang out at the same time.

"I'm taking it whether you like it or not! Here are the devil stones you asked for; hurry up and hand it over!"

"I already told you that I've raised the price. Unless you can offer me a top-grade devilish treasure or 10 top-grade devil stones, don't even think about it!" A cold voice rang out in response.

"I already paid the deposit yesterday, and I went to great lengths to gather these devil stones, yet you're raising the price on me? Are you trying to make a fool out of me?" The first voice had become even more enraged.

"Hehe, it's mine, so I can set whatever price I want for it. Here's your deposit from yesterday; if you don't have a top-grade devilish treasure or 10 top-grade devil stones, then piss off!" The second voice wasn't backing down in the slightest, either.

"Do you know who I am? You think you can make a fool out of me and get away with it? If you don't sell it to me, I'm going to break all of your bones!" the owner of the first voice threatened in a menacing manner.

"Break all of my bones? Haha, I can't even remember the last time someone dared to say something like this to me! If you think you have what it takes, then you're welcome to try!" the owner of the second jeered.

At the same time, another powerful aura erupted from the same stall.

Such a loud commotion naturally attracted a lot of attention, and many devilish beings had gathered to watch the unfolding spectacle.

"Isn't that Hai Fei of the Blue Hog Race and Niu Li of the Bird Hoof Race? What's gotten them so mad?"

"Hehe, we're in for a good show! Both of them are quite powerful; it's hard to say who's going to win between them!"

All of the onlookers immediately burst into spirited chatter, and it seemed that the two devilish beings were both quite renowned in Blood Crow City.

Blue light flashed through Han Li's eyes as he quickly assessed the situation over at the stall.

The stall had been surrounded by around a dozen devilish bystanders, and the two devilish beings locked in the altercation consisted of a menacing 30-feet-tall devilish being with several curved horns on his head, and a blue-skinned short and stubby devilish being, the latter of which was the stall owner.

Both of them were at the Deity Transformation Stage, with one of them at the early-Deity Transformation Stage, while the other was at the mid-Deity Transformation Stage.

The burly horned devilish being's cultivation base was slightly inferior, but his powerful-looking body suggested that he was quite adept in the art of body refinement, so it was indeed difficult to say who would come out on top in a fight.

Of course, two Deity Transformation Stage devilish beings weren't enough to pique Han Li's interest; he merely took a casual glance at them before preparing to move on. However, as his gaze passed over the item that the blue-skinned stall owner was holding, his expression suddenly changed slightly, and he made his way over to the stall.

After just a few flashes, he had inserted himself into the group of devilish beings standing around the stall, and he stared intently at the item in the blue-skinned devilish being's hand.

This was a fist-sized piece of black and white ore that was flashing with a cold light. Han Li swept his spiritual sense toward the item, and his pupils immediately contracted as an elated look appeared on his face.

At this point, the verbal altercation had become very heated, and both of the auras being released were becoming more and more formidable, but for some reason, neither of them escalated this into a physical altercation.

At this moment, a bystander who seemed to be familiar with both of the devilish beings stepped in with a smile. "Hehe, it's just a piece of Foreign Devilish Metal; there's really no need to fight over something like this. If one of you were to be wounded or even killed during such a trivial altercation, it would simply not be worth it."

The blue-skinned devilish being's expression eased slightly as he cupped his fist in a salute. "Brother Tan, it's not that I'm intentionally raising the price to target him; it's just that this piece of Foreign Devilish Metal is imbued with foreign devilish Qi that's far more special than what can be found in other pieces of such metal. After discovering this, I realized that the price I proposed yesterday was too low, and that's why he insists on buying this particular piece of Foreign Devilish Metal. Otherwise, he could easily buy a piece of the same material from another stall."

"Bullsh*t! If I hadn't been interested in this particular piece of Foreign Devilish Metal, why would I have been willing to pay such a high deposit? You clearly raised the price intentionally, knowing full well in the first place that this is a special piece of Foreign Devilish Metal! Only you Blue Hog beings could do something as unscrupulous as this!" the burly devilish beings objected in a furious voice.

"How dare you insult our Blue Hog Race? I'll make you pay with an arm!" An abnormal flush appeared on the blue-skinned devilish being's face upon hearing this, and a hint of insanity surfaced in his eyes.

He then swept a sleeve through the air, and a streak of light shot forth directly toward the burly devilish being's arm like lightning.

However, the burly devilish being was already prepared for this, and he immediately flipped a hand over to produce a white bone shield.

Just as the streak of light was about to strike the shield, a humanoid figure abruptly appeared in front of the burly devilish being, then reached out with a golden palm to grab onto the streak of light.

"Are you two planning to force the guards of the city to step in? I'm interested in that piece of Foreign Devilish Metal as well; let me take a look at it."

The humanoid figure was none other than Han Li, and he was currently releasing a powerful Spatial Tempering Stage aura, causing all of the expressions on the faces of the surrounding devilish beings to change drastically.

The burly devilish being faltered slightly upon hearing this before interjecting in an indignant manner, "Senior, I was the one who..."

Han Li released a burst of fearsome spiritual pressure toward the burly devilish being without even turning around. "Oh? Do you want to fight with me over this piece of Foreign Devilish Metal?"

The burly devilish being was immediately forced back several steps in succession, and his face turned dark purple as he blurted out an alarmed apology before quickly scurrying away with his tail between his legs.

As for the other onlooking devilish beings, they also dispersed in the face of Han Li's threatening gaze.

Meanwhile, the ferocious look had already completely faded from the blue-skinned devilish being's eyes, and he could only force a smile onto his face as he offered the piece of Foreign Devilish Metal to Han Li. "Do you want this piece of devilish metal as well, Senior? In that case, you can have it for the original price of 10 devil stones."

"Hmph, why are you so scared? Are you worried that I'm a robber who'll take the item from you without issuing payment?" Han Li harrumphed coldly as he swept a sleeve through the air to draw the piece of metal into his hand for closer inspection.

"I wouldn't dare to think that!" The blue-skinned devilish being immediately shook his head in response.

With the fearsome power that Han Li had just displayed, it would be a simple matter for him to kill this stall owner. As such, the blue-skinned devilish being would rather give this piece of Foreign Devilish Metal to Han Li for free than risk offending a Spatial Tempering Stage powerful being.

Han Li ignored the blue-skinned devilish being as he examined the piece of Foreign Devilish Metal over and over again, yet his expression remained completely unchanged, making it impossible to tell what he was thinking.

After a full 10 minutes had passed, azure light flashed from Han Li's hand, and the piece of Foreign Devilish Metal vanished, only to be replaced by a small black sword, which Han Li tossed toward the blue-skinned devilish being as he said, "This flying sword is a top-grade devilish treasure; it should be more than enough to exchange for this piece of Foreign Devilish Metal, but you have to tell me where you got this metal from."

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