Chapter 2028: Rescuing the Devils

Blue light flashed through Han Li's eyes, and he immediately caught a clearer glimpse of the two humanoid figures that had been surrounded by the dozen or so silver devilish beasts.

One of them was a burly devilish man who was built like a brick house, while the other was an elderly devilish man with blue devilish patterns on his face.

Both of them were at the late-Spatial Tempering Stage, and the burly devilish man had devilish Qi surging all over his body. He was waving a massive black club through the air, unleashing a burst of black Qi that swept forth in a frenzy to keep most of the silver beasts at bay.

The elderly devilish man had a pair of triangular green eyes, and he was holding an inky-black bowl, from within which one monstrous bird projection after another was being released.

As soon as these projections reached the silver beasts, they would immediately explode into balls of silver light that forced the silver beasts into retreat.

However, it was quite clear that the black Qi and bird projections were only just barely able to keep the silver devilish beasts at bay, but unable to inflict any substantial damage upon them.

These devilish beasts had bodies that seemed to be no less resolute than the average treasure, and they would simply shrug off the oncoming attacks before pouncing toward the two devilish men again.

If things were to continue like this, the two devilish men were eventually going to completely exhaust their magic power and be slain by the silver beasts.

Judging from the powerful remnant aura of the devilish beast carcass with the five-colored horns, it was most likely the beast monarch that he was searching for.

Could it be that those two devilish beings were the ones who had killed it? How had they managed to do that? They were indeed both quite powerful, but they shouldn't have been powerful enough to kill the beast monarch!

Han Li was rather perplexed by this current situation, and it was quite an unexpected turn of events that someone had killed the beast monarch in their stead.

Thus, Han Li began to consider what he was going to do next. 

The green devilish beasts up ahead seemed to be aware that Han Li was not to be messed with, and they didn't pounce toward him like the other ordinary devilish wolves. As such, an impasse ensued between them.

Just as Han Li was still hesitating about how to proceed, the burly devilish man suddenly yelled toward his companion, "We can't keep wasting time here, Old Man Wu; the effect of the beast repellent incense is about to wear off, so we have to get out of here right away. I'll take on these beasts by myself; you focus on teleporting us away from here!"

As soon as the burly man's voice trailed off, he let loose a thunderous roar, and his aura instantly became extremely violent while the black Qi being released by his club became more than twice as dense as before, thereby allowing him to keep all of the silver beasts at bay.

"Alright, be careful then, Fellow Daoist Tie," the elderly devilish man said as he flipped his hand over to stow the bowl away.

What took its place was a translucent black crystal, and he immediately hurled it forward before chanting an incantation.

The crystal rotated on the spot and released countless black threads of light, all of which intertwined to form a black formation that was around 10 feet in size. 

A resounding boom rang out, and the black formation began to slowly rotate, looking as if it had been activated.

"It's ready, let's go!" the elderly devilish man hurriedly yelled before flying toward the formation without any hesitation. 

The burly devilish man swung his giant club vigorously through the air a few times to force back the oncoming silver devilish beasts, then also rushed toward the formation as a burst of black Qi.

The two of them were clearly planning to escape using the power of this formation.

However, just as it was looking as if their plan was going to succeed, the situation suddenly took a drastic turn.

In the air above the formation, spatial fluctuations erupted, and a silver beast suddenly appeared before opening its mouth to expel a pillar of silver light, which struck the direct center of the formation.

An earth-shattering boom rang out, and the black formation flickered erratically before exploding violently.

The two devilish beings who were already close to reaching the formation were immediately plunged into despair upon seeing this, and immediately thereafter, all of the silver beasts converged to surround them again.

Almost at the exact same moment, the giant circle formed by the faint azure smoke faded amid a dull thump, and all of the devilish beasts that had previously been kept at bay immediately let loose bloodthirsty howls as they also flooded toward the pair of devilish beings.

Two cries of alarm and fury rang out, followed by a string of violent explosions. It was quite clear that in this dire situation, the two devilish beings were making a final stand.

Han Li was appraising the unfolding situation from a distance, and all of a sudden, he made a hand seal, upon which layers of black scales appeared over his skin. At the same time, a burst of powerful devilish Qi erupted out of his body alongside immense spiritual pressure that came crashing down upon all of the devilish beasts.

All of the green devilish beasts standing in his way immediately backtracked reflexively as they let loose menacing snarls, but the ferocity in their eyes only became more pronounced.

"Who goes there? We are both guards of Blood Crow City; if you were to save us, we'd be sure to offer you a handsome reward, Senior."

"I am the only son of the grand elder of the Infernal Crow Race; our race will also be greatly indebted to you, Senior."

Han Li had activated his Devilfeign Bead before unleashing his power, and the two devilish beings instantly called out to him in hope and desperation upon discovering his presence.

A faint smile appeared on Han Li's face, and he abruptly advanced toward the green beasts that stood in his way.

His body blurred, and he suddenly appeared in the air above the green devilish beasts.

On this occasion, the green beasts displayed no intention of backing down, and they let loose long howls as they released countless strands of fur from their backs, all of which hurtled directly up toward Han Li as streaks of green light.

"Interesting!" Han Li chuckled as he clenched his fists, then unleashed countless black fist projections that rained downward in a frenzy.

There was an astonishing number of those streaks of green light, but they were obviously no match for the attacks manifested by the power of the Provenance True Devil Arts. As soon as they were struck by the fearsome might of the fist projections, they instantly exploded, following which the first projections went on to reduce hundreds of green beasts into mincemeat in an instant.

Meanwhile, Han Li vanished on the spot again, then flew over to directly above the pair of devilish beings before casting a cold gaze downward with his arms crossed.

The two devilish beings were currently frantically unleashing their powers and treasures to keep the hordes of devilish beasts at bay. The normal devilish beasts weren't able to pose much of a threat to them, but the green and silver devilish beasts were too much for them to contend with, and it looked as if they could be completely inundated at any moment.

"I can save you, but you have to do something for me," Han Li said in an unhurried manner.

"Alright, we'll do anything you ask, Senior!" the burly devilish man immediately yelled without any hesitation.

During this brief moment, a silver beast had already torn through his defenses and inflicted several claw gashes onto his shoulder, through which even his bones were visible.

The elderly devilish man naturally immediately agreed as well.

A faint smile appeared on Han Li's face upon hearing this, and a pair of translucent azure and white wings appeared on his back amid a rumbling thunderclap, following which countless azure and white balls of lightning emerged out of thin air.

He then made a hand seal, and he immediately disappeared once again along with all of the balls of lightning.

An earth-shattering boom erupted, and countless arcs of azure and white lightning shot forth out of thin air, instantly intertwining to form a gigantic lightning net that descended from above with devastating force.

Bolts of lightning rained down from the lightning net before instantly exploding violently, forming a sea of lightning in the air down below. 

What was incredible was that the two devilish beings remained completely unscathed and weren't struck by so much as a single bolt of lightning, even though they were situated right in the midst of the sea of lightning. A dense lightning barrier had appeared around them as a shield, while most of the surrounding devilish beasts were reduced to dust by the powerful lightning strikes. 

Finally, after the lightning faded, only around 10% to 20% of the high-grade devilish beasts remained, and even they had been completely charred black.

Following that devastating rain of lightning, the remaining devilish beasts no longer had the courage to oppose Han Li, and they all fled amid horrified howls.

The burly devilish man was ecstatic to see this, but a thought then suddenly occurred to him, and he hurriedly yelled, "Senior, kill those Silver-necked Beasts before they get away! If you can do that, this beast tide will immediately fall apart, and no new beast monarch will be born for over 100 years in this pack!"

"Silver-necked Beasts?" Han LI's eyes narrowed slightly upon hearing this, and he cast his spiritual sense toward the dozen or so wounded silver beasts that had already fled into the distance.

Those were clearly the Silver-necked Beasts that the burly devilish man was referring to, and all of them had managed to survive that round of lightning strikes with their early-Spatial Tempering Stage powers.

After tracking them down, Han Li immediately sprang into action again, quickly making a hand seal, upon which a golden projection with three heads and six arms appeared behind him.

As soon as the projection appeared, it swelled to over 100 feet tall, then opened all six of its golden eyes in unison. 

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