Chapter 1947: Attacking the Stone Spirit

Master Black Rain and Buddhist Master Tian Chan naturally weren't going to allow the stone spirit to get away so easily. Master Black Rain immediately made a hand seal, and a burst of silver soundwaves erupted from the giant silver bell before sweeping downward in a violent manner.

Meanwhile, Buddhist Master Tian Chan flipped a hand over to produce a pristine white formation plate amid a flash of spiritual light. He pointed his finger rapidly at the formation plate a few times, and countless light formations suddenly emerged near the giant crater amid a rumbling boom. Bursts of restriction fluctuations immediately surged forth in a frenzy, instantly forming a huge net that barred the stone spirit from being able to make its retreat.

On top of that, the cry of a phoenix rang out in the air above the restrictions, and three balls of crimson flames flashed as three fiery birds emerged. The three crimson birds then immediately opened their beaks and blasted forth three pillars of crimson flames up into the air. The flames instantly formed a fiery cloud that swept toward the stone spirit from one side.

On the other side, that translucent flying scorpion had also appeared out of thin air. Its blue tail lashed out, a streak of poisonous blue light shot forth out of its stingers. Thus, the Pipe Dream Stone Spirit was plunged into a perilous situation again in the blink of an eye.

The stone spirit seemed to have been completely enraged by this, and golden light revolved around its body as it abruptly let loose a sharp cry. The third crimson eye on its forehead then immediately widened, and a burst of scintillating white light appeared within it. The light was so bright and piercing that even Master Black Rain and Buddhist Master Tian Chan were forced to close their eyes, and when they reopened their eyes, their expressions changed drastically.

They discovered that they were situated within a world of yellow flames. The flames appeared to be scorching hot, but gave off a bone-chilling sensation instead.

"Earthly Hellish Flames! No, this is an illusionary technique!"

Master Black Rain immediately identified this to be an illusion, but his expression didn't ease in the slightest. 

Prior to setting off, he had heard that Pipe Dream Stone Spirit's innate illusionary techniques were extremely profound and could trap even Body Integration Stage beings. However, never did he think that it would be capable of unleashing such a powerful illusionary technique without any warning. On top of that, the illusion that was being manifested was of these extremely troublesome Earthly Hellish Flames!

This stone spirit had been residing in the Earthly Hellish Flames for countless years, and it had honed its illusionary techniques to an extraordinary level; it definitely wouldn't be an easy task to break out of this illusion. Time was of the essence here, so they had no choice but to break out through the use of brute force.

With that in mind, Master Black Rain immediately released several small black shields to protect himself.

Meanwhile, the Buddhist Master Tian Chan opened his eyes to find himself situated in a murky grey space. Master Black Rain and the other spirit beasts were nowhere to be seen; there was only a gigantic creature that was over 10,000 feet tall hovering several thousand feet away from him.

This was a shimmering golden creature that resembled a colossal toad, but it had a row of seven golden eyes that stretched from its head all the way down its back. The seven eyes were all appraising Buddhist Master Tian Chan in a completely expressionless manner, and the formidable aura that the gargantuan creature was giving off struck one with a sense of asphyxiation.

"Seven-eyed Gold Toad!"

Buddhist Master Tian Chan's expression changed drastically upon seeing this. However, he then uttered a Buddhist prayer, and a determined look reappeared on his face. He made a grabbing motion with both hands, and spiritual light flashed as a golden Buddhist staff and a silver bowl emerged at the same time.

Not only were Master Black Rain and Buddhist Master Tian Chan standing completely still in mid-air, the three fiery birds had also ceased expelling the crimson pillars of flames. They were currently flapping their wings violently on the spot with panicked looks on their faces, clearly having been trapped into illusions of their own.

Only the translucent flying scorpion was somehow able to remain completely unaffected by the stone spirit's illusionary technique, and it was still releasing a streak of blue light out of its stinger.

However, it was no match for the Pipe Dream Stone Spirit on its own, and the stone spirit expelled a burst of demonic flames to ward off these streaks of blue light with ease. It then aimed a vicious glare at the scorpion before crashing down toward the restrictions down below as a ball of golden light.

The stone spirit seemed to be quite intelligent and knew that its top priority was to escape into the giant crater, rather than waste time battling its assailants.

As it was flying down from above, it abruptly opened its mouth to release a series of head-sized balls of yellow light. The balls of yellow light struck a certain part of the restrictions in a flash, and a string of loud booms rang out.

The balls of yellow light exploded in rapid succession, and the restriction began to waver and display signs of collapsing.

The stone spirit was elated to see this, and it opened its mouth to expel another string of balls of light to land the final blow on the restrictions.

However, right at this moment, a humanoid figure suddenly emerged in the air above the restrictions, and an azure-robed young man appeared amid a flash of azure light.

The young man looked up at the Pipe Dream Stone Spirit with a faint smile, then swept a sleeve through the air to release a silver ruler. The ruler blurred before conjuring up countless ruler projections, which swept through all of the descending balls of light.

This young man was naturally none other than Han Li.

The Pipe Dream Stone Spirit had focused its illusionary technique primarily on Master Black Rain and Buddhist Master Tian Chan. As such, even though Han Li had also been affected somewhat from afar, he was able to easily break out of the illusion with his immense spiritual sense, then arrived above the restrictions just in the nick of time.

The stone spirit became even more furious at the sight of this new enemy. Yellow flames suddenly erupted from its body, and the flames were sent sweeping toward Han Li in a frenzy.

These flames were none other than the Glacial Yin Demonic Flames that it had only attained after cultivating underground for tens of thousands of years.

As opposed to being alarmed by these oncoming flames, he merely chuckled and flipped a hand over to produce a small black mountain. He laid a hand onto the mountain, and it instantly swelled to over 100 feet in size!

A row of silver runes appeared on the mountain at Han Li's behest, following which a vast expanse of grey light swept forth before forming a grey vortex in mid-air. 

As soon as the yellow demonic flames came into contact with the grey vortex, a rumbling boom akin to a thunderclap erupted, and the flames were all drawn into the vortex. 

As a result, the grey vortex expanded slightly, but didn't display any other reaction.

The Pipe Dream Stone Spirit let loose a sharp cry upon seeing this, and an earth-shattering boom abruptly erupted from within the grey vortex. The vortex tremored violently before shattering, and the yellow demonic flames sprang forth from within it before transforming into a yellow fiery toad that pounced directly toward Han Li.

Even before the fiery toad had reached Han Li, he was struck by a burst of glacial power that threatened to freeze even his soul.

Han Li's brows furrowed slightly upon seeing this. The demonic flames were indeed rather troublesome to deal with, but he naturally wasn't going to be fearful of it. He reached out and made a grabbing motion toward the fiery toad, upon which a huge white hand with five-colored glacial flames burning around it emerged.

The giant hand then shot forth toward the fiery toad like lightning, and perhaps the fiery toad knew that it wouldn't be able to evade the hand or simply had no intention of taking evasive measures; in any case, it jumped straight into the massive hand, upon which the fingers of the hand closed tightly around it while five-colored glacial flames swelled drastically.

A dull thump rang out as the fiery toad instantly exploded, reverting back into a wave of fire that swept toward the huge hand.

However, the five-colored glacial flames were also a type of glacial flames, so it was able to hold its own against the yellow demonic flames.

Right at this moment, Han Li pointed a finger toward the black mountain before him, and it abruptly vanished into thin air.

In the next instant, spatial fluctuations erupted in the air above the Pipe Dream Stone Spirit, and the black mountain re-emerged before crashing down alongside a wave of grey light.

A burst of enormous invisible force immediately weighed down upon the stone spirit, making its body very slow and sluggish. It was naturally extremely enraged and alarmed by this, and after struggling a few times to no avail, it immediately opened its mouth to expel a yellow bead.

This completely mundane-looking yellow thumb-sized bead was none other than the stone spirit's demon core.

The demon core circled around above the stone spirit, and the burst of tremendous force weighing down upon it was forcibly repelled. At the same time, countless yellow fiery snakes erupted out of the demon core before quickly swelling to several tens of feet in length each.

The fiery yellow snakes swept upward to intertwine with the grey light, and the black mountain was forcibly kept at bay.

A cold light flashed through Han Li's eyes upon seeing this, and he immediately made a hand seal, upon which a pair of translucent wings appeared on his back amid a dull thunderclap. He flapped the wings and abruptly vanished on the spot as an arc of silver lightning.

Meanwhile, the stone spirit had just evaded a streak of blue light unleashed by the flying scorpion, and a fierce look appeared on its face as it prepared to unleash an attack in retaliation. However, lightning suddenly flashed behind it, following which Han Li abruptly re-emerged.

The Pipe Dream Stone Spirit was quite started by this, and its third demonic eye widened as it prepared to release that scintillating white light again. However, Han Li was already prepared for this. He harrumphed coldly as he closed his eyes, and his Law Destruction Eye appeared on his glabella amid a flash of black light.

A black thread shot forth out of the Law Destruction Eye and struck the stone spirit's third demonic eye in a flash, scattering the white light that had just begun to gather.

Furthermore, in the instant that the stone spirit heard Han Li's cold harrumph, it felt as if a thunderclap had erupted right inside its head, and a sudden burst of excruciating spiritual pain made it sway unsteadily in mid-air.

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