Chapter 1939: Forcing the Enemy Into Retreat

Golden light flashed, and the six golden blades instantly fused as one to create a giant sword that was several hundred feet in length.

A cold light flashed through the air, and a hint of incredulity appeared on the devilish giant's main head, following which it slowly tumbled down from the devilish giant's neck.

He had just been decapitated!

However, Han Li didn't display any elation upon seeing this. Instead, the giant swords in his hands split up into six golden blades again, and he slashed them rapidly through the air, unleashing countless golden threads that threatened to tear the devilish giant into countless pieces.

An incredible turn of events unfolded!

The decapitated devilish giant abruptly flapped its four wings and shot back several hundred feet in a flash. At the same time, the sea of blood down below churned violently, and countless arrows of blood shot up into the air to keep the oncoming golden threads at bay.

At the same time, a burst of black Qi emerged from his neck, and a head that was identical to his original one appeared. However, one of the eight azure ghostly heads on his shoulders had vanished.

Han Li's expression darkened upon seeing this, but he didn't falter in the slightest as the six golden blades in his hands transformed into six completely different types of weapons. He swept the six weapons through the air, and countless bursts of golden lightning and fire swept forth in a frenzy, hurtling directly toward the devilish giant in the distance.

Having just lost one of his heads, the devilish giant was also extremely enraged, and his remaining seven heads began to chant in unison as he made an extremely profound hand seal.

All of a sudden, the sea of blood down below began to rotate rapidly with the devilish giant at the center, forming a massive vortex that transformed into a gigantic pillar of blood. The pillar of blood erupted into the heavens, and the devilish giant withdrew his hand seal before grabbing toward it.

Light flashed erratically from the pillar of blood, and it transformed into a giant crimson staff that was several thousand feet in length with black runes engraved all over its surface.

The devilish giant grabbed onto the staff before immediately swinging it toward Han Li with devastating force.

Countless staff projections instantly swept forth as a crimson hurricane, carrying with it a repugnant odor of blood and gore.

The golden lightning and fire intertwined with the hurricane amid a string of resounding explosions, and Han Li raised all six of his weapons in unison before charging directly toward the devilish giant.

The devilish giant harrumphed coldly and also charged toward the massive ape. Thus, the two colossal beings clashed in a fierce battle that threatened to lay waste to heaven and earth.

Not long after their battle commenced, the 13 Purple-striped Gold Devouring Beetles and the giant grey python also joined in.

That naturally made the battle even more intense, and all of a sudden, a ball of vibrant colorful light suddenly emerged right at the center of the battlefield.

Immediately thereafter, a burst of astonishing fluctuations proliferated outward in all directions, collapsing the space in its wake.

Two figures stumbled out of the ball of light before flying backward, and only when a distance of 2,000 to 3,000 feet had been opened up between them did they just barely manage to stabilize themselves.

These two figures were naturally none other than Han Li and the devilish giant, and both of them were looking rather disheveled.

Not only were there large patches of golden fur on Han Li's body that had been charred black, only three of his six weapons remained, and even those three weapons had been severely damaged.

As for the devilish giant, his entire body was covered in blood, and two more of the ghostly heads on his shoulders had been destroyed. The massive crimson staff in his hand had also been snapped in half, and it seemed that the devilish giant had come off decidedly second best during that clash.

Just as both Han Li and the devilish giant were appraising each other from afar with wariness in their eyes, a burst of rumbling rang out from the center of the collapsed space, and the ball of vibrant light exploded.

A dozen or so balls of purple light shot forth out of the explosion, and they were none other than Han Li's Purple-striped Gold Devouring Beetles.

The giant grey python also sprang out of the explosion in another direction, but only half of its body made it out of the collapsed space before it was drawn back to its original spot by a burst of enormous suction force.

Thus, the explosion of light completely inundated the giant python, and the devilish giant threw up a mouthful of blood essence as his face paled by a noticeable degree.

The grey python was manifested from his devilish projection, and the two shared a spiritual connection. Now that it had been destroyed, he was suffering significant backlash.

The devilish giant's expression darkened even further, while Han Li waved his six arms through the air to conjure up six different weapons again amid a flash of golden light. Each and every one of these weapons was back to their original condition, and following another flash of golden light, the charred sections of Han Li's golden fur also instantly regenerated.

A ferocious look then appeared on his face as he prepared to charge toward the devilish giant again, yet right at this moment, a dull rumbling boom suddenly rang out from within the mist manifested by the Nine Palaces Heavenly Talisman. At the same time, a giant rainbow pagoda projection emerged in the air above the mist, and it rotated on the spot to release countless pillars of light.

The pillars of light eradicated all of the surrounding mist, and the palatial projections concealed within the mist were also pierced through before disintegrating into specks of spiritual light.

Thus, the Nine Palaces Heavenly Talisman was destroyed in the blink of an eye.

A long streak of rainbow light then shot forth out of the giant projection before the light faded to reveal a humanoid figure.

Han Li's pupils immediately contracted at the sight of this humanoid figure, while a look of elation appeared on the devilish giant's face.

This was none other than the clone that had been trapped by the Myriad Sword Artwork. At this crucial juncture, it had finally managed to break through the restriction using the incredible abilities of the Rainbow Light Pagoda.

However, after Han Li caught a clear glimpse of the clone, his heart was immediately put at ease.

The clone was still carrying the small rainbow pagoda in his hand, but his face was completely devoid of color, and his aura had also become extremely frail. Furthermore, the small pagoda in his hand had also become dull and lusterless, clearly indicating that it had lost some of its spiritual nature.

The devilish giant had also noticed this, and his elated expression immediately stiffened. "What happened? How did you become like this when you had the Rainbow Light Pagoda to protect you?"

"Hmph, this brat used an extremely troublesome treasure to attack me; it seems to be a treasure from somewhere outside the Spirit Realm. If I hadn't used that final trump card, you most likely wouldn't ever see me again!" The clone transmitted his voice to Sacred Ancestor Xue Guang in response.

A bewildered look appeared on the devilish giant's face, and he asked, "Something from outside the Spirit Realm? Setting that aside for now, will you be able to continue in this battle?"

"As long as you're fine, I'll naturally be able to continue, but the Rainbow Light Pagoda has lost some of its spiritual nature, so I won't be able to use its spatial powers for now," the clone replied.

"In that case, even the two of us combined won't have much of a chance of securing victory." The devilish giant's brows furrowed with indecision.

The clone glanced at the giant golden ape, then cast his gaze toward the final clone, who was battling the spirit body, but remained completely silent.

The spirit body was clearly inferior in power to its opponent, but it was easily able to ensure self-preservation by relying on its own incredible regenerative powers.

The clone that was battling it wanted to withdraw from the battle, but was simply unable to shake off the spirit body.

The devilish giant became even more hesitant upon seeing this. The situation seemed to have taken a dramatic turn for the worse for him, but he was still very reluctant to retreat.

After all, he had taken a huge risk to send three fragments of his spiritual sense into the Spirit Realm at once with the sole intention of recovering the Devil Sealing Lock. However, not only had he failed to achieve that objective, he had lost one of his other two incomplete Profound Heavenly Treasures, while the final one had had its spiritual nature damaged; this was naturally an extremely infuriating outcome for him.

Han Li could see the internal conflict on his opponent's face, and all three of his heads began to chant in unison as he made a grabbing motion with one of his six hands. A purple blade segment instantly appeared in his grasp, and as soon as it emerged, the nearby world's origin Qi began to surge violently. At the same time, countless specks of five-colored light appeared in the surrounding area before converging toward the blade segment in a frenzy, creating an incredible spectacle to behold.

"That's an incomplete Profound Heavenly Treasure!" the devilish giant exclaimed as he stared at the shimmering blade segment with astonishment in his eyes.

His other clone was also quite alarmed to see this.

"Retreat!" the devilish giant finally decided as his expression darkened significantly. He then flapped his four wings, and the sea of blood down below swept upward to form a vast expanse of crimson light, which swept up his massive body before fleeing the scene.

The clone also waved the rainbow pagoda through the air and transformed into a streak of rainbow light that flew away as well.

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