Chapter 1935: Sea of Blood

Rainbow light flashed, and the small pagoda instantly released a burst of mysterious power that swept toward the small cauldron.

However, almost at the exact same moment, Han Li's spirit body suddenly opened its mouth to expel a ball of white light, within which was a ring, and it quickly pointed a finger toward the ring.

The ring abruptly exploded at its behest, and a burst of feeble spatial power immediately surged through the air.

The power released by the small pagoda was affected by this burst of spatial power, and it was diverted away from the Purple Word Cauldron.

Thus, the small cauldron was able to continue to fly away. The clone of Sacred Ancestor Xue Guang that was originally controlling the cauldron stomped a foot down in an urgent manner and instantly propelled itself through the air, setting off in pursuit as a streak of crimson light.

"How dare you tamper with my treasure like this? I'm going to extract your soul and torture you for the rest of eternity!" Sacred Ancestor Xue Guang roared in a furious manner.

He then quickly made a hand seal, and the devilish projection behind him let loose an earth-shattering roar before opening its mouth to expel a torrent of blood. [1]

The blood was extremely pungent, and there seemed to be no end to it as it formed a sea of blood in the nearby space, then crashed directly toward Han Li as a massive wave at the behest of Sacred Ancestor Xue Guang.

Han Li's heart stirred upon seeing this, and he immediately made a hand seal to activate the temporary formations he had set up nearby.

A series of light formations emerged around the sword formation, and layers of light barriers appeared alongside clouds of mist of different colors to completely inundate the giant ape.

At this point, the small crimson canoe was already floating on a boundless sea of blood.

Sacred Ancestor Xue Guang chuckled coldly at the sight of the defensive measures Han Li was adopting, and he swept both of his sleeves toward Han Li in unison.

The sea of blood beneath him immediately rose up as a giant wave that was several hundred feet tall before sweeping toward Han Li with devastating might.

The temporary formations clashed with the massive wave, and all of the light and mist that had been released by the formations were instantly destroyed, as if they had encountered the bane of their existence.

Even the formations themselves crumpled like papier-mâché structures in the face of the wave of blood.

The gigantic wave then surged toward the center of the sword formation, upon which streaks of azure sword Qi emerged to form an azure wall, which stopped the wave of blood cold in its tracks.

Sacred Ancestor Xue Guang was quite surprised to see this. This sea of blood was something that he had refined using an extremely poisonous substance from the Elder Devil Realm, and it was capable of instantly reducing everything that it came into contact with into nothingness.

Due to the fact that he was a clone, the power of this ability was naturally greatly hampered, but it still should've been able to crush all cultivators below the Grand Ascension Stage. As such, it came as quite a shock to him that Han Li had managed to keep the attack at bay so easily.

The streaks of azure sword Qi that emerged out of the sword formation seemed to be very ordinary, but the sea of blood was completely ineffective against them.

Of course, as a Grand Ascension cultivator, Sacred Ancestor Xue Guang naturally had more tricks up his sleeve. Seeing as this wave of blood wasn't achieving the desired effect, he immediately made a hand seal before pointing a finger at the sea of blood around him, and hundreds of fist-sized balls of blood instantly took shape around him. 

These balls of blood then transformed into winged crimson silkworms that pounced directly toward the barrier formed by azure sword Qi.

Han Li's pupils contracted upon seeing this, and a five-clawed azure dragon suddenly sprang out of the azure sword barrier at his behest. The dragon let loose a thunderous roar and opened its mouth to expel a barrage of sword Qi that tore all of the crimson silkworms into shreds.

However, in the next instant, a wave of blood washed over these dismembered silkworms, and they instantly regenerated before continuing to fly onward as if nothing had happened. As they approached the azure barrier, they opened their mouths to expel translucent crimson threads that were as thin as strands of hair, but a crisp clattering sound rang out when they struck the sword barrier.

Countless streaks of sword Qi clashed with the crimson threads, and not only were the latter not torn into shreds by the sword Qi, they became extremely viscous instead and bound themselves to the sword Qi. Meanwhile, the silkworms that had released these crimson threads suddenly spread their wings before flying back in retreat, following which the hundreds of crimson threads clumped together to trap a portion of the sword Qi.

As a result, a gap was opened up in the azure light barrier, and Sacred Ancestor Xue Guang immediately directed another giant crimson wave toward that gap.

However, right at this moment, a dragon's roar rang out from within the azure light barrier, and a huge dragon's head emerged from the opening before blasting forth a thick pillar of light out of its mouth.

The wave of blood clashed with the pillar of light amid a deafening boom, and the two seemed to be evenly matched.

Sacred Ancestor Xue Guang's expression darkened upon seeing this, and he let loose a long cry, upon which another gigantic wave of blood was swept up before hurtling toward the sword formation. It was as if he were attempting to inundate the entire sword formation with this sea of blood.

In response, the azure light barrier parted, and a five-clawed azure dragon completely emerged. It thrashed violently, and countless azure lotus flowers appeared out of thin air to keep the sea of blood at bay.

Meanwhile, Han Li paid no heed to this at all, and was appraising the clone holding the small rainbow pagoda instead.

The disruptive spatial fluctuations released by the ring treasure that had been detonated was about to subside, and that would allow the Rainbow Light Pagoda to function as normal again. 

He had been able to detonate a low-grade spatial treasure to disrupt the Rainbow Light Pagoda, but that was clearly not a sustainable tactic, and he didn't know whether it would work a second time.

As such, not only were Han Li and his spirit body appraising this clone with rapt focus, even the Provenance Golden Body was keeping an eye on him as well.

Sure enough, in the instant that the final traces of chaotic spatial fluctuations subsided, the clone that was holding the small pagoda immediately sprang into action.

He suddenly laid a hand onto the pagoda to release a burst of rainbow light, following which he abruptly vanished in a flash.

The Provenance Golden Body abruptly opened all six of its eyes to release a layer of golden flames all over its body to protect itself, and at the same time, the spirit body made a hand seal to expel countless green threads out of its body. Green light flashed, and these green threads manifested a suit of green armor.

This was a tight-fitting suit of armor that appeared over the upper body of the green-skinned Han Li, and there were extremely intricate and beautiful patterns engraved on its surface.

Just as both the golden body and spirit body were preparing to defend themselves, the clone that was controlling the small pagoda suddenly appeared in the air directly above the sword formation, then immediately flipped his hand over.

The rainbow pagoda was tipped upside-down, and a giant pagoda projection emerged before descending without any warning.

A burst of powerful spatial fluctuations instantly enveloped the entire sword formation, immediately following which these fluctuations transformed into a wave of rainbow light.

In the instant that these fluctuations emerged, Han Li immediately sensed them, and he looked up before waving a giant furry hand up into the air without any hesitation.

Even higher up in the air, a resounding boom rang out alongside an eruption of piercing light, and a series of palatial projections appeared before also descending from above.

Meanwhile, the Provenance Golden Body and the spirit body had also sprung into action in unison.

The spirit body raised a hand to release a ball of red light, which vanished into space in a flash.

At the same time, the Provenance Golden Body disappeared on the spot as a gust of golden wind.

In the next instant, fierce winds were swept up above the small crimson canoe, and the Provenance Golden Body abruptly re-emerged. It swung its six arms through the air, and six head-sized balls of golden light shot forth at once, then fused as one to form a golden vortex with a radius of several tens of feet.

The vortex exerted a burst of enormous suction force toward the canoe down below, causing it to fly involuntarily toward it as a streak of crimson light.

Sacred Ancestor Xue Guang immediately made a hand seal upon seeing this, and the giant devilish projection behind him raised its head before letting loose a thunderous roar. As it did so, its body swelled drastically to over 1,000 feet tall, and its dozen or so feelers pierced up into the air at once.

The feelers converged in mid-air and fused as one to form a giant grey spear, which stabbed viciously into the center of the golden vortex.

An earth-shattering boom rang out as the rotation of the golden vortex decelerated slightly. Immediately thereafter, the giant grey spear pierced through the vortex and continued on toward the Provenance Golden Body with immense force.

The golden body made no effort to take evasive measures upon seeing this. Instead, it conjured up a long golden blade in each of its six hands before slashing them toward the oncoming massive spear.

A string of resounding booms rang out as the six blades clashed with the giant spear, only to be destroyed and exploded as balls of spiritual light.

The spear then blurred before abruptly appearing in front of the golden body, following which its tip was plunged into the golden body's chest. 

1. Immortal Galaxy Tree: Ew, now that's just gross 

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