Chapter 1929: Old Man Weng

The canoe carried the three young men away into the distance in the blink of an eye, and they displayed no interest in the battle that was currently taking place.

Tie Long was silent for a while before turning to the other two devilish lords. "You two, go after the two Body Integration Stage human cultivators that escaped; I'll lead the army to take over Heavenlean City. The final Body Integration Stage human cultivator fled back into the city, but he's severely wounded and doesn't have the Aura Integration Beast to help him anymore, so I'll take care of him along the way. As for that man, Master Xue Guang is going after him in person, so there's no way he'll be able to escape."

"Will you be alright on your own, Brother Tie? What if the humans still have some other trump cards up their sleeve..." Fairy Yu was rather hesitant.

"Rest assured, I have the Infernal Bloodform Guards with me, and we'll be able to take care of everything," Tie Long replied.

"In that case, I'll leave everything here to you, Brother Tie." Fairy Yu nodded in response before flying away as a streak of pink light, heading straight toward the direction that Fairy Silver Light had just fled toward.

As for Fei Ya, he had already forcibly repressed the poison in his body and also departed as a streak of white in pursuit of Fairy Lin Luan.

Following the departure of the other devilish lords, Tie Long yelled, "All of the Body Integration Stage human cultivators have fled; it's time for us to take over this city!"

His voice was imbued with immense devilish might, and it rang out like a resounding thunderclap in the ears of the human and devilish armies down below.

The devilish beings all let loose cries of elation, and they began to attack with even greater ferocity.

As for the humans on the battlefield, all of them had turned deathly pale, and morale instantly plummeted to an all-time low.

In this dire situation, Master Azure Dragon's voice suddenly rang out like rumbling thunder from some part within the city. "Hmph, do you really think I didn't prepare any other trump cards? If you want to break our Heavenlean City, you'll have to get past these 108 giant puppets first!"

As soon as his voice trailed off, over 100 pillars of golden light emerged in all corners of the city, then transformed into a series of golden-armored guards.

These guards were clad in golden armor from head to toe, and they were each wielding a giant golden sword that was around the same size as their bodies. All of them were also wearing visors that revealed only pairs of cold silver eyes.

Even though these 108 golden-armored puppets were only hovering in mid-air in a completely still manner, they were releasing formidable auras that weren't inferior to those of Spatial Tempering cultivators.

The despairing human army was naturally greatly reinvigorated upon seeing this, and they began to retaliate against the devilish army with renewed vigor.

Thus, the sound of violent clashes rang out all over the battlefield again, and Tie Long was rather taken aback by this situation. However, a hint of disdain then quickly appeared on his face, and he waved a hand toward the Infernal Bloodform Guards around him as he commanded, "You don't have much time left, so participate in the attack right away. We have to tear down this city's main defenses in the shortest time possible!"

The devilish generals leading the army immediately gave affirmative responses upon hearing this, then quickly descended to join the devilish army down below in their attack against the city wall up ahead.

As for Tie Long, he hovered up in the air and watched as the situation unfolded.

With the inclusion of the Infernal Bloodform Guards, the devilish army immediately gained a crushing upper hand, and some devilish beings had even torn through the defensive restrictions and made it onto the city wall.

In response, the 108 golden puppets merely continued to hover in mid-air, displaying no intention of assisting the human army whatsoever.

After appraising the situation for a while longer, a thought suddenly occurred to Tie Long, and he immediately flew back toward the devilish cloud.

After just a few flashes, he disappeared into a mountainous black ark, and the devilish guards in the ark were quite surprised by his sudden return.

However, Tie Long offered no explanation to them at all before making his way into a secret chamber, then immediately activated the restriction that had already been set up in there.

Layers of five-colored light immediately surfaced from the walls of the secret chamber, and a small white formation appeared on the ground.

Tie Long strode over to the formation and made a hand seal before casting several incantation seals into the formation.

Spiritual light flashed from the formation amid a faint buzzing sound, and a white jade altar slowly emerged at the center of the formation. Sitting atop the altar was a rusty copper mirror that seemed to be an extremely ancient artifact.

A serious look immediately appeared on Tie Long's face at the sight of this mirror, and he began to chant something before opening his mouth to expel a ball of blood essence, which transformed into a cloud of blood mist that enveloped the entire mirror.

Layers of azure light appeared over the surface of the mirror, and it gradually brightened.

All of a sudden, light flashed from the mirror, and the image of an azure-robed elderly man appeared on its surface.

This was a benevolent-looking elderly man with a head of grey hair, and he was seated on a black wooden chair. He was holding a book in his hand that was slightly yellow from age, and he cast his gaze toward Tie Long from within the mirror.

"Ah, I was wondering who was contacting me. Haven't you already joined up with the devilish army to participate in the sacred sacrifice? Why are you contacting me using this Split Realm Mirror?" the elderly man asked with a smile.

"Tie Long pays his respects to Lord Weng! Lord Weng, Master Xue Guang has descended into the Spirit Realm again." Tie Long extended a respectful salute before cutting straight to the chase.

"Again? Has he sent another one of his clones into the Spirit Realm? That is indeed rather strange." Despite what the elderly man was saying, his expression remained completely unchanged.

"This is not a normal clone. Instead, Master Xue Guang seemed to have used some type of secret technique to directly possess the Yang Devil with his spiritual sense. After being possessed, not only did the Yang Devil transform into Master Xue Guang, his powers were also enhanced to an incredible degree. Judging from what I could feel at the time, he seems to currently possess around a third of the power of Master Xue Guang's true body. On top of that, he's also able to make far better use of the Purple Word Cauldron and Rainbow Light Pagoda. With these two treasures, he was able to easily capture an Aura Integration Beast that the humans had up their sleeve," Tie Long replied in a solemn manner.

The elderly man's expression finally changed slightly upon hearing this, and he murmured to himself, "Is that so? That's quite interesting. Sacred Ancestors like us can indeed make our spiritual sense descend into an alternate realm along with some of our magic power, but the amount of magic power that can be transferred is downright negligible due to the pressure from the power of that alternate realm. How was Xue Guang able to bypass the power of the Spirit Realm to bestow so much power upon the Yang Devil? Could it be that he recently mastered some kind of powerful secret technique?"

"By the way, Master Xue Guang seems to be targeting a certain Body Integration Stage human cultivator," Tie Long added.

"Oh? Tell me everything you know about that human cultivator." The elderly man was very intrigued.

"The human in question is a mid-Body Integration cultivator, but he possesses incredible abilities. He was just battling the Yin Yang Twin Devils not long ago, and..." Tie Long immediately began to divulge the information he had on Han Li.

After a while, he had revealed everything that he knew, and he fell silent as he awaited the elderly man's instructions.

"You did very well. This information is very useful to me; you can go now," the elderly man instructed with a stroke of his beard.

"Yes, Lord Weng; I'll be taking my leave now," Tie Long replied before casting an incantation seal onto the ancient mirror, and azure light flashed from the mirror's surface, upon which the image of the elderly man vanished.

After contemplating the situation in silence for a short while, Tie Long strode out of the secret chamber, then flew out of the giant ark and re-emerged on the battlefield as a cloud of black Qi.

Meanwhile, in a certain wooden cabin within another realm, the elderly man had placed his book down onto his knees and was contemplating something with narrowed eyes. There was an identical antiquated mirror placed on the table next to him.

"You sure are a bold man, Xue Guang. I don't know how you managed to transfer so much of your magic power into the Spirit Realm, but are you not afraid that something will happen to your true body in the sacred realm? If your enemies were to hear about this, I'm sure a lot of turmoil will ensue," the elderly man murmured to himself as a cold look flashed through his eyes.

At the same time, tens of thousands of kilometers away from Heavenlean City, Fairy Yu was flying rapidly through the air while holding a crimson bead in one hand. After reporting the situation to an elderly woman in the Elder Devil Realm, she opened her mouth and swallowed the bead again.

After that, she immediately accelerated even further in her flight.

Several hundred kilometers ahead of her was Fairy Silver Light, who was also flying through the air as a streak of silver light.

The same scenes were unfolding with Fei Ya elsewhere, who was carefully stowing away a translucent jade talisman that he had just used.

Meanwhile, Han Li was flying through the air in his giant bird Kun Peng form, traveling at an incredible speed. Less than 100 kilometers behind him was a small crimson canoe, which was chasing him in hot pursuit.

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