Chapter 1926: Freezing the Heavens

The azure streak of light pierced through space, and the light faded as Han Li turned around to find a giant pagoda that was tens of thousands of feet tall standing behind him.

The hole that he had just emerged out of was rapidly shrinking at a rate that was discernible to the naked eye, and the space there returned to normal in the blink of an eye.

It seemed that the treasure hadn't really sustained much damage.

Han Li's expression changed slightly upon seeing this, and he took a deep breath as he cast his gaze around him, upon which a hint of surprise appeared in his eyes.

A fierce battle was still raging around him, and the human and devilish armies were clashing with all their might.

High up in the air, a massive beast with a goat head and a bear body had joined forces to face Tie Long, as well as a peculiar devilish army that was enshrouded in crimson mist.

Master Azure Dragon had already reverted back to his human form, and his face was very pale. In the face of the devilish army's attacks, he was only just barely able to ensure self-preservation.

The attacks of these devilish beings were very simple; aside from blasting pillars of crimson light out of their mouths, they were merely swinging their weapons through the air with all their might to unleash a barrage of projections.

However, Master Azure Dragon and the giant beast were clearly rather wary of these simple-looking attacks. They didn't dare to allow the attacks to strike their bodies, and kept the attacks at bay using protective spiritual light or their treasures.

Furthermore, these devilish beings all seemed to possess immortal bodies; even if they were completely destroyed by attacks from that giant beast, they would instantly regenerate and unleash attacks of even greater ferocity.

As for Tie Long, he was situated far behind this devilish army, and whenever the giant beast threatened to burst out of the devilish army, he would appear in its path to force it back to its original spot.

Of course, he was also occasionally directing vicious attacks toward Master Azure Dragon to keep him on his toes as well.

Even with the Aura Integration Beast's formidable powers, it was unable to force its way out of this devilish army in a short time.

At the same time, Tie Long and the devilish army were unable to defeat or harm this beast, either, so an impasse had ensued.

Meanwhile, the situation elsewhere was completely different.

Fairy Silver Light and Fairy Lin Luan had joined forces, and they were in a very bad situation.

One of them had radiant silver light shimmering around her body, while the other had three-colored flames burning around her, and the two types of abilities had fused as one to complement one another's powers.

However, Fei Ya and the Fairy Yu had also joined forces, and the projection of a giant green clam had appeared behind Fairy Yu. Every time the clam opened its mouth, it expelled forth balls of green light that was able to nullify the silver light and three-colored flames.

If it weren't for the fact that the giant clam projection had to rest for a while after expelling each burst of green light, Fairy Lin Luan and Fairy Silver Light's defenses would've most likely been overwhelmed already.

However, what was of the greatest concern to the two were the attacks from Fei Ya.

Aside from the dozen or so translucent flying daggers Fei Ya had released, he hadn't employed any other forms of attacks. However, these simple-looking attacks were imbued with a type of incredible glacial power, and the two women were forced to expend a vast amount of magic power to keep the daggers at bay.

Thus, their magic power was being whittled down at a rapid rate, and if it weren't for the fact that both of them were carrying some extremely precious magic power restoration pills, they would've most likely been defeated and killed already.

Even so, their situation was still becoming more and more perilous as their supply of pills was quickly being depleted.

A cloud of white glacial Qi that was several acres in size had appeared around the silver light and three-colored flames that they had conjured up, and Han Li was very surprised to see this.

It was clear that not much time had passed since he had been drawn into the giant pagoda, yet he knew that he had spent close to half a day in there. 

This meant that the pagoda was able to manipulate the flow of time within itself to be different from that of the outside world. In that case, this really was an extraordinary treasure. After all, he hadn't heard of any treasure aside from Profound Heavenly Treasures that were capable of altering the flow of time.

Despite his astonishment, Han Li still had the presence of mind to search for the silver-robed middle-aged man that had trapped him in the pagoda in the first place, only to discover that he was nowhere to be found.

He immediately swept his spiritual sense through the surrounding area, but aside from some remnant restriction fluctuations, he was unable to find any trace of that devilish lord.

This was rather alarming to Han Li, and when he thought back to the voice that had spoken to him inside the pagoda, a strong sense of foreboding immediately welled up in his heart.

He had to get away from this place as quickly as possible! With that in mind, Han Li immediately prepared to leave, but he couldn't help but hesitate at the sight of the perilous situation that the human army was in.

"So be it, I'll help them kill two more devilish lords before I leave. If I use my full power, it shouldn't take too long," Han Li murmured to himself.

It wasn't that he wanted to turn the tide of the battle; it was just that if he were to desert the battle at a time like this, then his reputation in the human race would most likely be completely ruined.

Even if the voice transmission had indeed come from Sacred Ancestor Xue Guang's true body, he found it very difficult to believe that Sacred Ancestor Xue Guang would be able to pose any threat to him unless his true body was to descend into this realm.

This was virtually impossible for the Sacred Ancestors of the Elder Devil Race during the early stages of the devilish tribulation. At the very least, something like this had never happened during past devilish tribulations as far as he was aware.

As such, even though Han Li had been struck by a bad premonition, he still decided to help the Heavenlean City cultivators one last time before he left.

As for that giant pagoda, it was naturally a very appealing treasure to Han Li, but it was clearly something that belonged to Sacred Ancestor Xue Guang, just like that purple cauldron.

He most likely wouldn't be able to erase the mark left within the treasure by the spiritual sense of a Grand Ascension cultivator, so he wouldn't be able to claim it for himself anyway.

This was most likely why Sacred Ancestor Xue Guang had been willing to give his subordinates these two outrageously powerful treasures.

With that in mind, Han Li shot forth as a streak of azure light to reinforce Fairy Silver Light and Fairy Lin Luan, as opposed to Master Azure Dragon and the giant beast.

Fairy Silver Light and Fairy Lin Luan had naturally also caught sight of Han Li approaching from the distance, and they were ecstatic.

As soon as he reached the two women, he swept his sleeves through the air, and countless azure lotus flower projections emerged. At the same time, he summoned his silver ruler, and Fairy Lin Luan called out in an elated voice, "I'm so glad you're safe, Fellow Daoist Han! Please keep these two devilish lords at bay so I can control the Aura Integration Beast to kill that devilish lord and those mutated devilish beings." As soon as her voice trailed off, the three-colored flames around her instantly vanished, and she quickly made a series of hand seals. The crimson talisman appeared over her glabella again, and she really was leaving herself completely defenseless.

Han Li's brows furrowed slightly upon seeing this, but he still raised a hand into the air to summon his black mountain. The mountain swelled to over 1,000 feet in size, then descended right in front of the translucent flying daggers that Fei Ya was directing toward the two women.

White light flashed, and a layer of ice appeared over close to half of the entire Extreme Essencefused Mountain.

The glacial powers that Fei Ya was displaying now were far more powerful than what he had unleashed at the beginning of the battle, and it was even capable of freezing the Extreme Essencefused Mountain.

As opposed to being disgruntled by Han Li's intervention, Fei Ya's eyes immediately lit up, and he directed all of his flying daggers toward Han Li as streaks of white glacial light.

Han Li's heart stirred upon seeing this, and he immediately made a hand seal. All of the azure lotus flowers around him instantly vanished into thin air, and in the next instant, hundreds of pillars of azure light emerged.

A giant azure sword formation was formed, and it encompassed Han Li, as well as the two women. It was quite clear that this Fei Ya was going to be quite a formidable opponent, and Han Li wanted to end this battle as quickly as possible, so he had unleashed one of his trump cards: the Azure Coil Sword Formation that he was yet to fully master.

The glacial power unleashed by the flying daggers was extremely powerful, but it vanished without a trace as soon as it came into contact with the sword formation.

"Hehe, that's an interesting formation, but you're severely underestimating me if you think that's enough to stump me!" Fei Ya said with a hint of mockery in his frosty voice.

As soon as his voice trailed off, he made a hand seal, and his flying daggers converged to form a massive blade that was 500 to 600 feet in length. The blade then crashed down toward the sword formation with devastating might, and even before it had even reached the formation, a layer of white light had descended from the heavens.

A string of crackling sounds rang out from the surrounding space, and it was as if the very heavens had been frozen by this glacial Qi.

Even the streaks of sword Qi surging throughout the Azure Coil Sword Formation became very sluggish in the face of this burst of glacial power, and the operation of the entire sword formation was slowed down significantly.

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