Chapter 1899: Displays of Devilish Power

The handsome young man's eyes immediately lit up at the sight of the dismembered arm, and he let loose a low cry, upon which his body swelled to around twice its original size, and he transformed into a giant ghostly monarch in a set of brocade robes with a golden crown on his head.

His face had turned completely crimson in color, while his body was covered in green fur. There was also a row of bone spikes that were around a foot in length each protruding from his back, and there were four menacing tusks extending out of his mouth.

The ghostly monarch opened his mouth to expel a burst of grey Qi that swept up the dismembered arm, then drew the arm into his own mouth before chewing on it amid a burst of wince-inducing cracks and crunches.

The bald devilish lord's face was slightly pale as he yelled, "Alright, you've accepted my blood sacrifice, so hurry up and lend me your Heavenly Ghost Badge!"

After swallowing the entire arm, the ghostly monarch licked his lips with a long purple tongue, then said with a greedy look in his eyes, "Hehe, those two aren't ordinary beings; if you want me to summon the Heavenly Ghosts to assist you, then you'll need to offer a better sacrifice."

"What? You're asking for far too much! I'm only asking you to take care of two measly human cultivators, yet you're still not satisfied even after devouring one of my arms?" The bald devilish lord immediately flared up with rage.

"Hmph, you make it sound so simple. Can those two be compared with your past opponents? I'm most likely going to have to sacrifice many Heavenly Ghosts to take them down. It seems like you've already forgotten the pact that you made with me through this gate; do you need me to refresh your memory?" the ghostly monarch asked in a menacing voice.

The bald devilish lord's expression darkened even further, and he gritted his teeth before lashing out with the crimson blade again, slicing off one of his own legs on this occasion. "This should be enough, right? If you dare to say no, I'm going to destroy the pact between us even if it means we'll both end up with severe injuries!"

"Hehe, that is indeed enough." The ghostly monarch nodded in an ecstatic manner, then drew the dismembered leg into his own mouth as well.

Meanwhile, the bald devilish lord began to chant something, and bursts of black Qi emerged from his self-inflicted wounds, following which new limbs quickly emerged. However, doing so made his complexion even paler than before. It was quite clear that even though he had regenerated his own limbs, the blood essence that he had lost would not be replenished so easily.

After devouring the leg as well, the ghostly monarch let loose a long cry of elation, then swept a sleeve through the air to summon a crimson badge. He then tossed the badge behind himself while he flew into the ghostly gate as a gust of Yin wind, vanishing in the blink of an eye.

The bald devilish lord's expression eased slightly at the sight of the badge, and after taking a glance at Han Li and Fairy Silver Light, he immediately pointed a finger at the badge.

The ghostly badge immediately began to spin rapidly on the spot, quickly transforming into a crimson tornado.

Ferocious cries rang out from within the tornado, and four menacing ghosts sprang out from within, then quickly swelled to over 100 feet in size each. 

These four giant ghosts had furless crimson bodies, but their bodily structure bore a strong resemblance to that of an ape. Each of them had a pair of black horns on their heads, as well as a green hooked tail. As they whipped those tails through the air, they became too fast for the naked eye to follow, and one could only hear bursts of explosive booms erupting from behind the giant ghosts.

The bald devilish lord immediately made a grabbing motion toward the four Heavenly Ghosts, and the crimson tornado in the distance immediately reverted back to a ghostly badge, then flew into his grasp in a flash.

A vicious look then appeared on his face as he cast an incantation seal onto the badge while chanting something at the same time. The four giant ghosts were clearly bound by the badge, and they all turned to Fairy Silver Light with ferocious expressions at the bald devilish lord's behest.

One of them let loose a fierce cry, and crimson light emerged from the backs of all four Heavenly Ghosts. A pair of purple bat wings then appeared on each of their backs, and they immediately flapped those wings, pouncing directly toward the light barrier up above.

A cold smile appeared on the bald devilish lord's face upon seeing this.

Having used the Heavenly Asura Gate on multiple past occasions, no one was more familiar than he was with just how fearsome these four Heavenly Ghosts were.

Individually, each Heavenly Ghost was only at around the pinnacle of the Spatial Tempering Stage, but when they joined forces, even a mid-Body Integration Stage being would most likely be no match for them.

The light barrier that had trapped them did indeed appear to be quite profound, but it would be no match for the four Heavenly Ghosts.

Even so, the devilish lord still opened his mouth to expel a small black seal. When it first emerged, it was only several inches in size, but it quickly swelled to several tens of feet, then hurtled up toward the light barrier overhead with devastating force.

The four Heavenly Ghosts reached the light barrier up above in a flash, then swung their arms through the air to conjure up countless claw projections. At the same time, they also whipped their hooked tails forward to manifest countless streaks of green light.

The combined attacks of the four ghosts were truly formidable, and the light barrier was only able to last for a few moments before it began to dim.

The bald devilish lord was naturally ecstatic to see this, and he spurred on the giant black seal he had just summoned to strike the exact same spot on the light barrier.

Black ripples immediately proliferated outward amid a resounding boom, and a crisp crack rang out, upon which countless thin white cracks appeared on the surface of the light barrier; it seemed to be on the verge of shattering.

However, right at this moment, Fairy Silver Light suddenly flew over to the silver female head before her, then immediately thrust a palm toward it without any hesitation.

The golden light in the silver head's eyes immediately shone even brighter, and it seemed to resonate with the light barrier down below.

The golden formation on the light barrier emitted a loud buzzing sound, then released countless golden runes that vanished into the cracked barrier in a flash.

A peculiar scene then ensued!

In the instant that these golden runes surged into the light barrier, all of the cracks that riddled its surface were instantly sealed.

A faint smile appeared on Fairy Silver Light's face upon seeing this.

In contrast, the bald devilish lord was furious, and he immediately let loose a loud cry before injecting his magic power into the ghostly badge in his hand and the giant seal upon above again.

Crimson light swirled within the eyes of the four Heavenly Ghosts, and they let loose sharp cries of fury as their bodies expanded once again. At the same time, they opened their mouths to release pillars of crimson light while summoning the same claw projections and streaks of green light from before.

As for the giant black seal, a rumbling thunderclap erupted from it, following which bolts of black lightning shot forth from its surface. At the same time, hundreds of silver runes also surged out from the underside of the seal.

It was quite clear that the bald devilish lord was unleashing the maximal extent of the seal's power.

A torrential barrage of attacks struck the light barrier again, causing its surface to flash erratically with golden light. As the giant black seal struck the barrier for a second time, a black sun emerged amid an earth-shattering boom.

The light barrier before the black sun was easily shattered, but then instantly regenerated amid another flash of bright golden light.

The bald devilish lord was extremely frustrated by this, but he continued to make a series of hand seals to spur on the four Heavenly Ghosts and the giant seal.

He knew that no matter how powerful this light barrier was, there was no way it could keep up this instantaneous regeneration indefinitely. As long as he continued to persist with the attacks, it wouldn't take long before the barrier would be overwhelmed.

Most importantly, his companion was facing the other human cultivator, who had just slain Lord Li, and the bald devilish being was very concerned for his safety.

Thus, as he was unleashing a relentless barrage of attacks against the light barrier, he turned to appraise the other battle in a slightly uneasy manner, upon which his expression changed drastically.

There, a giant net comprised of countless golden sword threads had appeared, trapping all of the blue flying snakes within it. The flying snakes all had extremely resolute bodies and could expel profound glacial Qi out of their mouths, but they were still quickly being shredded by the golden threads.

Not far away from the golden net, the devilish women formed by the 13 skeletons had reverted back to their original forms.

They were now giant skeletons that were around 20 feet tall each with black devilish flame burning around their bodies. Murky poisonous mist was being released from their mouths, and streaks of glazed light were being blasted out of their eyes. Even though they were clearly fighting with all their might, they were still forced to frantically flee from a dozen or so shimmering golden beetles with purple patterns all over their bodies.

The vastly renowned Hierarchical True Devils seemed to be extremely fearful of these insects, and didn't dare to let them get close. At the same time, all of the devilish flames and poisonous mist they were releasing seemed to be completely ineffective against these beetles.

As for Lord Lan himself, he was in an even sorrier state!

The human cultivator he was facing had transformed into a giant golden ape that was over 1,000 feet tall, and he was wielding a pair of small mountains, forcing Lord Lan to stumble back in retreat with his devastating attacks.

Lord Lan was both shocked and enraged by his opponent's overwhelming powers, and he was making a rapid series of hand seals as seven different treasures flew frantically around him. However, no matter which treasure was struck by one of the two mountains, it would immediately be forced to fall back while another treasure took its place. Otherwise, if a single treasure were to take three or four consecutive blows from the mountains, it would most definitely be destroyed.

Within mere moments from the commencement of the battle, Lord Lan was already being crushed.

The bald devilish lord drew a sharp breath upon seeing this. Those 13 Hierarchical True Devils were no less powerful than the four Heavenly Ghosts he had summoned, yet they had been reduced to such a sorry state by nothing more than a few spirit insects; it seemed that they had still underestimated the power of that male human cultivator.

With his level of power, perhaps only the three or four devilish lords at the pinnacle of the Body Integration Stage would be able to take him down.

With that in mind, the bald devilish lord hurriedly transmitted his voice to his companion.

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