Chapter 1898: Hierarchical True Devils and the Asura Ghost Monarch

"Heavenly Asura Gate Hierarchical and True Devil Flags? Aren't those two of the 10 great devilish treasures of our Spirit Realm?" Han Li asked in a rather surprised manner.

"Be careful, Brother Han; the 10 great devilish treasures of our Spirit Realm are actually all replicas of renowned treasures of the Elder Devil Realm, so those two treasures are most likely going to be even more powerful than the 10 great devilish treasures. It looks like we won't be able to take them down easily; how about we leave these two and continue on our journey? I'm sure they won't be willing to risk their lives to stop us," Fairy Silver Light suggested in a hesitant manner.

It was quite clear that Fairy Silver Light wasn't optimistic about their chances against these powerful treasures, and was considering a retreat.

"It's too late. There's still a very long way to go until we reach Heavenlean City; if we let these two go, the rest of our journey will be even more perilous. All you have to do is help me stall one of them for now, and I'll take them down one after another." Han Li transmitted his voice to her in response in an implacable manner.

Fairy Silver Light was naturally aware that Han Li was right, and she was both surprised and elated by his confidence. Thus, after a brief moment of contemplation, she nodded and transmitted her voice in reply. "Seeing as you're confident in your ability to take care of these two, then I'll do everything in my power to assist you. I'm going to summon a powerful treasure to trap one of them; the rest will be up to you, Brother Han."

As soon as her voice trailed off, Fairy Silver Light made a rapid series of hand seals, and bright spiritual light erupted from her silver mask. Countless golden runes then emerged on the surface of the mask, and in the beginning, the runes were only around the size of grains of rice, but they quickly expanded to encompass the entire mask.

She then let loose a delicate cry, and the silver mask warped slightly before sliding off her face. Immediately thereafter, it expanded to become the head of a beautiful woman that was around 10 feet in size. The head was shimmering with silver light with its eyes tightly shut, and had long golden hair that was several feet in length.


A cold light flashed through the bald devilish lord's eyes upon seeing this, and he immediately bit down onto the tip of his own tongue, then opened his mouth to expel a mouthful of black blood, which transformed into a cloud of blood mist that enshrouded the ghostly azure gate.

After witnessing Han Li's dismantling of Lord Li, the bald devilish being had already cast aside all complacency, and he was sacrificing some blood essence from the get-go to activate this trump card treasure of his.

In the instant that the giant azure gate was enveloped by the blood mist, the eyes of the two giant ghostly heads engraved onto its surface abruptly turned red, and they suddenly seemed to have sprung to life as they opened their mouths to devour the blood mist in the air.

The massive rusty gate then became as bright red as blood, and an overwhelming odor of blood and gore permeated through the air.

The two ghostly heads raised up toward the heavens and let loose shrill howls in unison, then pounced forward violently, each revealing half a ghostly body that extended all the way to their waists.

After that, the two menacing ghosts extended a thick powerful arm each and grabbed onto the black knocker[1] on each gate before pulling with all their might.

A buzzing sound rang out from the giant gate as it was slowly pried open, and even though only a slight opening had appeared, there were already gusts of fierce Yin winds erupting from the gate, alongside ghostly cries and bone-chilling howls.

As for the other devilish lord, he had also sprung into action as soon as his companion had yelled the word "attack".

He quickly made a hand seal, and all of the translucent flying snakes around him instantly began to hiss in unison. Ferocious looks appeared in their eyes as they opened their mouths to expel clouds of blue glacial Qi, which quickly inundated all of their bodies.

He then made another hand seal, and bursts of black Qi began to surge out of the 13 devilish flags at his behest.

The devilish flags rotated on the spot before transforming into 13 skeletons, each of which was roughly the same height as an adult human. Sinister crimson light flashed within their eyes, and as they twisted their bodies, peals of delightful female laughter rang out.

The laughter was extremely peculiar, and even Han Li was struck by a sense of dizziness upon hearing it. However, there was still more to come.

The laughter ringing out from the 13 skeletons suddenly ceased, and they flew toward the devilish being with blue patterns on his face in unison. As opposed to being alarmed by this, the devilish lord remained calm and collected, and he let loose a low cry before sweeping a sleeve through the air, releasing 13 crimson pills that he had prepared in advance.

These pills were each around the size of an egg, and they seemed to be extremely alluring to the skeletons as they immediately changed directions to pursue the pills instead.

The 13 pills were evenly shared among the 13 skeletons, and in the instant that the pills were devoured, bursts of crimson light instantly erupted from their bodies.

The skeletons then began to dance with elation within the devilish Qi, and peals of joyful laughter rang out once again.

Immediately thereafter, the 13 skeletons abruptly twisted around, and the crimson light around them instantly formed blood and flesh over the skeletons. In the blink of an eye, 13 half-naked and extremely seductive devilish women had appeared, and all of them were extremely gorgeous and alluring.

Han Li's pupils immediately contracted slightly upon seeing this. 

"Go!" the devilish lord commanded as he made a hand seal, then thrust a finger toward Han Li in a vicious manner.

The expressions on the faces of the 13 seductive women instantly changed as they quickly grew sharp nails that were several inches in length each, then pounced toward Han Li with ferocious killing intent.

The blue flying snakes in the air also flapped their wings, and the blue glacial Qi in the nearby area was all drawn into their bodies. As a result, they transformed into over 100 giant ice spikes, each of which was around 10 feet in length, then shot forth through the air like speeding arrows.

A cold light flashed through Han Li's eyes, and he immediately swept a sleeve through the air to release 72 small golden swords. These swords then instantly swelled to around three feet in length each before splitting up into hundreds of sword projections.

The sword projections shuddered slightly before hurtling through the air, transforming into golden threads that directly opposed the oncoming ice spikes.

As for the silver Fire Raven, it let loose a clear cry before spreading its wings and transforming into a giant fireball, then shot forth directly toward the 13 devilish women.

In the instant that Han Li's battle against this devilish lord commenced, Fairy Silver Light also gritted her teeth and lashed out toward the giant ghostly gate up ahead, which was still slowly being opened.

The beautiful silver female head in front of her gradually opened its eyes at her behest, revealing a pair of golden eyes.

At the same time, the female head also opened its mouth to expel a plume of translucent threads.

The threads were completely unremarkable when they first emerged, but after just a single flash, they transformed into an enormous net that descended from above.

The bald devilish lord was currently focusing all of his power on opening that giant gate, and his heart immediately stirred upon seeing this. His hand shot forth like lightning to point at the small black shields he had conjured up earlier, and these shields instantly swelled to become huge translucent shield projections that linked up with one another seamlessly.

Thus, a semi-spherical black light barrier appeared in the air above the bald devilish lord, encompassing both himself and the ghostly gate.

As opposed to being alarmed by this, Fairy Silver Light seemed to be quite elated by this sight, and she immediately sent the giant net crashing down from above, encompassing the black light barrier, the bald devilish lord, and the ghostly gate.

The net of threads then blurred and transformed into a dense light barrier that trapped everything beneath it, and at the same time, Fairy Silver Light pointed a finger at the female head hovering before her.

Golden light flashed through the silver head's eyes, and bright dazzling light erupted from the golden runes on its face. These runes then shot forth one after another before flying into the light barrier as specks of golden light, upon which a series of profound golden patterns immediately appeared on the surface of the barrier.

Golden light flashed erratically from the light barrier, and the golden patterns on its surface quickly writhed and transformed, manifesting a giant shimmering golden formation within the span of just a few breaths.

Only then did Fairy Silver Light heave a sigh of relief, and a faint smile appeared on her face.

The bald devilish lord's expression changed slightly upon seeing this, but a thought then seemed to occur to him, and he merely ignored the situation, choosing instead to increase the rate at which he was injecting magic power into the giant ghostly gate as a sinister smile appeared on his face.

The crimson ghostly gate finally completely swung open amid a rumbling boom, and the two malicious ghosts that were prying the gate open immediately let loose cries of elation. 

Right at this moment, the unsettling howls and cries within the gate abruptly cut off, and gusts of bone-chilling Yin winds began to sweep forth in a frenzy.

However, this situation only lasted for a moment before an indistinct figure emerged from within the Yin winds, then drifted out of the gate.

Fairy Silver Light hurriedly focused her gaze on the figure, and the sight that she was greeted by had her feeling rather taken aback.

This was a handsome young man in a set of scholarly robes; he certainly looked nothing like a legendary Heavenly Ghost!

A hint of bewilderment appeared on Fairy Silver Light's face as these thoughts ran through her mind. 

In the next instant, the handsome young man looked around before suddenly turning to the bald devilish lord with a faint smile. "Tsk tsk, you really are quite brave; I didn't think you would dare to summon me with this treasure again. Have you prepared a blood sacrifice? If it's not to my liking, you know the consequences that await you."

"Quit the chit-chat, Asura Monarch! Hurry up and summon the Heavenly Ghost. As long as you can kill these two, I'll definitely provide a satisfactory blood sacrifice to you," the bald devilish lord replied in an urgent manner, then flipped a hand over to produce a long crimson saber.

A vicious look then appeared in his eyes, and he brought the blade down in one powerful stroke, slicing off one of his own arms.

1. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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