Chapter 1897: Battling the Three Devils (3)

Lord Li was naturally ecstatic to hear this, and he immediately gave an affirmative response before suddenly changing directions.

At this point, the streak of green light was still close to 10 kilometers away, and a vicious look appeared on Lord Li's face as he flew directly toward a cluster of small mountains.

This was where the other two devilish lords were hiding, and they had also set up an extremely discreet formation there.

In Lord Li's mind, all they had to do was use the formation to kill the female human cultivator within the streak of green light, which would leave Han Li on his own, and the three of them would definitely be able to take him down together.

Fairy Silver Light was naturally completely oblivious to this insidious plot, and she continued to give chase as quickly as she could.

Within the span of just a few breaths, the two of them were about to enter the cluster of small mountains. Just as Lord Li was about to fly into one of the mountains however, a rumbling thunderclap suddenly erupted right above him, following which a giant four-winged bird emerged amid a flash of silver lightning.

The bird then flapped its four wings and vanished again as an arc of lightning.

In the next instant, Lord Li heard a thunderclap erupt right above his head, following which a set of enormous talons came sweeping down from above at such a rapid speed that there was no time for him to take evasive measures.

In his shock and fury, he could only pour forth more energy into the protective spiritual light around his body, causing it to swell drastically and form a virtually substantial light barrier.

However, the light barrier posed no impediment to the talons and was torn apart with ease. Lord Li let loose a bloodcurdling cry as his body plummeted down from above. At the same time, two geysers of blood erupted from his shoulders, which had clearly just been pierced through by the giant bird's talons.

However, even after being caught off guard and sustaining these wounds, Lord Li was still able to retaliate. The pair of devilish flying wheels beneath him transformed into a pair of head-sized crimson-fireballs that shot forth directly toward the giant bird up above, and even before they had come into contact with the bird's body, the entire space had already been set alight.

At the same time, Lord Li twisted around and transformed into a streak of crimson light again before continuing to fly toward the small mountain, which was only around half a kilometer away.

As long as he could enter the devilish formation that had been set up and unite with his companions, he would no longer have to fear the giant bird he was being pursued by.

However, the giant four-winged bird up above merely harrumphed coldly upon seeing this, and a layer of five-colored light suddenly erupted from its body as it transformed into an extremely exuberant Five-colored Peacock.

The peacock spread its wings to release balls of five-colored light, which formed five giant halos that hurtled directly toward the oncoming fireballs.

As for the Five-colored Peacock itself, it flapped its wings and disappeared again as a ball of five-colored light.

The two crimson fireballs struck these halos amid a string of explosive booms, melting through the first three halos, only to be stopped in their tracks by the fourth one.

The final two halos then swept forth to trap the two fireballs, then formed a pair of massive balls of light. Immediately thereafter, the two balls of light exploded, and a vast expanse of five-colored light surged forth in all directions.

Lord Li was swept up by this five-colored light, and his body suddenly felt extremely sluggish. He felt as if he were flying through extremely thick treacle, and his speed was reduced significantly.

"Help me!" As a devilish lord, Lord Li naturally had far more battle experience than the average cultivator, and he instantly knew that he was in an extremely perilous situation.

His desperate cry for help rang out like a resounding thunderclap, and at the same time, he made a hand seal, and a suit of blackish-red armor appeared over his body amid a flash of black light. The entire suit of armor was covered in intricate silver runes, so it was clearly no ordinary treasure.

Lord Li had only just had a chance to adopt this defensive measure before two giant shimmering golden fists suddenly entered the five-colored light around him, then hurtled directly toward his chest.

Under the restriction of the five-colored light, there was no way for him to evade this attack, so he could only inject his power into the suit of armor with all his might.

Scintillating light immediately erupted from the suit of armor, and it was as if a blackish-red sun had emerged.

However, with Han Li's current level of unfathomable powers, his two fists were definitely no less powerful than a pair of ordinary spirit treasures. The wince-inducing sound of metal grating on metal rang out, and the first golden fist struck the suit of armor with ferocious might.

Shockwaves proliferated outward in all directions in the wake of the collision, but the suit of devilish armor managed to remain intact as the silver runes on its surface flashed violently.

However, the other golden fist then also struck the suit of devilish armor, and after receiving such a devastating blow twice in succession, it immediately shattered amid an anguished wail, revealing a layer of glossy black scales.

The golden fist then crashed into Lord Li's devilish body without any hesitation, and a dull thump rang out as if the fist had struck a dead tree.

Golden and black light intertwined, and Lord Li's body only swayed slightly before the fist was stopped cold in its tracks by that seemingly unremarkable layer of black scales.

A sinister smile appeared on Lord Li's face upon seeing this, and he made a grabbing motion with all six of his hands. Devilish Qi swirled around his fingers, and the vibrant five-colored light around him twisted and warped violently, looking as if it were going to crumble at any moment.

Right at this moment, a long cry rang out from the small mountain, and two devilish figures shot forth toward Lord Li as two rapid streaks of light.

These were none other than the two other Body Integration Stage devilish lords.

All of a sudden, a string of crackling sounds rang out from the golden fist that was adhered to Lord Li's body, following which countless golden lightning snakes erupted forth in a frenzy, instantly forming a giant lightning net that encompassed his entire body.

Lord Li let loose a howl of agony, and his suit of devilish armor was instantly destroyed by the ferocious barrage of golden lightning, and the seemingly indestructible layer of black scales also became completely dull and devoid of luster.

The golden fist then opened up into a palm that plunged straight into Lord Li's chest, and the golden lightning erupting from the hand subsided, only to be replaced by a layer of silver flames that completely engulfed his body.

"No!" Lord Li only had a chance to let loose one more howl of despair before his body was completely incinerated into ashes by the scorching silver flames; even his Nascent Soul hadn't managed to escape.

Only then did a golden humanoid figure emerge within the five-colored light; this was none other than Han Li, who had reverted back to his human form.

His entire body was shimmering with scintillating golden light, and that was a clear sign that he had activated his Provenance True Devil Arts to its maximal extent.

At this moment, the other two devilish beings had also arrived on the scene. The spiritual light around them faded, revealing the bald devilish being and his companion, and both of them were staring at the ball of scorching silver flames burning in front of Han Li with incredulity in their eyes.

"Brother Han, did you just kill that devilish lord?" A surprised female voice also rang out from behind Han Li as Fairy Silver Light arrived on the scene, then emerged from her shuttle with an astonished expression.

"I was merely lucky, but it looks like we've got even more trouble on our hands now," Han Li said as he appraised the two devilish lords with a dark expression.

As soon as his voice trailed off, he swept a hand through the air, and a clear cry immediately rang out from within the scorching silver flames.

The silver fireball then transformed into a silver Fire Raven that was around 10 feet in length. The Fire Raven spread its wings and appeared above Han Li's head in a flash before circling around in the air like a living creature, and both of the devilish lords were appraising it with wariness in their eyes.

"How dare you kill Lord Li right under our noses? We're going to make sure to put an end to your lives here no matter what!" the devilish being with the blue patterns on his face said in a frosty voice.

As for his bald companion, he wasted no time with words as he immediately made a hand seal to conjure up layers of black devilish Qi around his own body. The devilish Qi then formed a series of small black shields, each of which was around a foot in size, and the shields situated themselves directly in front of the two devilish lords.

Immediately thereafter, he raised his other hand to release a burst of azure light into the heavens, which transformed into a massive azure gate that hung in mid-air.

The gate was around 100 feet tall and roughly eight feet thick. The surface of the gate was covered in patches of rust, and there were two extremely menacing giant ghostly heads engraved on each half of the gate, striking the beholder with a bone-chilling sensation.

Han Li's heart stirred slightly upon seeing this, and he immediately focused his gaze on this gate.

As for the other devilish lord, he let loose a low roar and raised both hands up into the air to release a blue leather pouch that was around half a foot in size, as well as 13 streaks of black light.

The leather pouch swelled drastically to around 10 feet in size, following which the opening was loosened, and over 100 balls of blue light rushed out from within it, then transformed into translucent blue flying snakes.

Each snake was around three feet in length with a pair of transparent ice wings, and all of them were flicking their forked tongues incessantly.

As for the 13 streaks of black light, they exploded almost as soon as they were released, transforming into 13 devilish flags enshrouded in dense black Qi, and each flag was around 10 feet tall.

These flags slowly unfurled themselves, and each flag contained an image of a half-naked woman standing on a mountain of bones. The women were all extremely life-like and seductive in appearance.

As soon as Fairy Silver Light caught sight of these treasures, her expressions changed drastically, and she exclaimed, "That's the Heavenly Asura Gate and a set of Hierarchical True Devil Flags!"

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