Chapter 1888: Battle Between Humans and Devils (2)

"Yes, Elder!" The Heavenly Guard standing nearby immediately accepted the instruction before flying away as a streak of golden light to pass on the message.

"Two-headed Devilish Lizards? Are those the devilish beasts that are capable of using fire and wind-attribute attacks? If I recall correctly, aren't they one of the Elder Devil Realm's top 10 species of devilish beasts?" Buddhist Monk Jin Yue asked.

"That's right. These Two-headed Devilish Lizards are only comparable to Qi Condensation cultivators, but their numbers are simply astonishing. Apparently, in the Elder Devil Realm, they number in the tens of millions. There's no way that the Elder Devil Race will be able to release all of them into our Spirit Realm, but even just a small proportion of their total population will be very troublesome to deal with. As for those Poison Devil Insects, they're also quite a pain to deal with; not only is the poisonous liquid that they expel very dangerous to low-grade cultivators, it can also erode city walls," Elder Gu replied in a grim voice.

"There's no need to be overly concerned, Brother Gu; I'm sure the people down there know how to deal with these types of devilish beasts," Buddhist Monk Jin Yue reassured in a calm manner.

"I certainly hope so!" Elder Gu sighed before casting his gaze toward the battlefield in the distance again.

There were thousands of massive fortresses that had been erected around Deep Heaven City, and each of them was over 1,000 feet tall, housing over 100 human cultivators. Faint restriction fluctuations could be seen between each fortress, indicating that they clearly weren't going to be easy to bypass, and unless these defenses were completely eradicated, the Elder Devil Race wouldn't even be able to directly attack the city wall.

This was why the Elder Devil Race had brought so many low-grade devilish beasts to be used as cannon fodder. After invading the human race on so many past occasions, they had devised many effective plans to deal with the giant cities that humans had erected.

In total, the two species of devilish beasts numbered around 30,000 to 40,000, and more than two-thirds of them were those two-headed lizards.

As for the Poison Devil Insects, they resembled giant green silkworms and were twice the size of the two-headed lizards, but they certainly weren't any slower.

Behind these two types of beasts, over 100 black-armored high-grade devilish beings had appeared, and they were following along behind the beasts in an unhurried manner, as if they were supervising the beasts in battle.

In the blink of an eye, the tens of thousands of beasts were less than 10 kilometers away from the human fortresses.

All of a sudden, a thunderous roar rang out from among the devilish beasts, and the Two-headed Devilish Lizards immediately sped up to an all-out sprint while their eyes turned bright red.

Meanwhile, azure light flashed from the backs of the Poison Devil Insects, and a pair of transparent wings appeared on each of their backs.

They then flapped those wings and rose up into the sky, flying along at no slower a speed than the galloping Two-headed Devilish Lizards. The stampede of tens of thousands of devilish beasts created an extremely awe-inspiring and intimidating sight to behold, and it wouldn't be long before they covered the last few kilometers between them and the human fortresses.

At the same time, there were high-grade devilish beings in the air conjuring up a burst of black Qi, which transformed into a black dragon that descended into the horde of devilish beasts before abruptly exploding.

All of the devilish beasts were immediately enshrouded within a vast expanse of murky black Qi, and when they were less than 500 meters away from the fortresses, countless fireballs and blades of wind suddenly erupted from within the murky expanse, hurtling directly ahead toward the human fortresses.

Even though the fortresses had been reinforced by restrictions, there was definitely no way that they'd be able to withstand these attacks and remain unscathed.

Many of the human cultivators within the fortresses were very alarmed to see this, yet right at this moment, heavenly music suddenly began to play from the white jade palace above Deep Heaven City.

Immediately thereafter, the golden mirror above the tallest building in the palace suddenly shuddered before blasting forth a pillar of golden light, which transformed into a golden light barrier that appeared in front of all of the fortresses.

The countless oncoming fireballs and wind blades struck the layer of golden light like a torrential downpour before exploding in rapid succession, and countless white and red balls of light erupted all over the light barrier. 

The powers of wind and fire combined to devastating effect, causing the nearby world's origin Qi to tremor violently, and it was as if heaven and earth were about to crumble.

The high-grade beings from both the human and devil races looked on with grim expressions, and once all of the red and white light faded, the golden light barrier was revealed once again.

In spite of how thin and fragile it appeared, it had managed to remain completely unscathed in the wake of that torrential barrage, and many of the high-grade devilish beings in the air were naturally quite surprised to see this.

As for the cultivators of Deep Heaven City, they weren't very surprised by this outcome at all. Fairy Silver Light turned to Elder Gu, and chuckled, "Brother Gu, your Treasured Sunrise Mirror is becoming more and more powerful; even though it was only able to unleash such power by drawing upon the enormous spiritual power within the Divine Treasured Palace, it's still very remarkable that just a single light barrier conjured up by the mirror was able to keep all those attacks at bay. It looks like all your efforts to refine it during the past millennium haven't gone to waste."

"This mirror of mine is quite a high-ranking Divine Spirit Treasure on the Chaotic Myriad Spirit Roll to begin with, so even if I don't put a lot of effort into refining it, it should still be able to withstand this level of attacks with ease. I'm interested to see just how the Elder Devil Race plans to break through this mirror's defenses," Elder Gu said with a faint smile.

Han Li's expression changed slightly upon hearing this, and he couldn't help but glance up at the giant mirror behind him.

At this moment, the mirror was still expelling a thick pillar of golden light, which was connected to the golden light barrier it had conjured up in the distance.

Just as Han Li was appraising the mirror, all of the human cultivators in the fortresses were looking out at the sea of devilish Qi up ahead. At this distance, they could already see the sinister appearances of all of the oncoming devilish beasts, and it was quite a harrowing sight to behold.

Right at this moment, a cold male voice suddenly rang out within all of the human fortresses. "Attack!"

All of the human cultivators reflexively made hand seals in unison upon hearing this, then brought out all of the treasures they had prepared in advance.

All of a sudden, thousands of treasures were summoned at once from within the several tens of fortresses closest to the horde of devilish beasts. These treasures then came crashing down toward the oncoming devilish beasts like a barrage of shooting stars.

Thunderous devilish roars rang out once again as another wave of fireballs and wind blades erupted forth in a frenzy, forming a massive wave of wind and fire that kept all of the descending treasures at bay.

These devilish beasts had clearly all been trained by the high-grade devilish beings that were supervising them.

Of course, the cultivators within the fortresses weren't just going to give up here. All of them immediately made hand seals and chanted incantations before frantically pointing at their respective treasures. The powers of thousands of treasures combined to form a vast expanse of dazzling light that descended with devastating force, managing to force back the enormous wave of wind and fire.

However, right at this moment, several thousand green lines suddenly erupted out of the devilish Qi, striking the vast expanse of light up above before exploding into clouds of green mist.

An extremely abhorrent odor immediately wafted through the air as the clouds of green mist enveloped all of the treasures without encountering any impediment.

An astonishing scene then ensued!

In the instant that the treasures were enshrouded within the green mist, most of them were instantly turned green, and the spiritual light radiating from them faded before they plummeted straight out of the sky.

However, the remaining 200 to 300 treasures were still flying through the green mist, seemingly completely unaffected.

"Wait, those aren't ordinary Poison Devil Insects! If they were, then their poison wouldn’t have been able to contaminate treasures!" Elder Gu exclaimed upon seeing this.

Everyone else was also rather alarmed, but their expressions still remained calm. Such a minor unexpected turn of events naturally wasn't enough to actually evoke panic within these Body Integration cultivators.

Meanwhile, the purple-armored man standing on the giant beast-drawn carriage within the black Qi up above was cackling with glee. He turned to the green-robed elderly man, and said, "The humans fell for it! They really thought that these mutated devilish insects were ordinary Poison Devil Insects! I'm sure they would've suffered heavy losses from that."

"It's a pity that there are so few of these mutated devilish insects, and their poison only works on low-grade treasures. Otherwise, we could've saved them as a trump card," the green-robed elderly man said with a smile, but there was also a hint of disappointment in his eyes.

"Hehe, it's not that easy to find mutated devilish beasts; we're already very fortunate to have stumbled upon this swarm of mutated devilish insects. On top of that, these devilish beasts are just disposable pawns anyway; we'll have to be the ones to truly conquer this city," the purple armored man said with a nonchalant chuckle.

"That's true, but having said that, these mutated devilish insects should be somewhat effective against formations and restrictions as well; perhaps they'll give us an even bigger pleasant surprise later," the green-robed elderly man said with an expectant nod.

"That's certainly a possibility." The purple-armored man also cast his gaze toward the fortresses in the distance with a hopeful expression.

After losing their spiritual connections with their treasures, the human cultivators in the fortresses naturally didn't dare to unleash any more treasures to attack the enemies. Instead, they were all instructed by their Core Formation Stage leader to stand on the formations that had already been engraved onto the ground of each of the fortresses.

They then flipped their hands over to reveal a formation plate each, and with the support of this Core Formation cultivator, they began to chant incantations and inject their magic power into their formation plates in a frenzy.

Meanwhile, the Core Formation cultivator himself made a series of hand seals before slowly closing his eyes.

In the blink of an eye, the formations beneath all of the cultivators began to emit a dull buzzing sound, and a ball of silver light emerged at the center of each formation. These balls of light then began to rapidly rotate, while the giant wave of fire and wind unleashed by the Two-headed Devilish Lizards forced back the remaining treasures before crashing into the golden light barrier.

At the same time, thousands of jets of green liquid were also hurtling directly toward the light barrier.

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