Chapter 1862: Vanquishing the Enemy

Golden light abruptly flashed from the giant ape's arms, and they swelled even further in size before hurling the two extreme mountains through the air as projectile weapons.

As soon as the small mountains left the giant ape's hands, they swelled to several times their original size, expanding to 400 to 500 feet tall. The mountains then emerged above the crimson peacock in a flash before crashing down with devastating force.

Even before they had reached the peacock, a sharp ringing sound had already begun to ring out in the nearby space, and invisible shockwaves also proliferated in all directions.

The crimson peacock was immediately struck by a terrifying sense of asphyxiation, which was slightly alarming, but it didn't pay this sensation much heed as it flapped its wings violently upward.

A burst of crimson light immediately swept forth before transforming into a gust of fierce winds, riding up into the air to oppose the two oncoming extreme mountains.

The crimson light wasn't as versatile and profound as Five-colored Divine Light, but it was extremely toxic and was especially potent when it came to eroding the spiritual nature of treasures. No matter how powerful a treasure was, it would be reduced to a dead object by the crimson light.

However, there was naturally no way for Shopkeeper Yu to know that these two mountains were refined using methods from the True Immortal Realm, and that even in that higher realm, they were two of the vastly renowned Five Extreme Mountains. Furthermore, the power of this attack stemmed primarily from the extraordinary weight of the two extreme mountains, coupled with the tremendous strength of the giant ape, rather than any special powers that the two mountains possessed.

Thus, the pair of mountains tore through the crimson light with ease and continued onward without any impediment.


Shopkeeper Yu was extremely alarmed to see this, and he immediately tried to get out of the scope of the attack.

However, the two giant mountains encompassed an area with a radius of over 1,000 feet, so there was no way for him to evade them in such a short time.

An astonished look appeared in the crimson peacock's eyes, and in its desperation, it opened its beak to expel a scroll, which immediately unfurled as soon as it emerged.

Bright light radiated in all directions as five-colored projections of buildings and pavilions instantly appeared from the scroll. The projections were all extremely vivid and vibrant, and struck the onlooker with a sense of intrigue and mystique.

Judging from the violent spatial fluctuations triggered by the emergence of these projections, it was quite apparent that this was an extremely rare spatial treasure.

In the eyes of Shopkeeper Yu, this spatial treasure, which was his best life-saving treasure, would definitely be able to keep the two mountains at bay.

After all, no matter how much force and momentum the two mountains possessed, all of that would be rendered completely null by the scroll's spatial powers.

Of course, as a safety precaution, Shopkeeper Yu continued to fly away from the scene, as opposed to lingering on the scene to appreciate his own handiwork.

However, right at this moment, piercing light suddenly erupted from both mountains at once. One of them released grey light that cascaded downward like a waterfall, while the other released countless transparent streaks of sword Qi that rained down in a torrential downpour.

The two combined as one to strike the five-colored projections amid an earth-shattering boom, and all of the projections were torn apart before they could pose any obstacle to the pair of giant mountains.

The crimson peacock didn't even get a chance to utter a single sound before it was struck by the black mountain, and its body was instantly pulverized into mincemeat.

A faint smile appeared on Han Li's face upon seeing this, but his expression then immediately darkened again.

The scraps of the crimson peacock's flesh and blood suddenly tremored beneath the mountain, following which all of it converged toward a single spot to form an extremely grotesque ball of blood and flesh. The ball then began to writhe rapidly, as it quickly attempted to revert back to its original form.

A cold light flashed through Han Li's eyes upon seeing this, and he immediately pointed a finger at the Extreme Essencefused Mountain from afar.

The grey light emanating from the mountain immediately condensed before transforming into countless grey light threads that surged downward at once, instantly puncturing the ball of flesh and blood before shredding it into countless pieces again.

The grey threads showed no signs of stopping there, and in the blink of an eye, those countless pieces of flesh and blood were reduced to a cloud of blood mist, so there was no chance for it to condense back together again.

All of a sudden, a five-colored projection shot forth from within the blood mist. It was a miniature fist-sized peacock, and it was none other than Shopkeeper Yu's Nascent Soul, which he had preserved through the use of a secret technique.

However, Han Li naturally wasn't going to allow it to escape. He took a deep breath before opening his mouth to release a bolt of golden lightning that was as thick as a large bowl.

The bolt of lightning covered a distance of several hundred feet in a flash, then struck the five-colored projection amid a resounding thunderclap.

The miniature peacock let loose a howl of anguish and was erased off the face of this realm.

The giant golden ape threw its head back and let loose an elated cry while thumping its own chest in an ecstatic manner, then quickly shrank down and reverted back to its human form amid a flash of golden light.

After returning to his human form, Han Li heaved a sigh of relief before looking into the blood mist down below. After that, he waved a hand through the air, and two bracelets, one golden and one silver, landed in his hand.

Han Li briefly inspected the two storage bracelets before stowing them away amid a flash of spiritual light, then turned his attention back to the lingering blood mist down below.

All of a sudden, he swept a sleeve downward, and a ball of silver flames shot forth before striking the blood mist in a flash.

The mist was instantly ignited as a result, and a faint pungent odor began to emanate from within it.

Soon, it had transformed into a sea of silver flames, and Han Li's eyes narrowed slightly as he reached out and made a downward grabbing motion.

The silver flames instantly surged upward as a fiery dragon, and the flames were stowed back up Han Li's sleeve, while an egg-sized ball of liquid that was emanating faint five-colored light had appeared in his hand.

Han Li looked down at the ball of liquid, and a hint of astonishment flashed through his eyes. "I was able to secure such pure true spirit blood after nothing more than such a simple extraction process; as expected, that Shopkeeper Yu really is no ordinary Five Light being! If this blood were a little purer, it could easily have come from a direct lineal descendant of the Five-colored Peacock. Could it be that he really is somehow connected to the Five-colored Peacock? So be it; none of that really matters at this point." Han Li shook his head to rid himself of that train of thought.

He then flipped a hand over to produce a bright red vial, then began to chant something as he pointed at the ball of liquid hovering over his palm.

The small vial shuddered before expelling a burst of white light that swept up the ball of liquid, then drew it into the vial in an instant.

Spiritual light flashed as Han Li stowed the vial away, then made a hand seal to withdraw the two extreme mountains as well.

The combination of the fearsome might of his extreme mountains and the incredible abilities of his Giant Mountain Ape form had already become one of his trump cards in battle. If he could refine one or two more extreme mountains, he was confident that this trump card would become even more formidable.

Azure light flashed from Han Li's body, and he immediately vanished on the spot.

In the next instant, spatial fluctuations erupted in front of the Weeping Soul Beast, and Han Li reappeared before carefully inspecting the Weeping Soul Beast with a complex look in his eyes.

He knew that the Weeping Soul Beast would become unimaginably powerful after undergoing its transformation, but he was still extremely stunned that it had been able to slay a Grand Ascension Stage beast so easily.

Wasn't it only supposed to be effective against ghostly beings?

Furthermore, he had checked on the Weeping Soul Beast a few days ago, and it had displayed no signs of awakening at all. As such, when it had jumped out on its own to battle the two-headed beast, he was ecstatic, but had also been given a massive fright.

On top of that, his current spiritual connection with the Weeping Soul Beast was extremely feeble, and he seemed to have lost control over it.

This made him rather concerned, and he was at a loss for what to do as he appraised the beast with furrowed brows. After all, with the powers that the Weeping Soul Beast had just displayed, if it were to turn on him, he would be in even more trouble than when he was facing the two-headed beast on his own.

Right at this moment, the Weeping Soul Beast tossed the crystalline core in its hand up into the air, then opened its mouth and chewed on the core a few times before swallowing it. Only then did he turn to face Han Li, and there was also a peculiar look in its bright red eyes.

"Are you worried, Master?" the Weeping Soul Beast suddenly asked.

Han Li's heart stirred slightly, but his expression remained unchanged as he asked, "Worried? Why would I be worried? Have you attained a higher level of intelligence?"

"Hehe, there are indeed many new things that have appeared in my mind. There's no need to lie to me, Master; our spiritual connection has become weaker, but I can still sense your emotions," the Weeping Soul Beast said with a smile.

Han Li faltered slightly upon hearing this before a wry smile appeared on his face. "Many new things have appeared in your mind? What do you mean by that? And what are you? Are you actually a Xing Beast?"

"I'm... not particularly sure of that myself. After awakening from my hibernation, I attained a lot of new knowledge. I seem to be similar to the Xing Beast that they speak of, but also slightly different in some areas. However, you don't have to be concerned as I'll most likely be leaving this realm soon," the Weeping Soul Beast sighed, and Han Li was quite taken aback to hear this.

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