Chapter 1849: Return to the Flying Spirit Race

Halos of light proliferated forth from these formation flags before forming a massive spherical ball of light that shielded them within. The ball of light appeared to have impressive defensive capabilities, but all of the Flying Spirit beings within it were still in complete despair as they looked on at the approaching sea of wind.

In the face of this vastly renowned silver tide, even their protective formation wouldn't be able to last for very long; this was something that had been verified by countless other people who had fallen to this disaster.

In the face of this silver tide, there was virtually no chance of survival for anyone below the Deity Transformation Stage. Even Deity Transformation Stage beings would have to look to the heavens for a chance to survive such an ordeal.

The only beings who could save so many of them at once were late-Spatial Tempering or Body Integration Stage beings, but the chances of such a powerful being coincidentally passing through this area at this time were next to zero.

The group was led by a man and a woman, both of whom were at the late-Nascent Soul Stage. The two of them discussed the situation in a panicked manner, but it was clear from their strained expressions that their discussion hadn't yielded any fruits.

At this point, the silver tide was only around 10 kilometers away from them, and it was going to inundate them in an instant. However, right at this moment, one of the Flying Spirit beings suddenly yelled in an elated manner, "Look, there seems to be someone in that silver tide!"

The other Flying Spirit beings were startled to hear this, and they hurriedly turned toward the same direction.

Sure enough, there was indeed a speck of azure light within the silver tide, and the azure light seemed to contain a humanoid figure.

However, due to the disruptive and chaotic world's origin Qi within the silver tide, the Flying Spirit beings were unable to identify the person within the azure light using their spiritual sense.

From where they were situated, they could see that the speck of azure light was flying in an extremely stable manner, completely disregarding the lightning and hailstones within the sea of wind.

The Flying Spirit beings felt as if a savior had been sent down from the heavens!

The two late-Nascent Soul Stage Flying Spirit beings glanced at one another before immediately letting loose a long cry in unison.

Their contrasting feminine and masculine voices complemented one another and managed to drown out the rumbling within the silver tide.

Their voices were also changing in pitch in a rhythmic manner; this was a special SOS signal among the Flying Spirit Race.

As long as the other person within the silver tide wasn't deaf, they would definitely notice this group of Flying Spirit beings.

Sure enough, the speck of azure light faltered momentarily as soon as the long cry rang out, and the humanoid figure within the azure light turned toward the group in a surprised manner.

"Which branch of the Flying Spirit Race do you belong to? How did you end up here?" An unfamiliar male voice suddenly rang out from within the ball of light around the group, and it was clearly audible to everyone.

The male late-Nascent Soul Stage Flying Spirit being was ecstatic, and he hurriedly yelled, "We are disciples of the Five Color, White Jade, and Tian Peng Races, and we came here for training! Never did we think that we would encounter a silver tide, please save us, Senior!"

However, the unfamiliar man remained silent for a long while thereafter, and didn't transmit his voice to them again.

This made the hearts of the Flying Spirit beings sink once again.

If the man wasn't confident in his ability to save all of them in this silver tide, then he naturally wouldn't take the risk to save them at his own expense.

However, he didn't depart right away and seemed to be rather hesitant, so the hope in their hearts wasn't completely dashed.

At this point, the sea of wind had already engulfed them, and the ball of light around them was being pelted by countless hailstones and struck by a barrage of lightning.

Thunderclaps and earth-shattering rumbling immediately rang out, and the seemingly secure ball of light began to tremor violently, looking as if it could shatter at any moment.

The Flying Spirit beings were extremely alarmed by this, and the two late-Nascent Soul Stage beings among them immediately let loose loud cries. In response, everyone tightened their grip around the formation flags they were holding, and injected their spiritual power into the flags with all their might.

Thus, the spherical barrier was stabilized once again, but they clearly couldn't keep up this level of magic power expenditure for too long, so their hopes for survival still hinged on that man in the distance.

Finally, the unfamiliar male voice rang out again. "Alright, seeing as there are Tian Peng beings in your group, I can't just stand by idly and watch. I'll take you out of this place."

The Flying Spirit beings were naturally ecstatic, yet before they had a chance to transmit their voices in response, a particularly loud thunderclap suddenly rang out from above them.

Thick bolts of lightning flashed violently before intertwining to form a silver lightning formation that had a diameter in excess of 100 feet.

At the center of the lightning formation, an azure-robed man with a pair of translucent wings on his back appeared.

He looked down in a cold manner before making a hand seal, and a string of loud thunderclaps rang out as the lightning formation descended from above.

In the instant that the lightning formation came into contact with the spherical light barrier, the latter was torn apart with ease, and the Flying Spirit beings were greatly alarmed by this.

Before they had a chance to react, their vision was completely inundated by silver light, and they were struck by a rush of dizziness before vanishing into thin air within the lightning formation.

In the next instant, a loud thunderclap erupted thousands of kilometers away, above a section of the ocean that the silver tide hadn't yet reached, and the lightning formation re-emerged out of thin air.

The trapped Flying Spirit beings had all been teleported to this place by the lightning formation.

Upon escaping from what they had thought to be certain death, they looked around in a bewildered manner before immediately bursting into loud cries of elation upon discovering that they had truly been saved.

The male late-Nascent Soul Stage Flying Spirit being looked up at the azure-robed man hovering in the air above them, and said, "Thank you for saving our lives, Senior; are you perhaps an elder of the Tian Peng Race?" He was completely unable to glean the azure-robed man's cultivation base, and he immediately extended a respectful bow as he spoke.

Everyone else in the group had naturally also discovered that their savior was standing above them, and they hurriedly extended respectful bows as well.

The azure-robed man appeared to only be in his twenties, and he replied with a faint smile, "Hehe, of course not. It's just that I have some ties with the Tian Peng Race, so I can't just stand by and watch as members of the Tian Peng Race perish right under my nose."

This man was naturally none other than Han Li, who had finally reached the territory of the Flying Spirit Race after traveling for over 80 years.

His current powers were comparable to those of a late-Body Integration Stage being, so he didn't encounter any true peril during this journey, but he did encounter quite a few obstacles along the way nonetheless.

He was forced to skirt around several extremely perilous regions, which extended his journey by over 10 years, and only then did he arrive in this place.

None of the Flying Spirit beings in the group were all that powerful, but they seemed to hold rather important statuses within the Flying Spirit Race. The female late-Nascent Soul Stage being among them had a pair of five-colored wings, so she was clearly a member of the Five Color Race, and she said in a respectful manner, "In any case, we owe you our lives. Would you be able to grace us with the knowledge of your esteemed name? We'll be sure to notify our elders of this so they can thank you for your actions!"

"There's no need to thank me; I just so happened to be passing through this place, and it was a simple task for me to save your group. However, I've been cultivating in the primordial world for a long time, so I don't know too much about the situation in the Flying Spirit Race; would you be able to fill me in on the events that have taken place in the past few centuries?" Han Li asked.

The Five Color woman replied, "Of course. During these past few centuries, many major events have taken place in our Flying Spirit Race, but the most prominent of those events by far is that our Flying Spirit Race finally conquered the earth abyss following the sudden disappearance of the demon monarchs there."

Han Li was quite surprised to hear this, but his expression remained unchanged as he said, "The earth abyss was conquered? That is indeed quite a major event. Tell me about that in detail."

"Yes, Senior. This is quite a long story, and I have to begin by telling you about the holy disciple trials that took place several hundred years ago..." Thus, the woman began her recount.

Not long after that, azure light flashed from Han Li's body, and he flew away from the group of Flying Spirit beings, quickly vanishing into the distance.

Following Han Li's departure, the male Late-Nascent Soul Stage Flying Spirit being suddenly said with furrowed brows, "Junior Martial Sister Xuan, do you think it'll be an issue that we revealed that much information to that man?"

"What do you mean by that, Brother Mian?" the Five Color woman asked in a slightly taken aback manner.

The man hesitated momentarily before replying, "It's just that that Senior never told us his name, and none of us have ever seen him before, so he may not be a member of our Flying Spirit Race."

"Surely not! That senior clearly also has a pair of spirit wings, and he appeared in this area, so how could he not be a member of our Flying Spirit Race?" someone else in the group countered.

"Indeed, that senior proclaims that he has some ties with the Tian Peng Race, and he's able to control lightning, which is one of the signature abilities of the Tian Peng Race. On top of that, if he really were an imposter trying to infiltrate our Flying Spirit Race, then why did he save us? If he only wanted to gather information from us, then he would've killed us before his departure so we wouldn't spread word of this meeting. I think you're being a little too paranoid, Brother Mian," the Five Color Woman said with a nonchalant smile.

The man still wasn't entirely convinced, but he forced a smile onto his face and nodded in response. "Perhaps so."

The Five Color woman continued, "Even if he really were a foreign being, everything I disclosed to him is common knowledge to the members of our race, so I didn't tell him any confidential secrets, which means there's nothing to worry about. For now, our top priority should be to get far away from this place. If the silver tide catches up to us again, then we'll truly fall to our demise."

"Indeed, it's best for us to get away from here as quickly as possible."

"You're right, Senior Martial Sister Xuan. The man who just saved us clearly possesses unfathomable powers; even if he really is a foreign being, it's not like we can do anything about him. We should focus on ensuring our own safety."

The other Flying Spirit beings chimed in in agreement, and some of them even began to look around with fear in their eyes.

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