Chapter 1826: Three For One

The golden-masked figure also immediately rose to his feet upon witnessing the actions of the man in the crimson light.

As one of the organizers of this convention, he naturally couldn't just stand by idly if someone were to start trouble in the Black Realm.

"Please don't misunderstand, Fellow Daoist; I bear no ill will. It's just that this Sinful Cloud is indeed extremely important to me, so I implore you to wait for a while longer. Give me some time to try and secure a treasure that fits your requirements, and if that doesn't work, then I definitely won't press the issue any further," the figure in the crimson light explained in an urgent manner as he held up his hands as a display of his sincere intentions.

The figure within the black Qi hesitated momentarily before nodding in response. "You want me to wait some more? Alright, I can tell that you really do want this Sinful Cloud, so I'll give you 10 more minutes. If you still can't get what I want by then, I won't waste any more time here."

It was quite clear that the man in the crimson light was desperate to secure this Sinful Cloud, and the man in the black Qi was also very eager to get his hands on a Divine Spirit Treasure. Neither of them wanted to give up, even if there were only the slightest sliver of an opportunity for them.

The man in the crimson light heaved a faint sigh of relief upon securing agreement from the owner of the Sinful Cloud, and after a brief pause for contemplation, he waved a hand over his storage bracelet in an extremely reluctant manner to produce a shimmering golden scroll.

"I once ventured into a set of ancient ruins, within which I almost met my demise on several occasions, and I found this scroll in there. This scroll is extremely mysterious, and I have no way of opening it without damaging it, so I've kept it in its original condition for all this time. However, I'm sure that this scroll contains astonishing secrets as the seal of this scroll is inscribed in golden seal text. I'm willing to exchange my Clear Cleansing Pill and this scroll for an offensive Divine Spirit Treasure on the Chaotic Myriad Spirit Roll," the man in the crimson light announced in a loud voice.

"Golden seal text?"

"Could it be that this is something from the True Immortal Realm?"

This announcement naturally created another stir and attracted a lot of interest. They weren't concerned that the man in the crimson light could be deceiving them as it was a simple matter to see if a seal had been undone before.

Unfortunately, even though many people were tempted by these conditions, they simply didn't have the required treasure, and could only look on in a resigned manner.

Han Li focused his gaze on the golden scroll, and he seemed to be quite tempted, but he remained seated firmly in his chair.

As time passed and no one stepped forward to accept this offer, the man in the black Qi grew more and more disappointed, and the agitation of the man in the crimson light was growing by the second.

If he were to miss out on this extraordinary Sinful Cloud during this Black Realm Exchange Convention, there would be no way that such an item would appear in another auction.

The owner of the Sinful Cloud would definitely hide it in an extremely secretive manner after leaving this place, so if this exchange couldn't take place, then there would be no way for him to track down the item again.

This Sinful Cloud was extremely important to him as it was a vital decisive factor on whether he would be able to transcend his next major heavenly tribulation. Without this Sinful Cloud, there was a very slim chance that he would be able to transcend that tribulation, so it could be said that this Sinful Cloud was virtually as important as his life.

Could it be that there really was no one present who possessed an offensive Divine Spirit Treasure?

As the time afforded to him by the man in the black Qi dwindled, the man in the crimson light became more and more desperate, and he gritted his teeth before abruptly patting a blue cloth pouch that was hanging from his waist.

A burst of blue light immediately surged forth, following which a translucent blue ice cage appeared in his hand.

The cage was only around a foot tall, and there were several golden and silver talismans plastered to the surface. Within the cage was a snowy white spirit bird that was standing proudly atop a horizontal artificial branch crafted from some kind of shimmering silver wood, and it was appraising everything in the surrounding area in a completely expressionless manner.

"This is an Ice Phoenix that has inherited some of the Heavenly Phoenix's bloodline. It may only be at the Core Formation Stage right now, but that's only due to a debilitating injury. With some care and nurturing, it could easily return to the former height of its powers in just a few centuries, and I can assure you that after reaching the metamorphosis stage, this Ice Phoenix has an extremely beautiful human form. On top of that, it possesses the Origin Yin Physique, and both those factors make it an exceptional dual cultivation partner. I'm sure you all know the benefits of integrating yin and yang by absorbing her Heavenly Phoenix Origin Yin Qi, so I won't elaborate on that. Even if that doesn't have as potent an effect as a Clear Cleansing Pill when assisting one in breaking through a bottleneck, it definitely won't be far off.

"Even if you don't take her Origin Yin Qi and can somehow tame her, she would still be a spirit beast with limitless potential; I'm sure she won't disappoint you. I came into possession of this Ice Phoenix by chance, and I'm willing to offer her along with the other two items for an offensive Divine Spirit Treasure. This is already everything that I have; if you miss out on this opportunity, something like this won't ever come around again." The desperation was really beginning to show in the man's voice now, and he resembled a beast that had been driven into a corner.

This wasn't an overreaction at all. The thing that could save his life was right before his eyes, yet he couldn't obtain it; anyone would be just as desperate if they were in his shoes.

However, there was still no reaction from anyone in the hall.

In his desperation, the man in the crimson light turned toward the man in the black Qi again. "Fellow Daoist, if I were to offer these three items to you..."

The man in the black Qi cut him off without any hesitation. "I've already made myself very clear; I won't accept anything aside from an offensive Divine Spirit Treasure on the Chaotic Myriad Spirit Roll."

The man in the crimson light was plunged into complete despair upon hearing this.

However, right at this moment, a male voice suddenly rang out, and it was like heavenly music to his ears.

"Alright, I'll take you up on that trade."

The man in the crimson light was initially in complete disbelief, but after a brief stunned stupor, an ecstatic look appeared on his face. "Are you serious? Please join me on the platform!"

At the same time, he immediately focused his gaze on the pavilion where the voice had come from.

The man in the black Qi was clearly also very excited to hear this.

The one who had spoken was naturally none other than Han Li.

Ever since the man in crimson light had brought out that Ice Phoenix, he had been appraising it with a peculiar expression, and after a brief moment of contemplation, he made his decision.

Many other people also cast astonished glances toward Han Li upon hearing this. However, he paid no heed to them and shot forth as a streak of azure light, appearing on the platform after just a single flash.

Even now, the man in the crimson light was still in disbelief, and he asked in a slightly trembling voice, "Do you really possess a Divine Spirit Treasure?" 

Han Li smiled and took a glance at the snowy white Ice Phoenix in the cage first, then replied in a calm manner, "I do indeed possess quite a powerful offensive Divine Spirit Treasure, but I'm not completely sure whether it's on the Chaotic Myriad Spirit Roll, so I'll need you two to confirm it for me."

The elation in the heart of the man in the crimson light immediately dimmed significantly upon hearing this, but he still prompted in a hopeful manner, "Oh, I see. Please bring it out then, Fellow Daoist."

As for the man in the black Qi, he remained completely silent, and merely looked on as the interaction took place.

Han Li naturally had no intention of delaying any further, and he immediately summoned a giant black blade that was taller than an adult human. The blade was extremely antiquated in design and gave off a primordial aura.

This was none other than the giant blade that Han Li had obtained after slaying that powerful Rong being in the Vast Glacial Realm. It was no less powerful than his Chaotic Origin Ruler, and both of those items should be on the Chaotic Myriad Spirit Roll. 

Before the man in the crimson light even had a chance to react, the man in the black Qi exclaimed in an elated manner, "That's the Profound Light Blade!" 

The hope in the heart of the man in the crimson light was immediately reignited upon hearing this, and he hurriedly asked, "Do you recognize this blade, Fellow Daoist?"

The man in the black Qi forcibly repressed the excitement in his heart, and said in a serious manner, "Of course I do. This is one of the last few Divine Spirit Treasures on the Chaotic Myriad Spirit Roll, but it fits my criteria nonetheless. I've been searching for such a treasure for a long time, so how could I not have done my research beforehand? Having said that, I must examine this item first to verify its authenticity."

"Of course! Fellow Daoist, would you be able to..." The man in the crimson light immediately became extremely polite toward Han Li.

"I naturally have no objections, but shouldn't you let me examine the items you're offering as well?" Han Li asked with a smile as he flicked his wrist and tossed the giant blade toward the man in the black Qi.

"Of course, please go right ahead, Fellow Daoist." The man in the crimson light was ecstatic to see things progressing so smoothly, and he immediately tossed the medicine vial, scroll, and ice cage toward Han Li.

Blue light immediately flashed through Han Li's eyes, and he also released his spiritual sense to conduct a thorough examination.

At this moment, the man in the crimson light had naturally also taken the Sinful Cloud for examination to verify whether there really were 10,000,000 beastly souls contained within it.

The three of them all completed their examinations quite quickly. The man in the black Qi merely injected his spiritual power into the giant blade, then performed a practice swing with it before nodding in a pleased manner and stowing it away into his storage bracelet.

"Haha, this Sinful Cloud is indeed everything you proclaim it to be, Fellow Daoist," the man in the crimson light chortled after completing his examination of the Sinful Cloud, and he flew through the white light barrier as a streak of black light, returning to his stone pavilion without saying anything further to Han Li and the man in the black Qi.

Han Li merely smiled upon seeing this, and he stowed away the golden scroll and medicine vial before taking a glance at the Ice Phoenix. [Y'all know who it is LOL]

A hint of humanized sorrow flashed through the Ice Phoenix's eyes, but it was quickly replaced by its normal cold expression.

Han Li released a spirit beast bracelet before drawing the Ice Phoenix and the cage into the bracelet together. After that, he cupped his fist in a salute toward the man in the black Qi before flying back to his stone pavilion as well.

The man in the black Qi chuckled before following suit, departing from the stone platform as a gust of black wind.

Thus, the next group of people immediately rushed onto the stone platform, and the exchanges continued.

Han Li leaned back against his chair and closed his eyes, looking quite calm and collected, but his tumultuous emotions belied his calm exterior.

Close to half a day later, the golden-masked man finally announced the conclusion of the exchange convention.

Han Li and the other Body Integration cultivators all euphemistically refused the golden-masked man's offer to stay behind for a feast, and they departed from the Black Realm, led by a guidance envoy. They then emerged at another completely alien exit before flying back toward Nine Immortal Mountain.

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