Chapter 1800: Grass Soul Pills and the Great Nirvana Holy Spirit Art

"Indeed, Senior Han. On this occasion, whoever inherits the position of the Spirit Sovereign will be in grave danger in the upcoming devilish tribulation. Aunt Liu, as you know, my grandmother was one of Senior Mo Jianli's in-name disciples, and even after she became the leader of our Ye Family, she still regards Senior Mo as her master. Several years ago, Senior Mo suddenly came to our Ye Family while carrying injuries, and only after speaking with my grandmother for a day and a night did he depart." Liu Qing drew a sharp breath upon hearing this.

"What did you say? Senior Mo Jianli was carrying injuries? That's impossible! What in this realm could possibly harm him? Unless..."Liu Qing's voice trailed off as a thought occurred to her.

Han Li had naturally also heard of this Grand Ascension Stage human being, and he was slightly alarmed to hear this as well.

"Looks like you've figured it out, Aunt Liu. Not long ago, Senior Mo used the power of the star disc to forcibly open up an inter-realm passageway to the devil realm, hoping to conduct some reconnaissance on the Elder Devil Race prior to the arrival of the devilish tribulation. Unfortunately, he was discovered by two holy patriarchs of the Elder Devil Race, and was forced to battle them. Thankfully, Senior Mo had been quite cautious and borrowed a powerful life-saving treasure from that patriarch of the demon race, and that treasure allowed him to escape back into our Spirit Realm without too many mishaps. That's already a massive silver lining on this dark cloud!" Ye Ying explained.

"Senior Mo traveled to the Elder Devil Realm? I've been in seclusion for these past few years, so I had no idea about this. Why did Senior Mo do something so dangerous? If I recall correctly, he didn't do anything like this prior to the last devilish tribulation," Liu Qing said with tightly furrowed brows.

"Senior Mo didn't elaborate much on that, but he seemed to have been clued in somehow that this devilish tribulation was going to be far more perilous than all of the previous ones, and both of our races could be wiped out if we're not careful. That's why Senior Mo took the risk to venture into the Elder Devil Realm, and even though he didn't stay there for long, he did discover some extremely dangerous signs. As such, he came to our Ye Family as soon as he returned from the Elder Devil Realm and asked for some Heavenly Phoenix True Blood, which he was going to use to refine an extremely powerful treasure to combat this devilish tribulation. Otherwise, our Ye Family would also be oblivious to just how perilous this devilish tribulation is going to be," Ye Ying said with a resigned expression.

Both Han Li and Liu Qing were very alarmed at this point.

Han Li suddenly asked, "Did Senior Mo ever mention exactly what he saw in the Elder Devil Realm?"

"I'm afraid I don't know anything about that. My grandmother spoke to everyone in our family about this once, and perhaps my mother knows more than I do, but this is all of the information that I have on the matter. On this occasion, my mother sent me out specifically to caution Aunt Liu and a few other seniors that our family is close with not to contest for the position of the Spirit Sovereign. It seems that the first few passageways that will be opened up between the Elder Devil Realm and the Spirit Realm will appear near the Atlas Sentient Tree in the Tian Ling Region. As such, the Spirit Sovereign's holy city will most likely be the most prominent target for the Elder Devil Race on this occasion.

"Once the devilish tribulation strikes, the three sovereigns are strictly prohibited from abandoning their cities. Aside from that, Senior Mo Jianli and those on the holy island also intend to make the Heavenly Spirit City bait to lure the Elder Devil Race and whittle down their army as much as possible using the power of the Atlas Sentient Tree and the many restrictions in the city, thereby alleviating the pressure on the rest of the human race. Hence, the new Spirit Sovereign's duty will be to guard the front lines against the Elder Devil Race army, and retreat is not an option. I'm sure I won't have to elaborate on just how dangerous a task that'll be," Ye Ying said with a wry smile.

Liu Qing and Han Li exchanged a slightly bewildered glance upon hearing this.

After a long pause, Liu Qing finally sighed, "This is indeed shocking news. It seems that Senior Mo's trip into the Elder Devil Realm will allow our human race to better prepare against the devilish tribulation. I take back what I said earlier; Senior Mo has truly done our human race a great service by making this perilous trip. Thank your mother in my stead for providing me with this information, Ying'er. Otherwise, if I were to inherit the position of the Spirit Sovereign, I would most likely have to perish alongside Heavenly Spirit City."

Han Li was also feeling quite fortunate that he had been present to hear this news. After all, he had also been interested in contesting for the position of the Spirit Sovereign.

It was clear that the Ye Family didn't think that a new Body Integration cultivator like him would be striving toward the position of the Spirit Sovereign, so this information was meant solely for Liu Qing.

Ye Ying hadn't kept this from him clearly as she wanted to thank him for assisting her during their journey to the Wood Tribe several centuries ago.

He hadn't learned too much from this, but at the very least, he had been made aware that the next devilish tribulation was imminent, and that it was going to be extremely perilous, which was quite alarming to him.

He had originally planned to take his time in executing his plans, but it seemed that he would have to make some adjustments.

Before Han Li and Liu Qing had a chance to process this shocking news, Ye Ying suddenly smiled, and said, "I've revealed everything I know about this matter; I'll move on to the second topic now. I'm here on behalf of my mother to invite Aunt Liu and Senior Han to become guest grand elders of our Ye Family."

"Guest grand elder? Ying'er, didn't your mother tell you that I only pledged my allegiance to the Spirit Sovereign as he had shown me great kindness on several occasions in the past, and I had no other way to repay him? I've finally regained my freedom, and I have no intention of being restricted by anyone else. Otherwise, I wouldn't have been tempted to contest for the position of the Spirit Sovereign at only the mid-Body Integration Stage." Liu Qing shook her head to turn down this invitation without any hesitation.

"My mother is naturally aware of this, but she wanted me to pass on another message to you. If you're still unwilling to accept the offer after that, then my mother definitely won't force the issue any further." Ye Ying said with a mysterious smile.

Liu Qing faltered slightly upon hearing this before smiling as she said, "Oh? Hehe, it seems your mother is still as mischievous as she was when we had last met so many years ago. Go on, then, I'll listen to what you have to say."

Thus, Ye Ying's lips tremored as she transmitted her voice to Liu Qing, and Han Li looked from the side with a curious look in his eyes.

Moments later, Liu Qing's smile stiffened, and her cheeks suddenly became quite flushed. 

"Is that true? Your mother isn't deceiving me, is she?" The calm and collected Liu Qing had completely lost her composure, and even her voice was trembling slightly.

"I can assure you that it's true. My mother knows that you've been regretting this ever since it happened all those years ago. This is a rather perilous juncture, but it's still quite a significant opportunity. As long as you're willing to join our Ye Family, we're willing to assist you with all our power," Ye Ying assured in an affirmative manner.

"Alright, I'll join your Ye Family! Even if there were only a sliver of a chance, I definitely wouldn't give up on it, let alone such a significant opportunity," Liu Qing immediately agreed, and her face had become extremely pale.

"That's great! You'll be able to live with my mother, and I'll be able to consult you about some puppetry secret techniques now," Ye Ying said with an elated smile.

However, Liu Qing was clearly still reeling from what she had heard, and she could only just barely muster up a smile for Ye Ying in response.

"What is your verdict, Senior Han?" Ye Ying turned to Han Li in an expectant manner.

"I've already refused so many invitations, so I naturally have no intention of joining the Ye Family, either," Han Li replied without making any attempt to mince his words.

"I had thought that you would change your mind after hearing about the imminent devilish tribulation. In that case, my mother also has a message for you. If you still aren't willing to change your mind after hearing it, then just forget I ever extended this offer," Ye Ying insisted.

"Oh? Go on, then," Han Li said as he raised an eyebrow with a hint of a smile on his face.

He had no ties in the Spirit Realm, so he was convinced that she wouldn't be able to say anything that would change his mind.

"Senior Han, have you heard of our Ye Family's Grass Soul Pill and our Great Nirvana Holy Spirit secret technique?" Ye Ying asked.

"I'm naturally aware of the vastly renowned Grass Soul Pill. This is one of the few types of pills in our human race that can enhance the magic power of even Body Integration cultivators, and from what I've heard, your Ye Family very rarely brings out these pills for sale. At the very least, I haven't seen them in any market I've visited. As for this Great Nirvana Holy Spirit secret technique, it's the first time I've heard of such a thing," Han Li said after a brief pause for contemplation.

"In that case, I won't elaborate on the function of the Grass Soul Pills. As long as you agree to join our Ye Family, my mother is willing to offer you 30 of these pills at once. I'm sure they'll be of great assistance to you when you attempt a breakthrough to the mid-Body Integration Stage in the future. As for the Great Nirvana Holy Spirit Art, a woman from our Ye Family with the Heavenly Phoenix bloodline and a man must use the technique together to make full use of it. This technique has no other function, but it can stimulate a cultivator's latent potential and gradually refine their physical constitution. When cultivated to the final stage, one would attain an ability similar to an immortal body that would allow one to rise from the ashes like a phoenix." For some reason, a faint blush had appeared on Ye Ying's face as she spoke.

Han Li was rather tempted to hear this potential prospect of attaining an immortal body.

If he were to completely master his Provenance True Devil Arts in the future, one of his greatest assets in battle would be his close-quarters combat abilities. If he could attain an immortal body as well, that would enhance his powers significantly.

However, why did Ye Ying have such a strange expression on her face?

Han Li couldn't help but appraise her in a slightly befuddled manner.

Liu Qing faltered slightly upon hearing Ye Ying's words before turning to Han Li, then turning back to look at Ye Ying, and she suddenly burst into laughter.

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