Chapter 1790: Great Keen Eye Technique and Qi Inspection Technique

After that, Han Li discussed some cultivation experiences and insights with these three Body Integration cultivators, and he only left after half a day had passed, by which time he had benefited immensely from their discussion.

Heavenly Yuan Holy Sovereign stood at the edge of the beast-drawn carriage and looked on as Han Li vanished into the distance as a streak of azure light. He then issued a command, and the procession began to advance onward again.

"What do you think, Fellow Daoist Huang, Buddhist Master Tian Chan?" Heavenly Yuan Holy Sovereign asked after taking a seat.

"He's very young!"

"He's very exceptional!"

After taking a glance at one another, the elderly man and the monk both spoke in unison with serious looks on their faces.

"Hehe, Fellow Daoist Huang's Great Keen Eye Technique can glean one's true bone age, so for you to call him very young is quite straightforward. However, I'll have to get you to enlighten me on what's so exceptional about him, Buddhist Master Tian Chan. Your Qi Inspection Technique ranks among the top three in our human race, so I'm sure you won't disappoint me," Heavenly Yuan Holy Sovereign said with a faint smile.

"This man was able to conceal his aura to an extremely discreet extent, but my Qi Inspection Technique doesn't determine one's powers based on spiritual sense. From what I could see, he is indeed an early-Body Integration cultivator, but his magic power is far more abundant than other cultivators of the same caliber. If I had to give a specific parameter, I would say that he possesses close to twice the amount of magic power a normal early-Body Integration cultivator possesses. Hence, even though he's only at the early-Body Integration Stage, his magic power is comparable to that of a mid-Body Integration cultivator like myself," Tian Chan replied in a careful manner after contemplating the situation for a moment.

"It appears this fellow Daoist must be using some kind of special cultivation art that's enhancing his spiritual power. However, generally speaking, that would mean that his abilities in other areas would be slightly weaker," Heavenly Yuan Holy Sovereign said with a nod.

Tian Chan shook his head in a solemn manner, and said, "I'm afraid that you're mistaken there, Holy Sovereign. Aside from his immensely abundant magic power and the main cultivation art that he's using, I can also tell he possesses at least three or four more types of extremely powerful abilities, each of which is most likely not inferior to my Jade Spirit Secret Technique."

"Is that true?" Huang Dang exclaimed before Heavenly Yuan Holy Sovereign had a chance to react.

"Why are you so surprised, Fellow Daoist Huang? Surely this revelation isn't enough to draw such a response from you. Could it be that you've also made some other discoveries?" Heavenly Yuan Holy Sovereign asked as he turned to Huang Dang in a calm manner.

"As I'm sure you're aware, my Great Keen Eye Technique can glean some information about one's physical body on top of their bone age," Huang Dang said with a wry smile.

"Are you saying Fellow Daoist Han's physical body is also special in some way?" Tian Chan couldn't help but ask.

"It's not particularly special; it's merely very powerful," Huang Dang replied as a peculiar look appeared on his face.

"Very powerful? Are you saying his physical body is more powerful than that of our holy sovereign?" Tian Chan chuckled upon hearing this.

Huang Dang's eyelids twitched a little, and he said something that had Tian Chan completely astonished. "Even if his physical body is inferior, it won't be inferior by much."

"Is that so?" Heavenly Yuan Holy Sovereign was also rather taken aback to hear this.

"That's impossible! Surely you jest, Fellow Daoist Huang. Our holy sovereign not only specializes in a Buddhist cultivation art, but he also used to be a top-grade body refinement warrior. On top of that, he's been making a conscious effort to refine his own body for so many years; his physical body is most likely no less powerful than that of the demon monarchs. It's not too far-fetched that Fellow Daoist Han has some achievements in the realm of body refinement, but how can he possibly compare in this field to our holy sovereign?" Tian Chan was shaking his head vehemently, refusing to believe this assessment.

Huang Dang hesitated momentarily before replying in a confident manner, "Even if my Great Keen Eye Technique has made some errors, what I can be sure of is that this man definitely possesses the most powerful body I've ever seen from a human, second only to our holy sovereign."

"But that's..."

Heavenly Yuan Holy Sovereign waved a hand to cut off Buddhist Master Tian Chan before musing in a contemplative manner, "It would be unwise to doubt Fellow Daoist Huang's Great Keen Eye Technique, Buddhist Master Tian Chan. After all, it's never failed us before. Hehe, so he possesses far superior magic power to other beings of the same caliber, several types of powerful abilities, and a physical body that's not inferior in power to the average demon monarch. On top of that, he's so young as well. If he can survive the imminent devilish tribulation, he'll most likely become someone who's comparable to myself in the future."

Huang Dang and Tian Chan exchanged a glance upon hearing this, and contemplative looks also appeared in their eyes.

Meanwhile, Han Li was already thousands of kilometers away, flying toward a particularly lush mountain range.

This mountain range consisted of nine mountains that resembled massive straight swords and was naturally none other than Nine Immortal Mountain, the venue for the imminent Myriad Treasure Convention.

At present, the area within 500 kilometers from the edge of the mountain range was a restricted zone. Prior to the commencement of the convention, only some important figures with special statuses were permitted to enter the mountain range. Unqualified individuals who broke this rule would be evicted at best, or killed on sight at worst.

As such, all of the humans and demons who had traveled here from afar to attend the convention had all settled nearby Nine Immortal Mountain, outside of the restricted zone.

Fairy Yue Hua was only a Core Formation cultivator, so she naturally wasn't an exception to this rule, either.

Prior to separating from Young Master Hai and the others, Han Li had planted tracking marks in their bodies so he wouldn't have to worry about being unable to find them.

Thus, just as Han Li was about to enter the mountain range up ahead, he suddenly changed directions, and after flying for a while longer, he descended toward a mountain in a certain hilly region.

The azure light faded, and Han Li appeared in a lush forest. He glanced at the greenery around him, and a smile appeared on his face as he gently swept a sleeve toward a certain direction.

A burst of azure light swept forth, and a certain section of the forest suddenly blurred and warped before shattering into specks of spiritual light amid a dull thump.

The greenery there abruptly vanished, and a tall and bleak rock face appeared in its place. There was a white stone gate that was several tens of feet tall on the rock face, and Han Li raised a hand to send a streak of red light flying through the air, which then disappeared into the stone gate in a flash.

He then stood on the spot and waited in a patient manner.

Moments later, spiritual light flashed from the stone gate, and it slowly rose up, following which a group of people emerged from within.

Fairy Yue Hua, Bai Huaji, Young Master Hai, and Qi Lingzi were all among them. They were led by an elderly woman who was holding a cane with a carved dragon head at the top. She had a head of white hair and wrinkles all over her face, but she was a Deity Transformation cultivator, which came as a slight surprise to Han Li.

The elderly woman carefully appraised Han Li before immediately stepping forward and extending a respectful salute. "Junior Tian Qingye and her disciple pays their respects to Senior Han!"

Fairy Yue Hua and the others hurriedly followed suit. 

Qi Lingzi and Young Master Hai also extended respectful bows, but the peculiar expressions on their faces clearly suggested that they still hadn't yet come to terms with everything.

"No need for formalities. Let's talk further after we go in," Han Li said in a calm manner.

"Yes, Senior Han. I've already prepared some spirit tea for you; I hope it's to your liking," the elderly woman said in a careful manner.

Han Li nodded and strode in through the gate without saying anything further.

Everyone else naturally followed along behind him in a respectful manner.

Moments later, Han Li and the elderly woman had both taken a seat in a tidy stone hall, while Fairy Yue Hua and the others remained standing. Young Master Hai and Qi Lingzi were clearly still in disbelief that Brother Han had suddenly become Senior Han, and they were constantly stealing glances in his direction.

Han Li merely ignored them and asked the elderly woman a few questions. Through their conversation, he was able to quickly learn about the origins of the elderly woman and Fairy Yue Hua.

It turned out that the elderly woman hailed from the Broad Golden Sect, which was a medium-sized sect in the Xuan Wu Region. She was one of the sect's two elders, and Fairy Yue Hua was a prized disciple of hers, whom she held in high regard due to her stellar aptitude.

Bai Guo'er was Fairy Yue Hua's granddaughter, and her only living descendant, which was why she and her father, Bai Huaji, were able to accompany the elderly woman to this Myriad Treasure Convention.

Bai Huaji was trying to sell the Blood Ginseng that had been passed down in his family for generations in order to buy some medicines to combat Bai Guo'er's frost poison, but he fell into the trap sprung by the Three Scourges of the Southern Mountain.

If they hadn't bumped into Han Li's trio, he and his daughter would've almost definitely lost their lives there.

As such, Fairy Yue Hua and Bai Huaji hurriedly stepped forward to thank Han Li for his kindness at the elderly woman's behest.

Han Li naturally waved a hand to brush off their grateful salutes.

"I very rarely leave my sect to go anywhere, but I've heard that a new Body Integration Stage senior has recently appeared in the Tian Yuan Region, and he shares the same surname as you. Could it be that you two are one and the same, Senior Han?" the elderly woman asked in a careful manner.

Body Integration cultivators were vastly renowned figures, and even now, the elderly woman still didn't dare to completely believe Han Li's identity.

"Hehe, I didn't think word would spread so quickly even to the Xuan Wu Region," Han Li replied in an ambiguous manner.

"So you really are the same Senior Han! That makes sense; the holy sovereign would only extend an invitation toward a fellow Body Integration Stage senior." The elderly woman was ecstatic to hear this indirect confirmation.

Generally speaking, there was no way that an ordinary Deity Transformation cultivator like her would be able to interact with a Body Integration cultivator. If she could forge some kind of tie with Han Li now, both she and her sect would benefit immensely.

As such, the elderly woman became even more respectful toward Han Li.

Han Li looked around before suddenly saying something that came as quite a surprise to everyone, "Where's the little girl, Guo'er? I want to take a look at her."

The elderly woman and the others exchanged a few glances upon hearing this, and Fairy Yue Hua asked in a careful manner, "Senior Han, Guo'er was suddenly afflicted by her frost poison as soon as she returned, so she's taking a rest in another room. Would you be able to wait for some time? Once she recovers, I'll bring her out to see you right away."

"I see. There's no need for that; you can take me to her right now. The main reason I decided to come here is for her," Han Li said with a smile as he rose to his feet.

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