Chapter 1749: Spiritvoid Cauldron

“The situation is rather special right now, so I'll keep this short. As I'm sure you've all seen, this is the current state of Cloud City. It's quite simple; we fell into a trap sprung by the Jiao Chi Race. They lured our main frontline forces to a certain perilous place and temporarily trapped them in there. The Jiao Chi Race army took advantage of this to conquer 13 cities in succession, and they're now at Cloud City. Our city's main formation diagram has also been stolen by them, so we can't even use the formation to oppose their army. Hence, we'll have to abandon this city soon. All of you should also retreat to the nearest Concealed Wyrm City," the young man said in a calm manner.

"The situation's that horrible already? Surely with you here, the situation wouldn't warrant abandoning Cloud City, Senior." Fairy Yue was quite stunned to hear this, as was everyone else.

"Hehe, do you think the Jiao Chi Race didn't send any Grand Ascension Stage beings themselves? There are two grand elders of the Jiao Chi Race in this invading army, and they notified me in advance that if I don't participate in this battle, they won't do anything, either. Otherwise, the consequences would be very catastrophic. I won't be a match for two beings of the same caliber, but at the same time, they're not confident in their ability to kill me even after joining forces, which is why they gave me notification in advance at all," the young man explained.

"But there are several tens of holy-grade beings in the city; if all of them join in on the battle, surely we'll be able to turn the tables. On the way here, we didn't see a single holy-grade being. Could it be..." The middle-aged man's voice trailed off as the worst-case scenario sprang into his mind.

"Don't worry, they're not in the city because they're attending to other matters. I'm sure that you've also noticed that there are no holy-grade beings among the invading Jiao Chi beings, either, and that's all thanks to them. However, this situation won't last too long; the Jiao Chi beings will most likely react very quickly and directly send their holy-grade beings to participate in this battle. Seeing as my hands are tied, this city will inevitably fall, and that's why I've issued the order to abandon this city, so leave with Fellow Daoist Bing right away," the young man instructed as he waved a dismissive hand.

Fairy Yue and the middle-aged man exchanged a glance before accepting these orders, and everyone else also did the same. Only Han Li's brows were slightly furrowed in a display of hesitation.

"By the way, please stay behind, Fellow Daoist Han; I have something I need to discuss with you alone," the young man suddenly said as his gaze settled on Han Li.

Han Li's heart stirred upon hearing this, but he didn't dare to turn down the young man.

Everyone else was internally rather perplexed about this, but they were all ushered out of the hall by the burly man who had led them here.

Only then did the young man turn to Han Li with a hint of a smile on his face.

In the face of a Grand Ascension Stage being who seemed to harbor ulterior motives, Han Li was naturally feeling a little uneasy, but he still asked in a respectful manner, "What are your instructions, Senior? If there's something you need me to do, I'll be sure to complete your assigned tasks to the best of my abilities." 

"I asked you to remain behind naturally because I want you to do something for me. Fellow Daoist Han, you hail from the human race of the Tian Yuan Continent, right?" The young man immediately asked a question that gave Han Li quite a fright.

"How did you know, Senior? Could it be that you've also visited the Tian Yuan Continent before?" Han Li's calm facade finally cracked as his heart thumped violently.

"Hehe, I haven't just been to the Tian Yuan Continent; I have a few friends among your human race whom I became acquainted with through battle. Overall, the human race isn't a very powerful one, but there are a few abilities that are passed down from generation to generation that are not to be looked down on. It's just that the conditions required to cultivate them are very rigorous, and are therefore beyond the reach of the average human," the young man chuckled.

"In that case, there's nothing for me to hide. I am indeed a human from the Tian Yuan Continent who ended up here completely by chance." Han Li could only admit the truth.

"Hehe, I'm glad you're coming clean, Fellow Daoist. What is your relationship with Fairy Ice Soul? Why do you have her Spiritvoid Cauldron within your body?" The young man smiled and asked another question that had Han Li feeling rather taken aback.

"Spiritvoid Cauldron? Could you be referring to this treasure?" Han Li blinked in a surprised manner before opening his mouth to expel a ball of azure light, within which was a miniature cauldron; it was none other than the Heavenvoid Cauldron.

"So you really do have it. I haven't seen this treasure for many years, but it still gives off about the same aura as it did back then," the young man said in a slow voice as he inspected the cauldron through narrowed eyes.

"I do indeed know of Fairy Ice Soul, but this is the Heavenvoid Cauldron, not the Spiritvoid Cauldron," Han Li corrected with a wry smile.

"Heavenvoid Cauldron?" The young man was rather taken aback to hear this, following which a thought suddenly seemed to have occurred to him, and he made a grabbing motion toward the miniature cauldron.

The cauldron's connection with Han Li was immediately severed before being drawn into the young man's hand in a flash.

Han Li's expression changed slightly upon seeing this, but it then quickly reverted back to normal.

The young man held the cauldron in his hand and began to carefully appraise it.

After a while, the young man's brows furrowed slightly, and he mused, "Upon closer inspection, this does appear to be somewhat different from the Spiritvoid Cauldron. The refinement method is a bit less sophisticated, but it's not a replica, either. If I had to give my verdict, I'd say that it's an experimental predecessor to the Spiritvoid Cauldron."

"An experimental cauldron?" A contemplative look appeared on Han Li's face.

"So be it. This may be the wrong treasure, but it definitely still came from Fellow Daoist Ice Soul, so I'm sure you're somehow related to her. I asked you to stay behind as I want you to track down Fairy Ice Soul when you get back to human territory and give her an item and a letter from me," the young man said as he released the miniature cauldron with a nonchalant smile.

"Truth be told, I only came across this treasure by chance, so I don't actually know Fairy Ice Soul personally, nor do I know if she's even still alive anymore," Han Li hurriedly countered as he drew the Heavenvoid Cauldron back into his body.

He had first heard about Fairy Ice Soul back in the human world, and if she had really ascended to the Spirit Realm and lived to this very day, then she would most likely be comparable in power to the young man before him already. As such, he didn't want to accept this potentially troublesome errand for no reason.

"It's alright even if you don't recognize her. With her significant reputation, I'm sure you'll be able to track her down once you return to the human race. If Fellow Daoist Ice Soul is indeed no longer of this world, then you can pass on these items to her descendants as well," the young man replied in a nonchalant manner. He then flipped a hand over to produce a jade box and a blue jade slip, which he tossed toward Han Li with a flick of his wrist.

Seeing as this was an unavoidable task, Han Li could only heave an internal sigh before catching the two items and taking a glance at them.

Each of the items had a shimmering golden talisman plastered over them to seal them tightly.

"I refined those two talismans myself, and aside from Fairy Ice Soul herself or a descendant of hers who bears her bloodline, anyone else who tries to tear off those talismans will make them explode on the spot, so please keep that in mind. I won't ask you to do this for me free of charge; here are some precious materials that can only be found on the Thunder Continent as repayment for your efforts. 

“Also, Qian Jizi and the others have already promised you access to the super teleportation formation, but due to this ongoing battle, all of the teleportation formations in the nearby cities have been sealed. The super teleportation formation just so happens to be situated within a secret hall in Concealed Wyrm City, and it's also been sealed. I'll pass down an instruction for them to allow you to use the formation once. Of course, prior to this, I'll have you swear a vow on your inner demons that you'll carry out the duty I entrusted to you before I issue this instruction," the young man said.

"I hardly have any choice in the matter, do I?" Han Li could only concede with a wry smile before making a hand seal and swearing a vow as he was told, then placed the two items into his storage bracelet.

These vows weren't overly binding back in the human world, but ever since he had entered the Spirit Realm and reached the Spatial Tempering Stage, the effects of these vows had become so potent that the inner demons resulting from them would pose the most fearsome obstacle in one's breakthroughs.

Hence, these types of vows were extremely binding to high-grade cultivators.

After quickly assessing all of his other options, Han Li swore a vow as he was told, promising that he would deliver the two items to Fairy Ice Soul or one of her descendants.

The young man nodded in a pleased manner upon seeing this, then pulled out three more jade boxes before tossing them over to Han Li. These boxes naturally contained the aforementioned materials, and Han Li swept a sleeve through the air, accepting the boxes with a burst of azure light without even inspecting them.

"Alright, you may leave now," the young man instructed in an expressionless manner.

Han Li heaved an internal sigh of relief upon hearing this, and after extending a respectful salute, he also departed from the hall.

The young man looked on at Han Li's departing figure with a contemplative look on his face.

When Han Li emerged from the Sentient Hall again, he was rather surprised to find a giant silver flying carriage waiting outside.

The carriage was over 200 feet in length and was rectangular in shape. The patterns on its surface were extremely intricate, and it was being drawn by six massive praying-mantis-like spirit beasts.

Fairy Yue and the others were all standing on the carriage already, while the burly man with the dark complexion was standing patiently at the front of the carriage.

Everyone immediately turned their eyes toward Han Li as soon as he emerged, and they all wore different expressions on their faces, but they all seemed to be waiting for him.

"Get on the carriage, Fellow Daoist Han; we're about to set off," the burly man said with a smile.

"Thank you, Senior." Han Li cupped his fist in a grateful salute before his body swayed, and he instantly appeared on the carriage. He then made his way over to a corner and sat down with his legs crossed in a completely expressionless manner.

The burly man let loose a low cry, and the six giant beasts drawing the carriage suddenly revealed pairs of wings before flying into the sky with the carriage in tow.

In the instant that the flying carriage rose up into the air, a green light barrier appeared around it, and it flew away as a ball of green light.

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