Chapter 1743: Fierce Battle Against a Powerful Opponent

After that, Han Li made a hand seal to summon a white figure, which transformed into a woman in white that also disappeared into the nearby space.

Finally, he brought out his High Zenith Invisibility Talisman again, and silver runes flashed as he faded into nothingness.

His insubstantial body quickly flew toward a certain passageway in a completely expressionless manner, and after taking several turns, a white stone cave finally appeared up ahead.

There were four faint auras emanating from within the cave, and Han Li narrowed his eyes as he continued to drift forward.

Moments later, he reached the entrance to the cave and swept his gaze through its interior. This cave was over 1,000 feet in size, which was far larger than all of the other caves, and it resembled a small plaza.

At the center of the plaza was a semi-spherical silver light barrier, within which was another stone wall that had golden seal text inscribed on its surface.

There was a Rong being seated with their legs crossed at each corner of the plaza, and some of them had their heads lowered in contemplation, while others were staring intently at the silver light barrier.

However, what drew Han Li's attention the most was a tall and broad Rong being with his eyes closed and his hands resting on his knees.

This Rong being wore a set of ordinary grey robes, but there was a huge blade strapped to his back. The entire blade was wrapped in yellow beast hide, with only its thick and long black handle ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) revealed. 

The entire blade seemed to be significantly taller than even the Rong being himself, and it was extremely eye-catching. What particularly caught Han Li's attention was the virtually substantial layer of faint crimson light emanating from the Rong being's body. This was an extremely dense layer of baleful Qi.

The other three Rong beings consisted of a young man in a suit of leather armor, as well as an old man and an old woman.

These four Rong beings also had fur all over their bodies like their brethren, but they possessed heads that were identical to those of normal humans.

A cold light flashed through Han Li's eyes, and he immediately drifted toward the tall and broad man without any hesitation.

It was quite clear that this Rong being was far more powerful than the other three, so he was going to take this man by surprise and kill him quickly before taking on the other three less troublesome opponents.

His insubstantial body drifted silently through the air, and he was soon less than 200 feet away from his target.

The Rong being continued to sit in a stationary manner, completely oblivious to the fact that a major threat was approaching.

Han Li's magic power was already beginning to circulate within his body, yet right at this moment, an unexpected turn of events unfolded.

When Han Li was only just over 100 feet away from the Rong being, the giant blade on his back suddenly let loose a faint ringing sound.

The sound wasn't very loud, but this place was completely silent, so it immediately alerted everyone. The three other Rong beings' hearts jolted as they turned toward their companion in unison.

The tall and broad man also abruptly opened his eyes, and piercing yellow light flashed through his pupils as his hand shot forth like lightning before making a grabbing motion.

In the next instant, the giant blade somehow ended up in his grasp, and the layer of beast hide was torn into shreds.

The giant blade then transformed into a gust of fierce black wind that surged forward in a frenzy. Loud rumbling booms rang out incessantly from within the black wind, and the outlines of a ferocious beast could be made out within the gust of wind.

Han Li's expression changed slightly upon seeing this. He had encountered an extremely rare treasure that could alert its owner to danger, and it was most likely a treasure on the Chaotic Myriad Spirit Roll.

Golden light flashed from his body, and he raised both of his arms at once.

A silver ruler abruptly appeared in one of his hands, and he swung it toward the oncoming gust of black wind.

Countless ruler projections erupted forth in a frenzy before converging to form a massive ruler projection amid a flash of silver light.

An earth-shattering boom erupted as silver light and black wind exploded in unison. The silver ruler clashed with the giant blade, and the runes on their surfaces flashed violently as astonishing spiritual pressure was released. An insistent ringing sound could be heard, and the two treasures appeared to be evenly matched.

Meanwhile, Han Li gently thrust his other palm into the air, and a small black mountain emerged before vanishing into thin air.

In the next instant, spatial fluctuations erupted above the Rong being's head, and a black mountain that was around 10 feet tall came crashing down from above.

"Hmm?" A faint cry of surprise rang out as a slightly alarmed look finally appeared on the Rong being's face, but he then quickly put on a disdainful sneer as he made a hand seal, upon which a layer of dense crimson baleful Qi surfaced over his body.

The baleful Qi erupted into the heavens before forming a huge crimson hand that thrust directly up toward the black mountain.

A dull thump rang out as the hand came into contact with the underside of the mountain, and the former immediately began to display signs of strain.

It was quite clear that the Extreme Essencefused Mountain was far heavier than the Rong being had expected.

His expression changed slightly as he abruptly rose to his feet, then immediately launched a powerful punch upward.

A pillar of crimson light erupted from his fist before vanishing into the huge crimson hand in order to bolster it.

Crimson light immediately swirled around the massive hand as it swelled to several times its original size, and a crimson lotus flower appeared on each of its five fingertips.

The five lotus flowers revolved on the spot, releasing countless runes that worked together with the huge hand, and their combined powers really did manage to keep the black mountain at bay.

Blue light flashed through Han Li's eyes upon seeing this, and a loud thunderclap rang out behind him as a pair of translucent wings surfaced on his back.

He flapped his wings, and another thunderclap rang out as he vanished on the spot.

The Rong being's pupils contracted upon seeing this, and he immediately opened his mouth to blast forth a burst of golden light, which disappeared in a flash around 10 feet in front of the Rong being.

A dull explosion rang out, and Han Li stumbled out of thin air. There were five-colored flames burning around his pristine white hand, which was currently locked tightly around a small golden snake with wings on its back.

The snake was flicking its forked tongue and writhing incessantly, attempting to break free from his hand, but Han Li merely harrumphed coldly as the five-colored flames increased drastically in brightness.

A horrified look flashed through the golden snake's eyes, and in the next instant, a layer of ice abruptly appeared over its body, turning it into a five-colored ice statue.

Following his drastic cultivation base improvement, his five-colored glacial flames had naturally also become vastly more powerful than before.

He rubbed his hands together without any hesitation, releasing arcs of golden lightning from his palms amid a loud thunderclap.

The ice statue was instantly shattered as a result, and the golden snake disintegrated into specks of spiritual light.

A shocked and enraged look appeared on the Rong being's face.

This Void Vanquishing Spirit was something that he had nurtured for many years, and not only did it possess a powerful innate ability to puncture through space, its body was also extremely resolute, making it very difficult for treasures to harm it.

Never did he think that it would be captured and destroyed so easily by this opponent.

A thunderous roar of fury rang out as the Rong being made a grabbing motion with one hand, upon which a round bowl suddenly appeared in his grasp. The surface of the bowl was riddled with intricate symbols and radiating faint crimson light, and its edge was extremely sharp.

He flicked his wrist to send the bowl flying through the air, and it transformed into countless crimson blades that hurtled directly toward Han Li.

A peculiar look appeared on Han Li's face at the sight of these crimson blades, and he made a hand seal rather than taking any evasive measures.

Black Qi swirled all over his body, and a suit of black armor appeared.

As soon as the crimson light reached within 10 feet of Han Li, it was stopped coldly in its tracks by the layers of black runes being released by the suit of armor.

Han Li took advantage of this opportunity to flap his wings, upon which he vanished again as an azure and white arc of lightning.

The Rong being wore a look of thunderous rage on his face as crimson baleful Qi erupted all around him before instantly forming a massive crimson lotus flower that encapsulated his entire body. At this point, he had already realized that his opponent was far from an ordinary Spatial Tempering Stage being, and he turned to his companions with a slightly bewildered expression, wondering why they hadn't stepped in to assist him yet. As a result, he was greeted by the sight of the three other Rong beings battling a white figure and two faint silver figures that had suddenly appeared. All three of the Rong beings were clearly dominating their opponents, but they were still unable to free themselves from their battles anytime soon.

The white and silver figures were naturally none other than Han Li's sentient puppet, as well as shadow puppets manifested by two of his Armor Origin Talismans.

Following Han Li's progression to the late-Spatial Tempering Stage, the shadow puppets manifested by the talismans had also become far more powerful than before, and that was why they were able to hold off two of the late-Spatial Tempering Stage Rong beings. Otherwise, the shadow puppets of the past would've most likely been destroyed by such powerful opponents already.

As for Doll, it was wielding a blue fan from which balls of blue light were being released in a relentless barrage. Meanwhile, its other hand was flicking threads of glacial Qi incessantly toward the young man, rendering him unable to assist the Rong being who had been attacked by Han Li.

The Rong being who was facing Han Li was quite surprised by this turn of events, yet before he had a chance to think of anything else, spatial fluctuations erupted above his head, and Han Li suddenly appeared above the small black mountain before gently stomping a foot down onto it.

The mountain expanded drastically amid a flash of grey light, swelling to over 100 feet in size before crushing the huge crimson hand down below amid a resounding boom.

The black mountain then came crashing down from above, and the Rong being's expression changed slightly as he immediately flipped his hand over. In doing so, he summoned a small silver ax that was several inches in length amid a flash of spiritual light, then hurled the ax upward.

A dull thump rang out as a giant ax that was several tens of feet in size emerged from within the flashing silver light before crashing down toward the black mountain like lightning.

Han Li's pupils contracted as he made a hand seal, and the Extreme Essencefused Mountain blurred before abruptly vanishing.

Thus, the giant ax struck nothing but empty air, immediately following which Han Li and the black mountain reappeared above the Rong being's head before plummeting downward without any hesitation.

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