Chapter 1738: Revolving Golden Light

The flag-wielding Rong being was quite alarmed by this development, and he immediately laid a hand onto the top of his own head, upon which his coarse green fur erupted through the air as a vast expanse of green light.

However, the silver ruler somehow passed through the green light, but attained a substantial form once it struck the Rong being on the head.

The protective spiritual light around the Rong being posed no impediment to the silver ruler, and his head was smashed open like a watermelon as blood sprayed in all directions.

His headless body then tumbled down from the flying carriage, and a green shadow instantly shot forth from within it.

This was the Rong being's Nascent Soul, and it rushed toward the mirror-wielding Rong being with a horrified look on its face. "Save me, Brother Liao!"

However, as soon as the words escaped the Nascent Soul's mouth, a ruler projection instantly plummeted from above and obliterated it out of existence.

The giant silver ruler then immediately conjured up three identical ruler projections that swept toward the remaining three Rong beings.

The deafening sounds of fierce wings and rumbling thunderclaps rang out, as the ruler projections appeared, and the remaining three Rong beings hurriedly adopted defensive measures in a fit of shock and fury.

A grey veil and a black shield emerged, only for the ruler projections that struck them to immediately disintegrate into specks of silver light.

Those were truly nothing more than illusionary projections.

Both of those Rong beings immediately realized that they'd fallen into a trap, but it was already too late!

The mirror-wielding Rong being had also released a wheel treasure to defend himself against the final ruler projection, but that projection suddenly vanished right in front of the wheel, only to reappear around a foot away from that Rong being before striking his hideous face.

Lightning flashed, and countless arcs of silver lightning erupted from the ruler projection, instantly reducing the Rong being to dust without even sparing his Nascent Soul.

The remaining two Rong beings' expressions had darkened significantly. The silver ruler circled around before conjuring up another dozen or so ruler projections that swept toward them, and one of them suddenly yelled, "Run! This man is far too powerful for us!"

As soon as his voice trailed off, that foreign being stomped a foot down onto the flying carriage, and it hurtled back through the air as a ball of azure light, escaping from the range of the ruler projections after just a few flashes.

The other Rong being also immediately returned to his senses and hurriedly cast an incantation seal onto the monster head carving on the front of the carriage.

The flying carriage shuddered before flapping its wings, and five-colored runes appeared all over its surface as it attempted to flee the scene.

However, right at this moment, a cold voice rang out in the air above the carriage. "Don't you think it's a little too late to be running now?"

As soon as this voice rang out, a rumbling boom erupted, and a black mountain that was over 1,000 feet in size appeared above the flying carriage in a flash.

There was a humanoid figure standing at the summit of the mountain in a stationary manner, and this man was naturally none other than Han Li!

He had crossed through space and appeared above the carriage atop his Extreme Essencefused Mountain, and the two Rong beings were horrified to see him.

A ferocious look appeared on one of the Rong being's faces as he rubbed his hands together, upon which a layer of peculiar green flames suddenly erupted over his body. The flames then swept upward and transformed into a fiery wyrm that was over 100 feet in length.

The other Rong being let loose a loud cry and his body swelled to around twice its original size. His arms also expanded drastically, and he swept his 10 extremely sharp claws up into the air.

Countless claw projections appeared out of thin air before sweeping upward, but neither of them were naive enough to think that these attacks would be enough to kill Han Li; they were merely praying that the attacks would buy them enough time for them to escape.

Han Li had slain two of their companions in the blink of an eye, and their hearts were now devoid of battle intent; all they wanted to do was to flee for their lives!

Han Li's eyes narrowed slightly as he stomped down on the mountain beneath his feet.

Grey light flashed from the Extreme Essencefused Mountain, and it was sent crashing down from above. All of a sudden, the silver runes on its surface lit up, and it abruptly vanished into thin air.

Thus, the fiery wyrm and claw projections struck nothing but empty air, following which a massive black shadow appeared right above the two Rong beings' heads in a flash. It was none other than the black mountain, and it came crashing down with devastating force.

However, these two Rong beings were clearly more powerful than their deceased companions; even in the face of the oncoming Extreme Essencefused Mountain, they were still able to just barely abandon the carriage and rush off into opposite directions.

The rhomboid flying carriage was dealt an extremely heavy blow by the Extreme Essencefused Mountain, and it exploded into specks of five-colored spiritual light that faded into nothingness. However, if one were to turn their attention toward the summit of the black mountain now, they'd discover that Han Li was nowhere to be seen.

In the next instant, one of the fleeing Rong beings heard a loud thunderclap erupt overhead, and he was very alarmed as he hurriedly raised his black shield, which surged upward as a dark cloud. At the same time, green flames erupted all over his body, forming a fiery barrier that shielded him within.

However, a cold harrumph then rang out beside his ears, following which hundreds of streaks of azure sword Qi came raining down from a winged humanoid figure who had just appeared.

Azure light flashed, and the dark cloud and fiery barrier were almost instantly torn to shreds. The streaks of sword Qi then transformed into sword threads that wove themselves into a giant net.

A cry of anguish and horror rang out as the Rong being released several more treasures in a blind panic, but all of those treasures were sliced into countless segments by the extraordinarily sharp Azure Bamboo Cloudswarm Swords, along with the Rong being's body and Nascent Soul.

The other Rong being shuddered upon hearing his companion's anguished cry, but he continued to flee as quickly as he could without turning his head even once.

However, he only managed to fly for several thousand feet before spatial fluctuations suddenly appeared up ahead, following which a golden figure emerged right in his path.

The Rong being's expression changed drastically, but he then gritted his teeth, and not only did he not slow down, he accelerated even further as he flipped a hand over to summon a long black blade, while his other hand abruptly expanded in size.

The long blade was slashed through the air in a blue, and a dozen or so black saber projections were unleashed in rapid succession.

At the same time, he reached out with his other hand, and a giant green claw abruptly appeared above the golden figure before crashing downward with black Qi swirling around its fingertips.

Right at this moment, purple runes of different sizes suddenly appeared over the body of the slightly blurry golden figure, immediately following which it became a substantial being with three heads and six arms amid a flash of golden light. It was none other than the Provenance Golden Body.

As Han Li set off in pursuit of the other Rong being using his Thunderstorm Wings, he also released his second Nascent Soul and golden body to pursue the other Rong being.

Black light flashed, and the dozen or so saber projections reached the golden body almost at the exact same time as the giant green claws did.

However, the Provenance Golden Body displayed no intention of taking evasive measures. Instead, a cold look appeared on one of its faces, and a pair of giant golden blades suddenly appeared in two of its hands before it slashed them toward the black saber projections.

Meanwhile, two of its other hands thrust upward, sending countless golden fist projections hurtling toward the huge green claws in a frenzy.

As for its remaining two arms, they were brought together in front of the golden body's chest, then split apart to reveal a ball of golden light.

Two of the golden body's heads closed their eyes in unison, following which they began to chant two different incantations that overlapped one another.

The golden ball of light immediately began to revolve at a rapid rate while expanding to around the size of a human head. Furthermore, it was only accelerating in its rotation, forming a mysterious golden vortex.

Bright golden and black light intertwined as the black blade projections struck the golden blades, and they seemed to be evenly matched.

Meanwhile, the giant green claws were almost instantly shattered amid a flash of spiritual light in the face of the devastating barrage of golden fist projections.

However, with that short period of delay, the final Rong being's body blurred, and he suddenly vanished into thin air in a flash.

In the next instant, spatial fluctuations erupted over 100 feet behind the golden body, and the Rong being reappeared before continuing in its escape.

However, right at this moment, one of the Provenance Golden Body's heads suddenly lowered itself before uttering the words "Revolving Golden Light".

The golden vortex between two of its hands then suddenly vanished.

Spiritual light then flashed several feet behind the Rong being, following which the golden vortex abruptly appeared. As soon as it emerged, it swelled to around 10 feet in size, and loud thunderclaps rang out from within the vortex alongside the sound of Buddhist chants.

The fleeing Rong being suddenly felt the air tighten around him, upon which he was completely immobilized.


He let loose a cry of alarm, yet before he had a chance to unleash any other abilities, he was struck by an irresistible suction force from behind.

His body was then drawn into the vortex behind him in a flash, and following an anguished howl, an earth-shattering boom rang out.

The golden vortex shuddered slightly, following which everything suddenly fell silent.

At this moment, the golden body turned around and ceased its chanting before pointing a finger at the massive vortex.

The golden vortex flashed as it quickly shrank down to its original size, then disappeared amid a dull thump.

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