Chapter 1737: The Rong Race

The foreign being that had just spoken was naturally enraged by the woman's defiance, and he didn't waste any further time with words as he let loose a sharp cry.

A buzzing sound immediately rang out from the four battle carriages before they all converged toward the same carriage, combining as one to form a battle carriage that was several times the size of the original individual carriages.

This carriage was over 100 feet in length and was rhomboid in shape. There was a beast head that resembled a wyrm, but also a python, on the front of the carriage, and as soon as this giant battle carriage appeared, rainbow light flashed in the surrounding area, following which two pairs of thin and long dragonfly-like wings appeared.

The woman and elderly man were both quite alarmed to see this.

"Hurry!" The elderly man was relatively kind of heart and abruptly cautioned Qu'er before hurrying forward. The streak of light that he was situated in combined with that of the woman, and their collective speed more than doubled.

Almost at the exact same moment, the battle carriage flapped its four wings, and red light flashed through the eyes of the beastly head, following which it abruptly vanished on the spot.

With the reminder extended toward her by the elderly man, Qu'er had naturally sensed what was happening behind her, and she was greatly alarmed as white light flashed from her body in an attempt to unleash an acceleration secret technique at the expense of her true essence.

However, it was already too late.

Spatial fluctuations appeared in the air above, following which a burst of azure light abruptly flashed. A burst of unpleasant cackling rang out, and a giant hand that was several tens of feet in size emerged from the azure light before reaching down toward Qu'er.

Qu'er wasn't their target, but seeing as they had chased her down, there was certainly no reasons for them let her go.

Qu'er's expression changed drastically as she gritted her teeth before making a hand seal, upon which hundreds of thin blades swept toward the giant hand in a flash.


A slight cry of surprise rang out from within the battle carriage, but the giant hand showed no sign of stopping. Instead, it released a burst of green light from its palm to sweep aside most of the flying blades amid a rumbling boom, while the giant hand continued to descend.


Qu'er's face had turned deathly pale as she looked on at the gigantic hand. She knew that her powers were nowhere near enough to ward off this astonishing attack.

In this dire situation, a cold harrumph suddenly rang out from nearby. The harrumph wasn't very loud, but for some reason, it was quite clearly audible to everyone.

Immediately thereafter, silver light flashed, and a massive silver seal that was around an acre in size appeared in mid-air.

The sound of howling wind and rumbling thunder rang out before the giant seal crashed down toward the huge hand.

A resounding boom rang out, and the giant hand was quite massive in itself, but there was no way it could withstand an attack from the huge seal, which was comparable in size to a small mountain.

Thus, the giant hand was instantly reduced to nothingness amid a thunderous explosion.

"Who's there? Who dares to oppose our Rong Race?"

An enraged roar rang out from within the azure light, and the spiritual light faded to reveal the rhomboid battle carriage with its pairs of transparent wings flapping incessantly.

There were four humanoid figures that were enshrouded entirely in green light standing atop the carriage, and at first glance, they resembled humans, but upon closer inspection, it was quite clear that they were completely different from normal humans.

Not only were their entire bodies covered in coarse green fur, they had sinister jackal-like heads that were quite harrowing to behold.

"Seeing as you dared to attack my servant, I'll let you have a taste of my new treasure!" A cold male voice rang out, following which a young man with a pair of translucent wings appeared out of thin air.

He raised a hand, and spiritual light flashed as a shimmering silver ruler appeared. This was naturally none other than Han Li, who had virtually instantly arrived on the scene through the power of his Thunderstorm Wings.

The silver seal from earlier was formed by the Heavenly Astral Seal, and with his recent drastic power boost, the treasure was far more powerful than before, thereby allowing it to easily destroy that giant hand.

Han Li had now fully recovered his magic power and had just refined the Chaotic Origin Ruler, so he naturally wasn't fearful in the slightest toward these four foreign beings. Furthermore, the fact that they had attempted to kill Qu'er had ignited the killing intent in his heart, and he immediately flicked his wrist as the Chaotic Origin Ruler let loose a low ringing sound. Countless ruler projection then appeared before surging forward in a frenzy.

"Thank you for saving me, Master!"

"Hmm? Fellow Daoist Han!"

Two different voices sounded in unison, the first of which was Qu'er's elated cry of gratitude, while the other was an expression of surprise from the elderly man that was fleeing up ahead. 

Han Li's expression changed slightly as he cast his gaze toward the distance, where both the woman an the elderly man had already stopped and revealed themselves.

The elderly man was a little familiar, while the woman was instantly recognizable to him. She was none other than the Fairy Yue who had led the other team into the Vast Glacial Realm back in Cloud City.

A hint of surprise also appeared in the woman's eyes at the sight of Han Li while the elderly man heaved a long sigh of relief.

In his eyes, even though Han Li's inclusion still wouldn't make them a match for these Rong beings, it significantly increased their chances of survival. Furthermore, he clearly recalled that Han Li was the leader of the other group, so perhaps there were more Heavenly Cloud beings nearby who could lend them some assistance.

Han Li was also rather taken aback, but he merely nodded at the two of them before the ruler projections in front of him hurtled directly toward the four foreign beings.

Boundless silver light surged through the air, creating an extremely astonishing sight to behold.

The four Rong beings on the flying carriage were initially startled by this turn of events before two of them immediately sprang into action.

One of them flipped a hand over to produce a black flag, which he waved through the air to send countless black chains hurtling toward the oncoming ruler projections.

Meanwhile, the other Rong being opened his mouth to expel a green copper mirror that instantly swelled to several feet in size.

Green light flashed from the surface of the mirror, and boundless green flames erupted forth, sweeping through the air in a frenzy.

The other two Rong beings merely appraised Han Li in a cold manner, displaying no intention of attacking. They were clearly of the opinion that their two companions would be more than enough to take down Han Li.

Han Li's lips twitched slightly upon seeing this, and brilliant azure light erupted from his ruler-wielding hand as pure spiritual power gushed into the Chaotic Origin Ruler in a frenzy.

The slightly blurry ruler projections in the air immediately became a lot more substantial amid violent flashes of spiritual light, transforming into silver rulers that were around half a foot in length each with silver arcs of lightning flashing over their surfaces.

A loud rumbling boom rang out, and countless silver rulers rushed into the black chains and green flames before immediately gaining the upper hand.

"Hmm? So it seems he's not just some pushover." One of the two foreign beings who hadn't attacked furrowed his brows upon seeing this before sweeping a sleeve toward Han Li, sending a crimson bead flying toward him amid a flash of red light.

The treasure flashed before expending to around the size of a human head. Red runes were surging all over its surface, and fiery clouds began to appear out of thin air.

Han Li looked on from afar as these scenes unfolded before he narrowed his eyes and suddenly reached out with an inky black hand.

A small black mountain that was around 10 feet tall immediately appeared above the huge bead before plummeting downward, and the foreign being who had just summoned the bead was given quite a fright.

This bead was not a treasure to be used in direct clashes with other treasures. The Rong being hurriedly made a hand seal, and the huge red bead swayed before conjuring up a dozen or so identical projections that shot forth in all directions.

Blue light flashed through Han Li's eyes, and he immediately pointed a finger at the small black mountain, upon which it suddenly vanished amid a flash of grey light.

In the next instant, grey light flashed in the air above one of the beads, and the small black mountain reappeared before crashing down like lightning.

A resounding boom rang out as grey and red light intertwined momentarily before the bead was shattered into a fiery cloud.

"How dare you break my treasure!"

The foreign who had summoned the treasure immediately flew into a thunderous rage as he pointed a finger at Han Li, sending a dozen or so streaks of crimson light hurtling directly toward him.

In the face of this oncoming attack, Han Li merely chuckled coldly before adjusting his Artifact Imprint Technique, and the countless silver rulers that were dominating the black chains and green flames suddenly converged toward a single spot.

A giant ruler that was several tens of feet abruptly appeared, and it was shimmering with silver light.

At this moment, the dozen or so streaks of crimson light had already reached Han Li, and in response, he merely raised his inky-black hand and swept it forward.

A grey light barrier immediately surfaced, and the dozen or so streaks of crimson light were instantly swept up by the light barrier, thereby preventing them from advancing any further and revealing them to be a dozen or so crimson flying daggers.

Almost at the exact same moment, Han Li tightened his fingers around the Chaotic Origin Ruler before swiping it through the air before him.

The giant silver ruler in the distance immediately let loose a long cry that was akin to a dragon's roar, then came crashing down toward the flying carriage with devastating might.

The other two Rong beings on the carriage naturally weren't going to allow this treasure to fall as it pleased. As such, both of them immediately sprang into action.

The black chains surged through the air before forming a huge black net below the massive ruler, and the mirror that was blasting forth green flames also turned toward the ruler before expelling a huge pillar of green light.

A muffled thump rang out, and the giant ruler was able to easily crash through the green pillar of light like a hot knife through butter.

The two Rong beings who were controlling the treasures were naturally quite taken aback by this, and right at this moment, the final Rong being who had remained silent this entire time suddenly exclaimed, "Look out!"

He then waved a hand upward, sending a streak of grey sword Qi slashing through the air.

Meanwhile, a silver shadow flashed in that direction, and a slightly blurry giant ruler appeared out of thin air.

A peculiar scene then unfolded.

The grey sword Qi had clearly struck the silver rulers, but the former simply passed through the latter as if it were nothing more than an illusion.

The giant silver ruler then appeared above the flag-wielding Rong being in a flash before crashing down with devastating force.

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