Chapter 1732: The Ferocious Might of the Giant Ape

After destroying all of the flying swords with a single strike, the golden-horned young man displayed no intention to stop. The small white bell chimed twice more, and white ripples surged forth again.

At the same time, the projection behind him brandished the two treasures in its hands, and three-colored light erupted forth along with the fiery cloud.

Meanwhile, a sinister look appeared on the young man's face, and he opened his mouth to expel a burst of dense black Qi that began to revolve around his body.

Harrowing ghostly howls rang out, and countless faint green threads that were emitting an overwhelming stench appeared within the black Qi.

On this occasion, the golden-horned young man was unleashing several types of abilities at once, clearly with the intention of killing Han Li in one fell swoop.

Han Li's heart also jolted upon seeing this. He wasn't particularly concerned about the other attacks, but the spatial attacks being unleashed by that small white bell were quite worrying.

However, due to his fact that his magic power hadn't completely recovered, he had no intention of prolonging this battle. As such, he immediately made a decision for how he was going to proceed, and bright purplish-golden light suddenly erupted from his golden body at his behest.

Purple runes fluttered throughout the golden spiritual light as one of the golden body's arms blurred before making a grabbing motion to summon a golden blade segment.

The blade segment let loose a loud ringing sound, and all of the world's origin Qi in a radius of several kilometers converged in a frenzy as countless five-colored streaks of light as if they had been summoned to this place. The world's origin Qi formed a massive five-colored light barrier that obscured most of the entire sky, and only in the Vast Glacial Realm would there be such an astonishing amount of world's origin Qi.

The enormous spiritual Qi imbued within the light barrier came as quite a shock to the young man, yet before he had a chance to react, spiritual light began to swirl around the golden body while golden light was injected into the golden blade segment along its arm in a frenzy.

After just a few flashes, the 20-feet-tall golden body grew noticeably shorter, and golden light flashed violently from the blade segment before it blurred and transformed into a complete blade.

The golden body's blade-wielding arm shuddered, and the clear ringing sound being released by the golden blade abruptly ceased. Meanwhile, the five-colored light barrier in the air descended from above before surging into the golden blade.

The blade was like a bottomless pit that absorbed the entire light barrier within the span of just a few breaths, and it elongated from around a foot in length around 10 feet. The runes on its surface flashed, and it was slashed through the air in a completely soundless manner.

A streak of golden light erupted from the golden blade, and it was initially only several feet in length, but it transformed into a boundless golden wave that swept toward the young man in a flash.

The young man was quite stunned by the power of the golden wave, but at this point, there was no way he could try and negotiate a truce with Han Li. As such, he let loose a sharp cry as he pointed a finger in Han Li's direction in a solemn manner.

The white ripples, fiery cloud, three-colored light, and black Qi immediately swept toward the giant golden wave at his behest.

The fiery cloud, black Qi, and three-colored light crashed into the golden wave amid a resounding boom, but they were instantly vanquished without being able to last even a single second.

However, the white ripples managed to hold their own against the golden light, and a string of explosions rang out as the white and golden light intertwined in a tense impasse.

"That's a Profound Heavenly Holy Artifact!" The young man had suspected whether this was the case, but now that the notion had been confirmed, his heart immediately sank.

He had falsely identified the Profound Heavenly blade segment as a treasure of the same caliber as the small bell. But then again, that wasn't all that preposterous of a comparison. From a pure power perspective, the incomplete blade segment was indeed quite similar to a Profound Heavenly Holy Artifact in that it was only able to emulate and unleash part of a Profound Heavenly Treasure's abilities.

At this moment, the young man flicked his wrist and tossed the small white bell into the air before flicking his fingers toward it.

The bell chimed several times in succession, and crimson light began to appear over the young man's fingers. Furthermore, his face paled progressively with each and every flick, and after the bell had chimed seven or eight times, the young man's face was completely devoid of color.

It was quite clear that the small bell required far more energy to fuel than the average person could imagine. Even though this young man was at the pinnacle of the Spatial Tempering Stage, he was still clearly struggling after just a few flicks.

However, the effect produced by the ringing of the bell was extremely alarming. In the instant that Han Li heard it chime for the first time, his ears immediately began to ring, and the space around him blurred while his body was almost dragged into space by some kind of power of laws.

He was naturally given quite a fright by this sudden development, but he immediately donned his suit of black devilish armor, which released layers of black runes that revolved around him before exploding one after another.

Bursts of fierce black winds instantly took shape, forming a burst of enormous invisible power around him that shielded him within.

The power of laws was extremely troublesome to deal with, but it could only make those black winds warp and twist without being able to reach Han Li.

However, the bell then chimed for the second time, and the black winds were completely vanquished, unable to withstand the power of laws any longer.

As the bell chimed for the second time, piercing black light abruptly erupted from Han Li's devilish armor, and the space near the black light blurred as bursts of buzzing sounds rang out.

The power of laws was acting directly upon the suit of Heavenly Devilish Armor, causing the black light to sway unsteadily.

Han Li had wielded Profound Heavenly Treasures on several occasions in the past, so he was naturally aware of just how fearsome the power of laws was. As such, his expression changed several times in quick succession, and he hurriedly made a hand seal.

A thunderclap rang out, and azure and white spiritual light flashed on his back as a pair of translucent wings appeared.

Right at this moment, the bell chimed for a third time, and the black light being released by the devilish armor instantly congealed before shattering into countless pieces.

Han Li's lips twitched upon seeing this, and he didn't hesitate any longer as he immediately flapped his wings. A loud thunderclap rang out, and Han Li transformed into an azure and white arc of lightning before vanishing on the spot.

In the next instant, the space around where he had been standing just a moment ago warped and collapsed as a black hole appeared.

Han Li had just barely managed to evade the direct attack unleashed by the bell's spatial power.

However, in the instant that the bell chimed for the fourth time, a loud thump rang out from a certain point in space over 200 feet away. A ball of white light appeared out of thin air, following which a figure with arcs of lightning flashing around his body stumbled out of empty space. It was none other than Han Li, who had just vanished into space.

His lightning movement techniques had been easily nullified by the power of the bell. Following another melodious chime, Han Li felt the air tighten around him, and he was struck by a rush of dizziness before he was enveloped within the power of laws in an unavoidable manner.

The power of laws then fell upon him as a burst of enormous force, immediately following which this force abruptly spread in all directions in an attempt to tear Han Li's body apart.

However, right at this moment, Han Li's eyes suddenly widened as he let loose a thunderous roar! 

Golden light that was as dazzling as that of a scintillating sun erupted from his body, and countless strands of coarse golden fur appeared over his skin. At the same time, his teeth transformed into sharp fangs, and he instantly became a massive golden ape.

The ape was around 50 to 60 feet tall with an extremely ferocious appearance. Its limbs were extremely thick and burly and seemed to possess boundless strength.

The giant ape let loose a violent roar before swinging its four limbs vigorously through the air in unison, and a dull thump rang out, as if something in the air had been broken.

A sinister smile then appeared on the giant ape's face as it took a huge stride forward, covering over 300 feet in the blink of an eye, which brought it close to the golden-horned young man. The giant ape then immediately reached out with a huge furry hand, and gusts of fierce winds hurtled directly toward the young man.

The golden-horned young man was already astonished by the fact that the attack from his small bell had failed to take effect, and he couldn't believe his eyes at the sight of the giant ape that Han Li had transformed into.

The massive ape then abruptly appeared beside him before unleashing a vicious attack, and he was caught completely off guard with no time to use the small bell again.

He wasn't familiar at all with Han Li's giant ape transformation, but the fact that it was able to break free from the power of laws with its physical body alone naturally revealed to the young man that it was extremely powerful.

As such, the young man had no choice but to hurriedly make a hand seal, upon which the brilliant light erupted from the blue projection behind him, and it reached out with both hands to conjure up a pair of giant blue blades.

Blue light flashed, and one of the blades swept directly toward the giant ape's oncoming palm while the other hurtled toward the ape's chest, trying to force it to fall back in retreat.

However, the huge ape remained completely expressionless as if it couldn't even see the blue blade slashing toward its chest, and it focused all of its strength on its massive furry hand.

The sound of metal clashing with metal rang out, and as soon as the blue blade came into contact with the massive ape's hand, it abruptly shuddered before being pulverized into blue powder.

Meanwhile, the other blue blade struck the giant ape's chest, only to be repelled by the burst of golden light without being able to harm the ape's fur even in the slightest.


The golden-horned young man was truly horrified now, and his heart thumped violently as he desperately spurred the projection behind him into action.

The blue projection abruptly swelled in size before rushing upward and swinging its fists toward the giant ape.

At the same time, the young man opened his mouth again to expel another burst of black Qi that was intermingled with green threads. He then quickly raised an arm, and crimson light flashed past his face, as well as his finger, as he flicked it toward the small white bell again without any regard for magic power expenditure.

However, the young man had still underestimated just how powerful Han Li was in his giant ape form. 

In the instant that the blue projection came into contact with the huge golden hand, the former was completely destroyed by the massive ape's extraordinary strength.

As for that burst of black Qi, it was also torn apart by the giant hand without being able to pose any impediment.

Thus, the giant ape's hand fell like lightning, completely brushing aside the young man's protective spiritual light before grabbing onto his head and squeezing its fingers together without any hesitation.

The young man only had a chance to adopt an expression of shock and horror before his head exploded like a watermelon, and his headless body swayed before plummeting toward the ground.

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