Chapter 1712: Hurling the Mountain

As his body was swept up by the five-colored light, the surrounding space instantly became as hard as iron and steel. At the same time, a burst of enormous force came crashing down onto his body, completely immobilizing him.

The five purple lightning snakes continued to hurtle toward him amid alarming thunderclaps, and Han Li was instantly plunged into life-threatening danger.

However, he was certainly no ordinary being, and in the next instant, the pale complexion of his face vanished. A frosty look then appeared in his eyes as he let loose a cold harrumph, and golden light flashed from his body as the Provenance True Devil Projection appeared again.

However, on this occasion, it was vastly different from how it had been before...

The projection itself was glowing with scintillating light, and it was as if a layer of golden paint had been applied to it, making it resemble a golden deity statue.

This was none other than the golden body that Han Li had recently successfully cultivated.

Right at this moment, Han Li opened his mouth, and a ball of black light was expelled from within. The ball of black light then vanished into the golden body in a flash as a burst of black Qi.

A hint of intelligence suddenly appeared in the wooden eyes of one of the projection's three heads, and a layer of black Qi surfaced from its face.

The massive golden body then positioned itself in front of Han Li in a flash, and at this point, the purple lightning arcs had already arrived.

However, the golden body remained completely unfazed as it swept five of its hands toward the arcs of purple lightning without any hesitation.

Following a string of dull rumbling booms, five golden pillars of light shot forth from the projection's five palms to meet the arcs of lightning.

The golden light and purple lightning instantly clashed not far away, and despite the immense power of the purple lightning, close to half of it was still eradicated by the pillars of light. However, the pillars of light had also vanished as a result of the clash...

As such, Han Li should be able to escape this perilous situation if he were to control his golden body to unleash another wave of the same attacks. However, the remnants of the arcs of lightning didn't afford him this opportunity.

Another string of loud thunderclaps rang out, and the purple lightning snakes abruptly appeared right in front of Han Li before crashing down in a vicious manner.

However, in this dire situation, all of the arms of Han Li's golden body suddenly blurred, and they instantly vanished on the spot.

In the next instant, the five arcs of purple lightning shuddered and were caught by five golden hands, which had appeared out of thin air without any warning...

The fingers on the five hands closed in on one another, and the arcs of lightning were crushed into nothingness amid a few thunderclaps.

Countless threads of lightning shot forth, and a small portion of them struck the golden body, but they merely vanished in a flash without being able to inflict any harm onto the golden body.

However, thunderclaps were ringing out relentlessly from the five pillars in the distance, and five more arcs of lightning instantly appeared, looking as if they were going to hurtle toward Han Li again.

Thankfully, this brief delay was enough for Han Li to formulate some countermeasures...

With this powerful body and multitude of abilities, there was no way that this restriction would actually be enough to trap him.

Thus, he immediately began to rapidly chant something, and black light swirled over his suit of devilish armor. His body then suddenly swelled drastically, and a layer of thick and coarse golden fur suddenly appeared over his skin.

Blue light flashed from his eyes, and a pair of tusks protruded out of either side of his mouth. He had transformed into a giant ape that was over 100 feet tall.

In his current form, he had blue eyes with golden fur, and a mouthful of sharp fangs that gave him a very menacing appearance.

However, Han Li's usual calculated calmness could be seen within the ape's cold eyes, and his expression remained completely identical to the one that he wore in his original form.

The Heavenly Devilish Armor also expanded along with the giant ape, and spikes on its surface elongated to around a foot in length each. The spikes were flashing with frosty light and struck the beholder with a sense of horror.

This was the Giant Mountain Ape transformation of Han Li's 12 Awakening Transformations.

As soon as he adopted this form, a burst of heat surged throughout his body in a frenzy from his dantian, rapidly flowing through all of his meridians. As a result, his body became around 40% to 50% more powerful.

One had to realize that Han Li's physical body was already insanely powerful, and one could only imagine just how fearsome he currently was following this enhancement...

In the next instant, the giant ape that he had transformed into immediately began to display its astonishing might.

A low roar erupted from the giant ape's mouth, and abruptly flung its massive furry arms up into the air.

The restrictive five-colored light barrier swayed violently in the face of the giant ape's enormous power, and Han Li was instantly able to struggle free.

However, the five-colored light from slightly further away then immediately flashed before surging toward him, not giving him any respite.

The giant ape immediately pointed a finger toward the silver Fire Raven up above without any hesitation, and at the same time, he pointed toward the black mountain off to the side with his other hand.

The giant Fire Raven let loose a loud cry before transforming into a massive fireball that plummeted from the sky, crashing down directly toward the giant golden ape.

Meanwhile, the black mountain suddenly whizzed through the air before disappearing into space.

A resounding boom rang out as silver flames exploded near the giant ape, triggering waves of silver flames.

The oncoming five-colored light was instantly forced away by the exploding flames, rendering them unable to approach the giant ape.

At this point, the golden ape that was situated within the sea of flames had already flipped a hand over. Spatial fluctuations surged forth, and a black mountain that was over 100 feet tall appeared out of thin air before being easily hoisted up by a furry palm.

The giant ape was making the mountain look as if it were a weightless toy!

Immediately thereafter, Han Li did something that would give the onlooker a massive fright, had there been any onlookers present.

A vicious light flashed through the eyes of the giant ape that he had transformed into, and he suddenly bent his mountain-carrying arm before drawing back, then abruptly hurling the Extreme Essencefused Mountain through the air like a rock.

He hadn't used any abilities or techniques to spur the treasure into action; he was merely launching it through his own enormous physical strength.

The Extreme Essencefused Mountain hadn't been enlarged to its maximal extent, so it wasn't in its absolute heaviest possible state, but it still weighed over 50,000 kilograms. After being hurled through the air, an extremely piercing screeching sound immediately rang out.

The black mountain instantly transformed into a black shadow, leaving a trail of white gale-force winds in its wake. At the same time, a massive white mark also flashed through the mountain before abruptly appearing in mid-air.

From a distance, it could be seen that the white mark was twisting and warping relentlessly, and there were bursts of powerful spatial fluctuations emanating from within it. It was as if a spatial rift were gradually taking shape, and that was sufficient testament to the tremendous force with which the giant ape had hurled the mountain.

The mountain was hurtling directly toward one of the five purple pillars, and arcs of lightning instantly erupted from that pillar. Several purple arcs of lightning were released to attack the gargantuan oncoming projectile, but they were unable to slow down the black mountain, even in the slightest.

In the next instant, the black mountain flew through the arcs of purple lightning before crashing viciously into the pillar. Purple and black light flashed, and an earth-shattering boom instantly rang out!

A piercing ball of black, grey, and purple three-colored light instantly erupted from the pillar. The ball of light was like a scintillating three-colored sun that forced the onlooker to avert their gaze.

However, blue light flashed through the giant ape's eyes, allowing it to look directly at the ball of light and clearly glean what lay within it. The giant ape then immediately raised an arm, then made a grabbing motion with its huge furry hand toward the ball of light in the distance before quickly flipping its hand over.

Spatial fluctuations erupted from above its palm, and an object appeared in a flash before landing on the giant ape's hand. It was none other than the black mountain that had just been hurled through the air.

The surface of the mountain was still pitch-black and completely unscathed, and just that alone was a clear indication of how extraordinarily hard it was...

After recovering the black mountain, the giant ape immediately let loose a thunderous roar before swinging its arm forward and launching the mountain forward again.

On this occasion, the mountain was sent flying toward another purple pillar.

Thus, another responding explosion rang out as the mountain struck that second pillar. The same ball of scintillating light erupted forth, and at this point, the light radiating from the first pillar had already receded, thereby revealing its current state.

The purple pillar was originally over 100 feet tall, yet it had now been reduced to less than half its original height, and there were purple shards that resembled both a stone and a metallic material strewn all over the nearby ground.

The pillars had been forged through some mysterious unknown methods, but they definitely weren't as hard as an extraordinary treasure like the Extreme Essencefused Mountain.

After all, this was a mountain that had been born from the energy of heaven and earth, and it was extremely resolute to begin with. Furthermore, it had been infused with that unknown greyish-white stone block, then underwent a second refinement using a refinement secret technique from the True Immortal Realm. 

Even if Han Li wanted to destroy it himself, he would have only been able to do so by using his spirit flame to melt it away bit by bit.

On top of that, the mountain had been hurled using the devastating power of Han Li's Giant Mountain Ape form, and if the pillars could still remain standing even in the face of such an attack, then Han Li would've immediately turned around and departed as any further efforts expended to break the pillars would only be a waste of time and energy...

Thus, Han Li hurled the Extreme Essencefused Mountain as a projectile on five successive occasions, destroying large sections of all of the five purple pillars. Without the support of the pillars, the five-colored light barrier above the medicine garden was no match for the silver Fire Raven, and it was quickly completely devoured.

The giant golden ape immediately made a hand seal upon seeing this, and golden light flashed from its body as it shrank down again while its fur receded.

Han Li returned to his original form in the blink of an eye amid a flash of spiritual light, undoing his Giant Mountain Ape transformation.

He glanced at what remained of the pillars, and a hint of astonishment appeared in his eyes.

He had only fused with the true spirit blood of the Giant Mountain Ape just recently, and he didn't expect this transformation to imbue him with such enormous power. It seemed that this transformation suited him better than the other few types of transformations that he had mastered.

After all, his other true spirit transformations only gave him a few extra abilities or allowed him to sense and draw upon more of the world's origin Qi, but none of them were able to dramatically enhance the power of his physical body like this Giant Mountain Ape transformation could.

If he had known from the beginning that this transformation would've been so effective, there would've been no need for him to waste time and take these risks; he could've just adopted this transformation from the get-go and destroyed the restriction through brute force.

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