Chapter 1697: Perilous Situation

Liu Shui'er brows furrowed upon hearing this, and after a long internal conflict, she finally heaved a faint sigh and agreed to this suggestion.

However, they hadn't parted with those two Sea Monarch beings for very long, so they naturally couldn't just begin meditating on the spot.

Otherwise, if those two were to change their minds or draw some powerful beasts or foreign beings to Han Li's trio, they would be placed in a perilous situation. 

Thus, Han Li's trio continued onward for about half a day before finally catching sight of a small azure mountain with abundant spiritual Qi.

As a safety precaution, all three of them naturally scanned their spiritual sense toward the mountain several times, and the result of their inspection was quite a positive one.

The mountain wasn't very tall, and there was a bunch of grey-furred beasts residing on it, but all of them were very weak, and even the most powerful ones among them were only at the Foundation Establishment Stage.

As such, the three of them were able to descend onto the mountain and kill all of these beasts with ease.

The cave that these beasts had been residing in was an ideal cultivation venue as well. The spiritual Qi there was very rich, and although it stank a little, that slight problem was resolved after Liu Shui'er unleashed one of her water-attribute abilities to cleanse the cave.

Thus, the three of them took over the cave and began to meditate in there.

Three days passed by in a flash. 

At this point, Han Li had completed a full cycle of Qi circulation, and he seemed to have sensed something as he slowly opened his eyes, casting his gaze toward Liu Shui'er, who just so happened to also open her eyes at that exact moment. Thus, their eyes met, and from the exuberant light shimmering within her pupils, Han Li could tell that she'd clearly recovered all of her magic power.

"Congratulations on making a full recovery," Han Li said with a calm smile.

In response, Liu Shui'er heaved a forlorn sigh. "I feel very embarrassed to be such a burden to you, Brother Han."

"Hehe, that's certainly not the case, Fairy Liu. If it weren't for the fact that you'd held off four silver-eyed Dark Beasts on your own back in the Dark Beast Forest, how would Fellow Daoist Shi and I have managed to escape?" Han Li replied with a faint smile.

Meanwhile, Shi Kun had also opened his eyes, and he burst into laughter upon hearing this. "Haha, I'll have to disagree with you on that one, Brother Han. With the unfathomable abilities that you've displayed, even if you couldn't kill all of those Dark Beasts on your own, you were definitely powerful enough to escape from them. It's already a vastly fortunate outcome for Fairy Liu and myself that we were able to escape from the Dark Beast Forest with nothing more than some magic power expenditure."

"You two are far too kind. I do indeed possess some powerful abilities, but all of them are only good for a single attack. If I were to be surrounded by too many Dark Beasts, I really would've been in grave danger. Hehe, in contrast, with your powerful body, I'm sure you could've crashed your way through and made your escape," Han Li said as he stroked his chin with a hint of a smile on his face.

"Perhaps so. Seeing as Fairy Liu has already recovered her magic power, let's keep going. The sooner we find those restricted ruins, the sooner we can heave a sigh of relief," Shi Kun chuckled as he rose to his feet.

Han Li and Liu Shui'er exchanged a quick glance, and neither of them had any objections to this.

Thus, three streaks of light quickly departed from the small mountain.

Six days later, Han Li's trio found themselves surrounded by a flock of four-winged birds that attacked by blasting blades of wind out of their beaks.

Han Li and the others had all unleashed their treasures, and blood rained down from the sky as they made short work of those strange birds.

Half a month later, Han Li and the others were slowly flying along the edge of a lake that extended as far as the eyes could see. All of them were holding their breaths and had concealed themselves as extremely faint shadows, flying through the air without daring to release any of their auras.

Down below, there was a group of gigantic half-horse half-fish beings floating in the water.

These mountainous creatures were playing around by blasting pillars of water as thick as water tanks at one another, and the pillars of water all disappeared amid flashes of blue light upon striking their bodies.

Occasionally, one of them would dodge a pillar of water, and it would strike the land beside the lake amid a resounding boom, leaving a massive crater that was several hundred feet in diameter in its wake, creating a rather harrowing sight to behold.

Thankfully, Han Li and the others all possessed brilliant concealment techniques, and these massive beasts were too busy enjoying themselves to notice three ant-like beings flying over their heads.

Thus, the three of them managed to safely pass the lake.

A month later, Han Li's trio was flying in the air over a bleak and desolate set of plains, and they were battling four beings that were enshrouded from head to toe in clouds of black Qi.

Countless streaks of azure sword Qi were swirling around Han Li's body, creating a virtually impenetrable barrier and slicing through the black chain-like treasures being used by the two opposing foreign beings.

However, these chains were immediately able to recover in a flash at the behest of these beings, then transformed into countless projections that unleashed a relentless barrage of attacks at Han Li again.

Meanwhile, Liu Shui'er had blue light shimmering all over her entire body, and she was enveloped within a ball of strange liquid. At the same time, she was controlling her set of short silver spears, which were conjuring up specks of starlight that enshrouded another foreign being down below.

However, her opponent seemed to be quite powerful as well. It was controlling a strange bird that had scorching black flames all over its body, and this monstrous bird was clashing repeatedly with the short silver spears without falling to a disadvantage. 

As for Shi Kun, the yellow light around him had transformed into a giant that was 100 feet tall. A strange layer of grey stone with vicious foot-long spikes protruding from it had also covered his entire body. As he swung his fists through the air, massive stone spikes were sent hurtling through the air before exploding on their own, forcing the final foreign being to stumble back in retreat. 

Even though this foreign being was clearly on the back foot, it was still able to conjure up massive black shields with the black Qi around its body to keep Shi Kun's attacks at bay, thereby ensuring self-preservation.

All of a sudden, Liu Shui'er let loose an urgent cry. "Brother Han, Fellow Daoist Shi, we need to make haste. These are beings from the Night Race, and they're just like Dark Beasts in that their powers are significantly enhanced in the night."

Han Li's expression changed slightly upon hearing this, and he cast a glance up at the sky.

At this point, the sky had already dimmed slightly, and night clearly wasn't far away.

"Kukuku, you're only thinking about that now? Don't you think it's too late already? After just a while longer, I'm going to crush all of you Heavenly Cloud beings!" one of the two Night beings who were battling Han Li cackled in a sinister manner.

"After a while? You'll all have been erased from this world by then," Han Li said in a cold voice.

Immediately thereafter, he abruptly reached an inky-black hand out of his sleeve before gently waving it through the air, instantly conjuring up a burst of grey light in the process.

At the same time, Liu Shui'er made a hand seal, and a grey wheel of light surfaced behind her.

Meanwhile, Shi Kun threw his head back and let loose a long cry while flicking his 10 fingers through the air in rapid succession.

Moments later, the three of them had conjured up a massive grey ball of light with countless runes flashing over its surface.

The grey ball of light then immediately exploded, sending a torrential downpour of runes descending from above that encompassed the entire area in a radius of around 500 meters.

The four Night beings were quite alarmed by this development, and all of them unleashed their most powerful abilities to oppose this devastating assault, but each and every one of the runes contained far more power than they'd anticipated.

Following a string of earth-shattering explosions, the four Night beings completely ceased to exist.

Only then did Han Li's trio withdraw their Divine Essencefused Light before exchanging smiles with one another.

Three months later, Han Li and the others were flying as quickly as they could over a set of mountain ranges with thousands of demon beasts giving chase in hot pursuit.

Several kilometers behind them, a vast expanse of silver mist was hurtling toward them like a massive tidal wave, and all of the plants and beasts that stood in their way were all completely devoured, leaving not even a single blade of grass in their wake.

After a while, all types of beasts and birds began to flee for their lives in a panicked manner, creating a doomsday-like scenario.

"What do we do? We'll get chased down by these Silver Swarm Insects sooner or later if we keep going like this. Those insects are rumored to be just as fearsome as Gold Devouring Beetles, and they won't give up until their prey is dead. I can't believe so many of them were bred in this world." Shi Kun transmitted his voice to Han Li and Liu Shui'er with a dark expression as he flew through the air.

"Indeed. It's also said that these insects possess astonishing stamina, and it won't be an issue for them to chase us even for a few months in a row. Even powerful ancient beasts can only flee in the face of these insects." Liu Shui'er's voice was already tinged with a hint of panic.

It was no wonder that they were beginning to get quite flustered. After all, these fearsome insects had been chasing them for three days and three nights. During this process, they'd expended close to half of the magic power within their bodies, so it was only natural for them to fear for the worst.

Han Li also wore a grim expression, but he remained relatively calm as he said, "The only way to throw them off our trail would be to hope that we can encounter a few ancient beasts in the nearby area that will draw them away."

"But according to our map, the closest area frequented by ancient beasts is around a month away. As a safety precaution, we intentionally selected this route where ancient beasts rarely ever appear," Shi Kun replied with a wry smile.

Han Li's brows also furrowed upon hearing this, and he was temporarily at a loss for ideas. 

However, right at this moment, a buzzing sound suddenly rang out in the distance, following which clouds of green mist began to appear up ahead. There were hundreds of these clouds of mist, and they were rapidly flying toward Han Li's trio.

Han Li was naturally quite startled to see this, and blue light flashed through his eyes, thereby instantly allowing him to glean the true appearance of these green clouds.

It turned out that these clouds consisted of countless fist-sized butterflies, all of which were extremely sinister in appearance and had green powder flashing around their bodies.

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