Chapter 1693: Combination Secret Technique

The giant beast's third eyes were blasting forth beams of silver light without pause, creating a relentless barrage of attacks that resembled a torrential downpour.

Liu Shui'er was evading the silver beams of light with all her might, and she'd clearly unleashed her most powerful abilities and treasures in the process.

Aside from that set of short silver spears, she'd also summoned a set of small white flags, as well as a small golden drum.

The white flags transformed into balls of white light, within which runes were surging incessantly, creating quite a mysterious sight to behold.

Meanwhile, the small golden drum was rapidly rotating on the spot, sending waves of golden light hurtling toward the giant beast with devastating force.

As for Liu Shui'er herself, aside from the myriad arm projection behind her, she'd also conjured up a series of blue lotus flowers all over her body, all of which were translucent and extremely beautiful.

Not only did they present a vibrant sight to behold, these lotus flowers were all very powerful as well.

Upon striking the lotus flowers, the silver beams of light that occasionally penetrated through all of Liu Shui'er's other defenses would vanish along with the lotus flowers themselves amid loud explosions.

However, it was quite clear that unleashing these ice lotus flowers was extremely taxing to her, and every time a new one appeared over her body, her face would immediately pale slightly.

During this short period of time, she'd already summoned over 100 of these flowers, and it was quite clear that she wouldn't be able to keep this up for much longer.

In fact, she was only choosing to persist as Han Li had arrived. Otherwise, she would've fled for her life as soon as those four silver-eyed Dark Beasts combined as one.

Upon witnessing Han Li and Shi Kun's timely arrival, Liu Shui'er was ecstatic, and she hurriedly yelled, "Fellow Daoists, this giant beast is truly powerful; we have to unleash our combination secret technique right away!"

Han Li was just about to attack the giant beast, and he faltered momentarily upon hearing this before immediately nodding in response. Thus, he made a hand seal with his inky-black hand, and grey light erupted into the heavens from behind him, forming a vast light barrier.

Meanwhile, Shi Kun also let loose a low cry following a brief hesitation, and the spiritual light around his body abruptly turned pitch-black in color as he spread apart the fingers of his hands, sending countless threads of grey light hurtling through the air.

At the same time, Liu Shui'er also switched to another hand seal, and the projection behind her suddenly vanished before it was replaced by a grey wheel of light.

The grey wheel of light behind her blurred before rotating at a rapid rate, and countless runes surged forth from within in a frenzy. These runes were then quickly shattering before converging again, gradually forming a massive rune at the center of the wheel.

Liu Shui'er eyes flashed as she began to chant a profound incantation, and the four-headed giant beast seemed to have been struck by a sense of foreboding upon seeing this.

It immediately let loose an enraged roar, and a pillar of silver light that was far thicker than the previous ones shot forth from each of its four silver eyes. These pillars of light then combined as one to form a huge pillar of light that was comparable in diameter to a large bowl, and it hurtled directly toward Liu Shui'er.

At the same time, the dozen or so giant beastly projections also split up into two groups before pouncing toward Han Li and Shi Kun.

Prior to even drawing close to the two of them, the projections blasted forth powerful pillars of light, and their bodies gradually transformed amid bursts of black Qi, forming a giant black net that descended toward Han Li and Shi Kun from above.

However, these were merely projections conjured up by the silver-eyed beasts, so Han Li naturally didn't regard them as a substantial threat.

He merely chuckled coldly, and without even raising a hand, a ball of silver flames flew out of his body on its own, then swelled drastically to form a silver fireball that was around 10 feet in size.

The fireball rotated on the spot before abruptly exploding, sending countless silver sparks hurtling through the air.

At the same time, a crystalline shield appeared before Han Li, and the black pillars of light were all refracted away, thereby completely missing him.

As for the giant net that had been formed by the black projections, it was struck by countless silver sparks before it could descend much further, and scorching silver flames immediately erupted, quickly incinerating the net into nothingness.

Shi Kun wasn't able to take care of these oncoming attacks as easily and nonchalantly as Han Li had, but he had also opened his mouth to produce a crimson copper mirror.

The mirror shuddered, and three-colored flames erupted from within. Not only were the black pillars of light easily nullified by these flames, even the section of the black net that was descending toward him had been kept at bay by the three-colored flames.

Meanwhile, in the face of the oncoming pillar of silver light, Liu Shui'er's expression changed slightly, and she immediately made a strange hand seal with one hand, while pointing a finger at the pillar of light in a solemn manner with her other hand.

The grey wheel of light behind her emitted a faint buzzing sound, and it suddenly flew out from behind her to meet the silver pillar of light.

Thus, the two clashed, and the pillar of light struck the massive rune at the center of the grey wheel in a flash.

The giant rune at the center of the wheel immediately began to rotate rapidly, forming a completely indecipherable blur in the end.

A peculiar scene then ensued.

The pillar of light vanished into the rune in a flash as if it were a sandcastle in the rising tide.

In the next instant, grey light flashed right in front of the giant beast, and a rune that was around 10 feet in size appeared. Immediately thereafter, brilliant silver light erupted from the rune, and a pillar of silver light that was just as thick as the one the giant beast had unleashed was blasted out of the massive rune.

Liu Shui'er had just unleashed some kind of incredible ability to draw the silver pillar of light into space, then somehow direct it back toward her opponent.

However, this ability was clearly extremely taxing, and an unnatural flush appeared on her pale features while her body swayed unsteadily on the spot.

Thankfully, she was able to immediately right herself while forcibly repressing the unhealthy flush that had crept onto her cheeks.

The four-headed Dark Beast faltered slightly at the sight its own attack being thrown back at it, following which expressions of shock and fury appeared on all four of its faces. However, it had no choice but to blast forth four beams of silver light from its silver eyes again to oppose this attack.

The two bursts of silver light clashed amid a resounding boom, and a ball of piercing light exploded as massive silver waves of light proliferated through the air in all directions. In the wake of these silver shockwaves, even the nearby space was warping slightly and emitting a faint buzzing sound.

During this brief moment of respite, Liu Shui'er flicked her 10 fingers through the air in rapid succession, sending forth a series of incantation seals of different colors, which all quickly vanished into the grey wheel of light.

"Go!" She then let loose a delicate cry as she pointed a finger at the grey wheel up ahead, following which countless runes erupted from the wheel of light in a frenzy before forming a pillar of grey light that hurtled through the air.

At the same time, Han Li and Shi Kun also made hand seals in unison, and the pillar of grey light abruptly appeared right above the four-headed giant beast along with the grey threads that had been conjured up earlier.

The grey lights combined as one in a flash, forming a giant ball of light with a diameter in excess of 100 feet.

The ball of grey light had countless fist-sized runes all over its surface, all of which were shimmering with dazzling light.

All of a sudden, the ball of light shattered amid a dull thump, following which a wave of runes surged forth from within in a frenzy.

Han Li's trio immediately made a series of hand seals while chanting something in a well-rehearsed sequence.

A peculiar scene then ensued high up in the air.

The runes that had emerged from the ball of light rotated on the spot before immediately crashing down toward the giant beast like a torrential downpour of destruction.

The giant beast down below was naturally also able to sense the terrifying power imbued within these runes, and it let loose an enraged roar before suddenly pressing all four of its heads together. The four beastly heads then combined as one amid a flash of black light to form a giant head that was far more sinister than before.

Not only had the beast grown a pair of sharp deer-like antlers on its head, two long tusks were also protruding from within its mouth, each of which was around 10 feet in length, and they looked as if they were a pair of giant blades.

What was even more astonishing was that a row of four silver eyes had appeared side by side on the beast's forehead, and some of them were completely still while others were constantly scanning through the surrounding area.

In the face of the torrential downpour of silver runes, the beast's four silver eyes all looked up in unison, and spiritual light flashed through those eyes before countless balls of silver light appeared above its head. Each ball of light was only around the size of a human thumb, but they immediately shot forth upward as streaks of silver light.

At the same time, the giant beast abruptly drew in a sharp breath, then opened its mouth to reveal an inky-black ball of light.

As soon as this ball of light emerged from within its mouth, it expanded drastically then formed a black light barrier that enshrouded the beast's entire body in a flash.

The light barrier was so dense that it appeared to be a substantial structure, and it was flickering and fluctuating in brightness incessantly, creating quite a peculiar sight to behold.

Han Li's eyes narrowed slightly, and a cold light flashed through his pupils as he witnessed this from above.

Right at this moment, the silver light and the torrential downpour of runes clashed, creating countless explosions of spiritual light, and plunging the world's origin Qi nearby into a completely chaotic state. A hurricane that was over 1,000 feet tall was swept up almost instantly, and it expanded outward in all directions in a frenzy, trying to devour everything it encountered.

Liu Shui'er and Shi Kun's expressions changed drastically upon seeing this, and they both flew back over 100 feet while using their defensive treasures to shield themselves.

Meanwhile, Han Li suddenly flapped his wings, and he vanished on the spot as an arc of azure and white lightning.

In the next instant, spatial fluctuations erupted beside the black light barrier down below, and Han Li reappeared out of thin air amid another flash of lightning.

Within the light barrier, the giant beast was snarling incessantly, and as silver light flashed within the four eyes on its forehead, black scales were beginning to appear all over its body. A pair of long black feelers had also sprouted from either side of its chin, and its thin and long tail had become extremely thick and menacing. In conjunction with the pair of giant lamp-like eyes on its face, it bore a strong resemblance to a Kirin.

Black light was flashing within the beast's mouth, and a terrifying aura was erupting from its body, striking bystanders with a bone-chilling sensation.

Han Li faltered slightly upon seeing this, and even though his expression remained unchanged, his lips were twitching involuntarily. All of a sudden, golden light flashed from his body, and a projection with three heads and six arms flew out from within.

The projection waved an arm through the air, and a shimmering golden blade segment appeared in its hand, which it gently slashed toward the black light barrier.

Countless kilometers away from this battlefield, a golden Dark Beast was speeding through the forest with a dozen or so Three-eyed Dark Beasts behind it.

All of a sudden, golden light flashed from its body, and it abruptly stopped on a branch as it turned around with a hint of bewilderment in its inky-black eyes.

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