Chapter 1692: Initial Display of Powers

These black butterflies then shuddered as if they'd encountered the bane of their existence, then shattered into specks of black light.

At this moment, the mountain slowly revolved, and a burst of enormous suction force swept forth as a vast expanse of grey light, sweeping up the specks of black light before drawing them into the underside of the mountain, where they disappeared in a flash.

This Dark Beast had been drawn into the Divine Essencefused Mountain, and only the heavens knew whether it was still alive.

Right after this Dark Beast vanished as specks of black light, three of the projections that were attacking Shi Kun also disappeared in a flash.

At this moment, the two other Dark Beasts had only just blasted away Shi Kun's massive fiery war hammers with their pillars of black light, and they were extremely alarmed and furious that one of their companions was nowhere to be seen. Black light erupted from their bodies, and they combined as one to form a twin-headed silver-eyed Dark Beast.

This fused beast was over 200 feet in size, and the third vertical eyes on their glabellas had increased in size by severalfold, making them appear as if they were a pair of shimmering silver lamps.

As soon as this giant beast appeared, both of its heads turned toward different directions, and their third eyes abruptly sprung open to blast forth a thumb-sized beam of silver light each.

One of the beams of light shot forth toward the massive blue wave while the other hurtled toward the giant black mountain up above.

The silver light struck the two in a flash, and even though the beams of light were quite thin, they seemed to possess extraordinary power. Both the blue wave and the giant mountain shuddered before faltering in mid-air, unable to advance any further.

A faint cry of surprise suddenly rang out from somewhere near the giant fused Dark Beast.

The twin-headed Dark Beast was elated that its ability had been effective in keeping Han Li's attacks at bay, yet its expressions immediately darkened as it heard this cry of surprise. One of its front paws swiped through the air like lightning toward the spot where the sound had come from, and the beast was so massive that even just one of its paws was around 10 feet in size.

Claw projections flashed through the air, encompassing the entire area nearby. At the same time, one of its heads swiveled around, and another beam of silver light shot forth from its third eye.

After fusing together, this giant beast was able to blast this silver light out of its third eyes in quick succession.

If someone were to be caught off guard by this, thinking that the beast wouldn't be able to unleash that silver light so quickly after its previous attack, then they could be in a bit of trouble.

An earth-shattering boom rang out, and a shimmering golden humanoid figure suddenly appeared out of thin air. It was holding a shimmering silver seal that had transformed into a swath of silver light, which had blocked the giant twin-headed Dark Beast's massive paw with ease.

At the same time, the humanoid figure merely harrumphed coldly at the sight of the oncoming beam of silver light, and a small crystalline shield suddenly appeared before him. The shield swelled to around 10 feet in size in a flash, refracting the beam of silver light so that it completely missed the golden humanoid figure. 

The twin-headed beast was quite taken aback by this. The golden humanoid figure was naturally none other than Han Li, who had revealed himself after removing his black veil, while the white python was his sentient puppet, Doll.

As soon as he saw the giant beast's attack, he immediately brought out his Heavenly Astral Seal to see just how powerful it was.

At the sight of how easily the treasure had kept the giant beast's attack at bay, an elated smile immediately appeared on his face.

All of a sudden, he flapped the wings on his back, and abruptly vanished on the spot as an arc of azure and white lightning. The giant beast was quite alarmed to see this, and it hurriedly surveyed its surroundings with its six eyes.

Right at this moment, a loud thunderclap rang out from above its heads, and Han Li appeared atop the black mountain, which had been kept at bay by the beam of silver light.

He looked down at the mountain with a cold expression, then gently stomped down onto it with a single foot.

The silver runes on the mountain immediately lit up before swelling to around 10 times their original size in a flash before flashing erratically, looking as if they were about to emerge from the mountain as substantial objects.

Almost at the exact same moment, the space around the mountain twisted and warped amid a loud tearing sound.

The mountain abruptly vanished on the spot along with Han Li, appearing right above the giant twin-headed beast amid a flash of silver light in the next instant, as if it had been there all along, then crashed down onto its body.

The giant beast let loose a roar of bewilderment, yet before it had a chance to do anything, it was forced to plummet downward like a massive shooting star under the immense weight of the mountain.

Its two heads glanced at one another, and both of them immediately let loose ferocious roars. At the same time, black light flashed from its body, and it began to swell drastically in size.

In the blink of an eye, the twin-headed Dark Beast had expanded to over 100 feet in size, and its black fur took on a faint silver hue as its aura swelled to become more than twice as powerful as before.

The beast projections they'd conjured up also swelled dramatically in size and received significant power boosts.

Shi Kun's expression changed slightly upon seeing this, but he then immediately let loose a loud cry as brilliant spiritual light erupted from his suit of yellow armor, following which he raised a hand and pointed toward the two giant crimson war hammers in the distance.

The crimson fiery wyrm that was revolving around his body suddenly let loose a resounding roar before it vanished into the war hammers. 

Bright crimson light immediately radiated from the two war hammers before crashing toward the twin-headed Dark Beast.

Even before reaching its target, scorching crimson flames hurtled forth from the pair of war hammers.

Following their fusion, the two Dark Beasts had become significantly more powerful, so they naturally didn't fear this attack. As such, they immediately raised their heads and let loose a long howl in unison, then slashed their four paws through the air.

Four claw projections flew through the air, each of which was around 10 feet in length, and the four suddenly combined as one to form a black crescent moon that was several tens of feet long.

The crescent moon easily tore through the oncoming flames, then struck both of the giant crimson war hammers at once with an earth-shattering boom. Black and red light then intertwined with one another as they engaged in a fierce battle for supremacy.

After that, the twin-headed Dark Beast opened its mouths and blasted forth two thick pillars of black light. At the same time, the projections they'd conjured up also took advantage of this opportunity to pounce toward Shi Kun. Shi Kun naturally wasn't going to back down, and he let loose a loud cry before abruptly clenching his fists, which began to glow with dazzling yellow light. As he swung his arms through the air, countless fist projections shot forth, hurtling directly toward the pillars of light and beastly projections.

Just as the twin-headed Dark Beast was attacking Shi Kun, white light suddenly flashed from the giant white python's body, and it transformed into a beautiful white-robed woman with a long and slender figure.

As soon as the woman appeared, it made a grabbing motion toward the blue jade fan, immediately drawing it back into her grasp.

She then waved the fan through the air toward the twin-headed Dark Beast over and over again, creating bursts of blue light that overlapped with one another to form a giant blue wave that was over 100 feet tall before crashing violently toward the giant beast.

At the same time, the black mountain hovering in mid-air also swayed before vanishing on the spot.

However, in the next instant, grey light flashed above the heads of twin-headed Dark Beast, and the massive black mountain re-emerged out of thin air.

It rotated on the spot and released a burst of grey light that descended toward the giant beast.

Having just witnessed the fate that their companion had suffered, the twin-headed Dark Beast had naturally been keeping a close eye on the mountain, so they were able to immediately react to this sneak attack as they both let loose thunderous roars of fury. Black light began to flash from the twin-headed Dark Beast's body, and it sprang up into the air.

A peculiar scene then ensued!

During its descent, the silver runes on the giant mountain flashed, and both the mountain, as well as the giant beast down below, vanished into thin air. However, an earth-shattering boom then immediately rang out thereafter, and the black mountain reappeared on the ground as if through instantaneous teleportation.

At the same time, a massive crater with a diameter of over 2,000 feet had appeared beneath the mountain, and the twin-headed Dark Beast had been crushed under the mountain. Only its heads could be seen, and both heads were bleeding from all seven orifices, while its body had been completely immobilized under the enormous weight of the mountain.

Han Li stood at the peak of the mountain, and a cold light flashed through his eyes upon seeing this as he suddenly swept a sleeve through the air.

Two small swords immediately flew out from within, each of which was only around several inches in length. These swords then swayed and immediately transformed into streaks of azure light that were 70 to 80 feet long, flying down to the foot of the mountain in a flash.

Azure light swept forth, and two giant heads were decapitated at once.

Strangely enough, not a single drop of blood flowed from the twin-headed Dark Beast's body following its decapitations, and the wound left behind on its necks were completely inky-black.

Han Li remained completely expressionless upon seeing this, and merely stomped down onto his mountain again.

The mountain descended even further amid a resounding boom, causing the giant crater to deepen while also expanding drastically in area.

As for the body of the giant beast crushed beneath the mountain, it was completely shattered and dissipated into specks of black light that fled in all directions.

However, these specks of light were only able to fly around 100 feet away from the mountain at most before they were drawn into the mountain by the vast expanse of grey light that swept forth from it.

Only then did a smile appear on Han Li's face, and he rose up into the air before making a grabbing motion downwards with his inky-black hand.

Following a loud rumbling noise, the mountain shrank down at a rapid rate, and when it flew back into his hand as a streak of black light, it had already reverted back to just several inches in size.

It appeared to be quite a lengthy process from the instant that Doll had appeared to the moment that all three silver-eyed Dark Beasts were slain by Han Li, but only a very short period of time had actually elapsed. 

Prior to this, Shi Kun was still swinging his fiery war hammers with all his might, trying to keep his opponents at bay, yet in the next instant, his opponents suddenly disappeared. All of the beastly projections conjured up by these silver-eyed Dark Beasts had vanished upon their death. Shi Kun faltered upon seeing this before hurriedly stowing away his war hammers, then turning to Han Li with astonishment in his eyes. In the process, he naturally caught sight of Doll as well.

Han Li merely gave him a faint smile before waving a hand toward Doll, and the sentient puppet immediately stowed away the blue jade fan in its hand before flying toward him as a streak of white light.

It then reverted back into its snake form in a flash before shrinking down to around a foot in length and vanishing into his sleeve.

After stowing away his puppet, Han Li flapped his wings without any hesitation, and his body shot forth as an arc of lightning amid a loud thunderclap.

Immediately thereafter, he appeared on the other battlefield, and a vicious look flashed through his eyes as he cast his gaze downward.

The situation had deteriorated drastically for Liu Shui'er. She had held the upper hand against the four silver-eyed Dark Beasts earlier, yet she was now only barely hanging on for dear life.

The four silver-eyed Dark Beasts had combined as one to form a gigantic four-headed Dark Beast that was close to 500 feet in length, and its aura was comparable to that of a holy race being.

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