Chapter 1690: Two Beasts

Han Li and Liu Shui'er couldn't help but exchange a surprised glance upon seeing this.

At this moment, Shi Kun finally struggled slowly to his feet, then transmitted his voice to his two companions in a furious manner.

"What's going on? Why would a Dark Beast Monarch appear alone here? I can't believe I was unlucky enough to crash into a Dark Beast Monarch out of the blue!"

"Are you alright, Brother Shi?" Liu Shui'er transmitted her voice in reply in a concerned manner.

"It's alright, my body went completely numb earlier, but I'm much better now," Shi Kun grumbled, and he really did appear to be fine.

Han Li's brows furrowed upon hearing this, yet just as he was about to ask something, the roars of countless beasts suddenly rang out in the distance up ahead.

The roars were like rumbling thunder, making their ears ring loudly, and even the nearby trees were trembling violently as if they'd come to life.

"What's happening?" Liu Shui'er exclaimed.

Han Li and Shi Kun also wore bewildered expressions.

However, in the next instant, the roars suddenly cut off, but countless astonishing auras abruptly appeared up ahead before approaching Han Li's trio at a rapid speed.

Moments later, all three of them heard an incessant rustling noise, and Han Li's face immediately paled as he hurriedly transmitted his voice to Shi Kun and Liu Shui'er. "Dodge!"

Immediately thereafter, he rushed toward a nearby tree, then vanished into it amid a flash of azure light.

Shi Kun and Liu Shui'er also reacted extremely quickly, springing into action almost as soon as Han Li had issued his warning.

Shi Kun stomped his foot into the ground beneath his feet, and he sank into the soil amid a flash of yellow light. Meanwhile, Liu Shui'er opened her mouth to expel a ball of blue light, and she gradually turned transparent within the blue light before disappearing on the spot.

Almost as soon as the three of them had taken these evasive measures, black light flashed in the distance, and countless Dark Beasts surged forth from up ahead.

It was as if most of the Dark Beasts in this entire forest had been gathered here.

Han Li was circulating the magic power within his body relentlessly, and after just a few flashes, he'd already fled to several kilometers away. He then turned around and focused his gaze on the scenes unfolding behind him, upon which he discovered that there were many remarkably large Dark Beasts among this astonishing torrent, and each of them had a vertical eye on their glabella.

These were Three-eyed Dark Beasts!

They hadn't encounter even a single high-grade Dark Beast along the way, and it turned out that they'd all been gathered here.

As soon as these Dark Beasts emerged, countless bursts of spiritual sense fanned out in all directions, encompassing an area with a radius of several hundred kilometers.

Han Li certainly didn't dare to try his luck in this situation, and black light suddenly flashed from his body, following which a black veil draped itself over him in a flash.

This was none other than the mysterious black veil he'd obtained from those two Black Rakshasa beings.

Immediately thereafter, he opened his mouth to produce a purple talisman before quickly plastering it to himself.

A cloud of purple mist intermingled with countless silver runes immediately appeared before encompassing his entire body.

His Dark Beast body then turned completely invisible, but at the same time, he was forced to slow down significantly.

At this moment, Han Li cast his gaze toward Shi Kun and Liu Shiu'er to find that they were still moving as quickly as ever, and they'd already fled to close to 10 kilometers away.

Han Li had chosen to conceal himself as best as he could, whereas Shi Kun and Liu Shui'er were clearly just trying to get as far away as possible before they were detected by the high-grade Dark Beasts.

It was hard to say which method was superior.

If the high-grade Dark Beasts were unable to see through their concealment techniques, then it was naturally best to take advantage of that and get away from this place as quickly as possible.

However, if traveling too quickly hampered the effect of their concealment techniques, thereby resulting in their covers being blown, then they'd be in grave danger.

The reason why Han Li had chosen to conceal himself while remaining on the spot was because he was confident in the concealment abilities of his High Zenith Invisibility Talisman and the black veil.

The third demonic eyes of the high-grade Dark Beasts scanned through the surrounding area, passing over Han Li, as well as Shi Kun and Liu Shui'er.

However, none of their eyes locked onto the trio, so it was quite clear that they hadn't been discovered.

Han Li and the others all heaved a long sigh of relief upon seeing this.

Right at this moment, Han Li suddenly caught sight of something in the beast pack, and he immediately drew a sharp breath as his expression changed drastically.

He had discovered an extremely eye-catching shimmering golden shadow among the beast pack; it was another Dark Beast Monarch!

However, this one was clearly different from the one they'd just seen. Now only was its body slightly larger, it had seven or eight Three-eyed Dark Beasts following closely behind it.

On top of that, the third eyes of these high-grade Dark Beasts weren't grey. Instead, they were shimmering with faint silver light.

Aside from the few silver-eyed Dark Beasts accompanying it, all of the nearby Dark Beasts immediately retreated to over 100 feet away, clearing out a large area as a gesture of respect for the Dark Beast Monarch.

Thus, the entire beast pack stopped cold in their tracks as all of them either perched on tree branches or stood still on the ground, and all of them were appraising the golden Dark Beast with awe and veneration in their eyes.

The Dark Beast Monarch cast a cold gaze through the surrounding area, following an astonishing aura erupted from its body, crushing the spiritual sense fluctuations of all of the other high-grade Dark Beasts before sweeping forth in all directions.

Han Li's heart sank slightly upon seeing this, and he stopped flying altogether as he hid himself inside a large tree in a completely stationary manner.

In the distance, Liu Shui'er and Shi Kun could also sense a massive fluctuation surging toward them, and they immediately tried to withdraw their auras, hoping to be able to escape detection.

However, that was clearly overly wishful thinking.

Han Li managed to remain undetected even in the face of the Dark Beast Monarch's powerful spiritual sense, but Shi Kun and Liu Shui'er were instantly locked on to.

Shi Kun could sense that a cold aura had crept into the spiritual sense around him, and his expression changed drastically as he yelled, "Run!"

Yellow light flashed from his body, and he shot forth as a streak of yellow light, making no further attempt to disguise himself.

Liu Shui'er was also aware that their situation was far from ideal, and the white jade mouse beneath her appeared in a flash, then formed a ball of light that swept her up and carried her away at an astonishing speed.

As such, not only did the golden Dark Beast notice them, all of the other Dark Beasts also detected their presence, and a stir immediately ran through the entire beast pack.

A cold light flashed through the golden Dark Beast's inky-black eyes, and a baleful aura erupted from its body. It opened its mouth as if it were about to give an order, but all of a sudden, its expression abruptly changed, and it turned toward the direction that the other golden Dark Beast had fled toward before letting loose a long howl that pierced through the heavens.

Not only was the roar extremely loud, it also seemed to possess some kind of incredible power, forcing all of the nearby normal Dark Beasts to sprawl onto the ground, while even the high-grade Dark Beasts were swaying unsteadily.

Almost right after this howl erupted, a similar cry also rang out in the distance up ahead.

The two howls seemed to be quite similar, but if one were to listen closely, they'd discover that the second howl was filled with unbridled fury.

As soon as the golden Dark Beast in the beast pack heard this reciprocating howl, an extremely humanized sinister expression appeared on its face, and at the same time, it abruptly let loose a thunderous low snarl.

The entire beast pack immediately sprang into action at its behest, rushing onward again like a massive black wave, and it appeared that they were heading directly toward where the other golden Dark Beast was.

However, the golden Dark Beast in the beast pack wasn't planning on simply leaving Shi Kun and Liu Shui'er, either. It turned around before letting loose a few roars toward the silver-eyed Dark Beasts around it, and all of them immediately replied with low respectful roars. 

Immediately thereafter, they hurtled toward Shi Kun and Liu Shui'er as streaks of silver light, while the golden Dark Beast joined the beast pack in pursuit of the other Dark Beast Monarch.

In the blink of an eye, the beast pack vanished into the distance, and the silver-eyed Dark Beasts also disappeared in pursuit of their targets.

Meanwhile, Han Li remained within the giant tree this entire time, and he only emerged from it after two hours had passed, and he'd ascertained that there were no other Dark Beasts nearby.

After that, he deactivated his High Zenith Invisibility Talisman and removed the black veil from his body. Among them, the talisman had a time limit that it was effective for, and even though the black veil appeared to be quite light, it was very draining on his magic power.

Hence, he naturally couldn't use these two things all the time.

After emerging from within the giant tree, Han Li cast his gaze toward the direction that Liu Shui'er and Shi Kun had fled in, and he contemplated the situation momentarily before heaving a faint sigh.

Immediately thereafter, he opened his mouth, and a small azure flying sword flew out from within before transforming into a burst of azure light that enshrouded Han Li's entire body.

Thus, Han Li transformed into a streak of azure light that was around 10 feet in length and set off in pursuit of his two companions.

Initially, the azure streak of light was quite dazzling to behold, but it quickly dimmed until it became nothing more than a barely visible azure shadow in the end.

Han Li was flying through the forest extremely quickly, but he still hadn't caught sight of his targets even after flying for close to half a day.

If it weren't for the fact that the three of them had used a secret technique to refine treasures that could allow them to keep track of one another's locations, Han Li would've most likely been drawn into thinking that he'd already lost them.

It appeared that Liu Shui'er and Shi Kun were seriously escaping as quickly as they could to get away from their pursuers; even at Han Li's current speed, he was still unable to close the gap at all.

The fact that the silver-eyed Dark Beasts were able to keep up with them despite this indicated that they were certainly not to be scoffed at, either.

These thoughts quickly raced through his mind, and he suddenly gritted his teeth before he reverted back to his human form amid a flash of silver light.

He stowed the Dark Beast hide away, then made a hand seal, and a pair of translucent wings appeared on his back following a dull thunderclap.

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