Chapter 1640: Landslide

Even though Han Li didn't read through the scripture in detail, he could still roughly deduce that the scripture of beveled silver text was detailing a mysterious tool refinement technique that he'd never seen before.

Just a quick glance through its contents struck him with a sense of absurdity. This was because the materials and refinement methods stipulated in the scripture were all things that Han Li had never even thought about before.

At the conclusion of the scripture, it even proclaimed that using this secret technique to refine treasures could create products that were comparable to Profound Heavenly Treasures, which was why this was known as the Profound Heavenly Tool Refinement Technique.

Miraculous feats like refining the sun and evaporating oceans were only the simplest tool refinement methods stipulated in this scripture, and these methods were most likely only feasible to true immortals of the True Immortal Realm.

As such, they were nothing more than a pipe dream to Han Li. Even before reading the scripture in any greater detail, Han Li was left feeling quite disappointed.

If it weren't for the fact that this scripture had been written in beveled silver text, Han Li would've most likely thought that the devilish ape had fabricated it on a whim.

After pausing momentarily to ponder scripture, blue light flashed through Han Li's eyes as he cast his gaze toward the crimson bed again.

Moments later, his expression changed slightly, and he really did make another discovery.

All of a sudden, his body blurred, and he abruptly appeared in the air above the bed.

He then spread his fingers and patted the crimson bed with a single hand.

Loud rumbling booms rang out as countless thin arcs of golden lightning erupted from his fingers, forming a massive golden net that encompassed the entire bed within.

The silver runes all withdrew as if they'd encountered the bane of their existence, and they instantly disappeared without a trace.

In the face of the violent attacks from the golden arcs of lightning, the crimson bed was completely pulverized, and a putrid gag-inducing burst of blood Qi instantly wafted through the air.

Han Li raised an eyebrow as he brought his fingers together, and the net of lightning was immediately withdrawn. Golden lightning flashed, and the blood Qi down below was completely eradicated. 

Immediately thereafter, a palm-sized white jade badge was revealed, and there were silver runes flashing erratically upon it.

Han Li wasn't all that surprised to see this, but his brows furrowed as he mused to himself, "It really is another one of the outer pages! Looks like this thing is definitely authentic, but pages of the Golden Jade Tome should only be found on in the human and demon territories; how had it fallen into the Elder Devil Realm and into the hands of this devilish ape?"

This was the third page of the Golden Jade Tome that Han Li had obtained, but unfortunately, it's contents were completely useless to him as he currently was. Perhaps he'd be able to make use of it after progressing to the Grand Ascension Stage.

Even so, he could certainly conduct further research into this Profound Heavenly Tool Refinement Technique. If he could glean some unique insights from it, that would still be immensely beneficial to him.

With that in mind, Han Li knew that it wasn't the right time to be researching this jade page,, so he swept a sleeve through the air, and a burst of azure light swept forth to draw the page up his sleeve.

However, the object flew away in the opposite direction as if it possessed sentient will. Fortunately, Han Li was already prepared for this, and his hand shot forth like lightning as he made a grabbing motion.

A burst of invisible power immediately sealed the space in a radius of over 100 feet, and the jade badge was forcibly drawn into his hand.

Han Li then immediately pulled out a jade box from his storage ring before carefully storing the jade badge into it, following which a plastered several restriction talismans onto the box. After stowing the jade box away, there was nothing else in this hall that caught Han Li's interest, so he immediately flew out into the devilish Qi passageway as a streak of azure light.

During his flight, he summoned another top-grade wood-attribute spirit stone, holding one in each hand as he absorbed spiritual power form both of them at once.

At the same time, the pills that he'd taken earlier were also beginning to take effect, and wisps of pure spiritual Qi surged throughout his body before being slowly absorbed by his meridians.

He was currently flying toward the location where he could sense his Gold Devouring Beetle.

That was where Xian Xian's true objective lied. He didn't know what she was plotting, but it had to be something quite big for her to be willing to take such a big risk.

Now that Han Li had completed his objective for this trip, he no longer had any qualms, and he was naturally very interested in taking a look at what Xian Xian was up to.

His battle with the devilish ape had been an extremely perilous once, but it hadn't actually taken all that long.

Meanwhile, the Gold Devouring Beetle that he'd send to track Xiao Xiao had stopped at a certain location, so it was quite clear that Xian Xian still wasn't finished with what she was doing, thereby making this the perfect time to go and pay her a surprise visit.

He had expended a lot of his magic power, and his projection had also shrunk down by almost half of its original size, but Xian Xian's lowly cultivation base was quite reassuring to him.

Otherwise, if he were facing a being of a similar power level in his current state, he most likely would've snuck away rather potentially shoot himself in the foot.

Han Li was flying through the passageway extremely quickly, yet halfway to his destination, an earthshattering boom suddenly rang out within the belly of the entire giant mountain, following which a sudden turn of events abruptly unfolded.

The devilish Qi within the entire passageway suddenly began to churn and tumble violently in an uncontrollable manner, and resounding booms rang out within the black Qi amid gusts of fierce winds. Countless inky-black blades of wind materials before flying all throughout the entire passageway, and Han Li was quite startled by this development, but he merely rolled up a sleeve and conjured up a layer of a grey light around his body.

The blades of wind seemed to be quite fierce and destructive, but they disappeared as soon as they came into contact with the barrier of Divine Essencefused Light around his body.

Han Li's brows furrowed slightly, and he was just trying to make sense of what was happening when a strange roar suddenly erupted like a rumbling thunderclap right beside his ears.

As soon as he heard this sound, all of the magic power within his body congealed and ceased to heed his command.

Immediately thereafter, the grey light around his body dispersed, and he plummeted straight downward. During this process, blades of winds crashed into his body from all directions within the passageway in a torrential downpour.

If he were a normal human cultivator, he would've naturally been instantly diced into mincemeat.

However, his body was already no less powerful than that of Body Integration Stage devilish beasts, so he remained completely unscathed in the face of this sustained assault.

Even so, Han Li was struck by a sense of shock and fury as he hurriedly activated his Great Development Technique, sending a cool sensation circulating throughout his meridians. Thus, the spiritual power within his body returned to normal, and he rose up into the air as a streak of azure light again.

Right at this moment, the ground down below in the entire passageway that he was situated in suddenly shattered, and loud thunderclaps rang out as countless arcs of inky-black lightning surged forth in a frenzy.

The devilish Qi and the other stone walls of the passageway were all immediately destroyed upon making contact with these arcs of lightning, and Han Li's heart jolted with shock as he abruptly stowed away the spirit stones in his hands.

Immediately thereafter, he made a hand seal, and a set of golden and silver lightning robes appeared over his body following another rumbling thunderclap.

The arcs of black lightning trapped him in a giant net, but he remained completely unscathed, safe and secure in his lightning robes.

After a string of countless resounding thunderclaps erupted from below the ground, the entire devilish Qi passageway collapsed amid violent flashes of black lightning.

Countless massive rocks came crashing down from above, and despite Han Li's powers, he was still crushed under countless huge rocks as he'd been caught completely off guard. In the end, he was buried deep into the ground, entombed in a rocky prison...

Meanwhile, the entire mountain was peak collapsing at an alarming rate, as if a gargantuan invisible hand had laid itself onto the mountain, then crushed down onto it with devastating force.

 Bursts of black devilish Qi were also squeezed out of the cracks in the mountain faces, and all of them tried to permeate in all directions with all their might.

Another loud roar erupted from within the collapsed mountain peak, following a string of deafening thunderclaps rang out once again.

A dozen or so bolts of inky-black lightning speared out of the collapsed mountain before elongating to over 1,000 feet in length while swinging wildly through the air.

From a distance, it was as if the mountain had suddenly grown a dozen or so thick feelers that were thrashing about violently.

After that, another earth-shattering boom rang out, and countless shattered rocks erupted from within the collapsed mountain. It was as if the entire mountain peak had been cleaved flat, and a gargantuan being that was over 10,000 feet in length appeared in its place.

This was a monstrous being that was entirely constructed from black light, and countless arcs of black lighting of different sizes were flashing violently all over its body. The dozen or so "feelers" that had emerged earlier were only the thickest of those bolts of lightning.

At the very center of the black light was a massive white face that was around an acre in area. The eyes on the giant face were wide open, and a cold light was shimmering deep within its pupils.

All of a sudden, a dragon's roar rang out from within the black light, and crimson light suddenly flashed from some part on the giant monster's body. A crimson wyrm then tore through its body before emerging from within and flying to over 1,000 feet away in a flash. There, the crimson light faded to reveal a man in a suit of silver armor that was riddled with sharp crimson spikes.

At this moment, the cold and aloof expression had disappeared from his eyes, and not only had his face turned extremely pale, it was also filled with violent fury.

At the same time, a dull thump rang out from the giant monster's body, following which another being that was several thousand feet in size erupted from within. A gust of fierce azure winds surged through the air to form a Kirin projection that was over 1,000 feet in size, and the massive face let loose a furious roar.

The thickest bolt of black lightning protruding from its body then crashed down like a gigantic blade amid a loud thunderclap, but the massive Kirin projection merely flashed before disappearing like an invisible breeze.

In the next instant, azure winds surged through the air over 1,000 feet away, and the Kirin projection re-emerged in a flash. Immediately thereafter, brilliant spiritual light radiated from its body, and it shrank down drastically to only several tens of feet in size, upon which it became a lot more substantial, as if it had attained an actual physical form.

Only then could one see that a shimmering crystal had appeared on the azure Kirin's glabella. At the same time, its eyes were also filled with shock and fury.

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