Chapter 1634: Demonic Ape Spirit Eyes

Han Li contemplated the devilish ape's words for only a brief moment before he chuckled coldly as he said, "Your soul is almost fully recovered? Do you really think I'll believe that? You're a mid-holy race being, yet you're using your body to attack me while using your soul to unleash a sneak attack. If your soul really were almost fully recovered, why would you resort to such sneaky tactics? Your soul may be recovering at a faster rate than your body, but it's certainly nowhere near fully recovered. I may not be a match for you in your current state, but if I gather a couple of helpers to oppose you together, we'll be able to kill you with ease."

The giant ape's cackling drew to an abrupt halt upon hearing this, and it suddenly made a grabbing motion as two balls of crimson light flashed from its suit of armor.

The purple blade segment that was battling the two Gold Devouring Beetles immediately disappeared, and in the next instant, it appeared in the devilish ape's hand, following which it swelled to become a giant purple sword that was around 10 feet in length.

The giant ape slashed the sword toward Han Li several times in quick succession, and seven or eight thick purple streaks instantly hurtled toward him.

However, Han Li was already prepared in advance, so he certainly wasn't going to fall prey to this attack.

The crystalline shield before him radiated bright spiritual light, and it swelled drastically in size to form a translucent light barrier before him.

The purple streaks struck the crystalline light barrier amid a string of resounding booms, and most of their powers were nullified by the light barrier. However, a small portion of its power still managed to bypass the light barrier before crashing directly into Han Li's body.

Han Li made no effort to ward off the residual power of the purple sword streaks, and as such, his body was blasted into the devilish Qi behind him like a cannonball.

"You sure dare to talk big! You think you can threaten me with your pathetic powers? Where do you think you're going?" the devilish ape initially cackled in a derisive manner. However, after waiting for a short while for Han Li to re-emerge from the black mist to no avail, it finally realized something, and it also rushed into the devilish Qi as a gust of devilish winds.

However, as soon as the devilish ape entered the black Qi, a small mountain that was around 10 feet tall suddenly came crashing down toward it.

The devilish ape faltered slightly before merely raising a fist in a nonchalant manner to combat the oncoming small mountain. A burst of enormous power was instantly sent hurtling upward, and the devilish beast paid no further heed to the small mountain as it cast its gaze directly up ahead.

To normal beings, there was zero visibility within this inky-black devilish Qi passageway, but fora holy-grade devilish beast, it was as clear as day.

As such, it immediately caught sight of Han Li, who was standing on the spot several hundred feet away. He was making a series of hand seals that was causing the surrounding devilish Qi to tumble and surge violently, as if he were preparing to unleash some kind of extremely powerful ability.

Despite the fact that it had caught sight of Han Li, the devilish ape didn't immediately rush toward him. Instead, it cast its gaze toward the area around him, acting in a rather cautious manner.

However, in the next instant, an unexpected turn of events unfolded above its head.

The immensely powerful force it had unleashed with its punch earlier had only caused the small mountain to wobbled slightly, rather than knocking the mountain away as he'd expected. Immediately thereafter, the small mountain suddenly sped up in its descent. At the same time, it swelled rapidly to several times its original size, crashing down toward the devilish ape's head in a flash.

The giant ape faltered slightly upon seeing this, but it then immediately let loose a cold harrumph before slashing its huge purple sword through the air.

Several purple streaks instantly took shape before converging to form a thick sword streak. The devilish ape was preparing to slice this small mountain in half in one fell swoop.

However, it had reacted too late, and grey light suddenly flashed from the small mountain before it vanished on the spot.

As such, the purple sword streak naturally missed its target, and the devilish ape was left feeling rather bemused as it pondered just what Han Li's intentions were.

However, in the next instant, it suddenly seemed to have sensed something as it hurriedly lowered its head to cast its gaze up ahead again.

There, he discovered that countless thin arcs of golden lightning had appeared and were revolving around his body.

These arcs of lightning then gradually thicken before erupting from in all directions, slowly forming an astonishing spherical net of electricity.

At the same time, a series of shimmering golden runes rushed out of Han Li's hands in quick succession, then disappeared into the arcs of lightning around him.

In the instant that these runes disappeared into the arcs of lightning, the latter shattered soundlessly in unison to form a shimmering golden halo with a diameter of several tens of feet.

Han Li's body became quite blurry and indistinct as he stood within the halo, but his chanting didn't cease for even a single moment.

The golden halo began to revolve around him, and the golden runes churned erratically while releasing a faint ringing sound that was gradually becoming extremely sharp and piercing.

Following an earth-shattering thunderclap, the halo abruptly vanished amid a flash of brilliant golden light, and Han Li reappeared with a ball that appeared to have been forged from pure gold hovering around a foot above one of his hands.

The surface of the ball was riddled with runes, but it was completely dull and lusterless, releasing no spiritual pressure whatsoever, as if it were just an ordinary metal ball.

However, the devilish ape immediately shuddered at the sight of the ball, and it exclaimed, "That's a Devilbane Lightning Bead!"

Immediately thereafter, it rushed toward Han Li as a gust of black and red devilish winds, seemingly desperate to get to Han Li before he could unleash the power of the golden ball.

However, even after the devilish ape had rushed over 100 feet toward Han Li, he still remained completely motionless and displayed no reaction. All of a sudden, golden light flashed from the ground below, and two swords surfaced from the ground alongside a saber.

The three weapons slashed through the air, sending two sword projections and a saber projection flying directly toward the giant ape.

Even before the three projections had struck their target, a bone-chilling aura emanated from them, indicating that they were extremely sharp and destructive.

The devilish ape was extremely confident in the suit of armor that it was wearing, but it naturally wouldn't allow itself to be struck by these attacks for no reason. As such, it immediately paused before three purple streaks erupted from within the devilish winds, destroying the three projections with ease.

However, the gust of devilish winds decelerated slightly as a result, and at this moment, a cold smile suddenly appeared on Han Li's face.

In the next instant, the devilish ape suddenly felt its surroundings blur, following which countless azure lotus flowers appeared from the four walls of the passageway, each of which was around a foot in size. Immediately thereafter, the lotus flowers combined to form an azure light barrier than enshrouded Han Li within.

The holy-grade devilish ape had rushed headfirst into Han Li's Spring Dawn Sword Projection, and Han Li certainly wasn't going to squander such a brilliant opportunity to trap it.

At this moment, the golden saber and swords that had emerged from the ground suddenly disappeared, and at the same time, a faint golden light flashed from Han Li's shadow, following which a pair of golden-armored warriors appeared.

One of them was wielding a pair of long and thin swords, while the other was holding a single saber.

These were none other than the two puppets formed by the Armor Origin Talismans!

The devilish ape was quite surprised to have found itself in this sword formation, but it wasn't overly panicked. Instead, it merely murmured to itself, "A sword formation, eh? That's rather annoying."

At this moment, a cold light flashed through Han Li's eyes, and he activated the might of the sword formation to its maximal extent.

The devilish ape was greeted by the sight of azure light flashing all around it, following which giant azure logs appeared out of thin air up above, then crashed down in a torrential downpour.

The giant ape harrumphed coldly upon seeing this, and crimson light flashed from its visor before it disappeared to reveal a set of sinister facial features. Within its huge eyes, there was a pair if shimmering balls purple light, and if one were to look closely, they'd discover that there were five-colored runes flashing incessantly within the purple light.

After removing its visor to reveal its eyes, the devilish ape looked up at the descending azure logs with a derisive sneer on its face.

It reached up and made a grabbing motion toward one of the plummeting azure logs, paying no heed to the other descending logs around it.

An incredible scene then ensued amid a resounding boom!

A shimmering and translucent massive hand appeared in the air above, swatting aside the other logs before grabbing onto a completely mundane-looking azure log.

Purple light then flashed from the five fingers of the giant hand, upon which the azure log transformed into an extremely sharp flying sword that was around a foot in size.

In the instant that the illusionary technique around the flying sword was destroyed, all of the giant azure logs raining down from above vanished amid flashes of spiritual light.

As for the azure flying sword, it was whizzing around incessantly within the massive translucent hand, trying to break free with all its might.

A sinister look appeared on the devilish ape's face, and it slashed its giant purple sword directly toward the azure flying sword.

The ape had identified that this flying sword had to be Han Li's bonded treasure, so if he could destroy it, then he'd be inflicting severe harm on Han Li by extension.

Han Li was rather surprised that the illusionary technique within his sword formation was broken so easily, but his expression immediately darkened at the sight of what the giant ape was doing, and he certainly wasn't going to allow it to have its way.

If this were an Azure Bamboo Cloudswarm Sword that hadn't been refined the second time, then it would indeed be in an extremely dire situation if it were to be captured by a far more powerful foe.

However, having attained the voidform ability, it was a simple task to convert the flying sword into an insubstantial form.

Thus, Han Li merely pointed a finger at the flying sword within the sword formation, and it instantly vanished amid a flash of azure light.

In the next instant, specks of azure spiritual light appeared over 100 feet away before converging to form the azure flying sword again.

The sword then disappeared from within the sword formation in a flash.

The devilish ape was slightly taken aback by this development, but a vicious look then flashed through its eyes as it abruptly made a hand seal. As it did so, the purple light radiating from its eyes became extremely dazzling and bright, and the five-colored runes deep within its pupils scanned through the area relentlessly.

In the end, its gaze settled on Han Li, who was standing outside the sword formation, and Han Li's heart immediately sank as he confirmed his earlier suspicions; this holy-grade devilish ape possessed a spirit eye ability that was similar to Brightsight Spirit Eyes.

As such, it was able to immediately see through the sword formation's illusionary technique, then identify his location with ease.

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