Chapter 1579: Kun Peng Transformation

The group of four conversed casually with one another, and they seemed to all be on good terms with each other. The price that had to be paid to teleport them here was most likely quite a hefty one, and from the sounds of it, there was supposed to be another team teleported to this place as well.

However, due to the fact that one of the battle arks had been destroyed, they were the only ones who had ended up here.

The fact that they had deployed so many Spatial Tempering Stage beings just to pursue a Deity Transformation Stage being further highlighted that the foreign being was no ordinary character.

However, the fact that these beings had managed to identify him right away was rather surprising.

It seemed that the Body Integration Stage being from Green Light City still hadn't given up on him. This made Han Li even more curious about what lay within the two jade boxes that the big-headed being had given to him; they clearly had to be harboring extremely important items for the Body Integration Stage being to be so intent on capturing him.

Even as these thoughts were racing through Han Li's mind, he remained completely expressionless.

At this moment, the Leopard Kirin Beast and Weeping Soul Beast also returned to Han Li's side, then glowered at the four beings with vicious looks in their eyes.

However, they were also aware that these four beings were far more powerful than the ones they'd slain before, so they didn't rush in headfirst and attack in a reckless manner.

Meanwhile, the pale-faced being turned to Han Li and seemed to be about to say something, but Han Li didn't give him a chance to speak, abruptly sweeping a sleeve toward all four beings instead.

Several tens of azure threads immediately split up into four groups before hurtling toward the four beings like lightning, reaching them in the blink of an eye.

All four of the Spatial Tempering Stage Jiao Chi beings were given a massive fright by this development.

They had witnessed Han Li using those sword threads to slay the armored warriors earlier, yet the speed being displayed by these threads was significantly superior compared to before, and in their shock and horror, they could only set up defensive measures or take evasive action in a panicked manner.

The pale-faced being swayed and disappeared on the spot amid a plume of white smoke.

Light shimmered from the elderly woman's body, conjuring up several identical projections. All of the projections were shattered in a flash by the azure threads, but the woman was nowhere to be found.

The midget's expression changed in the instant that the azure threads came hurtling toward him, and he immediately made a hand seal, upon which a shimmering silver cloud appeared beneath his feet.

The cloud swayed before abruptly carrying him away as a ball of silver light, traveling at a speed that was not inferior by much compared to the azure thread.

Only the giant man chose to remain on the spot and take the azure threads head-on. Red light flashed from his hand, and a massive ax that was around 10 feet in size appeared in his grasp. There were scorching crimson flames burning along the ax, and he positioned it before him like a shield. 

The ax had been refined from many types of precious fire-attribute materials, thereby granting it immense power and making it just as resolute as top-grade defensive treasures. This was why the man had decided to use it as a shield even after witnessing all of the armored warriors being sliced apart like cabbage by the azure threads.

However, as soon as the man raised the massive ax, a burst of azure light flashed, and the ax suddenly became weightless in his hands.

He looked down to discover that his ax had been severed into seven or eight segments by the azure threads in an instant, so he was left holding only a section of its hilt.

Before he even had a chance to make a single sound, he was diced up into chunks of flesh and blood; even his soul was completely eradicated by the azure threads before it had a chance to escape.

"Argh! Fellow Daoist Li!" the pale-faced being yelled with shock and fury as he reappeared over 300 feet away.

The midget and the elderly woman had also appeared elsewhere, and both of them were horrified by what they saw.

They were aware that Han Li was far more powerful than his cultivation base suggested, but they didn't think that one of their companions would be killed in virtually the blink of an eye!

However, before the three of them had a chance to try and avenge their fallen comrade, the azure threads flashed and surged toward them again.

After witnessing just how fearsome these azure threads were in person, the three beings naturally didn't dare to try and keep them at bay with their treasures. As such, they were forced to unleash their movement techniques and take evasive measures once again.

Thus, the three Spatial Tempering Stage beings were forced to flee for their lives, seemingly completely powerless in the face of Han Li's domineering might.

As for Han Li himself, he merely stood expressionlessly on the spot, manipulating his sword threads to hunt down his three opponents.

Right at this moment, a resounding boom suddenly erupted in the air above.

Immediately thereafter, a vast expanse of white light appeared overhead, following which hundreds of pillars of white light came raining down from above.

The operators of the remaining battle ark could see that the three Spatial Tempering Stage beings had been forced firmly onto the back foot, and they were using the battle ark to provide them with some assistance.

Han Li looked up at the oncoming pillars of light through narrowed eyes, and he made no effort to try and evade.

Thus, his body was completely inundated by white light amid a rumbling boom.

The azure threads that were hunting down the three Spatial Tempering Stage beings seemed to have been impacted as a result, and they suddenly ceased in their pursuit.

All three beings heaved a sigh of relief in unison, and only then did they stop in mid-air before hurriedly summoning a few treasures.

The elderly woman raised a hand to release a shimmering golden piece of artwork, depicting an extremely complex golden formation.

The midget opened his mouth to expel a green wooden bowl, and at the same time, a dozen or so yellow darts flew out of his hand before revolving around his body.

Meanwhile, the pale-faced being rubbed his hands together, and a pair of glossy black bracers appeared on his forearms. Both of the bracers were covered in complex and intricate patterns, giving them quite a mysterious and intriguing appearance.

Even after summoning their treasures, the three of them still wore tense expressions as they looked on at the vast expanse of white light in the distance. They were not naive enough to believe that Han Li would be killed so easily.

All of a sudden, an earsplitting boom erupted from within the white light, following which azure light flashed, and a massive bird erupted from within.

In the beginning, the bird was only several tens of feet in size, but its body instantly swelled to around 700 to 800 feet in size amid a flash of spiritual light.

The colossal bird flapped its wings and transformed into a gust of fierce winds that appeared above the elderly woman's head in the next instant.

A rumbling thunderclap rang out as countless arcs of white lightning that were as thick as large bowls surfaced over the bird's body. Its gargantuan talons came crashing down amid the flashing lightning, and before they had even descended upon their target, a mountainous burst of spiritual pressure had already struck her.

"Look out!"

Both the pale-faced being and the midget were quite alarmed to see this.

The pale-faced being lashed out from afar, and ghostly howls rang out from his bracers as two pillars of black light hurtled through the air.

Meanwhile, the dozen or so yellow darts circling around the midget's body also shot forth as streaks of yellow light. Both of them were trying to stop Han Li in his tracks.

At this point, they'd all realized that they'd severely underestimated Han Li's power, and that he was not an opponent any one of them could face on their own.

Thus, they were absolutely petrified and were doing everything they could to avoid being divided and conquered.

As soon as the immense spiritual pressure emanating from Han Li's pair of massive talons dawned on the elderly woman, her face instantly turned deathly pale.

The massive bird was flying toward her far too quickly for her to evade, and in her desperation, she could only grit her teeth before expelling a mouthful of blood essence onto the artwork before her.

The ball of blood essence instantly exploded into a cloud of blood mist that was immediately absorbed by the artwork, and almost at the exact same moment, a ball of dazzling golden light erupted from the artwork, following which the golden formation inscribed upon it shot forth from within. The formation swelled to over 100 feet in size in a flash, then rose up rapidly into the air.

The giant bird completely disregarded the oncoming pillars of black light and streaks of yellow light, clamping down with single-minded ferocity onto the golden formation with its huge talons.

An explosive boom rang out as white arcs of lightning intertwined with golden light to conjure up a spectacular lights show. The surrounding space exploded as a result of the clash, causing everything in the nearby area to twist and warp.

The massive bird remained completely unscathed in spite of that explosion, but the elderly woman's face instantly paled as she let loose a pained groan within the golden formation, then threw up a mouthful of blood.

Thankfully for her, the golden formation had managed to just barely keep the oncoming talons at bay.

However, before she even had a chance to heave a sigh of relief, a cold light flashed through the giant bird's eyes, and it sent its other set of talons hurtling downward as well.

The elderly woman's heart immediately sank upon seeing this. In the face of Han Li's devastating attack, she could only open her mouth and expel another mouthful of blood essence onto the golden formation up above.

The formation expanded slightly in size as a result, and she could only hope that it would be powerful enough to withstand Han Li's attacks.

She only had to keep him at bay for a short while before her companions would be able to swoop in and reinforce her.

Despite how powerful Han Li was, there was still a good chance that the three of them would be able to kill him if they were to combine their powers.

The woman had made the right decision under the current circumstances, but she had still underestimated the power of Han Li's Kun Peng Transformation.

Among the five transformations of the 12 Awakening Transformations that Han Li had mastered, the Kun Peng Transformation was the one he was most proficient in.

Furthermore, he had also absorbed four other true spirit bloods that further enhanced his body, thereby significantly bolstering the power of the Kun Peng Transformation. In his current state, he was no less powerful than the spirit birds who had inherited the bloodline of the Kun Peng. 

Just as the giant bird's talons were about to strike the golden formation, a cold light flashed through its eyes, and it suddenly opened its mouth to unleash an extraordinarily thick bolt of lightning. 

The bolt of lightning struck the golden formation first, causing the latter to tremor violently. Right at this moment, the other set of talons also struck the formation amid an earthshattering boom.

The golden light emanating from the formation only flashed a few times before it was torn apart by the pair of giant talons as if it were nothing more than a frail rag.

The woman was petrified upon seeing this, yet before she had a chance to unleash any other abilities, one of the massive talons flashed through the air, instantly splitting her body into several sections, and her dismembered remains plummeted from the air above amid a rain of fresh blood.

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