Chapter 1578: Emergence of More Enemies

As soon as Han Li finished issuing that command, the leopard-like beast swayed to conjure up a dozen or so identical projections, all of which instantly rushed into the crowd.

Meanwhile, black light flashed from the small monkey's body, and it swelled to several tens of times its original size, transforming into a massive black ape that was over 200 feet tall.

The ape thumped its chest while letting loose a cold harrumph, upon which a swath of yellow light swept forth from within its large nostrils.

All of the twin-headed falcons that were struck by this yellow light plummeted from the sky as if they were inebriated.

The giant ape then swung its fists violently up above, smashing the giant falcons into mincemeat as if they were nothing more than pesky insects.

As for Han Li, he was unleashing his flying swords on the surrounding enemies once again. With each and every flash of an azure thread, at least one armored warrior or giant falcon was slain without any resistance.

In the blink of an eye, almost all of the armored warriors and giant falcons had been slain by Han Li and his two spirit beasts.

Soon, there were less than 100 armored warriors that remained, and fearful expressions had finally appeared on their faces. One of the Deity Transformation Stage leaders issued a loud command, and all of them dispersed before fleeing for their lives toward the two battle arks up above.

Han Li immediately rose up into the air in hot pursuit without any hesitation, and azure threads continued to harvest more lives as they flashed through the air.

All of a sudden, a resounding boom erupted overhead, and Han Li's heart stirred as he hurriedly looked up.

At this moment, brilliant light began to radiate from the crystalline pillars on the undersides of the two silver battle arks, following which over 100 pillars of light came raining down without any regard for the Jiao Chi beings nearby.

Han Li harrumphed coldly as he flapped his wings, and he disappeared on the spot amid a loud thunderclap.

Thus, all of the pillars of light struck nothing but empty air.

In the next instant, Han Li reappeared above one of the battle arks before making a grabbing motion downward in an expressionless manner.

An inky-black palm extended itself out of his sleeve, then pressed down in a seemingly gentle manner.

Grey light flashed and a miniature black mountain emerged from his palm. The mountain then swelled drastically to over 10,000 feet in size before crashing down toward the battle ark with devastating might.

The Divine Essencefused Mountain had become even more gigantic than the battle ark, and it instantly cast a colossal shadow over the entire battle ark.

The Jiao Chi beings within the battle ark were stunned to see this, and they hurriedly spurred on the battle ark to try and evade the attack, but it was already far too late.

The underside of the giant mountain crashed into the battle ark amid a resounding boom, and despite the fact that the mountain was repelled slightly by the force of the collision, most of the battle ark's surface had caved in significantly. At the same time, it was rammed down above, crashing heavily onto the ground below.

Close to half of the entire ark had sunk into the ground, and it was quite clear that it wouldn't be doing any more flying anytime soon.

However, a hint of surprise appeared in Han Li's eyes upon seeing this.

The fact that the battle ark hadn't been completely destroyed by the Divine Essencefused Mountain indicated that the materials used to construct it were most likely not inferior to normal treasures.

Constructing such a massive battle ark would require the expenditure of a vast amount of such materials. Thinking back to the "giant island" that Han Li had seen in Green Light City, which was far more gigantic than even these two battle arks, he couldn't help but draw a sharp breath.

The insane wealth of the Jiao Chi Race finally dawned on him. They really were worthy of being known as one of the most powerful races in the Spirit Realm.

Despite the shock in his heart, Han Li displayed no intention of giving his opponents any respite. He flicked his fingers toward the black mountain from afar in quick succession, and the mountain came crashing down again.

An earthshattering boom rang out as the silver battle ark was flattened into a pancake of scrap metal beneath the colossal mountain.

The Jiao Chi beings operating the battle ark may not have been killed as a result, but they most certainly wouldn't be enjoying themselves in there, either.

However, much to Han Li's surprise, silver light shimmered from the battle ark, and it was slowly repairing itself despite the horrendous condition it was in.

Han Li raised his eyebrows upon seeing this before immediately making a grabbing motion.

Several tens of azure threads instantly shot forth out of thin air, all of which converged into Han Li's grasp.

Following a flash of piercing azure light, the azure threads formed a giant sword that was around 10 feet in length. However, its surface was shimmering with azure light, and it didn't appear to actually possess any substance.

Han Li grabbed onto the hilt of the sword without a second thought and prepared to bring it down upon the crippled battle ark down below.

However, right at this moment, an urgent cry from the foreign being suddenly rang out.

"Look out, Senior!"

Han Li faltered slightly upon hearing this before abruptly sensing a burst of immense spiritual power exploding beside him.

Without any time for further thought, Han Li swiveled around and lashed out with his giant sword toward the direction where the spiritual power was erupting from.

A streak of azure sword Qi that was over 100 feet in length instantly swept through the air and struck the burst of spiritual power.

The two clashed and exploded over 300 feet away from Han Li, forming a pillar of azure and black wind that surged up into the sky, creating quite an astonishing sight to behold from afar.

Han Li narrowed his eyes as he focused his gaze on that direction, and he discovered that four beings of different appearances had appeared in the air above the silver battle ark.

One of them was a humanoid being with a set of pale facial features. His feet were bare, and he was holding a strange transparent blade as he appraised Han Li with a hint of surprise in his eyes.

It appeared that he was the one who had unleashed that sneak attack just then.

The other three beings consisted of an elderly woman, a midget, and a giant caveman-like individual wearing a beasthide garment.

Han Li swept his spiritual sense toward them to find that the one who had just attacked him was a mid-Spatial Tempering Stage being, while the other three were all at the early-Spatial Tempering Stage.

He had already assessed the surrounding area and failed to discover these four, so he was unsure of where they had popped up from.

These four Spatial Tempering Stage beings were certainly going to be more troublesome to take care of than those armored warriors, but they still posed no threat to Han Li; he was only slightly curious about how they had managed to escape his detection.

"You've got some guts to destroy a battle ark from our Jiao Chi Race. From the looks of it, you don't seem to be from the 13 Heavenly Cloud Races. In any case, we'll just have to capture you and interrogate you later," the pale-faced being said in a cold voice.

He then cast his gaze toward another direction.

There, the foreign being had emerged from the golden ball again, and he was appraising the four Spatial Tempering Stage being with a dark expression on his face.

"Mr. Jia, I've heard that you’re not even a purebred Myriad Ancient being. In that case, why would you insist on fighting for the 13 Heavenly Cloud Races? Prior to coming here, the elders of our race specifically mentioned you and offered much praise for your proficiency in the art of puppetry. The elders have also promised that if you're willing to join our Jiao Chi Race, they would transform your body at all costs to give you the purest bloodline, and I can guarantee that your cultivation base would be significantly enhanced as a result. Given suitable opportunities in the future, it wouldn't be impossible for you to become a holy race being," the pale-faced being said in a respectful voice.

After a brief silence, Jia Tianmu shook his head expressionlessly, and replied, "Join the Jiao Chi Race? I have no interest in that. I may not have the purest bloodline, but I'm greatly indebted to the elders of our Myriad Ancient Race, so I won't pledge my allegiance to any other race. Besides, I'm sure you're not just trying to capture me for my puppet refinement skills; you're also planning to interrogate me for some secrets of the 13 Heavenly Cloud Races, right?"

As opposed to becoming enraged by Jia Tianmu's rejection, the pale-faced being smiled, and continued, "Mr. Jia, do you still think you have a chance of escaping this place? Your puppets are indeed very powerful, but you must be close to exhausting your supply of spirit stones, right? At your current cultivation base, you pose no threat to us at all. We don't want to have to do things by force, so I'd advise you to hand yourself over to us."

Jia Tianmu's expression remained completely unchanged upon seeing this, but he cast his gaze toward Han Li.

The pale-faced being faltered slightly upon seeing Jia Tianmu's reaction before also turning to Han Li in an expressionless manner. "Are you counting on him to rescue you? So be it; we'll get rid of this pesky meddler first, then."

"Are you going to surrender or will we have to destroy your body and capture your soul?" the pale-faced being asked in a cold voice.

Han Li's pupils contracted upon hearing this, but he then chuckled, and replied, "You sure can talk big. I wonder if you're all talk or if you can actually walk the walk as well."

The pale-faced being was rather surprised by Han Li's response. He carefully appraised Han Li for a moment before a thought suddenly seemed to have occurred to him, and his expression suddenly changed as he turned to the elderly woman in their group. "This man is a little familiar; is he the one that Envoy Tu asked us to capture a few days ago?"

"Now that you mention it, he really is identical to the man on the portrait! He must be quite powerful to have been able to escape from Envoy Tu." The elderly woman nodded as a cold light flashed through her eyes.

The other two beings in the group were both rather surprised to hear this.

"Haha, is he really the one? In that case, we're in luck; we'll be completing two missions at once! Come to think of it, it's all thanks to him for destroying the other battle ark. Otherwise, if the other team were to be teleported here as well, we'd have to split the reward for completing these missions with them," the giant man clad in beasthide guffawed.

"Hmph, you seem quite confident, Fellow Daoist Li. I'd advise you to be more careful against such a powerful opponent, though. Otherwise, you could be in for a nasty surprise," the midget chuckled coldly.

"Hehe, no matter how powerful he is, there's no way he can take on all four of us on his own," the huge man chuckled nonchalantly in response.

"Of course he's no match for the four of us, but are you sure we can stop him if he insists on getting away?" the midget countered as he pursed his lips.

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