Chapter 1557: Lethal Poison

The giant moth hissed with pain and fury, clearly having been completely taken aback by the result of that clash. However, a vicious light then flashed through its golden eyes, and a layer of green light surfaced over its mangled arms. The wounds on its arms began to rapidly heal as a result, and it abruptly flapped its wings again to release a vast expanse of scintillating white light.

The wings then disappeared in a flash, transforming into hundreds of shimmering flying blades, each of which was around half a foot in length.

A ferocious light flashed through the monster's eyes, and the flying blades behind it began to emit a buzzing sound, as if they were about to fly toward Han Li.

However, right at this moment, Han Li suddenly smiled as golden light flashed from his body. The golden scales and four golden arms that he'd conjured up suddenly blurred before disappearing, and the giant moth was rather taken aback by this development.

All of a sudden, Han Li made a hand seal, and a loud thunderclap rang out from behind him as a pair of shimmering wings appeared on his back. With nothing more than a gentle flap of those wings, Han Li instantly disappeared on the spot.

In the next instant, another thunderclap rang out several hundred feet away, and Han Li re-emerged out of thin air. However, he didn't unleash any cultivation arts or treasures. Instead, he merely crossed his arms and appraised the giant moth with a hint of a smile on his face.

The massive moth was quite bewildered by this, but its ferocious nature instantly vanquished the doubts in its mind. It let loose a loud hiss as all of the scales on its body instantly stood on end before it attempted to fly toward Han Li.

However, Han Li suddenly chuckled as he rubbed his hands together before uttering the words, "Fall, fall, fall!"

As soon as those words were uttered by Han Li, the giant moth suddenly felt a rush of dizziness, following which it began to experience an unbearable itch on its chest. A section of its body also instantly lost all feeling, and its massive body began to sway in an unsteady manner. 

The monster was naturally both infuriated and alarmed, and it hurriedly looked down to discover that the tiny puncture wound on its chest still hadn't healed. Not only that, but a small section of its body had turned a dark purple color with that puncture wound at the center of that area, and a putrid smell was emanating from that section.

That was also the same section of its body that it had lost all feeling in. It appeared to have been afflicted by some kind of lethal poison!

This poison was extremely potent yet discreet, and it had completely failed to notice it until now.

The giant moth was stunned by this drastic turn of events. It immediately opened its mouth to expel a burst of green light, within which a green egg-sized bead was faintly visible. The burst of light then disappeared into the wound on its chest in a flash while the bead revolved in mid-air just in front of the wound.

At the same time, the bead began to release a peculiar fragrant aroma that immediately nullified the putrid odor emanating from the poisoned wound, and the dark purple poisoned section of its body instantly ceased spreading.

Han Li was rather surprised to see this.

He had witnessed just how potent the poison of the Revolving Evil Spirit Light was in person, and the fact that the giant moth wasn't immediately killed by the poison indicated that its body was quite resistant to toxins.

However, Han Li merely chuckled coldly upon seeing this, and brilliant azure light erupted from his body as he transformed into a massive azure bird over 100 feet in size. He then flapped his wings and hurtled toward the giant moth, sweeping up gusts of fierce azure winds in his wake.

At the same time, a loud thunderclap rang out, and thick bolts of golden lightning instantly surfaced over the massive bird's body. The lightning turned the bird's huge talons into a golden color before they grabbed toward the giant moth with ferocious might.

The monstrous moth down below hurriedly sent the flying blades behind it hurtling toward Han Li, but the massive azure bird merely continued to fly on ahead, completely ignoring the oncoming blades as it maintained its astonishing speed.

The flying blades quickly struck the giant bird, only to be swatted aside by its massive wings amid a string of loud clangs, rendering them completely ineffective.

This was not a surprising occurrence. After all, Han Li's physical body was already powerful to the extreme, and after undergoing his Kun Peng transformation, it was enhanced even further, so there was naturally no way that these blades would be able to harm him. In contrast, his sharp talons swept through the air like lightning and managed to tear through the monstrous moth's body with ease.

The moth's body was completely dismembered by Han Li's attack, but it was only an empty husk without flesh or blood within it.

The true body of the moth had disappeared, leaving only a ragged chrysalis in its place.

Even the green bead that it was using to eradicate the poison within its body was merely a projection, and it also vanished in a flash.

Han Li faltered slightly upon seeing this before blue light flashed through his massive eyes. He then flapped his wings violently a few times, and the golden arcs of lightning surging all over his body shot forth amid a string of explosive thunderclaps.

Arcs of golden lightning instantly appeared in a radius of several thousand feet, covering vast distances in the blink of an eye.

A resounding boom rang out as golden lightning exploded around 500 feet away from Han Li, transforming into countless thin arcs of lightning that flashed in an erratic manner.

These thin arcs of lightning then formed a massive golden net that was sent swooping down from above, but a streak of green light suddenly flashed from down below before piercing through the golden lightning net. 

The giant moth stumbled out of the golden lightning, and at this point, around two-thirds of its body had turned a dark purple color. It was holding that green bead in its mouth to keep the poison from spreading toward its head, and its arms and tail also seemed to be resistant to the poison to a certain degree. 

Even so, it was quite clear that it was in a very sorry state and could barely even keep itself aloft.

It was no wonder that it had immediately attempted to flee the scene and didn't dare to engage Han Li in battle any longer.

Unfortunately, despite its discreet concealment techniques, it was still unable to escape the detection of Han Li's Brightsight Spirit Eyes.

In order to withstand the Divine Devilbane Lightning, it had no choice but to muster up some of its magic power, but as a result, there was insufficient magic power dedicated to repressing the poison within its body, and the toxins spread at an alarming rate.

Han Li flapped his wings and flew over to the giant moth in a flash before looking down at it from above with a cold look in his eyes.

Even though the giant bird that Han Li had transformed into wasn't actually a Kun Peng true spirit, he had absorbed its true spirit blood, so the aura emanating from his body bore a strong resemblance to that of a true Kun Peng.

A hint of fear finally flashed through the golden eyes of the monstrous moth upon seeing this, and grey light emanated from its body as it attempted to unleash some kind of movement technique in order to flee the scene.

However, in the next instant, a crisp crack suddenly sounded as the green bead that it was holding in its mouth abruptly shattered.

Both Han Li and the giant moth were quite taken aback by this unexpected development.

However, the monstrous moth then let loose a shrill screech, and piercing light erupted from its body as it swelled drastically to several times its original size.

Grey light then flashed beside its huge serpentine head, and its other feline head also appeared.

Both of its heads wore deranged expressions as it pounced toward Han Li with ferocious might, and it swung both of its arms violently through the air, conjuring up a pair of gargantuan claw projections.

The world's origin Qi within a radius of several kilometers formed countless specks of light before being absorbed by the two giant claw projections, and they swelled drastically to encompass heaven and earth before slowly traveling toward Han Li.

In the face of the colossal claw projections, Han Li was struck by the sense that there was no way for him to evade this attack, and his pupils contracted drastically.

He let loose a clear cry, and azure light revolved around his body as he instantly transformed into a peacock that was enveloped in five-colored spiritual light. The peacock was only around 10 feet in size, but the five-colored light swirling around its body seemed to possess some kind of mystical defensive properties.

Han Li had activated his 12 Awakening Transformations to adopt this Five-colored Peacock form.

For some reason, he had instinctively undergone this transformation in the face of the oncoming claw projections.

As a result, an astonishing turn of events unfolded.

Just as the claw projections were about to reach Han Li, the feathers from the Five-colored Peacock's body suddenly shot forth before fusing into the five-colored light around it.

The five-colored spiritual light instantly swelled to several tens of times its original size, then swept directly toward the giant claw projections.

From a distance, it appeared as if a five-colored waterfall of light was descending from above.

A hint of incredulity flashed through the massive moth's eyes at the sight of the Five-colored Peacock and the five-colored spiritual light.

The giant claw projections and the five-colored waterfall of light clashed, yet the collision was completely silent and anticlimactic.

The five-colored spiritual light flashed violently a few times, and the massive claw projections somehow suddenly disappeared without a trace into the waterfall of light, as if they had never even existed in the first place.

Han Li was rather bewildered by the scenes unfolding before his eyes, and he retreated as a precautionary measure. Five-colored spiritual light flashed from his peacock body, and he suddenly appeared over 200 feet away.

After its final attack proved to be ineffective, the monstrous moth could only glower at Han Li with resentment and fury in its eyes.

However, in the next instant, the poison spread upward, and its two heads also took on a dark purple hue.

The monster's body then shuddered one last time, and its eyes glazed over as it plummeted toward the ground.

Right at this moment, the Five-colored Peacock shrank down before reverting back into Han Li's human form, and he looked on at the plummeting moth with a cold expression, showing no intention of giving chase.

The giant moth's purple body crashed onto the icy island down below before falling completely still.

Only then did Han Li made a grabbing motion, and a silver ball of flames appeared out of thin air before him.

It was none other than the Spirit Engulfing Heavenly Flames that had been trapped by the monstrous moth earlier.

The silver fireball flew immediately hurtled downward at Han Li's behest, transforming into a shimmering silver Fire Raven along the way.

The bird flew through the air as it headed directly for the giant moth's carcass, preparing to plunge headfirst onto its remains.

Right at this moment, the moth's two massive heads suddenly exploded in unison to form a vast expanse of blood mist. Two fist-sized balls of green flames emerged from within the mist, then fled in opposite directions.

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