Chapter 1550: Slain

The giant blade was completely inky black with an arc of golden and silver light flashing at its center, creating a rather mysterious sight to behold.

A resounding boom rang out, and a massive golden hand that was no smaller than the blade appeared beneath the latter before lifting it upward.

The two clashed, and black and golden light flashed violently. The massive golden hand remained completely still, and the giant blade was forced to falter in mid-air.

Both the Black Rakshasa beings were stunned to see this. However, the golden-eyed Black Rakshasa being then immediately made a hand seal, and her body instantly swelled to several times its original size. At the same time, golden light flashed from her tail, and a massive golden hooked tail was manifested, then hurled toward Han Li like lightning.

Meanwhile, the silver-eyed Black Rakshasa being opened her mouth, and a sinister look flashed through her eyes as she let loose a guttural beastly snarl.

Immediately thereafter, a swath of white mist appeared above her head. Silver light flashed within the mist, and a giant man-faced centipede projection emerged.

The silver light flashed again, and the projection also pounced toward Han Li as a streak of silver light. The man-faced centipede opened its cavernous mouth mid-flight, and a vast expanse of silver light was expelled from within.

In the face of this joint attack unleashed by the two Black Rakshasa Monarchs, Han Li continued to remain completely expressionless.

He merely swept a sleeve through the air, and several tens of small azure flying swords shot forth. These swords then blurred before flying toward the giant golden hook as azure sword projections.

The golden hook emitted a ringing sound as countless runes suddenly appeared on its surface, making it appear as if it were about to unleash some kind of powerful ability.

However, in the next instant, azure light flashed, and the azure sword Qi converged upon the golden hook, following which the latter let loose an anguished wail before plummeting from above, having been sliced into countless pieces.

The golden-eyed Black Rakshasa being was quite stunned to see this.

At the same time, Han Li raised his other hand in the face of the man-faced centipede, and he spread open his five fingers as his hand turned into an inky-black color. A grey light barrier then instantly appeared before Han Li, keeping the silver light unleashed by the centipede at bay.

After that, silver light flashed from the center of his palm, and a miniature black mountain suddenly appeared.

Han Li took a glance at the oncoming man-faced centipede and flipped his hand over in a nonchalant manner.

An astonishing scene then ensued.

The miniature mountain instantly disappeared as he did so, and in the next instant, spatial fluctuations erupted above the man-faced centipede, following which the miniature mountain appeared amid a flash of grey light.

At the same time, the miniature black mountain swelled drastically to over 100 feet tall in the blink of an eye before crashing down upon the man-faced centipede's back with devastating force.

A look of excruciating pain appeared on the human face of the centipede projection, and it let loose a series of shrill screeches as its body was forced to plummet from the sky by the immense weight of the Divine Essecefused Mountain.

The silver-eyed Black Rakshasa being was stunned to see this, and she hurriedly made a series of hand seals. As she did so, a series of silver lines appeared on her gorgeous feminine face, presenting quite a sinister sight to behold.

She then opened her mouth to expel a mouthful of silver blood essence, and as soon as this blood essence appeared, it transformed into a string of silver runes amid a dull thump. These silver runes then disappeared in a flash into the body of the centipede projection.

As a result, the man-faced centipede seemed to have received a significant power boost. Silver light flashed from its body, and it began to squirm beneath the black mountain. In fact, half of its body had already coiled around the lower half of the mountain, and it was attempting to topple the mountain through brute strength alone.

A peculiar look appeared on Han Li's face upon seeing this, and he pointed at the mountain from afar while uttering the word "heavy".

The black mountain shuddered as a burst of mundane grey light emanated from it. Its form didn't appear to have changed at all, but its weight was suddenly increased in excess of tenfold.

The man-faced centipede was just barely able to withstand the immense weight of the mountain a moment ago, but that fine balance was instantly shattered as it was sent plummeting down from above like a shooting star.

An earthshattering boom erupted, causing the entire palace to tremor violently, and the small black mountain forced the man-faced centipede firmly into the ground.

A crater that was around 300 feet in size and over 10 feet deep was smashed into the ground, and the black mountain sat firmly at the center of the crater. The man-faced centipede beneath it let loose a cry of anguish before dissipating into specks of silver light.

The strange stone blocks that Han Li had fused with the Divine Essecefused Mountain were comparable in weight to gargantuan mountains, so the mountain was certainly far too heavy for the centipede to withstand.

In the instant that the centipede protection was destroyed, the silver-eyed Black Rakshasa being's face paled, and she threw up a mouthful of blood.

However, the blood was of a blackish-red color on this occasion, rather than silver color it had been before.

All of this had taken place in the mere span of just a few breaths.

The golden-eyed Black Rakshasa being was still reeling from the fact that her giant golden hook had been vanquished so easily by Han Li's flying swords, and her expression abruptly changed as she realized that her companion had sustained significant injuries. As such, her body swayed, and she immediately appeared behind the silver-eyed Black Rakshasa being before laying a hand on her back.

Golden and silver light flashed from the silver-eyed Black Rakshasa being's body, and her complexion improved significantly.

Han Li harrumphed coldly upon seeing this before pointing a finger toward the several tens of azure flying swords in the air.

All of the flying swords shuddered before flashing toward his two opponents as lightning-fast azure threads.

Shock and horror finally appeared on the faces of the two Black Rakshasa beings upon seeing this, and they exchanged a glance before suddenly raising an arm each. Two more balls of black light surfaced as a result before enshrouding their bodies.

Right in that instant, the azure threads struck the black light. A cold expression appeared on Han Li's face, and he immediately activated his sword arts without any hesitation.

All of the azure threads shuddered at his behest before transforming into azure flying swords, each of which was around a foot in length. However, all of them had become extremely faint, as if they'd been turned into mere projections.

This was none other than the voidform ability that Han Li's newly refined flying swords had obtained.

In their new insubstantial form, the swords were able to puncture through the black light in their way without any impediment!

The two Black Rakshasa beings were clearly caught completely off guard by this incredible development, and they immediately fled for their lives with shock and horror etched on their faces at the sight of the oncoming flying swords.

However, the swords were far too fast for them to evade at such close quarters.

The flying swords pierced through the air, and two howls of anguish rang out in quick succession as countless bolts were punctured into the bodies of the two Black Rakshasa Monarchs.

All of the Fire Yang beings were ecstatic to see this.

However, blue light suddenly flashed in Han Li's eyes, and his body swayed as he arrived beside the remains of the two Black Rakshasa beings, leaving a trail of afterimages in his wake. He then extended both arms at once before grabbing the nearby air like lightning.

A layer of silver flames immediately erupted from each of his hands, and two balls of light, one golden and one silver, were forced out of thin air, then enveloped by these fierce silver flames.

The balls of light were then revealed to be a golden centipede and a silver centipede.

The two centipedes were only several inches in size, but they each had the face of a female human that were identical to the faces of the two Black Rakshasa Monarchs.

The two centipedes were trapped within the silver flames, screeching incessantly with expressions of shock and horror on their faces.

The golden and silver light emanating from their bodies was none other than the Revolving Evil Spirit Light, and they would've been able to escape in the face of any other ability. Unfortunately for them, Han Li's Spirit Engulfing Heavenly Flames completely dominated their Revolving Evil Spirit Light, thereby placing them at his mercy.

Han Li had no intention of letting these two go. He joined his flaming hands and rubbed them together in a casual manner.

The golden and silver lights being emitted from the bodies of the two centipedes quickly dissipated, and the centipedes themselves were then reduced to nothingness by the silver flames.

Only then had Han Li truly slain the two Black Rakshasa Monarchs.

However, he didn't think much of this. During their clashes, he was able to deduce that these two were merely early-Deity Transformation Stage beings at most, and if it weren't for their Revolving Evil Spirit Light, he would've slain them within seconds.

However, Han Li was rather intrigued by the fact that he had been unable to detect their cultivation bases with his spiritual sense. As such, his gaze immediately fell on the remains of the two Black Rakshasa beings.

He made a grabbing motion, and both sets of remains slowly flew up into the air toward him.

Han Li's eyes narrowed slightly, and blue light flashed from his pupils as he conducted a thorough examination.

All of a sudden, his eyes lit up, and he waved a hand toward each of the two sets of remains.

Two sections of black veil emerged from the bodies of the two women before landing in his grasp.

Han Li took a quick glance at the black veils before immediately flipping his hands over, upon which they disappeared.

At this moment, the woman made her way over to Han Li with her daughter by her side, and she wore an elated look as she said, "Thank you for your assistance, Senior Han! Our Fire Yang Race will never forget your kindness!"

As for the two black veils that Han Li had just taken, she didn't mention anything about them and merely pretended as if she had never even seen them.

Only then did she truly understand that Han Li was far more powerful than she'd imagined. As such, her heart was filled with gratitude as well as awe and veneration.

The two Black Rakshasa beings had seemed virtually invincible to Bai Zhu'er, yet Han Li had just slain them with ease, so her heart was filled with astonishment and awe.

Even though she didn't say anything, there was clearly a more respectful look in her eyes as she cast her gaze toward Han Li.

As for all of the other serpentine priests, all of them also gathered around with respectful smiles on their faces.

"Hehe, it wasn't much. Seeing as I've already decided to help you, I'll take care of all of the other Black Rakshasa beings outside as well," Han Li chuckled.

All of the Fire Yang beings were naturally ecstatic to see this, and they all expressed their gratitude again.

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