Chapter 1549: Revolving Evil Spirit Light

A loud boom erupted as all of the attacks exploded upon making contact with the black light, threatening to tear it apart in an instant.

However, right at this moment, golden and silver light suddenly erupted from within the black light, and the golden and silver light swelled drastically before splitting into two.

A vast expanse of black light appeared over a radius of several tens of feet with golden and silver light shimmering at its center. All of the bone arrows, silver saber projections, and the fiery wyrm vanished without a trace into the black light.

The devastating combined attack had disappeared as if it had never even existed in the first place. What remained was a pair of still figures enshrouded black light, inspecting everyone around them with cold looks in their eyes.

"Revolving Evil Spirit Light!" the high priest exclaimed as her heart sank upon seeing this.

All of a sudden, the pair of Black Rakshasa beings joined hands while pointing their spare hands directly at the woman and her daughter.

The black light split up, and two thin threads, one golden and one silver, shot forth from within.

"Dodge! Don't take it head-on!" the woman hurriedly warned as she turned to Bai Zhu'er. At the same time, white light flashed from her body, and she flew back as a streak of white light to take evasive measures.

The young woman's heart also jolted with shock, and she wanted to evade as well, but it was already too late for her with her Core Formation Stage cultivation base. A thin golden thread appeared before as if by instantaneous teleportation, and she had no choice but to let loose another bone arrow in response.

On this occasion, instead of splitting up into countless more arrows, the bone arrow transformed into a pillar of light that was around as thick as an arm before striking the oncoming thin thread.

The size difference between the two was quite a significant one, but their clash was completely soundless.

Immediately thereafter, the pillar of light faltered before suddenly shooting back.

The young woman was completely caught off guard by this sudden development, and she didn't have any time to adopt any defensive measures. As such, she could only let loose a cry of surprise before reflexively using her bow as a shield.

She was the one who had unleashed that arrow, so she was naturally well aware of just how powerful it was. If she were to be struck by this reflected attack, both her body and soul would instantly be reduced to nothingness.

She could even already hear a cry of despair from her mother.

In the next instant, the bow in her hands was blasted away by the pillar of light, and a scorching sensation immediately enveloped her entire body.

Her face turned deathly pale, and she could only close her eyes to await her inevitable doom.

Right in this instant, someone suddenly grabbed the back of her collar and gently wrenched her away, following which she abruptly disappeared amid a flash of azure light.

An earthshattering boom then rang out, and the young woman opened her eyes with a startled look on her face to find that she was currently situated over 100 feet from where she'd been standing just a moment ago. The pillar of light had passed through the exact spot where she was situated before crashing into the wall of the palace.

It clashed with the five-colored light restriction amid a flash of piercing spiritual light before being reduced to nothingness.

However, the thin thread behind the pillar of light didn't also follow suit and crash into the wall. Instead, it abruptly changed direction and hurtled toward the young woman again.

"Argh!" The young woman let loose a cry of alarm.

However, before she had a chance to do anything, her collar tightened, and the scenes around her blurred as she was wrenched elsewhere again.

Only then did the young woman return to her senses, and she hurriedly turned her head to discover a man standing behind her with a calm expression and a hand laid casually on her back.

This man was naturally none other than Han Li!

After the golden thread in the distance missed its target, it suddenly swerved around to fly toward the young woman again as if it refused to rest until she was dead.

Elsewhere in the palace, the high priestess was also desperately evading a similar silver thread.

However, she was a Nascent Soul Stage being, after all, and with the four white-robed serpentine beings assisting her in keeping the silver thread at bay, she was able to just barely ensure self-preservation for now.

"So it can reflect attacks; that's quite interesting!" Han Li murmured to himself before sweeping a sleeve through the air, and a swath of grey light instantly appeared before Bai Zhu'er.

However, the golden thread merely faltered for a split second after plunging into the Divine Essencefused Light before puncturing through it without any impediment.

Bai Zhu'er's face paled again upon seeing this.

However, a layer of five-colored flames then immediately appeared thereafter to enshroud the golden thread again.

The extraordinarily fast thin thread immediately slowed down significantly after entering the five-colored flames, as if it were a fish caught in a net.

A hint of a smile appeared on Han Li's face, but his smile quickly stiffened in the next instant. 

This was because the thin thread suddenly pierced through the five-colored flames just as it had done with the Divine Essencefused Light, then continued on toward the young woman.

Following this startling turn of events, Bai Zhu'er's heart sank even further, and she was well and truly in despair.

However, what unfolded next had her flabbergasted yet again.

The thin thread swayed and suddenly disappeared on the spot without any warning.

In the next instant, spatial fluctuations erupted before Han Li, and the golden thread emerged before flying directly toward his face at an astonishing speed!

A hint of surprise flashed through Han Li's eyes, but he made no effort to evade as a cold look appeared on his face, and he opened his mouth in response.

A ball of silver flames erupted from his mouth, crashing into the golden thread in a flash.

An astonishing turn of events then unfolded.

Even the Divine Essencefused Light and five glacial flames were unable to trap the golden thread, yet it was stopped cold by the silver flames as if it had encountered the bane of its existence, and it curled up into an egg-sized ball amid a faint sizzling sound.

The silver fireball then transformed into a small silver bird, while the golden ball melted away within its body at a rate that was discernible to the naked eye, vanishing into nothingness in virtually an instant.

The silver Fire Raven then spread its wings and let loose a triumphant cry before disappearing in a wraith-like manner.

In the next instant, silver light flashed before the silver thread that was giving the high priestess an extremely hard time, and the Fire Raven reappeared before devouring the pesky thread.

A dull thump then rang out as the silver Fire Raven exploded on the spot, dissipating into specks of silver light.

Only then did Han Li turned toward the pair of Black Rakshasa beings with a hint of a smile on his face.

The previous sequence of clashes seemed to be quite complex, but they actually only lasted the span of a few breaths.

All of the Fire Yang beings heaved a long sigh of relief, having just escaped that life-threatening ordeal. Only then did they finally understand how the higher-ups of the other two races had been eradicated so easily.

The high priests of the other two races were inferior in power to their high priestess, even before she'd consumed the immortal fruit. However, even after consuming the immortal fruit to forcibly enhance her cultivation base, there was still no way that she could've been able to take even a single attack from that Revolving Evil Spirit Light.

As such the woman was ecstatic that Han Li just so happened to possess an ability that could oppose this light.

It was quite clear that none of them would be able to oppose these two Black Rakshasa Monarchs, so they had no choice but to rely on Han Li.

With that in mind, the woman immediately cautioned, "Be on your guard, Senior Han; not only can that Revolving Evil Spirit Light reflect attacks, it can disregard most restrictions and abilities, and it's extremely poisonous. If one were to be struck by it, the poison would immediately spread to all parts of the body, and there's no way to get rid of it. Many of the powerful beings of our Naga Race had fallen to this accursed light many years ago."

The woman was quite concerned that Han Li would be adversely affected by the Revolving Evil Spirit Light after it had been devoured by the silver Fire Raven that had flown out from his body.

"Poison, eh?" A hint of surprise appeared on Han Li's face upon hearing this. However, seeing as his Spirit Engulfing Heavenly Flames were able to devour this so-called Revolving Evil Spirit Light, it would've naturally already converted the poison into energy that could be used by him, so there was no way that it'd be able to harm him.

Of course, Han Li wasn't going to divulge the Spirit Engulfing Heavenly Flames' abilities to the woman; he merely nodded to acknowledge the fact that he'd heard her words of caution.

Throughout this entire process, his eyes remained firmly fixed on the two Black Rakshasa beings.

"You dare to devour the Revolving Evil Spirit Light?"

Han Li was unable to glean the expressions of the two Black Rakshasa Monarchs as they were enshrouded under black light, but the astonishment in their voices was quite apparent.

"Hehe, this ability of yours is quite interesting; it's just a pity that you haven't honed it to a passable degree. Otherwise, even my flames wouldn't have been able to vanquish it so easily. Alright, looks like there really are only two of you here. I'll take care of you two as quickly as possible so I can go back and rest," Han Li chuckled before striding directly toward the two Black Rakshasa beings.

He didn't appear to be moving very quickly, but each and every step he took covered a distance of several tens of feet, and he was soon just over 200 feet away from the two Black Rakshasa Monarchs. At the same time, brilliant golden light erupted from Han Li's body, and a layer of golden scales appeared over his skin. Simultaneously, a golden halo surfaced above his head, and at the center of the halo sat a golden projection with three heads and six arms.

Two of the projection's three faces were quite clear, both of which were identical to Han Li's appearance, while the third one remained rather blurry and indistinct.

Not only were the Fire Yang beings astonished by this new ability that Han Li was unveiling, even the two Black Rakshasa beings within the black light were quite taken aback.

The black light around them immediately began to buzz before tremoring and warping, transforming into a giant black blade around 70 to 80 feet in length in a flash. The blade then hurtled toward Han Li with ferocious might.

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