Chapter 1541: Fire Yang Race

At this point, the other serpentine beings had already finished dismembering the giant crab, and they wrapped up all of the materials and flesh secured from its carcass in soft beasthide before carrying them on their backs.

These beasthide packages were each over 20 feet tall, and were almost the twice the size of the serpentine beings that were under them.

However, these beings were able to carry these packages with ease, clearly indicating that they were extremely strong.

The four women carried Han Li over to the group, and their leader issued an instruction, prompting the group to depart from the valley.

Only after exiting the valley did Han Li discover that the ocean was only several kilometers away from here.

With the sea so close to this place, it was no wonder that creatures like the giant crab would rush into the valley from time to time.

However, the surface of the ocean was very placid at the moment. There was the occasional salty breeze that would blow past, but there weren't any particularly strong waves to be seen. It was exactly because of this that Han Li hadn't heard the sounds of the ocean tide in the valley.

The serpentine beings carried Han Li along the seashore for a while as Han Li inspected his surroundings, and he quickly discovered that this wasn't the seashore of some continent. Instead, he was situated on an island that didn't appear to be very big.

After traveling for about 10 more kilometers, the group arrived in front of a pile of rocks, between which were parked seven or eight thin and long bone boats.

There was one particularly large one among them that could carry around four or five people, while all of the other ones appeared to only be capable of carrying around two people each.

Each of these bone boats had a pointy end while the other end consisted of carvings of all types of different beastly heads.

Han Li and two of the women got onto the largest boat while the others boarded the other smaller boats, and they set off into the ocean as the bone oars on the boats sliced through the waves.

With their remarkable strength and stamina, the serpentine beings were able to row their oars almost without any pause, and the boats sped through the waves like arrows.

The ocean was extremely calm, and no sea beasts attacked the boats, thereby culminating in quite a smooth journey.

After just two hours, a black spot appeared up ahead, and it was another island.

Han Li narrowed his eyes as blue light flashed within his pupils, and he was able to make a rough appraisal of the island from afar.

The island was a medium-sized one that was several hundred kilometers in area, and it was filled with undulating mountains as well as lush forests, making it quite a good place to inhabit.

However, there was a hint of red visible at the pinnacle of the tallest mountain on the island while the rest of the mountain seemed to be covered in ashes and soot; it was a volcano.

Han Li wasn't able to conduct a more thorough inspection of the island as he was yet to recover his magic power, so he couldn't inject more power into his spirit eye ability.

The bone boats sped through the ocean, quickly drawing closer to the island.

A short while later, they were less than 10 kilometers away from the island.

Right at this moment, countless dark clouds suddenly appeared over the clear skies above, following which howling winds were swept up as a torrential downpour came pelting down from the heavens.

The rate at which the weather could change when out at sea was truly astounding!

However, none of this was able to pose any impediment to the bone boats as the serpentine beings all pressed a certain bump on their boats, thereby summoning miniature spell formations from the undersides of the boats.

White barriers of light abruptly appeared, encompassing all of the boats within them.

However, the serpentine beings weren't looking much more relaxed despite the measures they'd taken.

This was because when the sudden change in weather took place, massive waves as tall buildings were swept up at the same time, and they came crashing down toward the small boats.

These boats were only around 20 to 30 feet tall, and they were extremely tiny in the face of these massive waves, so they naturally couldn't offer up much resistance. However, due to the fact that they were being protected by the white light barriers, they weren't going to capsize right away. Even so, their journey had become extremely perilous, and they could only go along with the tide, unable to advance in the slightest.

Han Li faltered slightly upon seeing this, yet as he cast his gaze toward the two serpentine women on the boat, he discovered that they both wore grim expressions, but they didn't appear to be panicking. It seemed that these beings had some kind of strategy to counteract the elements.

Sure enough, just as the bone boats were about to be plunged into a truly perilous situation, a beam of white light suddenly shot forth from the island up ahead, and the light pierced through the dark clouds nearby in a flash.

A loud rumbling boom immediately rang out from within the dark clouds, following which a massive ball of light exploded. White shockwaves surged through the air in all directions, creating a gigantic hole in the clouds with a radius of around 1,000 feet.

Han Li was quite stunned to see this, and he cast his gaze toward the island again.

However, the pillar of light that had just appeared had also disappeared just as quickly, so he wasn't able to identify the point on the island from which it had originated from.

After the hole had been punctured into the dark clouds, the howling winds and massive waves on the surface of the ocean all subsided slightly. It wasn't as peaceful and tranquil as the conditions had been earlier during their journey, but it was certainly a lot better, and the serpentine beings rowed their boats quickly toward the island again.

After a short while, the bone boats arrived in a natural dock on the island, and everyone disembarked.

Han Li was also carried onto the shore on the makeshift stretcher they'd crafted for him.

At this moment, Han Li turned back to look up at the nearby sky again. It was quite clear that the suppression effect of the pillar of light couldn't last very long. The hole in the sky had been filled with the dark clouds again, sweeping up fierce winds and massive waves once again as a result.

However, none of that mattered to the serpentine beings who had already safely reached the shore.

A contemplative look appeared on Han Li's face, and he became very interested in the thing on the island that had unleashed that white pillar of light earlier.

Even though his spiritual sense was severely depleted at the moment, he could still sense that the spiritual power within the pillar of light was quite chaotic and diverse, indicating that it definitely hadn't been unleashed by a certain powerful being. Instead, it seemed to have been unleashed by a certain formation or treasure that was borrowing on the power of spirit stones.

Han Li naturally didn't find this level of power to be daunting, but for it to appear on such a small foreign island was rather curious to him.

However, these thoughts only flashed through Han Li's mind for an instant before he focused his attention on the scenes laid out in front of him again.

This small dock wasn't actually devoid of people. Not only were there several stone cabins of different heights lining the shore, there was even a massive stone pillar that stood over 1,000 feet tall.

There was also a small wooden cabin at the top of the pillar, and there seemed to be other serpentine beings residing in there as well.

Right at this moment, seven or eight of those beings emerged from the stone cabins on the shore, and most of them were female while the minority were male.

They were led by a beautiful serpentine woman with a voluptuous body who appeared to be in her twenties.

The woman glanced at the bulging packages being carried on the backs of the serpentine beings who'd just returned by boat, and a captivating smile appeared on her face. However, her smile faltered slightly as she caught sight of Han Li.

At this moment, the leader of the hunting party extended a bow toward the woman before saying something to her in a serious manner.

After hearing what he had to say, the woman's gaze traveled to Han Li's lower body, and a shocked look also appeared on her face.

All of a sudden, she slithered over to Han Li in a graceful and seductive manner, then said something in a strange language.

Han Li raised an eyebrow before shaking his head.

However, the serpentine woman didn't give up. She switched between using seven or eight different languages, and the last language in that sequence really was one that Han Li understood. It was the language of the Flying Spirit Race!

However, the woman was stuttering slightly as she spoke in the language, clearly indicating that she wasn't very fluent in it.

"You know the language of the Flying Spirit Race?" Han Li asked with a hint of surprise on his face.

The woman was ecstatic that Han Li knew the Flying Spirit Race language, and she immediately bowed as she replied, "You know this language as well, esteemed Upper Being? That's fantastic! I am the assistant priestess of the Fire Yang Race, Yan Wu. May I have the honor of knowing your name, esteemed Upper Being?"

"You can call me Mr. Han. The Fire Yang Race? This is the first time I've heard of your race. I ended up here as the result of an accident; what is this section of the sea known as?" Han Li asked with furrowed brows.

"Our Fire Yang Race is only a small branch of the Naga Race, so it's not strange at all that you haven't heard of us, Master Han. It is a brilliant honor for us that an esteemed upper being such as yourself has appeared in our race. However, I'm only the assistant priestess, so I do not know much about the upper race beings in the nearby region of the sea. I'll take you to our high priestess right away; if you have any questions, she'll be able to answer them," the serpentine woman replied in a manner that was neither haughty nor humble.

Han Li's eyes narrowed slightly upon hearing this. His eyes roamed over the woman as he sensed the faint spiritual Qi emanating from her body. This woman was only at around the Qi Condensation Stage, but she was indeed a cultivator. However, seeing as her cultivation base was so low, their high priestess was most likely not powerful enough to pose a threat to him, either.

This sequence of thoughts raced through Han Li's mind in an instant, and he quickly arrived at a decision before nodding in an indifferent manner.

The woman also heaved an internal sigh of relief after securing Han Li's approval. In her eyes, this upper being's aura was truly rather strange.

If one were to call him powerful, the issue was that the spiritual pressure emanating from his body was almost non-existent and barely more powerful than her own. However, if one were to call him weak, she'd beg to differ as her spiritual sense was completely unable to ascertain his cultivation base.

Such a strange situation naturally had to be left to the high priestess to assess.

Thus, after issuing a few instructions to the hunting party that had just returned, she pulled out a leather pouch, then released a snowy white spirit bird from within.

This was a fist-sized bird that resembled a parrot. However, its eyes were of a scorching red color, as if they were a pair of miniature fireballs.

The woman stroked the bird a few times while clucking to it in a peculiar manner, then releasing it from her grasp. The bird instantly flew deeper into the island as a streak of white light, disappearing in just a few flashes.

"I've already sent a message to our high priestess. Allow me to guide you to our Fire Yang City, Mr. Han," the woman said with a smile.

Han Li merely nodded and closed his eyes upon hearing this.

Thus, the woman immediately led the other four serpentine women who were carrying Han Li's stretcher toward the center of the island, along a small stone path.

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Johnchen & DoubleDD's Thoughts

Hey guys, just leaving a tidbit here to clear up the confusion about the term "upper race". As far as I can see, this is the first chapter in which this term has appeared, and the author has offered no explanation for what the term means, so I've had to gather information while translating later chapters, and this is what I've found:

I've determined that the upper race refers to nascent soul to spatial tempering beings. There are nine tiers in total, split up into low, mid, and upper tiers in batches of three tiers. The first three tiers correspond with the early, mid, and late nascent soul stages, tiers four to six correspond to the deity transformation stages, and tiers seven to nine correspond with the spatial tempering stages. As for the holy race, there has been no mention of how many tiers are in this race, and it seems to correspond solely with body integration beings at the moment. It's not been specified if it only refers to body int beings or grand ascension and tribulation transcendence beings as well, but that's the extent of the info I've managed to extrapolate.