Chapter 1532: The Jiao Chi Race and the Sea Monarch Race

Silver light flashed on the surface of the mirror, instantly absorbing the blood mist.

The shimmering silver mirror instantly took on a vibrant red color, following which the silver light screen disappeared, only to be replaced by a swath of five-colored light.

An incredible scene ensued.

In the instant that the five-colored light formed another light screen, bursts of white spiritual mist emanated from its surface.

The mist tumbled and surged before forming an extremely clear image.

Everything within the image was manifested from mist, and aside from the fact that they were several times smaller than in real life, they were all extremely life-like and realistic.

Han Li peered into the image, and his pupils abruptly contracted.

The setting in the image was very familiar; it was the area near a certain small mountain located quite close to the edge of the sea of Black Infernal Mist. There were two beings from different foreign races standing beside one another atop the mountain.

At first glance, the two of them appeared to be rather similar in appearance to humans. One of them was a tall and broad handsome young man who appeared to be in his thirties with a shimmering silver horn on his head. The other being had crimson hair reaching all the way down to his waist with a pair of dead-fish eyes and faint fish scales on his face. This being wore a set of green beasthide clothing.

The two of them were currently looking into the sea of Black Infernal Mist and discussing something among themselves.

The image being manifested from the white mist couldn't broadcast any sound, so Han Li couldn't hear what was being said.

However, his heart immediately sank at the sight of these two beings, who were clearly not from the Flying Spirit Race.

If they were Flying Spirit beings, then he could appear before them as a holy disciple of the Tian Peng Race, and they most likely wouldn’t do anything to him. However, things could prove to be a lot more perilous for Han Li now.

After all, all of these old monsters had strange personalities, and it would be a tragedy if he were to be killed by them on a whim. However, immediately fleeing from this place could alert those two beings and perhaps irk them as a result. 

Just as Han Li was pondering what the best course of action in this situation was, the white-robed young man with the single silver horn on his head suddenly turned to face Han Li from within the image with a meaningful look, following which a burst of piercing silver light erupted from his eyes.

Han Li's eyes were struck by a burst of sharp pain, and he hurriedly stumbled back as he closed his eyes with alarm.

At the same time, the clear image blurred before exploding amid a flash of silver light, then disintegrating into puffs of white mist.

Han Li stood rooted to the spot with an astonished look on his face.

The image that had just been dispelled was something that he'd conjured up by forcibly activating an ability that the Myriad Dragon Beast possessed.

Through the use of this ability, the beads buried in an area could broadcast the scenes unfolding in that nearby area to him in an extremely discreet manner.

However, never would he have thought that the white-robed young man would possess such powerful spiritual sense that allowed him to identify what he was doing almost right away.

These two were most definitely Body Integration Stage beings, and it was possible that they could even be mid-Body Integration or late-Body Integration cultivators.

Seeing as they had already identified what he was doing, should he get away from here right away? Han Li was still feeling quite indecisive.

He wasn't holding onto the false hope that the two beings perhaps hadn't noticed him. Instead, he was afraid that recklessly fleeing the scene could spell his doom.

Just as Han Li was grappling with an internal conflict, the silver light was slowly fading from the eyes of the white-robed being thousands of kilometers away.

"Did you discover something, Fellow Daoist Min?" the crimson-haired being asked.

"Someone was spying on us using some kind of restriction, but I've already thwarted their efforts. However, this restriction is rather interesting," the white-robed young man replied with a smile before making a grabbing motion toward a certain direction.

A white bead that was buried deep into the ground sprang out of the soil nearby before landing in his grasp.

He held the bead up close to his eyes and carefully inspected it as he clicked his tongue with wonder.

"I didn't think I'd find such intricately crafted surveillance treasures in a place like this. They're treasures of an extremely low caliber, yet they're extremely practical. There are very few treasures of this nature and quality even among our two races."

"That's some glowing praise coming from you, Brother Min! There must be more than just one of these beads buried around here, right?" The crimson-haired faltered slightly before sweeping his spiritual sense through the nearby area. Spiritual light then flashed through his eyes, and he suddenly disappeared on the spot.

In the next instant, he appeared somewhere extremely far away before also making a grabbing motion.

Thus, another Myriad Dragon Bead shot forth before landing in his grasp.

The crimson-haired being then swayed before disappearing again, then soundless reappearing where he was standing before.

"It is indeed rather unique, but I feel like your praise was unwarranted. Our two races definitely have better surveillance treasures at our disposal," the crimson-haired being chuckled coldly as blue light flashed from his palm, and the bead was frozen before exploding into countless tiny shards of ice.

"I beg to differ, Brother Jian! It is indeed true that our races have similar treasures, and that these treasures possess various flaws, but this shows us that the tool refinement prowess of the Flying Spirit beings seems to far surpass the level suggested by the rumors that are going around. It appears that the appraisal of the Flying Spirit Race made by our two races was a little inaccurate," the white-robed being replied in a calm voice.

"Oh? In that case, why don't we capture that Flying Spirit being and interrogate him?" the crimson-haired being suggested with a sinister smile.

"Forget it, we're here to correspond with the Flying Spirit Race for the first time, not to declare war on them. We'll be able to assess the tool refinement skill level of the Flying Spirt Race once we enter their core territory, so there's no need to stir up unnecessary trouble. On top of that, this being possesses a decent cultivation base; if he's closely related to one of the old monsters of the Flying Spirit Race, then we might be digging a hole for ourselves by capturing him. Besides, we've stumbled upon an unexpected reward, haven't we?" The white-robed man cast his gaze toward the black mist in the distance with a greedy look in his eyes.

"Hehe, you're right, Brother Min. These Flying Spirit beings sure are wasting a precious resource, though; I can't believe they'd just leave such valuable True Spirit Yin Qi here without anyone to look after it. Although, that certainly is a good thing for us," the crimson-haired being said with an excited look on his face.

"Normal Flying Spirit beings may be oblivious to this, but there's no way that those old monsters of the Flying Spirit Race won't know what this mist can be used for, so we should be more careful. In all honesty, if it weren't for the fact that we truly need this stuff right now, I really don't want to stir up additional trouble in the Flying Spirit Race territory," the white-robed man said in a hesitant voice.

"Haha, are you afraid that the Flying Spirit Race would dare to attack us, Brother Min? We're here on behalf of our two races. Those old farts wouldn't dare to lay a finger on us unless they want the entire Flying Spirit Race to be wiped off the face of the Spirit Realm. Even if we take this Yin Qi away from this place, they wouldn't dare to do anything to us," the crimson-haired being chortled in a nonchalant manner.

"Perhaps. However, I'm not sure whether we've been lucky or unlucky. We detected that this area was where the Profound Heavenly Spiritslash Sword had appeared, but after coming all the way here and performing a blood sacrifice, we were unable to summon the Profound Heavenly Treasure. If it weren't for the fact that the high priest of our race conducted another bout of divination, we wouldn't even know that the treasure had been taken into Flying Spirit Race territory. Come to think of it, that's quite strange. Could it be that the Flying Spirit beings got their hands on the Profound Heavenly Spiritslash Sword before us?" the white-robed man sighed.

"That's most likely the case. Otherwise, it had to have been one of the smaller races securing the treasure, then taking it to the Flying Spirit Race. Either way, it makes no difference to us," the crimson-haired being chuckled coldly.

"Indeed, it doesn't matter to us in the slightest. Our two races had to expend a vast amount of spirit stones to teleport us to this continent that lies on the other side of the ocean; we can't let the Profound Heavenly Spiritslash Sword fall into anyone else's hands. If it were just a normal Profound Heavenly Treasure, then we'd most likely just leave it, but the Profound Heavenly Spiritslash Sword is one of the three most powerful Profound Heavenly Treasures; such a prized weapon cannot be allowed to fall into the hands of other races. Regardless of which race on the Tian Yuan Continent refuses to hand over the sword, our two races will join forces to eradicate them. The Flying Spirit Race is a relatively powerful one on the Tian Yuan Continent, but they'd stand no chance against our two races. It's just a pain having to teleport people over across the sea. Otherwise, we'd just take the sword by force!" A hint of killing intent flashed through the white-robed man's eyes.

"Indeed. If your Jiao Chi Race and our Sea Monarch Race can deploy even a tenth of our forces, we'd be able to easily destroy a race like the Flying Spirit Race. However, due to the vast distance that separates us, we'll have to resort to negotiation first. The Flying Spirit Race better obey our wishes, or else..." the crimson-haired being chuckled in a sinister manner.

"Alright, seeing as neither of us wants to give up on this True Spirit Yin Qi, then let's get started right away. After that, we'll pay a visit to those old farts of the Flying Spirit Race," the white-robed man sighed as if he'd finally made up his mind.

"Haha, that's the spirit, Brother Min," the crimson-haired being cackled before suddenly rubbing his hands together. Waves of blue ripples immediately proliferated from his body, expanding to cover an area of several hundred acres in the blink of an eye, almost encompassing the entire sky.

Spiritual light then flashed, and the blue ripples instantly transformed into blue waves.

The crimson-haired being then opened its mouth to expel a glittering and translucent gourd that was several inches tall, then gently shook it toward the waves.

A string of loud rumbling booms erupted as the surrounding waves began to swirl in a frenzy around the gourd before rising up to several hundred feet tall, thereby completely enshrouding the crimson-haired being within.

The white-robed man smiled upon seeing this before suddenly laying hand onto the top of his own head, following which howling gusts of azure winds erupted from his head.

Those winds then swelled drastically to several tens of feet in just a few flashes before surging into the heavens.

A long cry that punctured the entire heavens erupted from within the fierce winds, and the winds suddenly fell away as if they were feeble papier-mâché structures. A strange horned azure creature that was over 1,000 feet tall emerged in the air.

The creature had a single long silver horn on its head and a mouthful of sharp fangs. There was a suit of azure armor draped over its body, and its upper body was long and thin while its lower body was shorty and stubby. It wielded a strange black blade in one hand while holding an azure jade vial in the other.

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