Chapter 1530: Blood Apricot and Slave Marks

The cow-headed beast finally recovered from the shock of seeing two Han Lis, and it hurriedly bowed with a respectful expression as it said, "We witnessed the phenomena triggered by your breakthrough a while ago, and we've come to offer our congratulations to you, Senior!" 

It was quite clear that this person before them was the true Han Li.

"Oh? How did you know I succeeded? What if I failed?" Han Li chuckled.

"Other people may fail, but with your unfathomable power, there's no way that you'd fail, Senior," the three-headed giant python said in a fawning manner.

Han Li chuckled upon hearing this before adopting a serious expression as he said, "Alright, that's enough idle chatter. I'm already aware of the reason for your visit; you say you're here to offer me a treasure? Tell me what you want; I don't have time to waste here."

At Han Li's current cultivation base, he was more than twice as powerful as the average early-Spatial Tempering cultivator. Even though he hadn't intentionally unleashed any of that power, his shift in demeanor still affected the world's origin Qi within the hall, causing it to surge violently.

The four demon beasts felt the air tighten around them, and it was as if a gargantuan weight had fallen on their shoulders, almost flattening them onto the ground.

"Please curb your anger, Senior, we really are here to offer a treasure; we bear no ill will!" the cow-headed beast yelled in a panicked manner as it circulated its magic power to withstanding overwhelming pressure.

"Why would you offer me a treasure for no reason? So be it, show me what you've got first. If it catches my interest, I'll listen to what you have to say next. If it's useless to me, then you can all leave," Han Li said in an indifferent voice.

At the same time, the overbearing pressure in the hall disappeared, and the four demon beasts were able to stand up straight again.

The cow-headed beast didn't dare to delay any longer as it hurriedly turned toward the golden ape.

The ape hesitated momentarily before producing a black wooden box, then striding forward and offering up the box with both hands in a respectful manner.

Han Li waved a hand through the air, and the wooden box flew into his grasp.

He swept a sleeve over the lid of the box, and azure light immediately flashed from its surface before it flew off of its own accord, thus revealing its contents.

Within the box sat a fist-sized vibrant red fruit with a net of silver lines running all over its surface while light shimmered from it in an erratic manner.

Before the four demon beasts had a chance to explain anything, he gently extended two fingers and tapped them onto the fruit before injecting his spiritual sense into it.

Han Li's expression then changed several times in a matter of moments. Initially, there was a hint of surprise in his eyes, following which his brows furrowed with bewilderment.

The four demon beasts glanced at one another upon seeing Han Li's reaction, and al of them wisely remained silent.

After a full 10 minutes had passed, Han Li exhaled as he removed his fingers from the fruit in the wooden box.

"This is a Blood Apricot! It's quite impressive that you were able to find something like this." Han Li replaced the lid on the box in a seemingly nonchalant manner before turning to the four demon beasts with a hint of a smile on his face.

The cow-headed beast was quite stunned that Han Li had been able to identify the fruit, but it maintained a respectful expression as it said, "You truly have a brilliant discerning eye to be able to identify this item right away, Senior! This is something that the four of us found in a set of ancient ruins within the Hidden Black Mountain Ranges, and we wanted to offer it to you, Senior!"

"If I recall correctly, this fruit is able to rejuvenate one's blood and refine one's body; it's an extremely rare spirit medicine that can assist you demon beasts in your breakthroughs. If you're willing to offer something like this to me, you must have a big favor to ask of me, right? This fruit is indeed rather useful to me, so I'll listen to what you have to say," Han Li said in an unhurried manner as he narrowed his eyes.

The four demon beasts glanced at one another upon seeing this, and in the end, it was still the cow-headed beast that spoke on their behalf.

"Seeing as you've seen through intentions, then we won't hide anything any longer. The four of us are in grave danger, and you're our only hope, Senior!" the cow-headed beast said with a beseeching look on its face.

However, Han Li remained completely expressionless and merely looked on in an indifferent manner.

The beast could only force an awkward smile onto its face as it continued in a careful manner, "As you know, the four of us are required to present offerings to the Tian Peng Race at regular intervals. However, the supply of items required for those offerings is quickly dwindling within these mountain ranges, and there'll be none left in around 1,000 years. Hence, we came here in the hope that you'd help rid us of our slave marks to grant us freedom so we'll no longer be trapped on this island. If you agree to our request, not only are we willing to offer up this Blood Apricot, we'll also be willing to give you all of the precious items we've found during our years on this island. Our cultivation bases are quite pitiful, but we have some talent in treasure-hunting, so you won't be disappointed, Senior." 

"Slave marks? I was wondering why you were so obedient and didn't flee from the island; so the Tian Peng Race really did place restrictions on all of you. Let me have a look at the slave marks first." Han Li's expression changed slightly as he suddenly raised a hand before making a grabbing motion.

A streak of golden light swept forth from his fingers, and before the cow-headed beast had a chance to react, it was drawn toward Han Li by a burst of suction force that rendered it completely unable to control its own body.

The beast let loose a cry of surprise before instantly being drawn to several feet away from Han Li, where it hovered in mid-air, completely immobilized.

The three other demon beasts were all given a fright, and they backed away with fearful and wary looks in their eyes.

However, Han Li didn't even take a single glance at them and only continued to do what he was doing. Blue light flashed within his eyes, and his spiritual sense immediately seeped into the demon beast's body as he began to search for the slave mark.

Only then did the other three demon beasts understand Han Li's intentions, and all of them heaved internal sighs of relief as they looked on with anticipation and elation in their eyes.

All of a sudden, a peculiar look appeared on Han Li's face, and he chuckled as he raised both arms. 

He flicked his 10 fingers in quick succession, and a series of translucent azure threads shot forth from his fingertips, all of which disappeared into the beast's body in a flash.

Han Li then began to chant something, and the azure threads were severed as he cast several incantation seals. The cow-headed beast shuddered violently before its body completely stiffened, and a vibrant red insect projection was forcibly dragged out of its glabella by a clump of azure threads.

The insect projection was several inches in length, and after half of its body had emerged from the small beast's glabella, it refused to be withdrawn any further, despite the azure threads' best efforts.

At the same time, an agonized look appeared on the beast's face. Its mouth was slightly agape, but no sound escaped from within, and it suddenly fell unconscious in the end.

A contemplative look appeared on Han Li's face upon seeing this. However, he then raised an eyebrow as blue light flashed through his eyes, and he let loose a low cry.

Azure light flashed in the air behind him, following which the projection of a massive azure bird appeared.

As soon the projection emerged, a sharp piercing screech rang out, and the three other demon beasts all collapsed onto the ground in a completely feeble and powerless manner.

The trio consisted entirely of mid-grade demon beasts, so it was no wonder that they couldn't withstand the pressure being released by the projection of the azure bird, especially at such close proximity.

Right at this moment, the massive azure bird pecked down onto the cow-headed beast's glabella like lightning at Han Li's behest.

A peculiar scene unfolded.

The resolute insect projection that refused to be extricated was easily plucked out by the bird's sharp beak before being eaten.

Following another piercing cry, the projection of the massive bird disappeared.

Only then did the other three demon beasts struggle to their feet, but all of them were trembling uncontrollably with fear as they appraised Han Li with horror in their eyes.

Han Li paid no heed to the other three demon beasts, focusing his attention on the cow-headed beast before him instead.

After a brief inspection, he nodded with a pleased expression before making a grabbing motion with one hand. The azure threads that had made their way into the small beast's body immediately re-emerged before being withdrawn by him.

In the instant that the azure threads left its body, the beast's eyelids fluttered, but it didn't immediately awaken.

Han Li's brows furrowed upon seeing this, and he swept a sleeve through the air to send forth a burst of azure spiritual light that disappeared into the beast's body.

The unconscious beast's furry body shuddered, and it finally slowly opened its eyes.

"Check to see if the slave mark is still within your body," Han Li instructed in an indifferent voice.

The small beast had only just awoken, and it faltered slightly upon hearing this before reflexively doing as it was told.

Moments later, an ecstatic look appeared on its face.

"The slave mark is gone! Thank you, Senior!" The small beast hurriedly extended a deep bow toward Han Li.

Ever since the slave mark had been planted into the beast's body, it had been like an inescapable curse. Now that it had been removed, the beast was naturally overjoyed.

The other three beasts were also elated to see this, and they all congratulated the cow-headed beast before turning to Han Li with anticipation in their eyes.

"There's no rush; I'll take care of your slave marks one at a time." Han Li smiled as he pointed a finger toward the golden ape.

The ape was overjoyed as it voluntarily skipped over to Han Li.

Thus, after a short while, the slave marks within the bodies of all four demon beasts had been eradicated.

All four of them were naturally filled with gratitude toward Han Li, and thanked him over and over again.

"You can go now. This was a fair exchange, so you don't need to thank me. By the way, when is your next offering to the Tian Peng Race due?" Han Li suddenly asked.

The cow-headed beast immediately identified what Han Li was concerned about, and it hurriedly replied in a respectful voice, "Rest assured, Senior, we've only recently submitted our last offering, so the Tian Peng Race won't be back on the island for several centuries."

"Oh, that's good to hear. You can all leave now." Han Li was quite relieved to hear this, and he waved a hand to dismiss the four demon beasts.

He'd be long gone by the time the Tian Peng Race returned to the island again, so none of that would concern him.

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