Chapter 1505: Unforeseen Circumstances

The white-haired beauty was struggling to withstand the attacks from the two streaks of silver light while expending a portion of her magic power to delay the rate at which the black formation was descending from above, so she was completely unable to do anything to Han Li.

However, in her fit of rage, she still gritted her teeth as she swept a hand toward the streak of azure light from afar.

During this split-second lapse in concentration, the formation descended by around another 10 feet.

The white-haired beauty's heart jolted with shock upon seeing this, and she immediately injected more power into her war hammer, spurring on the eight skulls to blast more green Yin flames out of their mouths, thereby slowing down the formation's descent again.

At this moment, Han Li was about to reach the exit when his expression suddenly changed drastically, and he abruptly diverged away from his original route.

Immediately thereafter, Yin Qi converged in the air right above where he had been just a moment ago, and a grey ghostly claw appeared before swiping down like lightning.

The pitch-black claws were around 10 feet in length each with green flames revolving around them, and as they swept through the air, even space itself was twisted and warped.

If it weren't for the fact that Han Li had reacted extremely quickly and evaded well in advance, he would've been struck by that attack. 

Thankfully, even though the attack was devastatingly powerful, all of its power was dedicated to a single strike, so the ghostly claws immediately disappeared amid a dull thump after failing to make contact with Han Li.

Han Li was quite elated to see this, yet just as he was about to fly toward the exit again, a sharp screech suddenly rang out from behind him.

At the same time, a sharp gust of wind hurtled toward him, and his expression changed drastically as his body turned into a blur, covering several tens of feet in a rapid lateral movement.

At this moment, a streak of green light flashed past the spot where he'd just been situated, then immediately disappeared.

Han Li abruptly made a hand seal without even turning his head while he swept his other sleeve back behind him.

Brilliant golden light immediately erupted from his back, manifesting a golden projection with three heads and six arms, and the projection lashed with ferocious might with all six of its fists in unison.

Six fist projections appeared before combining to form a powerful gust of golden wind that swept through the air.

Meanwhile, a dozen or so azure beads emerged from his sleeve before flying out behind him as well.

At the same time, Han Li activated his Provenance True Devil Arts to its maximal extent, and a layer of golden scales appeared over his body. Simultaneously, black Qi revolved around him, and a suit of black resentful armor also surfaced.

In the instant that this suit of black armor appeared, a loud thunderclap erupted, and a lightning robe also draped itself over Han Li's body.

In the blink of an eye, Han Li had set up three layers of protection around himself.

Only then was he feeling slightly more assured as he cast his gaze behind him.

However, before he had a chance to catch sight of anything, he heard an earthshattering explosion erupt from behind him, following which a powerful shockwave swept through the air in all directions.

Around 300 feet behind him, golden and green light had intertwined to sweep up gale-force winds, and within the piercing light stood an azure humanoid figure.

Blue light flashed through Han Li's eyes, and only then was he able to identify the humanoid figure behind him.

As a result of this discovery, an incredulous look appeared on his face.

"Impossible!" Han Li exclaimed.

The humanoid figure swept her sleeves through the air and forced her way through the powerful winds. However, the azure lightning beads had also reached her at that point.

The humanoid figure harrumphed coldly and swept a sleeve through the air again, sending for a burst of light to brush these nondescript azure beast aside.

Of course, she had completely underestimated the power of these lightning beads.

As soon as the swath of light she'd unleashed came into contact with the azure beads, the latter swelled to the size of wagon wheels, then collectively sped toward her.

Loud thunderclaps erupted as the beads exploded to create a devastatingly powerful azure lightning clouds. The humanoid figure was completely caught off guard, and her heart jolted with shock as spiritual light abruptly flashed from her body, forming a green tree projection around her.

Despite how fiercely powerful the lightning cloud was, it was successfully kept at bay by the tree projection.

The humanoid figure wore a dark expression as she appraised Han Li with a cold look in her eyes.

She was none other than Mu Qing, who should've already perished.

She had used some kind of secret technique to escape with her life, and had been hiding in the shadows thereafter.

However, when Han Li reappeared before trying to escape again, there was no way that she could stand by idly any longer. As such, she immediately sprang into action, only to be trapped in this lightning cloud in a moment of complacency.

The lightning cloud certainly wasn't capable of killing her, but she wouldn't be able to emerge from it anytime soon.

A chill ran down Han Li's spine at the sight of Mu Qing's frosty gaze, and his body swayed as he appeared at the exit. 

A ball of azure light was keeping the unconscious Yuan Yao and Yan Li hovering in mid-air, and he quickly waved a hand to draw the azure light toward him before tucking the two women under his arms.

He took a deep breath, and a thunderclap erupted from behind him as he flapped his wings to escape from this perilous place.

However, right at this moment, an unforeseen development struck again.

Spatial fluctuations suddenly erupted beside him, following which a ball of blood mist appeared. A burst of sinister cackling rang out from within the mist, and a massive hand that reeked fo blood and gore shot forth like lightning, grabbing directly toward Han Li.

The crimson hand had appeared completely out of the blue extremely close to his body, so regardless of how fast he was, there was no way that he could evade it. His face paled, and golden light erupted from his body as he was forced to withstand this attack using his body.

A resounding boom erupted as the crimson hand clawed through Han Li's lightning robe and black armor, then grabbed onto his shoulder.

It was quite clear that the owner of this hand merely wanted to restrain Han Li rather than kill him.

However, they had clearly underestimated the defensive properties of the layer of golden scales on Han Li's body. Han Li's azure robes naturally stood no chance in the face of the crimson hand, yet when the fingers of the hand clawed onto those golden scales, they were struck by a cold slippery sensation, thereby preventing them from piercing through Han Li's skin.

Meanwhile, Han Li certainly hadn't enjoyed that attack, either. After being struck by the crimson hand, his body stumbled back, and he was also launched through the air.

Thankfully, he possessed far superior movement techniques compared to normal cultivators, and his body twisted before turning into a blur, and he disappeared on the spot before the crimson hand could make a second grab for him.

At this moment, brilliant crimson light erupted nearby, and a crimson humanoid figure appeared. It was none other than a blood puppet, but this one was no less powerful than a Body Integration cultivator.

It was certainly far more formidable than the two that Han Li had slain in the past.

As the Purpleblood Puppet in the distance was blasting crimson pillars of light out of its six eyes to combat the two streaks of silver light, the pair of eyes on the back of its head suddenly turned toward Han Li with a cold expression.

Of course, Han Li was unaware of this, yet what he did know was that he definitely couldn't afford to be stalled here by this blood puppet.

Otherwise, if any of the demon monarchs received some respite from the ongoing battle, then it would be impossible for him to escape.

On top of that, the golden formation over the green pond had been rumbling incessantly, and Liu Zu appeared to be close to breaking free as well.

Right at this moment, the blood puppet turned to Han Li in an expressionless manner before slowly raising both hands.

There was crimson light shimmering erratically on the tips of its fingers, and Han Li was greatly alarmed as he let loose a low cry before conjuring up several projections that fled into different directions.

All of the projections were also carrying replicas of Yuan Yao and Yan Li, so there was no way to tell which one was the real Han Li.

Crimson light flashed through the blood puppet's eyes, and it immediately turned its gaze toward one of the projections. It let loose a sinister cackle before abruptly disappearing amid a flash of crimson light.

In the next instant, crimson light flashed next to the projection that the puppet had set its eyes on, and the blood puppet reappeared before instantly sweeping both hands through the air. 

Countless crimson claw projections were immediately launched toward the projection.

This projection was naturally the real Han Li, but he didn't appear to be surprised at his inability to swindle the blood puppet. The expression on his face was remarkably calm as black light flashed from one hand to summon a rapidly expanding miniature black mountain before him, while he swept his other hand through the air to hurl forth a pair of azure scissors.

The blood puppet's claw projections were indeed extremely powerful, but it was naturally unable to claw through the Divine Essencefused Mountain.

Streaks of crimson light exploded over the surface of the small mountain, and it tremored violently amid a sharp screeching sound, but it was able to withstand the attack completely unscathed in the end.

The blood puppet was quite taken aback by this development.

At this moment, the azure scissors that Han Li had hurled through the air reached the blood puppet in a flash, and it transformed into a pair of azure lightning wyrms that rushed directly toward the puppet.

This was none other than the pair of Lightning Wyrm Scissors he'd obtained from the Tian Peng Race!

The blood puppet remained completely expressionless as it raised its hands to grab the oncoming lightning wyrms.

A peculiar look appeared on Han Li's face upon seeing this, and he suddenly took a few steps backward.

He flapped his wings amid a flash of brilliant azure light, transforming into a translucent line along with Yuan Yao and Yan Li before disappearing into space.

The blood puppet let loose a low roar as it thrust its palms forward instead.

Two bursts of crimson light swept forth to swat the two lightning wyrms flying, and the blood puppet's body swayed as it prepared to set off in pursuit of Han Li.

Right at this moment, golden light flashed from the ground below as a streak of golden spear Qi and two streaks of bright saber Qi broke through the ground before hurtling toward the puppet.

The blood puppet was caught by surprise, and it immediately rushed several tens of feet to one side. Only then was it able to just barely evade those surprise attacks.

It looked down to discover that two golden humanoid figures had appeared down below, both of which were around 10 feet tall and clad in suits of golden armor. One of them was wielding a golden spear while the other was wielding twin sabers.

They were a pair of expressionless golden-armored warriors.

The blood puppet turned toward Han Li, only to discover that during this split-second delay, he had already flown far away as a streak of azure light.

The puppet harrumphed coldly, yet just as it was about to give chase, the two armored warriors down below blurred before appearing on either side of the blood puppet.

One of them thrust its spear forward, and it transformed into a massive golden python that pounced with ferocious might. Meanwhile, the other warrior slashed its twin sabers through the air, sending countless golden blades of wind sweeping toward the puppet.

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