Chapter 1488: Reunion

The purple-armored puppet and two-headed puppet both nodded in agreement, making it seem as if the three-headed puppet was the true leader of the trio.

The three-headed puppet made no effort to lower its voice, so not only did Mu Qing and the white-haired beauty hear it, it was clearly audible even to Han Li, Yuan Yao, and Yan Li.

Mu Qing adopted a peculiar expression while a deriding sneer appeared on the white-haired beauty's face.

"Hehe, Sister Mu, seeing as they want to wait for some reinforcements, why don't we wait with them?" the white-haired woman chuckled as she turned to Mu Qing.

"My thoughts exactly! We'll do as you say, Sister Lan," Mu Qing agreed with a smile.

The white-haired woman nodded before withdrawing her hands into her sleeves, and the massive ghostly projection behind her hovered motionlessly in mid-air.

Mu Qing also crossed her arms and stood completely still atop her golden flower.

The two of them really did seem to be planning to wait!

Meanwhile, the high-grade demon beast, as well as Han Li and the others, naturally stood still on the spot, having received no orders to attack.

Hints of curiosity flashed through the eyes of the three puppets upon seeing this, but what the two women were doing played right into their hands, so they also merely remained on the spot with cold expressions on their faces.

Weapon projections, Yin winds, and streaks of spiritual light intertwined relentlessly in the air amid relentless strings of explosions.

Shattered puppets and ghostly soldiers plummeted from the sky from time to time before disappearing into black mist amid a string of dull thumps.

Meanwhile, the five Body Integration Stage powerful beings continued to engage in a tense standoff.

The crimson-armored puppets clearly had the advantage in numbers and were more proficient in teamwork. Meanwhile, the Yin Armor Profound Ghosts were more powerful individually, and with the eight ghost monarchs among their ranks, they were forcing the crimson-armored puppets back into retreat, seemingly having completely gained the upper hand.

Thankfully for the crimson-armored puppets, the armored warriors on the hundred or so war carriages on their side were fighting without any fear of death, and the carriages themselves along with the beasts they were drawn by all possessed powerful abilities. Thus, they were able to combine their powers to ward off most of the ghost monarchs. Otherwise, the situation would've most likely been even worse for them.

A contemplative look flashed through Han Li's eyes upon seeing this.

The normal crimson-armored puppets moved quite slowly and clearly had lackluster reaction speed. These were only ordinary puppets with no spiritual sense imbued within them. In contrast, the Yin Armor Profound Ghosts that had been trained by the white-haired beauty were displaying their immense powers, lashing out with Yin winds and all types of weapons to vanquish their enemies, and the opposing puppets were often either frozen into black blocks of ice or sliced into countless pieces by the blades of wind.

The eight Yin Armor Demon Monarchs were even more dominant; all of them had transformed into massive black-armored ghosts that were over 100 feet tall with gigantic bull horns on their heads and sets of sinister menacing facial features.

The puppets fought with all their might, only to be easily torn into shreds by these ghost monarchs.

However, the three puppet generals paid no heed to this, as if the subordinates that were being destroyed were completely inconsequential.

Meanwhile, the white-haired beauty and Mu Qing were naturally happy to maintain this standoff, seeing as their ghostly soldiers were annihilating the opposition.

After a while, most of the crimson-armored puppets had been destroyed, as had all of the war carriages on their side. Conversely, a small portion of the Yin Amor Profound Ghosts had disappeared, and the eight ghost monarchs were also all riddled with wounds.

A cold light flashed through the white-haired woman's eyes, and she turned around to glance at the other high-grade demon beasts, seemingly about to issue some kind of instruction.

However, right at this moment, a burst of silent fluctuations erupted from deep within the mist, and the air in the area near Han Li and the others began to tremor and quake.

This strange occurrence naturally drew everyone's attention.

However, they could only tell that the sea of mist in the distance was tumbling and swirling violently, but they were unable to see through the mist and ascertain what was going on in there.

Just as Han Li had also narrowed his eyes in bewilderment, a low buzzing sound swept toward them from the extremely far distance.

A speck of white light flashed from afar, following which another earthshattering roar rang out, and a scintillating white sun appeared within the mist. The sun then expanded rapidly, illuminating almost the entire sea of mist with its incandescent light.

The white light then receded, yet an unfathomable burst of spiritual pressure began to wreak havoc within the space with reckless abandon.


Everyone had reflexively closed their eyes in the face of that brilliant sun, and as soon as they sensed that burst of fearsome spiritual pressure, all of them turned around and fled the scene without any hesitation, flying away from the mist.

Han Li was also among the people fleeing the scene.

He flapped his Thunderstorm Wings and disappeared on the spot as an arc of lightning.

Meanwhile, Yuan Yao and Yan LI suddenly gathered together as grey mist surged around their bodies, and they flew away amid gusts of Yin winds that they'd conjured up.

As for the other high-grade demon beast, all of them were also scattering as quickly as they could.

A rumbling thunderclap rang out from the distance, following which a white hurricane erupted into the air at the center of the sea of mist, as if it were a white true dragon rising into the skies.

However, the pillar of wind then abruptly shattered in the face of that explosive thunderclap.

Howling winds began to sweep forth in all directions, and the winds were so fearsome that they seemed to be threatening to tear this entire space open.

Even though a restriction had been placed on this mist in advance, there was no way that it was able to withstand such fierce winds. As such, the sea of mist was completely swept away without being able to offer any resistance.

When Han Li reappeared over 10,000 feet away and turned toward back to assess the situation, his heart abruptly jolted with shock.

The dense sea of mist that had stretched for as far as the eyes could see now ceased to exist, and countless gusts of furious white winds had taken its place.

The place that they'd been situated at before had been completely transformed into a world of howling winds with countless wind blades that were invisible to the naked eye surging through the air. This windstorm was extremely fierce!

The puppets and ghostly soldiers that weren't able to get away in time were all swept up into these ferocious winds, and they were struggling with all their might to remain intact.

However, the winds were simply too powerful to contend with, and after a series of explosions and howls of anguish, almost all of the puppets and Yin Armor Profound Ghosts were instantly eradicated into nothingness.

Only the eight ghost monarchs still remained, resisting with all their might as black light flashed over their bodies, but their situation was also very dire.

The white-haired beauty's expression darkened upon seeing this. All of a sudden, she let loose a sharp cry, and all eight ghost monarch immediately let loose shrill cries of their own to resonate with her. They then barely managed to transform into balls of black light before hurtling toward the same spot.

Brilliant black light erupted, and the eight balls of light combined into one.

Ripples then ran along the surface of this ball of light, following which it transformed into a gargantuan ghost that was several hundred feet tall.

As soon as this ghost took shape, it fled toward a certain direction, escaping the area encompassed by the vicious winds in just a few flashes before rushing directly toward the white-haired beauty as quickly as they could.

At this moment, the three puppet generals were appraising the windstorm with contemplative looks in their eyes, seemingly in deep thought about something.

All of a sudden, heavy footsteps sounded from deep within the gusts of wind. The ground tremored slightly with each and every step, and each successive step seemed to be heavier and closer than the last one. It was as if a colossal creature was making its way toward everyone, and it was doing so at an alarming speed.

Everyone looked on at the windstorm with grave expressions on their faces.

Moments later, a mountainous black shadow began to appear from within the gust of wind, and it only seemed to be expanding further as it progressed onward.

The ferocious winds didn't have any effect on the black shadow at all, and after a hint of blue light flashed through Han Li's eyes, an expression of enlightenment appeared on his face.

A thunderous roar suddenly erupted from within the howling winds, following which the black shadow leaped out of the windstorm, revealing itself to be a purple giant.

It was none other than Di Xue's Purpleblood Puppet.

At this moment, the two crimson-robed figures were standing on its shoulders while a black-robed man stood atop its head. The black-robed man was none other than the most mysterious being among the four demon monarchs, Liu Zu!

The white-haired beauty was elated to see this, yet before she had a chance to say anything, green light suddenly flashed through the eyes of the three puppets in the distance, and the three-eyes puppet exclaimed, "How did you two come out alive? Where's everyone else?"

"Everyone else? You mean these things?" Liu Zu said in an indifferent voice before sweeping a sleeve through the air, and four round objects suddenly tumbled down from above the Purpleblood Puppet's head.

Han Li focused his gaze on those objects to find that they were all crimson heads that were wearing strange helmets.

"You killed all of them? That's impossible! The four of them are even more powerful than us three, and they had so many ghostly beings to assist them!" The purple-armored puppet was completely incredulous as he looked at the heads on the ground.

"Hehe, if your true bodies were here, seven Golden Mayfly Tier beings really would pose a stern challenge, even for me. However, you're all merely puppets, and you'd be lucky to be able to unleash even half of your power in your current state, so of course you're no match for me. Fellow Daoist Mu, Fellow Daoist Lan, kill them all!" Liu Zu instructed with a sinister chuckle, and astonishing killing intent erupted from his body.

The three puppets were all horrified to hear this, and one of them yelled, "Split up and run!"

The three puppets then urged their steeds into action in unison, instantly transforming into three streaks of light of different colors that fled toward different directions.

Following just a few flashes, they were already several thousand feet away. All of their steeds possessed strange movement techniques that were extremely fast.

However, Liu Zu and the others seemed to have a tacit understanding between them the white-haired beauty let loose an unsettling chuckle before hurtling toward the purple-armored puppet as a plume of azure smoke, followed closely by the Body Integration Stage gargantuan ghost, which flew through the air as a ball of black light.

Mu Qing stomped a foot onto her golden flower, and a black formation of light appeared out of thin air, following which both she and her flower disappeared. In the next instant, she reappeared far closer to the twin-headed puppet than she was a moment ago.

One of the crimson-robed figures let loose a long roar, and the Purpleblood Puppet strode forward as purple and red flames erupted all over its body, covering a distance of over 1,000 feet with just a single stride, pursuing the three-eyes puppet.

Thus, all of the Body Integration Stage beings disappeared in the blink of an eye, leaving behind only Han Li, Yuan Yao, Yan Li, and a dozen or so high-grade demon beasts.

Right at this moment, Yan Li transmitted her voice to him. "Take this opportunity to get away, Fellow Daoist Han; these demon beasts won't be able to stop you."

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