Chapter 1486: Female Ghost

Han Li's pupils contracted upon seeing this, but he quickly made a hand seal, and the grey light, as well as the five-colored flames, suddenly dispersed, transforming into countless grey threads and streaks of fiery five-colored light that rained down from above. The white shadows that were struck by those attacks instantly vanished, but the remaining white shadows continued to multiply relentlessly.

Grey threads and five-colored light encompassed most of the entire sky, but the white shadows simply refused to be completely exterminated. Not only were Yuan Yao and Yan Li stunned to see this, even Han Li was a little dumbstruck.

However, right at this moment, his spiritual sense detected something, and his body blurred as he turned around in a flash to face behind him. He then fixed his gaze on a patch of empty space nearby, and a cold expression flashed through his eyes as a gash appeared on his glabella. The gash split open, following which a black eyeball emerged from within. It was none than his Law Destruction Eye!

Having been nurtured for so many years, the eyeball had become darker and darker, and at this point, the mere sight of it made the beholder feel as if their soul were being sucked out of their bodies.

Black light flashed deep within the eyeball, following which a pillar of light as thick as a human thumb shot forth, then disappeared into that patch of space in a flash. A resounding boom erupted, and the nearby space twisted and warped. Immediately thereafter, a black ball of light that was several tens of feet in radius appeared out of thin air, then disappeared in a flash.

At the same time, a white shadow stumbled out of that patch of empty space, then hurtled back to over 100 feet away.

At this point, the white shadow was no longer as blurry and indistinct as it had been before. Instead, its appearance had become very clear. It was a woman dressed in a set of white robes. The robe was shimmering with light and completely pristine and spotless, seemingly having remained completely unscathed in the aftermath of that explosion. The woman herself was quite tall and slender with a curvaceous body and a head of glossy black hair.

Due to the fact that she had her head lowered, Han Li was unable to glean her true features, but she appeared to be quite a beauty. Han Li appraised this woman through narrowed eyes, and a wary expression appeared on his face.

He had just attempted to sweep his spiritual sense toward her, only to have it repelled by her white robes, thereby thwarting his attempt to ascertain her cultivation base. However, he could tell from that previous clash that this was most definitely not some kind of normal high-grade ghostly being.

Just as the woman had been forced out of space by Han Li's Law Destruction Eye, the white shadows on the other end that were relentlessly multiplying finally all disappeared.

Han Li waved a hand without even turning his head, and the grey light along with the five-colored flames in that direction also vanished.

A burst of unsettling giggles suddenly escaped from the woman's mouth, and she raised an arm before grabbing the air toward Han Li in a seemingly harmless gesture.

However, her arm along with the sleeve of the white robe abruptly disappeared amid a flash of white light.

Han Li couldn't help but falter slightly upon seeing this, but before he had figured out what was going on, the arm that had just vanished suddenly reappeared right in front of him.

The sleeve on the arm was rolled up, revealing a set of white bony claws that flashed over to Han Li's neck as if by instantaneous teleportation, then made a vicious grab for his throat. Cold light of around an inch in length shimmered from the tips of each of the five claws. "Argh!"

Even Han Li was given a massive fright by this sudden turn of events, and the claws were far too fast for him to evade or defend himself against.

Thus, the bony claws grabbed onto Han Li's throat amid a dull thump, but in the instant that they made contact with his skin, golden light flashed from Han Li's neck of its own accord, following which a few golden scales appeared. The sharp bone claws were repelled amid a flash of golden light.

Han Li also stumbled back a couple of steps, but thankfully, his throat remained completely unscathed, having been protected by those golden scales.

A thunderous expression appeared on Han Li's face as he rapidly swept a sleeve through the air, sending forth a streak of golden light that instantly swept up the white arm. Golden light flashed as the entire arm was completely inundated by streaks of sword Qi. The golden sword Qi struck the arm with all their might, but they were only able to cause a few ripples to appear on the white sleeve of the robe while the arm itself remained completely unscathed.

Han Li's expression changed slightly and he immediately opened his mouth to blast forth a ball of silver flames. However, it was too late. The white-robed woman had recovered from the shock of her failed attack and she shrugged her shoulder, upon which the white arm that had been detached from her body abruptly disappeared, leaving the silver fireball to strike nothing but empty air.

At the same time, white light flashed by the white-robed woman's side, and her arm returned to her body.

Han Li took a deep breath upon seeing this before rustling a sleeve, and four or five azure beads rolled soundlessly into his hand. At the same time, spiritual light flashed from his wrist, and a palm-sized spirit beast bracelet appeared in his other hand. This ghostly woman possessed extremely bizarre and troublesome abilities, and Han Li didn't want to take any further risks. As such, he was planning to immediately summon his Weeping Soul Beast, then assist the beast by attacking the white-robed woman with his lightning beads to end this battle as quickly as possible. This was not a time where he could afford lengthy delays.

The white-robed woman seemed to have realized that Han Li was quite a formidable opponent, and she wasn't in a hurry to attack again. Instead, she slowly raised her head to reveal her true appearance.

"Argh!" Yan Li and Yuan Yao had just been flabbergasted by the rapid series of blows traded between Han Li and the white-robed woman, and both of them suddenly let loose involuntary cries of surprise upon seeing the woman's true appearance. Han Li also drew a sharp breath at the sight of her facial features. An extremely terrifying half of a face was laid out before his eyes.

One half of the face was covered in shriveled eerie green skin while the other half of the face was comprised of fair delicate skin and half of a pair of supple red lips, the kind that one would expect from an exquisite beauty. The ghostly being's eyes were both green and completely emotionless, appraising Han Li in a cold manner.

If this face had been present on some kind of sinister ghostly being with a hideous body, then it wouldn't have been much of a shock. However, this woman possessed an extremely seductive figure with a head of flowing gorgeous hair, creating the illusion that she was a fine beauty. As such, the stark contrast between expectations and reality naturally sent a bone-chilling sensation running down the beholder's spine.

Low ghostly sobs suddenly sounded from the white-robed woman's body, and clouds of white mist began to surface in the nearby area.

These clouds of mist contained all types of ghostly figures, some of which were baring their fangs in a menacing display, some of which were letting loose ferocious roars, and all of them were putting on menacing displays.

Han Li's heart jolted with shock, and azure light flashed from his spirit beast bracelet as he sprang into action to summon his Weeping Soul Beast. However, an earthshattering roar suddenly erupted deep within the mist at this moment, and the roar was so thunderously loud that Han Li's ears were ringing in its aftermath. Even the clouds of ghostly mist were surging erratically from that explosive roar, and the two women accompanying Han Li were completely petrified.

That voice didn't belong to any of the four demon monarchs, so there was most likely some other powerful ghostly being nearby. Han Li's expression darkened as that thought occurred to him, yet before he had a chance to formulate a plan, an inexplicable turn of events suddenly unfolded.

As soon as the white-robed woman heard this roar, green light flashed from within her eyes, and the ghostly weeping emanating from her body abruptly cut off. Following a brief hesitation, the white mist around its body quickly swept toward it as a gust of white winds, and it hurtled directly toward the direction where the roar had erupted from.

Han Li naturally wasn't going to chase down this opponent, but his eyes were flashing with indecision as he cast his gaze toward the direction where the thunderous roar had just erupted from."Brother Han, what should we..." Yan Li couldn't help want to ask something, but Han Li immediately cut her off. "Let's get out of here as quickly as we can. It's quite possible that one of the demon monarchs is nearby. Otherwise, that ghostly woman wouldn't have dropped everything to go and assist her companion."

Yuan Yao and Yan Li found this to be quite a plausible theory, and the trio immediately flew away along with the ghostly soldiers. On this occasion, no more ghostly beings appeared to hinder them, and the mist up ahead was thinning at a noticeable rate. Two hours later, the three of them finally emerged from the mist.

All three of them were ecstatic to see this, and they immediately prepared to fly away into the distance. However, right at this moment, an unfamiliar male voice suddenly sounded from high above them. "Hmm? I didn't think that anyone would be able to make it out of my restriction; looks like I underestimated your abilities."

Han Li and the others were all shocked to hear this, and they raised their heads in unison, upon which all three of them were stunned by what they saw. In the air over 10,000 feet above the nearby ghostly mist, there were two groups of beings locked in a tense confrontation.

One of those groups was comprised of none other than the white-haired beauty and Mu Qing, as well as a dozen or so high-grade demon beasts and the eight Yin Armor Ghost Monarchs.

There were thousands of ghostly soldiers situated further away, and they were all organized in an orderly formation as gusts of Yin winds and bursts of baleful Qi erupted into the air around them.

However, they were faced with several times the number of beings they had on their side, comprising an army of around 7,000 to 8,000. All of these beings were around 20 feet tall and were clad in suits of crimson armor. They were wielding all types of weapons such as sabers, spears, swords, halberds, bows, and crossbows, and all of them hovered completely motionlessly in mid-air, clearly indicating that this was an exceptionally well-trained army.

What was even more surprising to Han Li was that there were over 100 azure war carriages among this crimson army. These war carriages appeared to be rather antiquated with azure light flashing erratically over their surfaces. There were a dozen or so crimson-armored beings on each carriage, all of which were wielding long weapons. There were two strange black beasts with lion heads and wyrm bodies drawing each carriage, and they were also clad in suits of armor.

At the forefront of the army were three general seated atop different beastly steeds. The one who had just spoken was a man in a suit of purple armor with a pair of golden war hammers strapped to his back. Mu Qing and the white-haired beauty also turned their attention toward Han Li's trio. The white-haired beauty remained completely motionless, making it impossible to glean her thoughts, but Mu Qing wore a hint of a smile on her face, and Han Li's heart jolted upon seeing this as he lamented his terrible luck.

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