Chapter 1480: The Infernal River Restriction

Mu Qing smiled and she flipped her hand, producing three sparkling blood-red pearls, each the size of a thumb.

Liu Zu shook her shoulders and black light flickered. Another two arms emerged from his back.

One of the arms was holding a triangular black badge while his other arm held a blue textile shuttle.

With his original arms grasped in an incantation gesture, the air crackled, and a black beam of light shot out from his mouth into the silver mist.

Boom. The silver mist immediately began to collapse upon contact with the black beam, resulting in a series of hums sounding from the impact.

Mu Qing raised her hand when she saw this.

The three blood-red pearls shot out in a line, turning into crimson fireballs.

After three worldshaking booms, the silver mist and three head-sized crimson flames erupted and began to disperse.

As the silver mist clashed against the black light and crimson flames, the passage began to sway.

Standing behind them, Han Li couldn't help but change his expression.

Although he experienced the collapse of a spatial tear several times before and lived through the passage of a spatial node, it didn’t mean he was confident in escaping a spatial tear collapse. In the past, he only survived by luck. Apart from existences at True Spirit or Grand Ascension stage, none dared to ignore spatial-type dangers.

At that moment, Liu Zu’s new arms began to move.

The triangular badge vibrated and released countless crimson balls of lightning and fire, smashing down on the mist. From the shuttle-type magic treasure, it turned into a blue streak in a hum.

Mu Qing shook her sleeve, releasing countless green streaks.

Afterwards, the three attacks joined in and forced the silver mist to gradually collapse.

When the silver mist was pushed by thirty meters, it eventually let out a world-shaking tremble and completely disappeared.

The barrier to the space was struck open and another passage appeared.

Han Li blinked and could see what laid past the opening.

A faint white light flickered without end and an icy wind blew towards them from it.

Even when he was protected by spiritual light, Han Li shivered as the icy wind blew past him.

The coldness of the wind penetrated the light and touched his body directly. If he didn’t cultivate the five ice flames in his body, he would’ve suffered quite a bit.

Fortunately, the winds only blew for an instant and soon subsided.

He let out a long sigh.

Liu Zu looked at the hole and a glint flickered from his eyes. His body blurred as she shot forward. At that same time, he said, “The passage is open! Call for the other Fellow Daoists to enter. I’m going to take a look first at the outside!”

Before they completely heard what he said, he had already entered the white light outside.

Mu Qing frowned and she commanded without turning around, “Jin Ling, call for Di Xue and Fellow Daoist Lan to march their forces. I’m going to bring Fellow Daoist Han inside.”

“Yes, Master!” The golden ape replied. He turned around and shot off in a golden streak.

Han Li then silently flew after Mu Qing to the exit.

A quarter-hour later, Han Li’s surroundings lit up and he appeared in another space.

However, the scene was much to Han Li’s surprise.

A kilometer away, he saw an expanse of white water blocking the path.

As the white water was cloudy, it was difficult to see how far it reached.

Icy winds brushed past the surface of the water.

Strangely enough, the surface of the water was smooth as a mirror without a single flaw as if it were completely still, even as such strong winds blew.

Liu Zu floated not far away from the surface of the water and looked ahead in solemn silence.

Han Li let out a long sigh and muttered, “So this is the infernal river!” 

Mu Qing indifferently said, “That’s right. To pass this water shroud into the infernal river, we’ll need to draw the support of your Divine Devilbane Lightning.”

“This junior won’t hold back,” Han Li respectfully replied.

Mu Qing nodded and thought to say something else when Liu Zu suddenly reached out his hand in the direction of the water’s surface.

Suddenly, a large black hand appeared in the air and grabbed downward.

But when the large hand arrived ten meters away from the ice, countless ice streaks crashed out from the ice.

As the sounds of space tore, the ice streaks tore thousands of holes into the hand, causing it to vanish.

“What’s that?” Han Li said with alarm.

Mu Qing eventually turned her head and explained, “That is a monstrous fish in the infernal river. It is as slender as a needle and lives on the water’s surface. It can launch flying attacks tirelessly and can’t be underestimated. However, they are only the most minor dangers inside the infernal river. So long as you protect yourself with spiritual light with enough cultivation, you will be able to enter the water. The other danger is if a school of fish launches a continuous attack on you. You would have to kill them all.”

When Han Li heard this, he felt enlightened.

At that moment, something sounded from the back of the passage.

Han Li turned his head and saw two crimson-robed men standing on the shoulders of the Purpleblood Puppet. The white-haired beauty was also there, accompanied by eight black figures, Yuan Yao, and Yan Li.

Afterwards, seemingly endless armies of demons, puppets, and yin-armored ghosts followed them.

In the blink of an eye, the armies occupied most of the air in the passage, floating in dense numbers in various places.

One of the crimson-robed men directly flew over to Han Li and company. As for the other crimson-robed man, he loudly shouted, “Brother Liu Zu, how is it? Have the infernal river’s restrictions changed at all?”

“None. It's exactly the same as we last entered!” Liu Zu withdrew his gaze from the water and turned around.

“That is to say, we’ll have to do the same thing to get rid of the restriction?” A crimson-robed man sullenly said.

The white-haired beauty flew over and confidently said, “That is so! However, this time we made more preparations. It won’t be as harmful as the last time.”

Liu Zu turned to look at Han Li and said emotionlessly, “Yes, the most important point is that we join hands to destroy the restriction and separate the river. As for other dangers, you don’t need to take them to heart. Alright, let’s prepare. Fellow Daoist Han, when the time comes, release you divine lightning and aid us in dissolving the devilish Qi that scatters from the water. So long as the devilish Qi is gone, we’ll be able to part the water without a problem.”

Han Li bowed and calmly said, “Seniors, don’t worry. My lightningwield technique has been well-practiced. I definitely won’t interfere with this matter.”

“Hehe, that’s reassuring.” A crimson-robed heartily laughed.

The others nodded.

Soon after, the four demon monarchs waved their hands and suddenly, high-grade demons flocked out, taking out strange tools to establish a spell formation.

Eight black figures and a dozen black metal-attributed puppets gathered together and prepared something.

As for Han Li, as he floated in midair, he shook his sleeve. Suddenly, eight small azure flags circled in the air as azure sparks flashed from them, creating a lightning attributed spell formation around him.

At his side, the golden ape looked at Han Li’s actions and couldn't help but alarmedly ask, “Fellow Daoist Han, what are you doing?” 

Han Li casually answered, “Nothing. This is a supplementary spell formation that I researched. Not only will it stabilize the lightningwield technique, but it will also amplify its might.”

After Han Li found out that the Divine Devilbane Lightning could backlash on him when using grand techniques, he felt greatly apprehensive and put in much effort into resolving this.

This small spell formation was such a method he researched during his time in seclusion.

He used lightning talismans to condense the formation flags and allow them to absorb lightning. Then when placed in his Eight Gate Lightning Draw Formation, it would also amplify its strength.

If the lightning truly backlashed during the technique, he could use the spell formation to ward off the lightning, buying him time to escape the formation and escape injury.

Of course, Han Li could only test if it was truly effective if the backlash truly happened.

Nevertheless, Han Li felt more at ease using the lightningwield technique inside the formation. As for the amplification effect, it was only an excuse.

When the ape heard Han Li’s explanation, he nodded and said nothing else.

Mu Qing and the others glanced at it, but they weren’t able to see anything odd about it.

After all, the strange part about the formation was its flags which consisted of lightning talismans. However, Han Li had spent painstaking effort to craft them, so even the vastly powerful demon monarchs weren’t able to see through them.

The other demons had been drilled before and in the time it took to finish a cup of tea, the huge formation was placed down in midair.

The huge spell formation used tens of various styled tools, including bowl-thick black plates,  rulers, rings, the crystals, and the other strange objects.

But scattered about, these items still released an astonishing aura and seamlessly fused into a single body.

At the heart of the formation, Liu Zu and Mu Qing stood side by side.

The other eight black figures stood in formation, each one of them standing on each other's shoulders like a human ladder.

The white-haired beauty stood in front of the black figures and wore a calm expression.

By a crimson-robed man, the Purpleblood Puppet expanded, rising over a hundred times in size. A dozen metal-attributed puppets gathered together, condensing into a hundred-meter-tall iron puppet. The huge blades in its hands glinted brightly.

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