Chapter 1479: Voidfright Devil

After the blood ball absorbed these black-red items, the blood scent in the air vanished and was replaced with a dense fragrance.

The demons below became restless.

The high-grade demons were better off. Although their minds were dulled and their desires rampant, they managed to control themselves.

The lower-grade less-intelligent demons all appeared starved and crazed. As for the ghosts in the black wind and the puppets, they seemed unscathed.

Suddenly, a cold snort sounded from the air.

A wave of breath-freezing cold descended from the air, covering their entire surroundings in the blink of an eye. The demons promptly shivered and a trace of their desires vanished.

This was an immense spiritual pressure emitted by Liu Zu, who already anticipated this would happen.

When Han Li felt this, his heart trembled.

Of the Body Integration-stage beings he’s seen before, Liu Zu was the strongest among them.

Is it possible he is at the peak of Body Integration-stage?

Han Li inwardly muttered to himself and resolved himself to never get in his way.

With his abilities, he might have a chance at escaping from the other demon monarchs, but when he faced Liu Zu, he stood no chance. 

At that moment, Mu Qing stood in front of the huge ball of fragrant blood and began to mutter an incantation.

The other high-grade demons began to flee downward as if they were running for their lives.

At nearly the same moment, the blood ball let out a muffled explosion, causing the nearby space to fluctuate. Balls of silver clouds began to form in the air and they began to spiral, turning into a huge vortex.

The vortex was nearly thirty meters wide and contained roiling silver mist. It grew increasingly brighter before it let out a series of ruptures as if it were about to tear through space.

Han Li’s expression stirred and he narrowed his eyes as he looked at the air. A trace of blue light flickered from his eyes.

The others didn’t notice but Han Li was able to see the vortex’s interior clearly with his Brightsight Spirit Eyes.

In the deepest point of the vortex, the silver mist began to compress and wrinkle like paper as it violently shook.

The strange sound of violently fluctuating space burst out.

Suddenly, glass-like cracks mixed with the sounds of explosions, and Han Li narrowed his eyes.

The space within the vortex ruptured and black light flashed within it. Suddenly, a furry silver arm suddenly stretched out from it and began to swipe several times through the air and soon a similar arm appeared next to it.

Two jet-black fingernails struck out from the huge silver hands as they attempted to stretch open the black light to create a larger hole.

The space within three hundred meters began to shatter in tiny pieces.

The silver vortex wailed, turning into specks of silver starlight before disappearing.

In its original spot was a black hole that appeared ten times larger. The pair of huge hands connected to the edge of the hole was still. At that same moment, a pair of huge green eyes glinted from the dark.

Apart from the four demon monarchs, everyone who saw this felt their blood run cold.

Mu Qing’s expression sank and the black light formation underneath her flickered, vanishing from her position next to the blood ball.

A short moment later, she reappeared in front of her golden ape, and her expression faintly relaxed.

The sounds of rumbling repeatedly sounded out from the large black hole.

When Han Li heard this, he was greatly surprised, but when he looked around, he was startled.

When the nearby demons heard this strange scream, their bodies began to sway.

The lower-grade demons powerlessly fell to the ground, but the higher-grade demons managed to remain standing.

Even the four demon monarchs erected flashing light from their bodies to resist the effects.

As for Han Li, he was entirely unaffected by this.

He was amazed by this result, but this also drew the attention of the four monarchs.

The white-haired woman yelped and her lips curled as she thought of something. As for Liu Zu, he coldly shouted, “Don’t be surprised! This youth has a personal magic treasure crafted from Divine Devilbane Lightning and he hasn’t stayed in the earth abyss for long. Since his body isn’t corrupted by dark aura, it isn’t odd he isn’t scared by the Voidfright Devil’s scream.”

When the white-haired woman heard this, she wore an expression of enlightenment and she turned silent.

When Mu Qing and the two crimson-robed men glanced at Han Li with a changed expression, they also didn’t speak.

When Han Li heard the name Voidfright Devil, he frowned.

He hadn’t heard of its name before, but since it was able to tear through space, it wasn’t something to be trifled with. Could it be a True Spirit-grade existence? Although the demon monarchs appeared serious, they didn’t view with much fear.

As Han Li remained baffled, the pair of silver arms at the edge of the black circle withdrew at lightning speed and the demonic eyes in the hall gradually became clearer. A strange huge creature slowly moved closer, revealing its true appearance.

Han Li was startled at a glance.

The monster was a silver skull that was over a hundred meters large with decayed skin and dead inch-long hair. There was a green eye half-protruded from its forehead, and its long mouth was filled with tiny teeth of incredible sharpness. Its nose and eyes were pitch-black completely absent of anything there.

But what was most frightening was how the skull had no body. It merely had a pair of furred arms stretching out from its ears as it floated with faint silver light.

‘So that’s a Voidfright Devil! No wonder they’re so scared!’

Although Han Li saw many demons, devils, and ghosts in the past, none were as grotesque as this monster. It was truly a chilling sight!

After the monster floated to the front of the black hole, it landed on top of the blood ball and its eyes flickered.

The four demon monarchs and their myriads of subordinates watched silently.

They had used the blood feed to attract it and tear open space.

At that moment, the low-grade demons had begun to crawl up from the ground as the Voidfright demon had ceased yelling. However, they were still fearful and didn’t dare to make any noise.

As for the four demon monarchs, they looked at this monster with a solemn calm.

The huge head let out a low groan and opened its mouth wide, spitting out a silver mist to wrap around the blood ball and take it into its mouth.

With a gust of wind, the blood ball entered its mouth.

Suddenly, light glowed from the devil and it turned a bright red, turning into a similar color as the blood feed.

It let out several muffled belches from its mouth and its huge head shook several times. Soon after, it turned around into the black hole and disappeared in an instant.

The Voidfright Devil actually left.

The four demon monarchs took no further action. They simply remained high in the air near the black hall.

When Han Li saw this, he revealed his astonishment from his eyes, feeling somewhat at a loss.

But then Liu Zu faintly said, “Enough. With the Voidfright Demon assisting us in tearing open a spatial tear, we’re halfway into the infernal river. Fellow Daoist Mu, let’s enter first and link the space to the infernal river, allowing Di Xue’s and Fellow Daoist Lan’s armies to enter smoothly.”

Mu Qing nodded and then shouted, “Yes, Fellow Daoist Liu Zu! Fellow Daoist Han, Jin Ling, follow me in.”

“Yes!” The golden ape promptly replied and quickly bowed.

Startled, Han Li soon let out a wry laugh and quickly flew off.

Originally, the demon monarchs planned on using the blood feed to lure the Voidfright Devil into appearing and tear open a spatial tear, thereby granting them access to the infernal river.

But from how smoothly the demon monarchs conducted themselves, it appears this wasn’t the first time they’ve done this.

And through some unknown ability, the Voidfright Devil had disappeared, but the spatial tear remained.

Liu Zu and Mu Qing blurred, quickly entering the black hole.

As the golden ape forced a smile and watched Han Li, Han Li could only force himself to follow.

After he approached the edge of the black hole, Han Li sensed powerful spatial fluctuations pulsing out from it. He only noticed that the spatial tear was quite different from others he’s seen in the past. It was more like a huge tunnel that reached into the distance.

The darkness deep inside the hole would occasionally boom with muffled explosions.

Liu Zu and Mu Qing were flying forward ahead of them at a slow and careful pace.

Han Li and the golden ape promptly trailed behind them.

The black tunnel wasn’t very long. The party only flew for three kilometers before they reached the end. Silver mist roiled in front of them, blocking the way.

Liu Zu stared at the roiling grey mist and said, “We’ve arrived. The Voidfright Devil should be sleeping. After we return from the infernal river, we’ll still have time to block half of the passage with ease. Fellow Daoist Mu Qing, could you tell me how long the blood feed will keep him asleep?”

Mu Qing confidently said, “Don’t worry, I put in the greatest effort of collecting the blood feed and refined it in accordance to your formula. It took me many years of effort.”

Liu Zu nodded, “That will do. This Voidfright Devil may be a spatial devil, but it isn’t sentient. It only acts on instinct. But having previously consumed blood feet a dozen times before and having consumed the myriad-year-old intoxication medicine in this blood feed, it should be asleep for at least several months. So long as it doesn’t wake, we’ll be able to move unimpeded and we’ll have enough time to make it back from the infernal river. In fact, if not for the devil appearing at our earth abyss, we would’ve never discovered the infernal river.”

“However, if Brother Liu Zu hadn’t heard of the infernal river, we wouldn’t have taken such a huge risk and enter this dangerous place!” Mu Qing chuckled.

Liu Zu snorted and said, “Nevertheless, you were all interested in the infernal river god. I hardly needed to convince you. Now is not the time to speak of this. Start on opening up the passage!”

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