Chapter 1475: Black Tree

“So it was like that!” Han Li muttered. He now had a vague impression of the infernal river region.

Mu Qing coldly said, “Alright, I will answer one last question. Think about it carefully.”

After some thought, Han Li said, “I want to know what you want me to do after we enter the infernal river.”

Although he wanted to ask about the demon monarch’s plans in the infernal river, matters concerning himself were more important. He would feel apprehensive if he didn’t ask about this.

“You truly want to ask about that?” Mu Qing said with surprise.

“That’s right. Please answer me!” Han Li said with a determined tone.

The woman indifferently said, “Since you used your last question, I may as well tell you. It's rather simple. I want you to accompany me in fetching an item of great use to me. However, this item is guarded by an extremely powerful devil wherever it is located. It would be difficult by myself, but with your Divine Devilbane Lightning, you’ll be able to restrain them.”

Han Li frowned and astonishedly said, “A devil? Wasn’t the infernal river a gathering spot for ghosts?”

“The majority of creatures there are ghosts and Yin souls, but there are a few devils among them. Don’t ask me for the reason since I don’t know as well,” Mu Qing said with an unquestionable tone.

Han Li felt speechless.

“But you don’t have to worry. With my help and the power of the Divine Devilbane Lightning, the devils will be no problem. Besides, so long as we acquire what I want, I’ll bestow you a treasure. As the holy disciple of the Flying Spirit Tribe, you’ll definitely be interested in it.” A cunning glint flickered in her eyes.

“A treasure?” Han Li said doubtfully.

When the earth abyss demon wave erupted, I took the risk of killing a Flying Spirit Tribe elder and acquired a vial of true holy blood from his body. According to my knowledge, even if it isn’t the blood of your branch’s deity, it is still a priceless treasure.”

“What kind of blood is it?” Han Li asked with alarm.

Mu Qing answered with an enticing tone, “The true spirit blood of the Rainbow Peacock. What do you think about it? Even if you can’t use it, if you bring it back to your tribe, there will surely be great benefits for you.”

The Flying Spirit Tribe may view the true spirit blood as a holy item, but even other foreign races view the blood with great importance.

After all, the blood will have miraculous effects when used for tool and pill refinement.

The Rainbow Peacock in particular was exceedingly famous, a fearsome existence even among the top ranks of bird-type true spirits.

Han Li suddenly felt delighted.

Of the twelve awakening transformations, he knew of three transformations, the Rainbow Peacock transformation being among them.

So long as he ingested the spirit blood and cultivated the technique, he could take the form of a rainbow peacock.

Twelve awakening transformations were more fearsome the more transformations one knew.

According to the technique incantation, for each transformation he learned, the might of his original transformations would increase by thirty percent.

If he fused all the transformation he knew into one, the strength of his transformation would be amplified over four times.

Of course, the cultivation realm of the transformation would greatly increase as well; this was the basis on how the transformation’s strength increased.

In addition, the transformation would also grant access to true spirit divine abilities.

The fearsomeness of the awakening transformations were clear to see.

The Rainbow Peacock’s rainbow divine light was especially famous in the spirit realm.

Rumors said that objects of the five elements were restricted wherever the divine rainbow light passed. It had a similar result to Han Li’s Divine Essensefused Light, but the discrepancy of their true power was vast.

Han Li’s expression remained the same, but his eyes betrayed a trace of delight that hadn’t escaped Mu Qing’s notice.

She smiled and continued, “It seems Fellow Daoist Han would be quite satisfied with the Rainbow Peacock true blood. How about this? I’ll present a bit less than half of the true blood over to you first. Afterwards, I’ll give the other half to you.”

With that said, Mu Qing slapped the golden lotus beneath her, causing it to spit out a small bright-red vial.

She grabbed it and tossed it at Han Li.

With an odd look on his face, he caught the vial and promptly opened its lid.

A clear cry immediately sounded from the vial, followed by the glow of rainbow light as if something were about to fly out from it.

Pop. Han Li quickly sealed the vial without hesitation.

In that instant, he used his spiritual sense to sweep past the vial’s interior.

Although he hasn’t seen this kind of true blood before, from its astonishing aura it should be the genuine thing.

“Many thanks for the spirit blood, Senior!” Han Li didn’t refuse out of politeness and bowed in thanks.

Mu Qing nodded and chuckled, “When the time comes, don’t forget to lend me your aid. You may leave now. So long as you don’t head to the third level or above, you may choose any place in the earth abyss to cultivate. In several years, we’ll finish our preparations and call for you.”

Han Li wore a pensive expression for a moment and saluted her without saying anything else. Azure light wrapped around his body and he flew off in an azure streak.

Several flickers later, Han Li vanished from the hall.

Mu Qing glanced in the direction Han Li departed and watched him until he was out of sight.

A short moment later, the woman suddenly formed an incantation gesture with a single hand.

Suddenly, the golden lotus underneath her flash black and a black light formation appeared in midair.

Mu Qing then vanished from the top of the gold lotus in a blur and the black formation disappeared along with her.

At nearly the same time, Mu Qing appeared in front of the gate to the Jade Song Courtyard inside her Wood Essence Cave.

She raised her head and took a look at the gate placed under layers of restrictions and seals. She then walked forward in a blur, showing no hesitation.

A gust of wind blew and she passed through the restrictions as if they were water, leaving ripples through the air. However, the black light roaming around her seemed to dissolve the gate.

In the next moment, Mu Qing appeared on the other side of the huge gate.

She now stood in front of a huge medicinal garden filled with various huge flowers.

These flowers were astonishing large ranging from a foot long to ten meters wide. There were also flowers that were still buds and those that were fully open.

In any case, every flower was emitting an astonishing spiritual QI.

Between the huge flowers, there seemed to be a zigzagging path inside them.

Mu Qing walked on this small path without hesitation and slowly made her way through them.

After walking through many flowers for the time it took to finish a cup of tea, she arrived in front of a bright green grassland absent of flowers.

At the heart of the grassland, there was a huge black pine tree standing there.

The tree was about two hundred meters tall and was incredibly thick, but its outer appearance was also quite odd.

At the center of the tree, there seemed to be an invisible boundary. Half of the tree was fragrant and lush. The other half of the three were dried out and withered, lacking any leaves as if it were dead. 

As Mu Qing looked at the huge tree, she walked up thirty meters away from the tree with an odd expression.

At nearly the same time, the lush half of the huge tree suddenly lit up and a cloud of black mist flew out, directly wrapping around her.

When the black mist wrapped around her, the black light surrounding her shed away to reveal a slender bewitching figure.

Her true appearance was revealed to be a beautiful dark-skinned woman.

The woman might not be considered an outstanding beauty, but the rich baleful Qi gathering at her forehead was capable of striking fear in those that saw it.

After staring at the huge tree for a while, she coldly shouted, “Old Jin, are you there?”

Gold light flashed from the air and a golden figure appeared in front of her. He saluted the woman and said, “Welcome Master. I’ve always been here.”

The golden figure was a meter-tall dark ape that sparkled with golden light. He wore two shortswords on his back, had a short beard, two pitch-black eyes, and a solemn expression.

Mu Qing raised her hand up at the ape and warmly said, “Please rise, Old Jin. During this time, has anyone spied on this place?”

The ape answered, “No. I’ve followed your body closely these past two years and I’ve discovered nothing odd.”

Mu Qing sighed and said, “Very good. Thank you for your trouble, Old Jin. You should know that while my abilities are on par with the others, my spirit tree soul body has a fatal weakness. I have no choice but to have you protect me.”

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