Chapter 1449: Blitzkrieg Tactics

The streak of green light in the distance was a rhomboid treasure, and it covered a distance of hundreds of feet with each and every flash as it sped toward Han Li's trio. Meanwhile, there was a Flying Spirit Race being within each ball of yellow light, and all of them had golden runes flashing over their bodies. They were currently pursuing the green treasure at an astonishing speed.

"This is bad! Those people are from the Yellow Wind Race. They've been plotting against our Tian Peng Race for a long time, just like the Chi Rong Race." An alarmed expression appeared on Bai Bi's face as soon as he identified the beings within the balls of yellow light.

A similar expression also appeared on Lei Lan's face.

"The Yellow Wind Race?" Han Li appraised those three Flying Spirit Race beings with a contemplative look on his face.

These three beings each possessed a pair of yellow wings with fur on their faces, as well as long furry tail attached trailing behind each of them. They appeared to be more like demon beast than humanoid beings. The one who was controlling the green treasure had clearly seen Han Li's trio as well, and she abruptly stopped before the three of them after a few flashes.

The green light faded, and a beautiful woman with a pair of white wings and a small green horn on her head emerged from within the treasure.

As soon as the woman appeared, she said in an urgent manner, "You three are from the Tian Peng Race, right? I'm Qin Xiao of the Green Night Race. Our two races have forged an alliance agreement with one another, so please lend me your assistance."

Before Han Li and the others had a chance to respond, the three Yellow Wind Race beings had also caught up to them, and all of them also stopped at the sight of Han Li's trio.

"This is a matter between our race and the Green Night Race, so you'd better not intervene. Otherwise, you'll only be bringing trouble to the Tian Peng Race," one of the Yellow Wind Race beings said in a cold voice, and the threat in his words was quite apparent.

Qin Xiao's expression immediately paled upon hearing this, and she turned to Han Li's trio with a beseeching look in her beautiful eyes. Lei Lan knew that Han Li was oblivious to the agreement between the two races, so she explained in a low voice, "Our race does indeed have an alliance agreement with the Green Night Race, but the Yellow Wind Race is no less powerful than the Chi Rong Race, so we can't afford to mess with them. These three aren't the only Yellow Wind Race holy disciples to have entered this trial."

"Is that so?" Han Li glanced at Qin Xiao, then turned his attention toward the trio from the Yellow Wind Race.

Two of these holy disciples were mid-Spirit Generals while the other was a late-Spirit General, and all of them were looking at Han Li's trio with arrogant expressions on their faces.

Han Li was just about to say something, when spiritual light suddenly flashed in the distance once again. A massive wooden bird that was over 100 feet long appeared in the distant sky, then hurtled toward them with golden light shimmering all over its body.

Han Li's trio faltered upon seeing this, yet before they had a chance to identify who was sitting on top of the wooden bird, expressions of elation had already appeared on the faces of the three Yellow Wind Race beings.

All of them quickly glanced at once another before springing into action in unison, splitting up rapidly to surround Qin Xiao and Han Li's trio between them.

"What's the meaning of this?" Bai Bi asked in a cold voice as his expression darkened.

"Hehe, what do you think? We originally intended to let you three go, but there's no need for that now," one of the Yellow Wind Race beings chortled with glee.

Han Li's heart stirred as blue light flashed through his eyes. Only then was he able to identify that the beings sitting atop the wooden bird were also from the Yellow Wind Race.

There were three of them, two male and one female, and they also consisted of two mid-Spirit Generals as well as a late-Spirit General.

It was quite clear that these three had originally intended to only kill Qin Xiao, but with the arrival of reinforcements, they no longer had any qualms, and intended to kill Han Li's trio as well.

Lei Lan, Bai Bi, and Qin Xiao's expressions also changed drastically as they finally identified the beings on the wooden bird.

A series of thoughts flashed rapidly through Han Li's mind before he heaved a faint sigh.

"In that case, all of you can die!"

A loud thunderclap erupted as Han Li disappeared amid an arc of azure and white lightning.

Han Li was the Tian Peng Race holy disciple with the highest cultivation base, so the late-Spirit General among the Yellow Wind beings was naturally focusing most of his attention on him. As such, he was able to immediately react and let loose a loud roar.

In the next instant, spatial fluctuations erupted above his head as Han Li emerged within a flash of azure light. He swept an arm through the air, and an inky black palm was thrust toward the Yellow Wind being from above.

A small black mountain appeared within a swath of grey light, and it instantly swelled several times in size to over 100 feet tall, then came crashing down with ferocious might.

The Yellow Wind beings were initially surprised that Han Li had chosen the most powerful being among their trio to attack, but a sinister smile then appeared on his face as he opened his mouth toward the small mountain up above.

A burst of yellow light shot forth from within his mouth, sweeping directly toward the small mountain. At the same time, white light flashed from his hand and he summoned a silver disk treasure. Just as he was about to unleash this treasure, a hint of wariness flashed through Han Li's eyes, and he let loose a cold harrumph.

The harrumph wasn't very loud, but the Yellow Wind being felt as if an earthshattering thunderclap had exploded right within his ear cavity. His face was immediately twisted with agony, and he stumbled back reflexively, almost dropping the treasure in his hand in the process.

A vast swath of grey light erupted from the small black mountain, sweeping aside the oncoming burst of yellow light with ease, then crashing down upon the Yellow Wind being with crushing brutality.

The poor Yellow Wind Tribe holy disciple didn't even get a chance to unleash any of his abilities before he crushed to the ground by the small mountain.

Han Li quickly made a hand seal, and the Divine Essencefused Mountain continued to expand at an alarming rate, transforming into a black mountain that was over 10,000 feet tall in an instant.

The Yellow Wind being was a late-Deity Transformation cultivator, just like Han Li, but his physical body wasn't much more powerful than that of an average human cultivator at the same cultivation base. As such, he had already been crushed into mincemeat by the Divine Essencefused Mountain. His soul had also been completely eradicated by the Divine Essencefused Light.

It had only taken Han Li the span of a single breath to kill this late-Spirit General of the Yellow Wind Race.

The other two Yellow Wind beings, as well as Bai Bi, Lei Lan, and Qin Xiao, were all flabbergasted at this point. However, the other two Yellow Wind beings quickly came to their senses, and golden runes flashed on their bodies as they transformed into a pair of strange yellow birds that attempted to flee into the distance.

Han Li raised an eyebrow upon seeing this before sweeping a sleeve through the air, sending an arc of azure lightning hurtling toward one of the birds.

The bird's heart jolted with shock, yet just as it was about to evade, a pair of foot-long azure scissors emerged from within the arc of lightning.

Following a loud thunderclap, the pair of scissors transformed into a pair of azure lightning wyrms that were each over 100 feet in length. The two wyrms flew forth in a criss-cross formation, instantly slicing the bird apart, and the two halves of its lifeless body were sent plummeting down toward the ground.

The other bird was petrified upon seeing this, and its soul almost leaped out of its mouth in horror. It abruptly changed directions, trying to fly toward the oncoming giant wooden bird.

However, it had only managed to flap its wings once before a male voice suddenly sounded from behind it.

"Isn't it a little too late to be thinking about escape now?"

Before the voice had even trailed off, a large hand that was as pristine white as jade locked around the bird's neck, sending a bone-chilling sensation surging into its body.

Han Li had caught up to the bird using his Thunderstorm Wings, and attacked like lightning, locking his hand around the petrified bird's throat.

The bird shuddered, but it reacted quite quickly as it flapped its wings, sending countless feathers surging through the air. All of these feathers transformed into blades of wind that hurtled toward Han Li, and at the same time, the small feathers around its neck suddenly reared up with a metallic glean, attempting to cut into Han Li's hand like a series of sharp blades.

Black Qi flashed, and a suit of strange-looking armor appeared over Han Li's body. The wind blades struck the suit of armor amid the earsplitting sound of metal grating on the metal, only to be repelled in the end.

Meanwhile, the feathers around the bird’s neck were unable to leave so much as a single scratch on Han Li's hand.

Han Li chuckled coldly, and before the Yellow Wind being had a chance to unleash any further abilities, his five fingers clamped together with enormous force, crushing the bird's neck with ease. At the same time, five-colored flames surged from his fingers in a frenzy, incinerating the bird to ashes in the blink of an eye.

Having just slain those three Yellow Wind beings in rapid succession, Han Li stood still on the spot and looked on at the approaching wooden bird with a frosty look in his eyes.

The three Yellow Wind beings sitting atop the wooden bird had naturally witnessed the process in which Han Li had slain their brethren, and all three of them had turned deathly pale.

Back when Han Li had slain the first Yellow Wind being, the three of them had flown into a thunderous rage, spurring on their wooden bird with all their might so they get to Han Li as quickly as possible and tear him apart with their bare hands. However, after witnessing Han Li killing the other two Yellow Wind beings in what seemed like the blink of an eye, the rage in the hearts of the remaining three Yellow Wind Race holy disciples had been completely replaced by horror. At the sight of Han Li casting his gaze over to them, all three Yellow Wind beings shuddered in unison. "Retreat! This man is unfathomably powerful; we're no match for him!" the woman with the highest cultivation base among them hurried ordered.

The other two nodded emphatically as they turned the wooden bird around with all their might before fleeing into the distance as a ball of piercing yellow light.

Han Li furrowed his brows slightly upon seeing this, but he showed no intention of giving chase. Instead, he flapped his wings and flew over to another spot. There, the silver disk treasure of the first Yellow Wind being he'd slain was hovering in mid-air. Han Li rustled a sleeve, and a burst of azure light shot forth before sweeping the disk up into his sleeve.

Following another loud thunderclap, Han Li reappeared beside Lei Lan and the others.

At this moment, Lei Lan and the others were still yet to retrieve their jaws that had dropped to the ground, and they were staring blankly at Han Li, unable to muster up even a single word.

With so many Yellow Wind beings arriving on the scene, they had thought that this was most likely going to be where they died. However, Han Li had taken care of three of them in mere seconds, and frightened away the remaining three with his devastating display of power.

And to think that Han Li was only a Spirit General as well; this was utterly insane!

"Let's go. It wouldn't be wise to stay here any longer," Han Li instructed in a calm voice.

Bai Bi was the first to recover from his astonishment, and he hurriedly replied, "Yes, whatever you say, Brother Han!" 

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